Skating Lessons Ch. 1

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I finally decided to go for ice skating lessons with my daughter and picked a popular ice skating rink. They had a wonderful program for parents and kids to learn to skate together. I had ice skated before but by no means well enough to manage to hold myself upright not to mention my daughter who was only 5 at the time.

The teacher was incredibly patient and there were always plenty of staff to help when needed. One night as my daughter was getting some one on one instruction, I was making slow circles around the rink just working on trying to make a turn crossing my skates without falling.

All of a sudden, I bumped into someone and started to fall and felt an arm wrap around me and catch me. Embarrassed at the situation I felt his strong arms wrapped tightly around me and pulling me against his body.

Funny all I can remember feeling was how warm he was …probably the first time I had gotten warm all night. His eyes held mine and his hands lingered a few seconds longer than needed and I finally found my voice to thank him and apologize for my clumsiness.

He just smiled at me telling me it was no problem and he hadn’t minded at all but still he didn’t let go. He asked if I was alone and I told him I was actually with my daughter learning to skate. He asked if I wanted some help and I told him I thought I would be ok. He held my hand and smiled telling me he better keep an eye on me…at least for the next lap.

I did amazingly well and then he smiled over at me asking me if I could skate backwards. I laughed and showed him how I could skate and turn to go backwards and after about two seconds ran out of steam and couldn’t keep moving.

He stepped up to me and put his hands on my waistband as he had me hold his shoulders. He slowly guided me and instructed me in how to move my skates. I was so nervous feeling so stupid learning such a simple thing but this guy was making it pretty easy.

I remember hearing my daughters lesson end and I looked up at the stranger and smiled thanking him telling him I should get going. He held my hand a moment longer than he should have then said goodbye. I slowly skated away feeling his dark green eyes staring into my back as I left the rink.

The next lesson I saw him right at the beginning of my lesson and he skated over to my instructor and said something. The instructor just smiled and motioned me to come over. I skated over to him and he told me that the stranger wanted to help me and was offering a private lesson.

My instructor assured me he would keep an eye on my daughter and so I shyly looked over at the stranger and skated toward him.

We skated for the hour and most of it I noticed he touched me in some way. In fact, we never really weren’t touching. He told me his name and I introduced myself. He asked me why I was there alone and not with my husband.

He asked if I was happily married. What could I say…So I told him the truth. He only smiled but didn’t say anything more. When it was time to go he asked me if I was interested in another private lesson. I really was feeling intrigued but also I had learned a lot in the two times I had met him so I said sure.

He asked if he could call me to set up a time since he was going to be out of town for the weekend on business. I gave him my beeper from work since it had voice mail and he promised to give me a call.

The following week he finally called and he asked how late I could be out without my hubby being upset. I thought that was kind of odd but I told him I was flexible. He smiled and told me he wanted to meet me at the rink at 11:30 p.m. after the last kids hockey game that was scheduled. I agreed thinking I hope I didn’t fall asleep at the rink. I remember telling my hubby I was going out with my girlfriends to a club and would be home late that night. I had dressed in my usual warm clothes for skating…. I never could get warm enough in the rink with the temperatures so cold. I had on a pair of jeans, a turtle neck and a pullover fleece sweatshirt.

When I got to the ice rink, the last period was almost over. Carrying my white ice skates in my hand, I looked and didn’t see my stranger so I grabbed a hot chocolate and went to sit and watch the rest of the game. There was Yalova Escort only 3 minutes left in the third period when I felt the warmth of someone sitting close to me.

I looked over and saw my stranger sitting next to me. He flashed me a smile as his dark green eyes looked into mine and I noticed that other people were staring up at us. I felt kind of odd and wondered why everyone was staring. The kids in the game were all grinning back up at us and I looked over and noticed my stranger smiling at them and waving back to the kids.

I asked if he taught any of them and he said no but that they had seen him skating. He was so handsome in his jeans and oversized sweatshirt. He looked completely unaffected by the cold and when I shivered he moved closer sliding an arm around me. I smiled at him and he asked if I was warmer and I nodded yes.

He asked if I watched the St. Louis Blues play hockey much and I said no not really. I go to a few games a year with friends but not very often. He asked if I like it and I told him yes although there were still some things I didn’t quite understand. He asked where I usually sit at a game and I told him I have some seats behind the players and other times up in a box.

He asked what I like most and I laughed and said….the zambone lol and he chuckled and then I said no actually I was fascinated with the penalty box. I kind of wondered what guys think about in there. They always look so intense. He just smiled but didn’t really answer.

The kids finished the third period and I finally got ready to go skate. He led me down to the edge of the ice and we put on our skates. He stopped me and finished lacing my skates making them tighter than I usually could lace them. He slowly caressed my calf after he finished lacing asking if they felt too tight. I smiled nodding that they were fine.

I noticed after about 15 min or so that pretty much everyone had left the rink and that we were the only ones around. He had me practice a few simple drills to work on technique.

Suddenly I noticed a guy at the side of the rink and my stranger skated over to him as I continued doing slow laps. The guy turned to leave handing my stranger something before he walked away. I smiled as my guy reached over to the side of the rink and pulled out a boom box. I laughed as he turned it on and suddenly some music was playing loud enough for us to hear as we skated.

He quickly skated up behind me wrapping his arms around me and grinning asked if I felt like a dance. I laughed as a slow song started to play and he turned around so he was skating backwards and he pulled me up against him pulling me along. I felt his hands sliding up and down my back as he stared into my eyes.

I knew before it happened that his lips were going to touch mine. I felt him slowly press his lips to mine and his tongue slowly teasing along my lips. I started to pull away shocked at what I was letting him do. I felt his grip tighten and he slowed down until we were standing still and he pulled me up against him kissing me deeply.

He took my hands in his and guided them up around his neck as he began softly kissing my eyelids, my nose then slowly along my neck. I slid my fingers across his broad shoulders and began to play with the hair at the nape of his neck. He smelled so masculine with the scent of freshly showered hair.

I felt him slowly lower my feet back down toward the ice and he held me to steady me as we both caught our breath. He looked at me and smiled telling me he had been wanting to do that since the first time he had met me. I wasn’t sure what to say but he knew from our earlier conversation my situation with my husband.

He smiled a flirtatious grin at me and winked as he started to skate around the rink. He stood next to me holding my hand and we talked a little.

I remember we were talking about hockey again and he was explaining the game a little. He asked if I wanted to play a little game for fun. I asked what and he said…”How about you get a head start and then I race you but I have to skate backwards.” I laughed saying, “Yeah what do I win if I beat you?”

He smiled and said, “What do you want?”

I laughed at his answer and said, “I would have Yalova Escort Bayan to give it some thought.”

He told me if he won….he wanted me in the penalty box with him for a yet to be determined amount of time.

I looked at him waiting to see if he was teasing…..but he didn’t start laughing he just looked at me like he was hungry and i was something he planned on eating.

I gave a nervous laugh and told him not fair I couldn’t skate well enough to beat him. He assured me he would give me a head start. I laughed and started to skate away from him then increased my speed and at half a length down the ice I figured why not so I yelled back ” Go”.

I skated as fast as I could laughing as I made it around the first two turns and headed back to the other side for the finish and I thought i might actually win and then just as I got to the third corner I heard this whooshing sound……..I looked to the side in time to see him skating past me to the finish with a broad grin on his face.

OMGGGGGGGGgg I thought…Shit what am I going to do now. He skated a little further and I skated up to him totally winded and he smiled at me then turned to the side of the rink and I looked over and realized we were standing at the penalty box.

He winked over at me and said….you promised. I started to feel nervous and asked what if someone were to come in and he smiled holding up something in his hand and I realized then what the guy had given him earlier….the key to the rink.

” Baby, I’m not taking no for an answer…I won…and now I plan to claim my prize.”

Taking my hand he led me to the side and I remember my heart racing as he opened the door to the penalty box and we climbed inside. He sat down on the bench and smiled up at me. I nervously stood facing him.

He looked up at me smiling and said to me, ” Ok baby, why don’t you do a slow strip tease for me……”

I looked down at him and suddenly my inhibitions began to melt away. What the hell I thought i don’t ever have to see this guy again. I can just have this wild hot fantasy and no one will ever know. He was so damn desirable that it didn’t take much to convince me.

But what melted me was when he ran his fingers through his brown hair and with the little bit of sweat it spiked up and then he had that incredible smile with flashing white teeth framing his boyish grin.

I noticed that the music on the boom box was once again slow and I slowly lifted my white skate up toward his lap and asked him to help me unlace them. I felt his hands caress my calf and then after he pulled off the skate the sole of my foot.

I loved the strength in his hands but at the same time so gentle when he caressed my skin. I lifted the other foot and he repeated the same process ever so slow and teasing.

Smiling down at my stranger I slowly sucked my bottom lip as I had a moment of indecision. He reached out grabbing me into his arms pulling me between his thighs. He looked up into my eyes and then slowly caressed my back with his hands.

” Hey listen, I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do. But I think you want this too. Just relax and have fun and let’s just take things a step at a time. Why don’t you just dance to the music for me and do what feels comfortable.”

He released me and I slowly stepped back away from him. I could hear the sounds of the music playing a nice slow rhythm building and I closed my eyes and slowly let my body begin to sway to the music. I let my hips move seductively making soft figure eight motions and my hands slowly slid up my body to my hair.

I slowly took out my ponytail holder and swung my long hair out over my shoulders. Reaching my hand up I slowly ran my fingers through my silky blonde hair. I opened my eyes and saw his green eyes staring deep into mine a hungry look in his eyes.

I slowly slid my hands up under my sweatshirt and gently played with my nipples which were already hard from the cold rink. I reached for the hem of the sweatshirt and slowly pulled it up and over my head.

I noticed him smile for the first time in the past five minutes which encouraged me to continue. I reached for the hem of my turtleneck pulling it from my jeans and Escort Yalova let my fingers slide up along my waist and then slowly up to my breasts.

I could see his gaze lingering on my taut nipples which were showing through the turtleneck. I slid the shirt over my head and let it rest on the bench next to him. Feeling a little shy I slowly turned around facing the glass and the rink.

I closed my eyes listening to the music and I began to unhook the fastening on my white silk lace bra. I slipped the straps from my shoulders and let them slide down my arms. I looked over my shoulder and could see he was breathing a little faster and I smiled at him and threw him my bra over my shoulder.

He grinned as his hand shot up and caught the lace bra. I smiled as he slowly brought it to his nose smelling my soft perfumed scent. He had commented that he loved the way I smell when we had skated in the past. I slid my hands around my waist and as my hips kept moving in little circles to the music I unbuttoned my jeans.

I slid the zipper slowly down then summoning all my courage slipped the jeans down over my hips. I kept my hips wiggling slowly as I dropped my jeans to the floor of the penalty box. I heard him suck in his breath and I looked at him not sure if I would be able to continue or not.

I was a little self conscious at this point. Standing half naked in a penalty box at a skating rink. As I looked back over my shoulder, I caught the motion of him as he stood up and walked up behind me. His gaze held mine and he molded his large body behind mine and wrapped his arms around me.

The warmth from his body felt so good I melted back against him seeking his heat. I felt his lips on my temple and then slowly he kissed his way down my neck. I felt him whisper in my ear,” Baby…I want to make love to you.”

He paused giving me the chance to stop him. I stood still melted against him and I offered no resistance. Sensing my feelings he slid his hands around and began to caress my nipples and cup my full breasts as his lips began to nibble down along my shoulders. I reached my hands up to the glass facing the rink giving into the incredible sensation of the cold from the rink and the heat from his touch.

What an incredible rush to feel both at the same time. I felt him slowly slide down lower and his hands slid around my waist and trailed across my belly and then gently down to my soft brown curls. His fingers played gently with the curls and his lips licked down along my spine causing me to arch back against his tongue. I felt his hands slide down along my hips and down my outer thighs.

I felt him kneel down behind me. I was leaning slightly forward hands in the air against the glass. My hips slightly raised and my legs apart. I felt his hands slide around to my inner thighs. His fingers began to slide slowly up my sensitive inner thigh. I held my breath wanting to feel his touch across my tingling pussy.

I wiggled my hips gently and suddenly I felt his fingertips gently probe my soft pink pussy lips. I almost died when I felt his fingers playing with my now swollen clit rubbing it gently back and forth between his thumb and forefinger. I felt his hand make me spread my thighs a little further apart.

Then I almost died…I felt him push my back bending me slightly forward. Questioning him with my eyes I heard his lips gently making a soft sound ,”Shhhhhhh, trust me.”

Closing my eyes I relaxed and then I felt his tongue lapping slowly across my wet pussy lips. OMG I almost died. His wet tongue continued long licks across my pussy lips. His mouth making a hungry noise as he lapped up all my juices. I felt his hands holding my hips still as I tried to squirm and then his mouth found my swollen clit.

I felt him slowly suck me into his warm mouth then he began a rhythmic sucking motion until I thought I was going to scream out loud. I was moaning louder and louder as he increased the pressure. I felt him tug my clit pulling away from my body then releasing then repeating the motion.

I moved my hips within the grip of his strong hands then he threw me over the edge when he began spearing my pussy with his long tongue rolled into a little spear. I pressed my pussy down against his mouth faster and faster until I felt my body begin to shiver and my climax made my entire body shiver with pleasure. My pussy lips dripping with my juices as I came all over his face…

The story continues in Skating Lessons Ch. 2. Please vote and let me know what you think.

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