Sisterly Assistance Ch. 05 – The Birthday Present

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Ava Addams

This story is a continuation of the story of Karl and Lucy, a backstory with a taboo theme. In this tale though, Karl moves adrift from Lucy, and his boldness lands him in in a place he did not expect.


First there was Sarah. A few years older than Karl, Sarah was a pretty brunette with dark eyes and a neat bob haircut. She had been a workmate at the office and had shown Karl the ropes, being a helpful mentor. There had been a definite chemistry, between them and Sarah had asked Karl out for a drink once or twice after work. He had enjoyed her company, she was sophisticated, well read and clever with a good wit. One evening, over a drink in a pub close to their workplace, Karl had told Sarah he found her very attractive. To his dismay, she gave a polite smile in response and told him that it would do them no good professionally to progress things any further.

Then there was Alison. A little later, when she was seeing the much worshipped Mike, Sarah had mentioned to Karl that her younger sister, Alison, was looking for some help with her geology course as she needed it to be eligible for her environmental studies course at university. As Karl had done well in geology, Sarah suggested that he could do a few private lessons at their house. Karl had found over a few lessons, that Alison, was also very attractive in her own way, and, it seemed that she was very interested in him.

It was just before one of those geology lessons that Karl had unexpectedly come across Alison in a tryst with Mike on a kitchen table. She was there in her navy blue uniform, skirt hitched up to her waist and Mike was over her. He was angered by this and had surreptitiously taken a few photos, but had done nothing about it. Alison had not continued with his lessons and he had confided all this with Lucy, who helped keep his mind off Alison.

So although nothing had been said of Alison and her kitchen table sex with her sister’s boyfriend, Karl had wondered what this meant for Sarah, and whether Alison was just having Mike as a fling. He never discovered anything further on that matter, but was about to discover considerably more about Alison, and himself.

Having made the decision to leave well alone, and having not heard from Lucy, or Alison, for weeks, Karl deleted the photos and let the matter rest. A few days later, on a warm June day, he was sitting in the garden when Alison phoned him. She told him she was anxious about the imminent exam, and need some help, as she could barely cope. Seeing as she was obviously distressed, Karl agreed for some last lessons.

His thoughts returned to Alison. She was a voluptuous blonde, more outgoing than her sister. She often had her hair tied up, and had a predilection of tight fitting tops, which Karl appreciated, even if this was just part of Alison’s flirtatious behaviour. She looked hot even in that navy blue school uniform as clearly Mike had found so too. All in all, he knew that Alison took what she wanted, and was unlikely to hang around for deep personal questions. That sounded ok, he reasoned, so long as one did not get emotionally involved. Lucy wouldn’t have approved, but until he found himself with a choice, none was to be made!

The next day after her call, he found himself walking along the tree lined avenue where Alison and Sarah lived. It was late afternoon, and he had finished work early to find time for the lesson. He rang at the front door and saw Alison’s figure through the door’s patterned glass.

“Afternoon! All set for your latest update on folds and faults?”

“Sounds like my love life,” replied Alison as she let him in and led him through to the lounge.

“Don’t I know it,” thought Karl. He sat down with her at a large dining table and opened up the text book and Alison opened her file.

Part way through, Alison, chewing on a pen, said to Karl, “You know what? I’m getting the hang of this!”

“Good, so what have you learned about the Pennine faults?”

“I know now, that in the Pennines, you get all those minerals around the fault line which have been injected in, following the fractures in the rock.”

“Ummhumm, excellent.”

“I’ve got the hang of it now. Hey, look, if I pass this, I am so going to have a party to celebrate. I mean, I would anyway, as it’ll be my birthday, but if I pass, I will really be celebrating!”

“Something to work towards then, yeah.”

“Yeah, ’cause I want to get to uni, this autumn and I need a decent grade.”

“You’ll get it.”

She nodded. “I’ll work on it”.

Karl was surprised to see some enthusiasm from Alison, despite her talkative nature, he had felt that she gaziantep vip escort bayan had not shown a great keenness in regard to her studies. He liked seeing her animated, it made her more attractive, even if she may still be messing around with Mike.

After another lesson, little was to be heard from her; he knew that the exam was imminent and that the results were not due until August.


In early August, Karl had been enjoying a break from work, and was in occasional communication with Lucy. Lucy was settled in Nottingham and had not indicated she was visiting, or had thought about Karl staying over again. Everything was fine, if a little dull. Karl wondered if he should head off to Scotland to visit the Highlands and was just checking journey planners when he got a text from Alison.

“I passed Geology. I got a ‘B’! Woo-hoo!!”

“Great! Well done!”

“I am sooo going to party.”

“So you should.”

“Party @ mine 15 Aug 8pm.”

“Cool, thanks!”

The day came, and so Karl chose a few bottles of Czech beer and made his way to Alison’s house. Alison answered the door, and beckoned him inside. As she did so, the doorbell rang again, and two more friends appeared. He recognised them.

“Phoebe, Alex! Yeaaah — you’re here!” Alison gleefully greeted them.

“Hi Karl,” grinned Phoebe. She turned to Alison. “Alison!! Great to see you, Happy Birthday and well done on your exams too!


“Here, it’s for you,” Alex handed over a shiny wrapped parcel. Karl instantly realised he had forgotten it was Alison’s birthday and he had not brought a present.

“I… err,” he began.

Alison turned to him, tilting her head, as if to be slightly coy. “Yes…?”

“I…er, I will give you your present later, a bit of surprise,” said Karl hurriedly.

“Oh, more presents! Yes please!” she laughed. “This way, we’re in the lounge.”

Karl went in with the others and recognised a few more faces from schooldays, as well as Sarah who briefly looked at him and gave a weak smile. He nodded and mouthed “hi” before turning back to Alex and Phoebe.

“Great that she’s done so well. What d’you get her?”

“Well, she’s going to get a new place in Sheffield, she loves coffee, so we got her a coffee grinder.”


“What are you getting her?”

“It’ll be a surprise.” He’d no idea what.

The lounge had space cleared for dancing space, the lights were dim and had been placed under large plants in the corners of the room. French windows were open to the warm night. The music was 80s, which, in Karl’s view, was both kitsch and catchy. Amongst the group dancing was Alison. She was in a purple satin cocktail dress, which was knee length; the large curve of her breasts were complimented by the v-neck in the satin. She caught his eye, aware that he was drinking in the view of her, and smiled with a little tilt of her neck. Karl moved in to the centre of the floor to join in the dancing, and Alison responded by doing a shimmy in front of him. Alex looked at him and raised an eyebrow. Karl looked at Alison approvingly.

“Stylish,” remarked Karl.

“Yeah, gonna party tonight,” laughed Alison.

“I’ll drink to that,” he responded. Alison broke out from the dancers and went out towards the kitchen looking for some wine. Karl looked around to see if there was any sign of Mike, then nodded to himself in satisfaction.

Sometime later, after a few more drinks, Alison joined Karl on the patio by the French windows. She held a wine glass whilst swaying gently in time to the music in the room.

“Feeling good?” asked Karl.

“The whole word is my oyster, uni at last! It is so good to be able to go.”

“So where is it you’re going to?”


“Oh, so not too far away.”

“Far enough. I can have my freedom.”

“Yeah, that’s what Lucy says to me.”

“Lucy — your sister?”

“Yeah, she’s down in Nottingham now.”

“She’s got her own place?” He nodded. Her question reminded Karl of his last visit to Lucy’s flat.

“I’m so looking forward to getting away,” she said softly.

“Bit of freedom and independence?”

“Just to get away from all the shit going on here!”

Oh hello. Karl paused. “You having a tough time of it?”

“Just want to get away from people’s drama.” She took a sip from her wine glass and looked into the dark of the large garden for a moment.

“You’ve not seen our garden right?”

“No, just been past it heading to the lounge for our lessons. But it’s dark now, right?”

“But gaziantep yabancı escort bayan you’ve not seen our little summer house! It’s really cool!”

In Karl’s mind a little warning light lit up, accompanied by another warm glow of excitement.

“Sounds great.”

“You should see it.”

“I should.”

Alison took another sip from her glass. “Do you want to have a little look?” Karl was aware that the invitation seemed to be offering more than a fleeting nocturnal observation. He relented inside and decided to see where things would go; hell, he would enjoy the journey at least!

“Why not?”

Alison walked onto to the dark lawn, and turned to see if Karl was following. He put his glass down and followed her over the grass. She made her way, in between some trees into the darkness. He joined her, and by the light of her mobile phone he could see that they were by a small wooden summerhouse, painted a pale turquoise. She quietly opened the door, and beckoned Karl inside.

“So what do you think?”

“I can’t see anything.”

Alison reached down and flicked a switch and a small line of mini LED lights on the windowsill lit the room in a low light. He could make out an easy chair and a table, and some shelves with books on the wall. Alison was stood by the chair with her wine glass still in her hand. She took a last swig and walked up to Karl.

“So how about now?”

“Very nice. What do the Danes call it? Hygge. Yes, hygge, you know, cosy. Yeah, that’s it.”

“Oh, we can make it very hygge,” purred Alison.

Karl looked at her closely. He could feel the electricity in the air and his heart was thumping. He bent his head towards her to kiss, but, at that moment, she bent her head away.

“Oh! We must get back to the party! The others will be wondering what happened to us.”

“As expected,” Karl thought. He then spoke before he’d even chance to think it through. “Yes, but I haven’t given you your birthday present.”

She turned back towards him. “What present?” She actually looked quite innocent at that point.

“You’ll see now.”

“Mmmhmm.” She nodded.

Karl moved his head again to her and pressed his lips onto Alison’s. She stared, and her lips were hard for a second, before she relented. The kiss deepened. Now Karl’s hands were around her waist, stroking her sides. She gave no resistance. He kissed her neck which she arched back, and he drank in her light citrusy perfume. He kissed her on the mouth again, and his tongue slipped into her, meeting her tongue; he could feel her warmth of her body, and the softness of her breasts pressed against him. His hand was migrating down her leg and found the bottom of her dress, and in a swift motion he pulled up the skirt of her dress and delved in between her thighs. His fingers explored her inner thigh, moving towards her centre, slowly until they met the soft cloth of a g-string. There was just a thin line of cotton guarding Alison’s pussy.

Not a word from Alison. She was leaning back over the easychair’s back and he drew his hands back to undo his belt, all the time listening to her hard breathing. She knew what was coming, and as his trousers and underpants dropped to the floor she gave little reaction. He was hard now and brought his hand up between her legs again and made straight for her g-string; the ripe fruit was for the picking. He tugged it to one side to reveal her clean shaven pussy. He lets his finger explore her smooth skin, and then draw slowly over her sex, before rubbing her pussy lips gently. She kept perfectly still.

Seizing the moment, he pressed himself on her and she acquiesced. Moving one of her legs apart, he guided his swollen cock towards her unprotected pussy; with a quick motion he moved his cock tip onto her smooth slit, savoured the moment, and then slid inside her. Alison, bent slightly backwards, stood motionless as this happened. That was fine. He didn’t expect fireworks from her. He pressed further into her, as she bent backwards, supported by the chair. She was wet, which was encouraging.

“Alison,” he said gently, stroking her hair. She gave a short moan in reply as he pulled back and forth to push deeper inside her. Her eyes widened as he felt his cock stretch her pussy, her moistness betraying her desire. Now Karl wanted to see those full curvaceous breasts, pressing against the top of her dress, so he dropped the straps from her shoulder and tugged her dress down to reveal her nipples, which made them protrude in a wonderfully slutty fashion. He gave a long cursory lick around gaziantep yaşlı escort bayan her nipples to gauge Alison’s reaction. She gave a sigh, which spurred him to tease a little more on her little rosebuds. He found himself bucking her harder now. She began to respond, moving in rhythm. He felt a buzz of lust as this buxom girl swayed and rocked to his thrusts, his pace now gradually quickening. The only sound was the rustling of Alison’s dress and the slick, sticky sound of their coupling. He felt the warm wetness of her silky pussy enveloping his cock, his lust for this teasing, voluptuous girl was finally being released, and now it was filling his mind. His upward thrusts were met by her and her could tell her odour of lust was mingling with her perfume, her skin hot to his touch. She had yielded to him, and he could now feel he was not far off.

“So,” he whispered, “are you ready for your present?”

“My present?”


Alison was sighing, her panting through the effort of steadying herself whilst still upright. She looked up uncomprehendingly. “What present?”

“My cum, Alison.” His mind, half crazed, sought after the dirtiest thing he could think of, so as to drive his point home. “My hot sticky cum, Alison. I’m seeding you, on your birthday.”

“Oh,” she gasped.

Karl gripped her by the waist and then rapidly drove his cock in and out of her pussy, which was sopping and slurping on his manhood. She found herself helplessly surrendering to him, her mounting pleasure making her ever more receptive to his impending fertile load. He increased his pace, they staggered as he gripped her in their upright coupling, his shaft burrowing deep into her soaking warm crevice; this blonde teenager’s seductive teasing was being paid off with a vigorous fucking.

Then he felt her contractions starting on his cock, her gasps becoming a kind of mewing and that triggered his release — he felt his essence flood out of him to be absorbed by her convulsing pussy. She let out a cry as she felt his cum enter her, pulse after pulse, he kept pushing it deep in to her. Shuddering, he felt his cock being steadily milked dry by her, and he slowed his movements to a standstill.

For some moments he leaned over her, motionless, until his orgasm subsided. He finally slid out of her and helped her to steady herself on her feet. As she stood up, her purple dress fell back down over her legs and her pussy disappeared from view.

Karl was not sure if either of them had really expected this sudden fucking to happen, but he looked at her with renewed admiration. Alison looked absolutely fabulous in that state of disorder, her hair escaping the pins, her dress rumpled, her breasts still exposed, all giving the impression she was freshly fucked. She looked a little dazed.

“Oh my,” she whispered.

“You’re quite something,” said Karl. “Not just a sexy looking student.”

She smiled hesitantly, one hand was steadying her hair, another finding its way under her dress to draw her g-string back in place. Then she adjusted her dress back up to cover her breasts and flattened her skirt. “You’re quite something too. Assuming it was ok to fuck me just like that.”

“I was led astray.”

“I know.”

“Hot, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, but we should have been more careful.”

“Is that because of what I’d said?”

“Look, I am going back to the party. But first I am going via the front door to the bathroom.” She made her way out, and into the gloom of the garden. He waited a moment before leaving the summer house.

Karl went back to the house and into the lounge via the French windows. He noticed that several people had left. Sarah was there, and she gave him a look. He did not engage her stare. Instead he looked round for Alison, who only emerged into the lounge after several minutes. She looked as if nothing had happened, her hair was back up and her dress adjusted. She sidled up to Karl, and brought her lips close to his ear.

“I’ve taken off the g-string,” she whispered. Karl paused, standing very still.

“I had a shower, but I still have your stuff in me, because I didn’t want to wash it out. I want to keep my present.”

Karl breathed out very slowly. “Oh.”

She withdrew with a beaming smile, as Karl was rooted to the spot. He watched as she joined the others in the centre of the room, dancing to old time rock and roll, and she began to sway her hips in time to the music. She shook her shoulders and wiggled her waist and ass, dancing and boldly gyrating, and Karl could only watch, entranced.

He did not know how long he spent in the lounge, but he realised it was after midnight, and made his mind up about getting back home. The party was winding down, and Karl quietly said goodbye as he made for home, his mind jumbled, horny, disorientated and shocked.

During the night he had trouble sleeping, as all he could see in his mind’s eye, over and over again, was Alison dancing vivaciously in her purple dress, swaying her hips and round and round.


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