Sister-In-Law Surprise

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Jeff gets a surprise visit from his sister-in-law.

I was sitting at the breakfast table looking out at the forest sipping my coffee. Retirement has been good. I just finished the house a few months ago and I was at a point I could finally get up without a pre planned day. So a leisurely breakfast was just what I needed.

“You look relaxed.” Sharon, my wife was just entering the room and touched my shoulder on her way to the coffee maker to retrieve the cup that had been sitting there while she got ready for work. She loves her job writing children’s curriculum. It allows her the needed sense of purpose and accomplishment. “It feels good to have time now doesn’t it?

“It does. I think I’ll launch the skiff and set a few crab pots, see if I can catch enough for dinner.”

Our house that we just finished building is only a mile from the Pugent Sound and I love that its easy to get the boat in the water and fish or crab, and now that I was done with the house I would have more time for these kinds things that I loved doing.

“Don’t forget your taking me to the airport this afternoon. Remember? I’m going to Denver.”

She reached down and took my hand and looked at me. “I’m sorry about last night, I know it’s not fair to you…”

I cut her off mid sentence. “Don’t worry about that. If it’s not comfortable and it’s not pleasurable for both of us, I’ll…well its not like I can’t take care of that on my own.”

Since menopause and a hysterectomy Sharons sex drive was basically nonexistent. Last night she knew I could use some relief and gave me a hand job that I knew she really wasn’t into. The result was a little lack luster I guess.

This was a little bit of an uncomfortable reoccurring topic. I was trying my best to adjust to our aging together. We have been married for a long time, 42 years. And in the past we had a great sex life. And for me at 62 I still want to be sexually active. But it didn’t seem to be in the cards for us. And I didn’t like the idea of cheating on her. And really I’m not sure how to even go about that even if I was inclined to.

“I know you can, but I also know its not what you really want. If you want to solve this with someone else I understand, I just don’t want to know about it.”

“What?! I can’t do that. Go behind your back to have sex with someone else? No! I could never do that to you.”

“It’s not behind my back when I’m giving you permission. Just don’t fall in love! I still need you! Come on, how else is this going to go away? It’s ok. I love you and I know you love me. Its not about finding love, its about you being happy and fulfilled. I know it’s not the perfect solution, but we don’t have one of those. I’m not going to suddenly get horny and your not going to suddenly get less horny. We’ve been married for a long time, I know you.”

“I’m going to launch the boat, what time do I need to pick you up to go to the airport?”

I was pretty uncomfortable with our conversation. I really didn’t want to talk about having sex outside of my marriage.

“Pick me up at 2:00.” Sharon could understand my resolve and knows me well enough to let me think about the seeds she has planted. So she was fine with letting it go for now.

My mind was swimming when I went out to hook up the boat trailer, I couldn’t believe Sharon was suggesting I go outside of our marriage to get laid. In 42 years I haven’t ever gone out on her. It’s not like I never had been tempted. In the last couple of years it has been especially hard resisting looking at other women when I’m not getting any at home.

All the way to the launch I tried to consider how that would even work. I just didn’t see how it could, or with who.

I put it out of my mind and went out and set the crab traps. I’ll pick them up tomorrow morning. That should be long enough to hopefully catch enough for a dinner. Easier now that it’s just going to be me I thought to myself.

It was a beautiful day, as I looked around the sun was out, it’s one of those days you come to savor in the Pacific Northwest. There wasn’t any wind and the Sound was flat calm. Still cold but I’ll take all the sun we can get this time of year.

With the pots set, I returned to the launch ramp and got the boat out of the water and took it home.

I went down stairs to the walkout basement that I have a workshop and a small brewery set up in. I built this place with the intention of having both a wood shop and my brewing equipment in separate areas. For so long I had to drag out all the brewing equipment when I wanted to make beer. Now it’s in it’s own space, set up all the time and it will be easier to not have move it all the time.

My thought at this time was to get my boil kettle cleaned up to use as a crab boil pot. I wouldn’t smell up the house if I cooked it out here in the brewery.

The time came to get Sharon to the airport so I picked her up at work and off we went.

“Hey you.” She pecked me on the lips as she got in the car. It was a short 30 minute drive and when we were almost kaliteli gaziantep escort there she said. Don’t forget Sam’s coming in also, you’ll probably have to wait for her for a little while, her plane is landing in a few minutes. She says she didn’t check any bags so it wont be too long I’m sure.”

“Wait, she’s still coming? I assumed with you leaving she would delay her visit. I mean she’s coming to see you…”

“She comes up to see us and more than that take a break and get a change of scenery.”

“Really? What am I supposed to do with her in the house? What if I had plans?”

“Oh, you know Sam, she’s easy to have around. She’ll either fit into your plans or she’ll be fine on her own.” She had wry smile and wrinkled her nose and pecked me on the lips. “You’ll figure it out. Love you. Make a couple of laps around the terminal, she knows to look for you.”

She closed the door to my truck and wheeled her small luggage bag toward the terminal. Before she got to the door she turned around and blew me a kiss with a big smile.

It wasn’t unusual to have Sharons’ sister Samatha come up from Southern California to visit, she does a few times a year. She and her sister are close, Sam is five years younger and has been divorced for a couple of years. I suppose she first started to come out to see us when they started to have problems in their marriage. The practice has continued since and it’s always good to see her. She fits right in, and like Sharon said she is easy to have around. Her and I have always had a good relationship that could get a little spicy and flirty sometimes. We like each other and Sharon knows we do and has never acted jealous or threatened by it.

On my second lap around the terminal I spotted Sam waiting by the curb looking at her phone. At that same time a text popped up “Hey I’m next to pillar 14.” There was no sense in answering it I would be there in seconds.

She looked great as she always does when I pulled up along side of her. Sam is a well put together woman that dresses classy and sexy at the same time. I jumped out and grabbed her bag and threw it in the back seat. She hugged me and kissed me on the cheek while pressing her large tits into my chest. “Thanks for coming to get me.”

“Of course, if I just left you standing here there’s no telling who you would show up with.” I laughed when I said it.

“There’s no need for that when I know you’d be at home all by yourself.” She quipped while laughing.

This was all usual banter between us and normally I wouldn’t think twice about it, except for the conversation Sharon and I had earlier this morning. “Did Sharon mention it to Sam?” I wondered to myself. “Was all this a plan for Sharon to go on a business trip so Sam and I could…” I forced my self to stop this thought process. “Dude you are getting way ahead of yourself here. Don’t make this awkward, Sam’s here because she does this. She comes to visit.”

“Dinner? What sounds good? We can go out or I can cook.” I needed to think about something else.

Sam has an easy smile and she answered, “I’m game for anything, you know that. I do love that place that has the good margaritas and tacos, or if you’re feeling something else, surprise me!”

“Mexican it is. We’ll go to the place in Gig Harbor. That’s the one, right?

“I do like that place, I love thats its on the water, it’s why I love coming up here, everything is on the water, I love that!”

We exchanged small talk the rest of the trip to the restaurant and as always it flowed easily. We have known each other since we were kids. It’s one of the reasons our relationships is so comfortable, we have a long history that makes it that way.

I parked and came around and opened Sam’s door for her. We were close to the entrance to the restaurant and there were people coming and going. I helped her get out of my raised truck and offered her a hand. She rolled her ankle getting out and when I caught her from falling it was her breast that landed in my hand.

“Oh god, I’m sorry, are you ok?”

“You don’t even have any margaritas in me yet and you’re all ready groping me.” She laughed knowing there were several people that close enough to witness the whole thing.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for anyone to see that.” I shot back getting a chuckle from a guy that was walking his wife toward the restaurant. “Maybe if you hadn’t drank so much on the airplane you could walk.” By now the man was laughing so hard his shoulders were shaking.

Sam was laughing too and buried her face into my shoulder as we walked with my arm around her making sure she really didn’t hurt herself. She didn’t hurt herself really, it looked like it hurt some but she was walking ok.

All of it helped ease what may otherwise have been a little awkward knowing that Sharon may have talked to Sam about our issues we discussed earlier. She and her sister are close and I know they share most things with each other. I was still trying gaziantep kaliteli escort to decide if I was just hopeful they had and this was some sort of plan or just coincidence. It wasn’t uncommon for her sister to come visit, but it was unusual that Sharon wasn’t going to be home for it. Sharon just played it off as a circumstantial thing that just worked out this way. But I couldn’t help but wonder and if I’m honest hope we would find our selves in bed together.

I paused at the thought, “Really, am I really thinking about making love to my sister-in-law?” I guess I was, and really was that unreasonable of a thought? I mean my wife has given me a pass to. Never the less I felt guilty for the thought, in all these years I haven’t strayed. Its not that I never had the opportunity, or the thought never crossed my mind, it had. In fact its not like I had never entertained the thought of both of Sam’s tits in my hands while she was on top of me riding my cock. Somewhere along the line I had learned that it was her favorite position. I guess it stuck with me because its mine too. And at this moment I wish I could get the thought out of my mind.

“How many sir?… Just the two of you sir? Sir?” The hostess was asking and now looking annoyed that I wasn’t answering.

“Yes, I’m sorry.” I shook my head. “Just the two of us.” I answered.

“Are you ok?” Sam looked at me a little puzzled.

I chuckled. “I’m sorry.” I shook my head again. “I guess I was lost in my thoughts for a second.”

“I’d love to know what’s going on in there.” Sam looked up at me. I still had my arm around her from helping her after her near fall and hadn’t noticed she had her arm around me too, and now her other hand on my chest as she asked me what was captivating my thoughts. The truth is, it was easy, or maybe a better word is comfortable. It was comfortable to hold her like this, it felt natural given our relationship

“I’m not sure you would.” I raised my eyebrows and laughed a little.

Overhearing our conversation the gentleman standing with his wife near the hostess kiosk giggled and said “He’s still trying to figure out how to recreate that “accident” when you got out of his truck.” Raising his fingers in air quotes.

“Well there is that.” I laughed.

“You two are terrible.” The gentleman’s wife interjected.

“What? There’s nothing wrong with a married man taking advantage of a situation with his wife.” The man insisted.

“Sister-in-law.” Sam interjected.

The mans eyebrows raised as he looked at me. And he caught an elbow in the ribs from his wife when he started to open his mouth to say something else.

“Jeff party of two.” The hostess was looking at me.

I told Sam I felt like the hostess had saved me from having to explain our situation.

And she said it was much more fun to let his imagination run with it.

I laughed and agreed, but said I was having to check my own imagination.

“You men are all the same.” She laughed as she poked me in the ribs this time. Pushing me away as she sat down at the table by a window overlooking to harbor.

I thanked the hostess and sat across the table from Sam.

We ordered a couple of Cadillac margaritas and our favorite entrées. For her lobster enchiladas and me a couple of ceviche tostadas.

We had a wonderful meal. Caught up on each other’s lives and laughed as we caught a sideways glance from the couple that learned we were in laws and not spouses. Sometimes you just know how a conversation is going that you can’t hear by the expressions on the peoples faces. And the wife’s face across the room was plenty animated. And we couldn’t help but laugh.

After we had finished eating, and we were getting to my truck to leave when we caught the eyes of the other couple, they were leaving as well. Knowing we were being watched Sam leaned in and planted a very wet sensual kiss on me that lasted longer than it needed to, to sell a notion of an affair.

“I just want to send them home with enough fuel for a fun rumor.” Sam said as she squeezed my ass knowing they were still watching.

“Your bad.” I shook my head and opened her door and helped her in. It did look like her ankle was not hurting anymore.

We got to the house and the first thing Sam said was “Wow, your done! The house looks great. The last time I saw it you were framing the interior walls.”

I grabbed her suitcase from the back seat and she followed me to the front door.

“It is done. We finished a few weeks ago. You have no idea how good it feels to have it finished. Come on it’s cold outside, I left the wood pellet stove burning so it’ll be nice inside.”

I gave Sam the tour of the finished house. She loved it and congratulated me on having it finished with a hug. “Really Jeff, it looks great. You must be proud of how it turned out.”

“It’s a bit of a double edged sword, building your own house, you know where all the flaws are.

“Well I don’t see any flaws. gaziantep kaliteli escort bayan It looks great!”

I showed her all the rooms and I dropped her suitcase in the guest room. And I was a little surprised when she picked it up and took it to the master bedroom.

“I’ve slept with you before silly.” She said it very mater of fact.

“You’ve slept with us before. Sharon and I both have been in the bed when you’ve slept with us.”

It was true, she had slept with both of us when she came to visit. There was enough room in our king sized bed and I have to say it was warm sleeping between them. The first time I had a hard time sleeping, I was so aware of every time we touched. It’s not like there had been any sexual contact, there hadn’t been. I just was so self conscious about every movement. After the first time I got used to the idea. It’s not like I didn’t think of the fact we were in the same bed, I just forced myself to not think about it. Other wise I would never have been able to sleep.

“It’s the same thing, but now more room.” Sam played it off like it wasn’t a big deal.

I didn’t protest, it could still be a plutonic thing like it was when Sharon was home. Why wouldn’t it be? In my heart I knew better. But I still tried to convince myself I couldn’t be with anyone but Sharon.

But Sam definitely knew how to test my resolve. After we both showered, separately. I was in bed first while she showered. It was dark with the lights in the bedroom turned off. But Sam had left the bathroom door slightly open letting light spill into the bedroom. It also gave me a glimpse of her naked body when she passed by the crack in the doorway.

Surely she knew what she was doing, how could she not? My mind was racing. “Don’t expect your getting laid by your sister-in-law.” I told myself. “She might just think I’m sleeping and she’s just not worried that I might see her.” I was having this internal struggle. I more and more this evening have thought about her and I having sex. And had tried to push it out of my head.

Then the thought of my wife giving me permission outside of our marriage. And in just the other room Sam’s giving me a peep show. I had gone to bed with my boxer briefs and a T shirt trying to be naive about this. But now I took them off. My cock had been stretching the fabric of them since I caught site of Sam in the doorway. I closed my eyes hoping I wasn’t being a fool here.

I had dosed off while my thoughts were running away with me and was wakened by Sam getting in bed next to me. It didn’t take long for my doubts and apprehension to be put to rest.

Sam slid her naked body next to mine and with her hand could feel I didn’t have anything at all on. I turned onto my side and faced her and her large tits lay touching my chest. In the light coming through the window we could see enough to look into each other’s eyes. She could see mine searching hers. I saw desire and clearly she saw mine.

“Sharon wanted it to be me. She knows you and what you should have. We planned this a while ago. Let this happen, its ok.” Her eyes seduced me while her body, hands and kisses put me at ease. She kissed like I knew she could. For years I’ve had a preview of her soft lips, now they were a preview of her passion. Her tongue danced with mine. Her smile when our lips parted was intoxicating. Our hands explored each other’s bodies. Hers found my growing cock and grasped and stroked it. Her eyes never left mine as she slid down to kiss and ease it into her talented lips. Her expert mouth was slowly making love to my cock head as she repeatedly guided it in and out of her soft, warm wet lips, her tongue gently ran up the slit licking the oozing precum that by now flowed out of it. This was by far the best blowjob I had ever had. I have never been with someone who loved giving this as much as I love receiving the pleasure.

I wanted this to last as long as it could, but I also knew I would only be be able to hold off for so long. I pulled her back up to my lips and I kissed her with as much passion as I ever had. The taste of my cock on her lips fueled me all the more. I wanted to give as much pleasure as she was giving me. I kissed her neck as she turned her head to my hand that was on her cheek. Her lips found my finger and sucked it into her mouth as I kissed my way down to her breasts. Her nipples gave up how much attention they needed as I kissed and sucked each one in turn.

My hands kneaded and caressed her large tits as I began to kiss under them. When I got to her bellybutton taking my time I licked and sucked, it became obvious by her lifting hips her desire for my continued journey south was increasing.

“Oh, god my pussy needs you!” She panted.

I kissed the inside of one thigh, the scent of her now glistening pussy reached my nostrils as she spread her legs wide inviting me into the center of her. Her hands pushed on the back of my head as her hips lifted to meet me. My first touch of my tongue was as if it it was electric causing her to jolt and spasm, my mouth sucked on her clit while my tongue flicked and caressed it.

“Oooohhhh, god, ooohhhhh” Sam was cuming and her hips were as if the were on a swivel. She bucked and gyrated and gripped the back of my head. It was a fine line of ecstasy and too much. She moaned and wiggled, my hands holding her hips. I slowed and intermittently sucked and licked keeping her at the pinnacle of her orgasm.

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