Sister in Law

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My sister-in-law, Heidi, is a lifesaver. My wife, Gretchen, threw me out on my ass and Heidi, her younger sister, took me in with no questions asked. Well… She really isn’t my sister-in-law because Gretchen and I aren’t really married but we have been living together as man and wife for 9 years. Heidi is widowed, living alone and has one of the same problems as I do.

That problem is, Gretchen, her sister, hates both of us. I am not sure why she hates Heidi unless it is because Heidi is so young and cute but she hates me because I drink, gamble, cheat and earn less money than she does when I work. There may be other things but I think those are the main ones. It can’t be the cigars and I do bathe often. She’s threatened to toss me out many times before.

Anyway, I found out I showed up at Heidi’s door and out she took me in, cleaned me up and put me to bed. The next day was Saturday and when I woke up, couldn’t quite remember where I was or how I came to be there. I stumble downstairs in my boxer underclothes and am surprised to find I was in Heidi’s house and had been in her spare bedroom.

You have to realize that Heidi is rich and, because of the way Gretchen felt about her, we have only been to this big house of hers once before and that was for a party when their parents retired and moved to Florida a couple of years ago. Heidi is a tiny little thing, 29 years old, just over five feet tall and about 100 pounds. Her husband, Ralph, almost 40 years her senior, was an outstanding Dentist and left her lots of cash, investments and royalties from some dental gizmos he had invented.

I am a little embarrassed when she comes out of the kitchen and says, “Well, you’ve finally come to. I wasn’t sure if you would live through the night.” She eyes me up and down. “How about some coffee and, phew, you need a shower.”

I’m a little sheepish when I say, “Ah… Sure… Ah… How did I get here and what happened?”

“You got here in your truck and you were shit faced, smashed out of your mind.”

“It ain’t a truck, it’s a SUV. Ah… do you know what happened to my clothes?”

She’s standing there, one hand on her hip and a spatula or some kind of kitchen thing in the other, barefoot, in yellow shorts and matching, polka-dot blouse. “Well, whatever it is, it’s up on my lawn and the back seat is full of clothes. What’s the story?”

“I’m not sure. I stopped on the way home from work to have a drink or two with some of the guys and the next thing I remember is coming down your stairs, here, this morning. Is it Saturday?”

“Yes, when you got here, you didn’t have any pants or shoes on, just your boxers, socks and polo shirt. I just hope the neighbors didn’t see you. I called Gretchen she said you came home drunk, and wanted to have sex with her. She said you had lipstick on your collar and fly. She said I could have you then she hung up on me.”

She fixes me a cup of weak coffee and I gulp in down as if it is medicine (or a shot of whisky)

I start out the door and she stops me. “Woah there buster, I don’t want my neighbors to see you in your undies again. Where are you going?”

“I need to get some clothes to put on.”

“Give me the keys and I will bring you something from the truck and move it out, off my grass.”

“It’s a SUV. Er… I don’t know where the keys are. I don’t have my pants on and I couldn’t find them upstairs.”

“I’ll go see if they are in your truck, or SUV.”

She goes out and I have another cup of coffee. She is back in just a couple of minutes. “Here are your keys, they were in the ignition. I moved it out to the curb. Here are some pants that have mud all over them… they were in the middle of my lawn. Here is a clean change; they were in the back seat along with a lot of other stuff. I can’t find any shoes other than golf shoes and you’re not going to wear those in my house.”

Hum… I did remember some sprinklers running somewhere. Anyway, I take the clean clothes and head up the stairs. I wonder what happened to my shoes and why I have a woman’s makeup compact in my shirt pocket. I shower and use the hotel style deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste in the guest bathroom. There are no shaving supplies so I skip that. I don’t usually shave on weekends anyway. By the time I get back downstairs, barefoot but with clean clothes on, I’m beginning to care whether I live or die. (I’d kill for two fingers of scotch, in in the bottom of a gallon pot).

I could see Heidi a little clearer now. She is far more attractive since her face and body wasn’t fuzzy anymore. “I’m going to see what else is in my car.”

I go out the front door and find my SUV parked three feet from the curb in front of the house. The back seat is full of my clothes. It looks like someone has emptied my closet in there. I open the rear hatchback and find most of my shoes, toiletries, golf bag and tennis racquet. I wonder briefly where my fishing gear is. I take socks and a pair of tennis shoes, my shaving kit and go Yalova Escort back to the house.

She’s still in the kitchen and turns when I come in. “I’ll fix you some breakfast and then you’ll have to go make living arrangements somewhere.”

“I can’t stay here?”

“Not on your life. Gretchen is already pissed because I like you. She would shit a brick if you moved in.”

I can’t help but smile and my ego says, “I didn’t know you liked me.”

“Well, you’re a first class turd but I kind of like some of the things you do. But if you were my partner you would never get to fuck around like that and you wouldn’t get away with the shit you do.”

I am having a little problem with the language. Gretchen wouldn’t say ‘shit’ if she had a mouth full and I don’t think she knows for sure what ‘fuck around’ means. As bad as I am I didn’t use those words in normal, mixed conversation.

She slaps a plate full of bacon and eggs in front of me and says, “Eat this, then get your shit together and get out of here.”

I look at her with what I hope are cow eyes and say, “My wallet is missing so I don’t have any money or credit cards.”

“Shit.” She glares at me, “OK, you can stay a couple of days but come Monday, your ass is out of here. I have to go downtown and to the market today. Clean up your mess while I’m gone.”

She leaves and I clean up. The kitchen is a mess. I put the dishes in the dish washer and start it, my dirty clothes in the washer and take another shower. I notice one of the kitchen cabinet doors is sagging so I find some tool and fix that. I go through the house and straighten up a little. By the time she gets back, the house is sparkling and I am looking and smelling good. (Even the whiskers are gone.)

I meet her when she comes into the kitchen through the garage, arms full of groceries. She is stopped and looking around cautiously as I take the packagers from her. “What the hell happened? Did Mr. Clean stop by?”

“Just thought I would tidy up a bit. Do you mind?”

“Not at all. By the way, you should have a look at the inside of my garage.”

“I’ll do that later but right now there is a football game I’d like to see, U of Florida at Arkansas. Can I watch it on that big TV in your family room?”

“Sure, it’s a den but what the hell. I’d like to see that game too.”

I traipse in and plop down on the big sofa facing the TV and turn it on. Four or five minutes later she follows, holding two Corona beers with lime slices stuck in the bottles. She plops down beside me and hands me one of the beers.

“The game just started, the kick off was just a moment ago,” I said. We are pleased when The Gators score about half way through the first quarter then dismayed when Arkansas scores two minutes later. By the end of the quarter, the Gators are ahead, Heidi has finished her beer and is curled up on the sofa with her head in my lap and snoring softly.

I want another beer but don’t want to disturb her so I just sit there, watching the Gators overwhelm Arkansas. By the end of the first half I have to pee and really want that second beer. Carefully, I ease her head up and slip out from under it, take a pee and get my second beer.

When I get back she is as I left her so I again ease up her head and slip back under it. As I settle back in she snorts and wiggles around a little but doesn’t wake up. Her hand comes up, rubs her nose and settles on my thigh, right in front of her face.

The halftime report is interesting but nowhere as interesting as what her hand is doing. It has slowly crept around until she is clutching the inside of my thigh, only an inch away from touching my dick. Then she whispers “Oh Ralph” and grabs it through my trousers.

Now, still asleep, she is absolutely purring, “Oh, Ralph, MMM…” She has a hard grip on my cock which had grown to full working size. She caresses and squeezes if four or five times and then with a start, she wakes up and looked at what she had a handful of.

With eyes wide she looks at me. “Oh, shit, I’m sorry, I just …”

“Not to worry, I was enjoying it.”

“I was having a dream about Ralph. It’s been over two years since he passed away.” She was embarrassed. “I dreamt we were having sex but I know he couldn’t get a hard on and we hadn’t done that in three or four years before he died. I think you wanting to fuck my sister triggered that.”

She looks at my crotch. “You’ve got a hard on now, haven’t you?”

“Well…yes, you were pawing at my dick so I couldn’t help it.”

“Oh, shit.”

“I didn’t mind, I kind of liked it.”

Her hand is absentmindedly rubbing her pussy when she says, “Well I’m not going to let you fuck me as much as I would like it. My sister would kick my ass.”

I unzip my fly and take my hard cock out. “Are you going to leave me like this?”

Her eyes are wide and she is staring at it. “Well, I don’t… Boy, it’s much bigger than Ralph. Let me touch it again.”

It is really Yalova Escort Bayan rather comical, me standing there in the TV room with my hard penis sticking straight out of my pants, and her crotched over, looking at it almost at eye level and twisting the helmet back and forth like she is tuning a radio. She is furiously rubbing her pussy through her shorts with her other hand.

“Well… OK, let’s do it, but if you tell Gretchen I’ll kick your ass all the way to hell and back.” She begins to undo her shorts. “Go easy, I’ve never done this with anyone but Ralph and he wasn’t as big as you.”

She finally gets her shorts and panties off and sits on the very edge of the sofa, legs open wide, offering her pussy to me. I crouch in front of her and start to put my face in it.

She is alarmed. “What are you doing?”

“Just a little preliminary exercise to make sure you are ready.”

When I touch her button with my tongue, she lets out a long series of gasps. “Oh my God, I’ve read about this. I had no idea how good it would feel. Don’t stop!”

I don’t stop and within three or four minutes she is almost wailing, her hands wrapped around my head holding it in close contact with her pussy, stretched out with her ass well off the cushions of the sofa. In the meantime, I am giving it all I have, sucking her little man into my mouth, rolling it around with my lips, lancing at her pussy with my tongue and licking for all I am worth. Stab after stab I stick it into her. Warm liquid nectar is oozing out of her. She is moaning loudly and continuously.

With a high pitched squeal that must last two minutes she climaxes, pushing my head away, pulling it back and then pushing iy away again. She is babbling incoherently. Then, she melts. There is no other way to describe it; it’s as if there isn’t a bone in her body. I try to sit her up on the sofa but it’s as if she was just skin, loosely packed with jelly.

Finally, I pick her up. I’m a big man, 6’2″, 220 pounds and her 100 pounds should be no problem but by the time I get her upstairs and into her bed I am gasping for breath and ready to pass out.

She is nude from the waist down, curled into a ball, asleep, and I think she is sucking her thumb. I take off my clothes and lay down beside her, panting like a race horse.

The next thing I know, her right arm is across my chest and her right leg is across my right thigh. I turn my head to look at her and she says, “Oh good, you’re finally awake. I was just wondering if you were going to try to collect on the rest of our deal. It looks like your soldier died a natural death.” She takes her hand down and shakes my limp dick back and forth a few times. It begins to grow right away.

I roll over to face her and kiss her and she kisses me back. Now I am stabbing her leg with my hard cock. I roll back over, pulling her up on my stomach, then slide her up until she is in the ‘cowgirl’ position, my engorged member flat on my body, captured between her pussy lips like an upside down hotdog in a bun. Her eyes close as she slides back and forth a few times.

She is breathing hard when she says, “I’ve… I’ve never done it this way. Ralph was always on top.”

“Don’t worry, I think you will like this and besides, I’m so big I would crush you if I were on top. Just raise up a little… Oh, that’s it.!”

She is smiling. I don’t know if it is because it feels good or because she is proud of being able to take it all the way in like that. Now, she is lost in some place that only matters to her. Her hands are on my chest, her head is back, her eyes are closed and she is sliding back and forth to the cadence of music I can’t hear.

I have fucked and been fucked but never quite like this. Here, I am a tool, a flesh and blood tool, sliding in and out of a pussy that cares not about me or what I am feeling but is only concerned with its own gratification. Slowly the cadence increases and now her head is bent forward, her face almost concealed by her hair. Faster, faster, she is beginning to pant. Faster, faster she is making a low moaning, grunting sound. Then, I know she is in the midst of an orgasm, her whole body is quivering but trying to sit still. After a minute or so she is gasping for breath and she has slumped down on top of me. It looks as if she can’t support herself.

It hasn’t been lost on me. I buck up a couple of times and when Mr. Orgasm visits, I unload what feels like a bucket of cum into her. She stays in position and lies on my chest, the top of her head just under my chin. I am sure that Mrs. Climax had done just what was needed. I wonder if she is asleep again.

I wiggle a little and she perks up, looks at me and says, “Your cock is still in my pussy but it’s getting soft. I think I felt you cum, don’t you want to do it again?”

“I’d love to do it again but it takes me a while to recover. Why don’t I give you a nice sensual massage and then we will see what happens.”

“That sounds Escort Yalova like fun. I used to do that to Ralph but he never did it to me. There is some very pleasant body lotion right there in the bathroom cupboard.”

She arranges herself on her tummy on the bed while I clean up a little and bring the lotion out. She has taken off her top and now we are both nude. Her head is cocked sideways away from me and her palms are crossed under her cheek. Her cute, firm little ass is smiling at me.

I push her hair aside and start on her neck and shoulders. She coos as I gently but firmly rub the lotion into her skin. I slather it onto her back and work it down to her waist. I feel the muscles in her buttocks clinch when I apply it to those gorgeous orbs. Cautiously, I work my way completely around each one. There is a gasp but no rebuke when I manage to brush lightly against her anus.

I move to her legs and start with the ankles, slowly working up to the calves and knees. I spread them apart a little before I get to the thighs. I can see her pussy, glistening with moisture. I wonder if it is from our earlier adventure or anticipation of what is yet to come. Well let’s see if I remember… I massage and knead my way up the thigh, one hand inside and one outside. I stop the inside hand a fraction of an inch from touching her pussy while the other continues to the hip and ass cheek. I do this four or five times and then switch to the other leg. The last time I do it to that leg, my fingers actually push gently against the lips of her pussy.

As a reaction, her ass rises up so there is plenty of room for my hand under her. With my middle finger, I caress and fondle her slit a few times and then slowly slip it into her. There is no restiance, she is well lubricated and welcomes it. I slide it in and out a few times then whisper, “Why don’t you turn over.”

She does, but on the way over, she grabs a pillow from the other side of the bed and covers her face. “What’s wrong,” I say.

“I’m embarrassed. Ralph and I always did this at night, in the dark with the lights off.”

“Nonsense, you have a beautiful body and it didn’t bother you earlier, besides, I like to see it.”

“I think I was too excited to care earlier. Also, I don’t think I ever had more than three or four orgasms in my whole life before today.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

She uncovered her eyes. “Hell no, not on your life!”

She puts the pillow back over her eyes and I go back to work. When I plop a big wad of the body lotion in the middle of her tummy and I push it upward toward her tits, I see her peeking out from under the pillow. I slather it across first one breast, then the other. I see her glance toward my nude groin where my penis, that had gone to sleep after its encounter with her, was now awake and beginning to show some attention. I continue my quest to put my hands and fingers on every part of her body at least once and some of the more sensitive spots much more often. As I pinch and knead the delicate nipples of her boobs with my right hand, the left is slipping and sliding across her tummy to a spot just inside the hairline of her pussy.

Without warning, she grabs my hard dick and pulls me closer to the bed. “What’s wrong,” I say.

“Nothing, I just want something to hold onto and make sure you are into this too.”

My intention had been to start this part of the massage at her ankles and work my way up as I had done when she was on her tummy but now I think I should get right in to it. I let my left hand slither further into the hair mass and find the slit, moist with what – her natural lubricant or my semen?

“Oh God, put your hard cock in my pussy, quickly. Oh, I want you to fuck me!”

I physically pick her up and put her on her hands and knees, her ass facing me. I rub the head of my dick against the wet pussy a few times before, with a massive shove, I drive it deep in her cunt. She gasps and then let out a sound that is best described as an ‘OHHHHH’.

I slowly withdraw it and then drive it home, again and again. There is a loud slapping sound each time my groin comes into contact with her firm ass. Her arms seemed to have dissolved and her shoulders and face, turned sideways, are against the sheet. Her eyes are closed and she is still making that contented sound, enjoying what I am doing to her.

As I come closer to fulfilling my own goal I began to speed up the action. With each stroke she whispers, “Oh, yes, oh, yes,” then she begins to squeal. I can feel the serpent that is my libido coiling, ready to strike. I can’t hold it back and with three or four hard pushes I unloaded another massive load of my cum into her hot box. By that time she is limp as a wet towel.

Almost the same as before, I move her over to the center of the massive bed and lay down beside her. She is curled up into a fetal ball, with her back to me and looking as if she were comatose. We lay there for a good while and I am almost asleep when she rolls over and puts her hand on my chest and begins toying with my right nipple.

I turn my head to look at her and she says, “Oh good, you’re not asleep. I want to thank you for a lovely afternoon. Gretchen said I could keep you and I think I will. Would you like that?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32