Sister Cathy

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Chapter1: My Sister

It was a Saturday night. My parents were going outside to attend a party. Knowing how careless their 18 years old boy is, they told me not to return home late. But for no reason, I returned home early that night. Walking into the dark passage leading to the living room, I was struck dumb by the view I was not supposed to see. There on the blue sofa in front of me, my older sister Catherine was completely naked, thighs widely opened and hands deeply seated into her crotch.

Cathy opened her eyes terrified when I walked in and quickly she covered herself. With one hand squeezed tightly between closed thighs, and another barely covering her naked bosom, she was fighting a losing battle. I went horny to death, watching her wet small hands struggling to cover the private parts of her exposed body. Her cloth items were widely scattered on the ceramic floor of the vast living room. Her abdomen was glistening with what looks like a body lotion with the battle on her left side. The sofa was soaked wet with her pussy secretions, forming a large wet patch under her. The air was thick with the strong aroma pouring out of her crotch.

Pressing her hands more tightly to cover her private areas from her younger brother, she screamed on me, “What’s the hell are you doing here? You’re not supposed to come home early tonight! “

Trying to tease her while she was in this shameful position, I answered, “Dad told me not to return home late. As a good boy, I listened to dad and here I am. “

Her eyes went mad with my stupid answer. “What’s the fuck! Go to your fucking room. Stop staring at me like that. You’re not supposed to watch me in this position. “

“I feel like staying here for a while. Why don’t you go to your room if my presence makes you uncomfortable? “

“You smart ass, you want me to expose myself in front of your horny eyes? If you don’t move to your room right now, I’m gonna tell father that you enjoy spying on me while I’m naked.”

“Oh yah? And I’m going to tell dad his 22 years old daughter enjoy playing with herself naked on his sofa. You know what; Dad will be very interested to know the source of the wet sticky patch soiling his favorite blue sofa after all. “

She opened somewhat her thighs and pulled up her hand a little bit just to look down into the sticky dark spot she made under her and she gasped, “Oh my god”. This small movement was enough to give me a glimpse of my sister’s wet pussy. I couldn’t control myself with this strong erotic scene and I murmured back her words breathlessly, “Oooh my God!”

She certainly knew what I was looking at, because she rapidly cupped her mons by her right hand and pressed her thighs tightly together again. My huge erection was telling her how badly this scene she offered unconsciously affected me.

“Tom, be a good boy and give me something to cover myself. I really feel embarrassed now. “

Although we usually tease each other, fight together, and for the first time I found myself in a stronger position, I really felt sorry for her. She was helpless and embarrassed in front of her little brother. There was nothing near her that she can cover herself with. Her clothes were scattered away all over the place (I wonder what made her horny like this to through her clothes senselessly everywhere like this). If she wanted to collect her clothes herself, she will expose to me every private area and hole she has! I felt tender love and sympathy for my sister and I started to collect her clothes myself.

Everything was going well, till I saw her pink panty. There on the floor, that small piece of cotton which was covering my sister private holes minutes ago was thrown under my feet. I felt a strong thrill with this sensuous thought. I reached for her panty with a quivering hand and picked it up. I could feel it still keeping the warmth of her forbidden gaziantep sahibe escort bayan area. Its crotch was dripping wet with her secretions. I can see on its inner lining a dirty brown spot corresponding to the area her asshole was touching. There was a very strong hypnotic smell coming form it. It was my sister’s private smell.

Mesmerized by this sensuous smell, I covered my face with Cathay’s panty and took a deep inhalation in front of my horrified sister. The smell was so strong that all thoughts of giving her clothes back to her disappeared. There was only one thought, to burry my head into Cathy’s crotch, to inhale more of her private smell, to lick and to taste her forbidden area. I was flying in a wide dream till I was awakened by sister’s angry voice shouting:

“Hey, Pervert. What’s the fuck are you doing with my panties? Give back my panties. “

“Do you want me to give them back?”

“Of course, idiot. Unless you’re planning to use them as a case to your pillow.”

“Nah. Although that would be a good idea. I won’t give them back to you unless you obey three commands of mine. “

“Really? And what’s prince charming first command? ”

“I want you to expose yourself, show me your cunt, forget about my presence and play with yourself the same way you were playing before I entered and freaked you out.”

“Are you nuts? You want me to show you my! You’re really out of your mind. For God’s sake Tom, I’m your older sister! “

“Cathy. I ask you by everything you love to do that. I’m dying to see your lovely cunt. I didn’t recognize you’re that charming and beautiful before today. I mean if you don’t show me yourself I’m gonna turn nuts with desire. Please sis, just for five minutes. After that, I will give you back all your clothes, I will clean your mess, and I will forget everything happened tonight. Just for tonight. Please… “

I don’t know was it the way I pleaded to her or because I praised her beauty, it seems she started to ease up after all. She looked down into her covered puss, then after considering her situation for a moment she turned her blue eyes on me with a new look on them, “Maybe if you took your clothes off, I would feel more comfortable.”

I couldn’t believe my luck. There all of a sudden, my sister was not only willing to expose and play with herself in front of me, but she wanted also to see me naked. I removed my pants eagerly to expose my erected penis pointing directly towards my older sister.

“Well, you can see we are even now, sis.”

“I guess so.”

She stared unblinkingly into my thing with her deep blue eyes. Suddenly, there was a tiny slow movement of her right hand witch was squeezed between her full thighs. She was still staring at my thing, still covering her tits with her left hand. There was only one thing moving out of her still body, her small right hand. Rubbing her covered area slowly, her breathing started to slow and deepen. It seems she was still wet there, because her hand was sliding with no difficulty into the tight gap between her thighs and pussy with no need for further lubrication. Little by little, her hand’s movement was becoming faster and bolder. Her breath started to quicken up in a matching rhythm with her hand. Suddenly she surrendered to the intense pleasure building up very quickly to overwhelm all her senses; she closed her eyes, arched her back to bring her crotch to the edge of the sofa and moved her thighs apart. I couldn’t believe myself. It was the most beautiful, most intense moment in my life. There on the sofa, just one step away from me, my sister was showing me her pussy, so sexy, so exposed and so vulnerable. All I would do is to take this one step and my thing will violate my sister’s own privacy. She was well-shaved. I could see only the şahinbey escort bayan beginning of pubic hair surrounding her clean shaved pussy. Her labia were full and meaty. Her new position, with widely separated thighs, moved her labia apart exposing her inner pink wetness and warmth. The air was full with my sister’s private smell, the same smell I found when I sniffed her panty, but ten times stronger. It wasn’t just beautiful, it was holy and sacred. My prick was dying to touch or be touched by anything. I wrapped my hand around my cock and started stroking it. There in midst of the living room, me and my older sister were completely naked, horny and masturbating in front of each other shamelessly.

I knew we were going so far into this game, but it was too late to turn back. All roles of this game have been changed at that point. Catherie was not rubbing herself, to fulfill my commands and get her clothes back so she can cover herself, anymore. She was doing that because she enjoyed it. She was enjoying being exposed, vulnerable and naughty in front of her younger brother. I mean she had nothing left to be afraid to expose if she wanted to collect her clothes herself.

She looked at me, stroking myself with ecstasy, and asked with a seducing smile on her lips;

“Do you enjoy forcing your older sister to expose herself and do naughty things, Tom?”

“Oh, god. I’m dying with pleasure. You’re so sexy sister. You are very beautiful down there between your thighs. Please don’t ever cover it from me sis. I want to watch you like this forever.”

“But, Tom! This is so wrong. You shouldn’t look between my thighs. It’s your sister’s private area. Here’s where I pee and fart, get pleasure and do all my private, naughty stuff. It’s so intimate and forbidden.”

“I want to do intimate and forbidden things with you sister.”

She gave a contented grin then asked:

“So, what’s your second command? What naughty things you want to see your older sister doing to herself?”

Her bold question gave me the courage to say:

“I want you to insert your wet finger inside your asshole. I want you to make sure it would be sticky and dirty when you pull it out. Then I want to see you licking and sucking it clean.”

There was a funny surprised look on Cathy’s face, “Is this a kind of joke or something? You want me to taste my own shit?”

“I’m pretty serious Catherine. I love your ass very much. I always fantasized touching and tasting your asshole whenever you bent down and flashed me your ass”

“I like touching my asshole, too. It’s so sensitive. But licking my soiled finger sounds dirty.”

“But it’s very sexy and naughty.”

“You know? Why don’t you try it first and tell me? If it tastes good, I will do it for you. Sounds good?”

“Are you joking? I would give anything to taste your asshole. “

She smiled and added in dalliance, “OK. And don’t call it by this vulgar name. You embarrass me by talking openly about it like that.”

She bent to her left side and raised her right leg to the opposite side. This new movement brought my sister’s round ass into my direct view. Her pussy became only visible from behind with her large labia pressed tightly into each other and bulging invitingly between her thighs. She reached with her left hand to the dark gap between her cheeks and pulled one of them away from the other. This lazy movement exposed my sister’s hidden asshole. If I felt in heaven when she showed me her pussy, I was in hell after seeing her asshole. It was very hot. This tight, wrinkled, hidden hole between my sister’s cheeks was the centre of all my kinky, hot desires. By this tight, hot, hidden hole of her she can force me to do whatever she wants.

She touched her asshole with the middle finger of her right hand and it tightened şahinbey bayan escort immediately.

“I told you: it’s quite sensitive.”

She ran her wet finger around her wrinkled hole in a circular movement then stopped. She applied gentle pressure on her anus till it relaxed then advanced her finger very slowly inside her. My view was blocked by her small hand. Then, she released the hand which was separating her cheeks and returned her right leg to floor. Putting all of her weight on the finger buried inside her hole, she started to move her hip vigorously. Her finger was digging deeply inside her hole. When she pulled it out of her asshole, it was really sticky and dirty. There was a brown stain on it. She raised her finger to her nose and smelled it;

“Eef. It really smells like shit, Tom. Try to smell it and you will never think of tasting it.”

I took one step towards her to be able to smell the finger she was pointing on me. I was very aware of the short distance separating my erected penis from her opened pussy. I could feel the air carrying her crotch hotness to my bare skin. At that point, we were very intimate and sunken deep in doing the forbidden.

“Com’ on, Tom. Take a sniff. Have you changed your mind?”

She put her dirty finger under my nose and I took a deep breath. I was shocked by the power of this smell. It reminded me of the faint smell I found when I examined the dirty brown spot inside her panty. But this smell was much much stronger. Her panty smell was soft and hypnotic. This smell was very strong and shocking. It sharpens your senses, awakes you from your dizzy dreams and leaves you like a horny dog. I pulled her finger into my mouth and savored this strong taste with every single taste bud of mine. I liked her finger passionately with my tongue and returned it clean to her. When I finished, my cock was moaning with desire not because I enjoyed the taste rather than I enjoyed the idea; I tasted my older sister’s asshole.

Cathy was looking at me with a disgusted face; “How does it taste?”

“You taste good, sis.”

“Really?” She was considering for a moment. “Does it really turn you on seeing me tasting my ass…hole?”

“It’s the sexiest thing I can think of.”

“OK. I’ll do it. But I warn you, if it turned to taste bad I’m gonna kick you hard on your naked balls.”

This time she raised up both feet and crotched down with her knees bent forward and her bottom between both heels. She ran her finger between her separated labia:

“It needs to be moistened after all, if you want my dirt really stick on it.” Now her finger was soaked with her juices. She inserted it easily inside her hole and did some digging within. When it came out, it was dirtier than the previous time. Then, without any hesitation she tasted her dirty finger;

“Ummmmm, yes. I really taste good.”

I couldn’t believe my picky sister can go dirty to this extent. Seeing her sticky finger sliding slowly between her pursed lips after it was digging inside her ass was more than I could stand. I felt funny sensation in my aching balls but it was too late. I was flooded suddenly by a huge current of pleasure clouding all my senses of place and time. I came like I never did before. My first and second shots landed exactly on her opened pussy. I tried to direct my penis away with my hand vainly which resulted in shifting my gush of cum from her pussy to her abdomen and chest. When I finished coming, I felt like my knees wouldn’t carry me anymore. I felt down on my knees with my panting face between my sister’s thighs. I can’t forget the sight of my sister’s pink pussy covered with my white sticky cum. When I think of something sexy, I think of my cum dangling and oozing from my sister’s pussy.

Cathy stood up furious like a whore who was just raped against her well;

“Look what you did to me, jerk. Where are my clothes?”

She snapped her panty from the pile of clothes I put on the couch and whipped my cum off her pussy. She carried the remaining of her clothes and ran upstairs to her room.

To be continued ..

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