Since I’ve Been Loving You

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A few months later, I still held onto my secret about Dom. I often turned to that memory when I was alone in bed, my husband still living at a friend’s house in the city. I felt guilty, but I knew it wasn’t going anywhere. It wouldn’t happen again, and telling my husband would just cause more harm.

I was showing a multi-million dollar condo in Center City one summer afternoon, and was meeting the client’s rep at the condo at 2pm. I left the boys with their dad at the pool, and then ran home, grabbed a quick shower and picked out my favorite white lace bra and panties. Then I pulled over my tailored Calvin Klein white sleeveless dress over my head. It looked great against my sun-kissed skin and summer blonde hair. A few brushes of mascara to make my green eyes pop and a light mist of perfume, and I was ready to leave for the city.

Airport traffic made me a little late, so I was a little breathless as I stepped off the elevator and ran to the condo door. The door was unlocked and I said “Hellooo?” as I walked in. Dom was standing by the large windows across the room and he turned around as I entered the room. The summer sun lit him from behind and the view of the river from this height was breathtaking. I was shocked and I stopped dead when I saw him. I managed to squeak out, “What are you doing here?”

“I asked around and found out what you did for a living. I figured this would be a good way to get you alone.”

The entire room was decorated in white. He walked toward me in an expensive dark blue suit. the sun glinting off his Tag watch. He took off his blazer and laid it on the white leather sofa, and then he started to loosen his tie as I stood motionless. Suddenly, I noticed the sound system in the condo had “Since I’ve Been Loving You” by Led Zeppelin playing through the home. That was his thing back in high school. He turned me on to Led Zeppelin. We’d play snippets of songs on each other’s answering machines instead of leaving messages. Any time a radio station “Got the Led Out!” I thought of him.

God damn, he was sexy. His eyes bored holes through me. I could feel my mouth start to water, and dropped my purse and suitcase. Jimmy Page’s slow build up just intensified the electricity in the room. Dom was now undoing his shirt, which caused his dark chest hair to peek above the collar of his undershirt. He quickly removed that to show a tight, toned body. I had never seen him like this before – he was a man now. I stepped back toward the door as he gaziantep escort reached me. He inhaled slowly and his brown eyes showed the desire he felt. His lips were almost touching mine as he reached behind me to lock the door.

The music stopped abruptly, then Robert Plant sang out over the sound system:

…”Workin’ from seven to eleven every night”…

Dom leaned down, stopping just short of kissing me. He slid his hand down and cupped my ass to pull me toward him. My hands were on his chest and I ran my fingers through his hair. My face tipped up toward him and he finally kissed me.

“…Cause I love you, baby. How I love you, darlin'”…

His hands found the zipper of my dress and pulled it down. He slid it down my arms and it fell to the floor. He peeled my lacy bra down and exposed my taut pink bud. Immediately he sucked hard and I felt the heat in my pussy start to burn. As he suckled my right breast, his hand exposed my left. He rubbed his thumb over my nipple, and it sprang to attention. His hands found my bra clasp and undid it…

“I really did the best I could”…

He ran his hand down my stomach and slipped into my panties. His fingers found and parted my lips as Plant screamed in the song. He moaned as he exhaled as he found me wet and wanting him. His middle finger dipped into me. Finally the surprised shock had worn off and I pushed him off me. He wasn’t quite sure if I was stopping him. I reached for his belt and started to pull at his pants as I pushed him toward the white shag rug. He fell backwards onto the floor. I threw my legs over him and kissed him as he kicked off his shoes and pants. I ran my lacy panties up and down his hard cock as Page started playing his solo. I sat up and Dom ran his hands up my ribcage to my tits and grabbed them hard. He sat up to kiss me and flipped me over on my back.

He ran his tongue down between my breasts to my belly button. He looked up at me as I lifted my bottom and he slipped my panties down my legs. He smiled as he decided to leave my white heels on. My light brown tuft of hair was exposed to him. He closely watched his fingers open me. My clit was so ready for him. His tongue started at my opening and slowly made its way up to my bud. He flattened his tongue as he massaged my pleasure point. I couldn’t help but moan at the sensation. Immediately I could feel my hips rock with the rhythm of his tongue, mirroring the rhythm of the song. As he slid a finger into me, I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer.

“…Said I been crying, all my tears they fell like rain…”

The music was building up as I started to feel his tongue take me to the verge of madness.

“Don’t you hear them fallin’…”

His fingers and tongue found the right spots and I was gone. I grabbed his thick black hair in my hands and ground my pussy against his mouth. I could feel a gush of honey as I came hard into his mouth. I screamed and could hear him moan his satisfaction with himself. My cunt closed around his fingers as I twitched on his tongue.

As soon as I started to come down, his dick found my dripping hole. He dove into me while my pussy was still convulsing from my orgasm. The feeling of his intrusion brought me up to ecstasy again. I didn’t have time to catch my breath before I was screaming for him again. “Oh, fuck. Just like that”, he groaned, as he fucked me senseless. My body didn’t feel like it was mine. I couldn’t get enough of him. His whole cock was buried deep within me as his mouth found my hard nipples. His pace quickened.

“…Baby since I been loving you, I’m about to lose, lose my worried mind…”

He spilled his cum into me and growled as he shoved himself deeper and deeper into my stretched pussy. I watched him as his cock slid in and out of me. His hard shaft glistened with our juices as it buried itself inside me again. He just growled as Robert Plant brought the song to climax. After he finished cumming, he looked down at me. I was flushed with the heat of the moment. His hand caressed my cheek and he leaned down to kiss me as he withdrew himself. I hated to feel him leave me. He rolled over on to the floor and we both tried to catch our breath.

“D’yer Mak’er” started playing. My favorite Led Zeppelin song.

“I guess I did”, he laughed, referring to the song.

“What the fuck was that all about?”, I asked.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you”, he admitted.

“Are you married?”

“Yeah, but so are you.”

“Dom, I do love my husband. We’re supposed to be working on things. This would kill him and us.”

“I’m not saying I’m in love with you, I just can’t stop thinking about how you feel as you come on my dick.” He kissed me deeply again and I could see his member twitch.

“We can’t stay here. It’s an open apartment. Anyone could come in to show it.”

I stood up and could feel his seed drip down my leg. I grabbed my clothes and headed to the bathroom. I stepped under the shower to wash him off my body. There was no shampoo or soap since this wasn’t actually an inhabited apartment. I heard the door open and I didn’t turn as he stepped into the shower. He came up behind me and was already erect. He kissed the back of my neck as his hands slid over my wet breasts. He pushed me against the shower wall, the tile cold on my tits.

I put my hand behind me and found his hard erection. I tightened my hand around him and he slowly fucked my hand. I released his cock and found his sack. I played with his balls as he moaned in my ear, as the hot water poured down both of us. I only meant to wash my body, now I was completely wet with my mascara running down my cheeks. He said my name as I massaged his scrotum. His hand found my clit and started to tease me.

I didn’t think I had the energy to do this again, but he found it. I turned around and found his mouth with mine. He lowered me down on the shower bench. It was warm with the water, but still a bit of a shock to the burning of my pussy. I leaned back and opened again for him. I was still wet deep within from his cum of just minutes before. The head of his member was red and his veins were filled with the rush of blood. I stroked it in the water again.

Suddenly I had to have him in my mouth. I sat up and wrapped my lips around his shaft. I could feel the water from the shower drip down my throat along with his pre-cum. He couldn’t help but make sounds of pleasure as I sucked him off. I grabbed his balls as I stroked him with my other hand. He put out his hand to steady himself against the wall.

He moaned. “And I thought you fucked great!” I grinned as I tightened my hand around his cock.

I loved the feeling of him in my mouth. I sucked just a little hard on his tip then ran my tongue around the ridge.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum”, he said, “I want to be inside you!”

He tried to move but I kept working his dick with my hand and mouth. I wanted to feel him cum all over me. I could feel his prick start to spurt in my mouth and I pulled back to jerk him off on my tits. He couldn’t take his eyes off the show as he spurted his semen all over my chin and chest. I licked at what fell on my lips and his expression seemed to say his wife never did something like that before. I guess that’s what mistresses are for, if that’s what I was now.

He squeezed the last bit of his juice out on his own. He stroked himself, off and on, while he came down from his high. He pulled me up by the neck to kiss me.

“Ok, now I think I love you”, he said, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32