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DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this story is real or should be considered as such. This story follows a somewhat silly premise, and yes, also features sexual acts between consenting adults. I welcome any feedback and I’m always excited to discuss the story and characters, and chatting/bouncing around ideas for future stories. I hope you enjoy delving into my insane mind.

NOTE: I wanted to do a story featuring facials and bukkake and came up with this strange idea of a girl doing it on a church trip. The premise was really silly and I leaned a bit into that, but I also wanted to try and offset it with interesting characters and a real story. The premise is still ridiculous but hopefully there’s some enjoyment and eroticism to be found within. Also, this story plays around with religion but is not meant to be any sort of religious commentary. It’s not meant to offend and apologies if I do.


Saralynn knelt in the closet of the Airbnb and thought back to the conversation she had with Bonnie two days ago. Where in the basement of their church, inside the room they used to store extra tables and chairs, she had listened to Bonnie explain what the rest of the church group volunteered her to do and why they needed her to do it. Her hand had unconsciously fiddled with the silver cross around her neck while absorbing the words of the bespectacled girl.

“So,” Bonnie had said once finished, “will you help us out?”

Standing in silence, Saralynn had considered everything she heard. How everyone had suggested her for what they required knowing that she was the most sincere, the one always most happy to help. How without her they wouldn’t be able to go on this year’s group trip. How she’d be serving a greater purpose and keeping others on the virtuous path. That last one especially had strengthened her resolve and she had clutched her cross momentarily before dropping her hand away.

“Okay. I’ll do it.”

Now here she waited, ready to but still nervous about serving her duty. She felt warm, and not from her pink turtleneck and light blue cardigan. She was used to that. What she wasn’t used to was what Bonnie and the rest of the group needed from her. She remembered how they had cheered after she emerged back into the main meeting room once she had agreed to everything. They had all thanked her and blessed her, and the guys had all given her hugs. Those alone had made her cheeks blush. The knowledge of what they were about to do made her heart hammer.

The door opened and Saralynn looked up to see Travis enter the closet. While he shut the door behind him, the honey-haired blonde adjusted her position and straightened her long, cream-colored skirt, swiping at the fabric in her lap and under her butt and thighs, trying to make herself feel presentable before settling back on her haunches.

“Hey, Saralynn,” Travis said, stepping toward her. The lanky boy always seemed somewhat quiet, and she returned a smile to help make him feel more comfortable. “I really appreciate you doing this. We all do.”

“Of course,” she said, clasping her hands in her lap and gazing up at him. Her walnut-brown eyes only added to her innocent appearance and Travis bit his lip at the angelic vision. “How could I say no to helping you all from falling into temptation?”

Giving a brusque nod, Travis unzipped his slacks, took out his already stiff dick, and began jacking off, his tip point right at Saralynn’s sweet face.

Her eyes went wide.

Even though she knew this was what was going to happen, she still had never seen a man’s tool in real life before, and the sight of it surprised her. Especially so close, inches away from her nose and her lips. No amount of anatomy textbooks and demonstrations with bananas could have prepared her for the size, shape, and thickness of the real thing. For the stiffness of the shaft in Travis’s hand, a single visible vein snaking across its length. For the way the head emerged again and again from the bit of foreskin covering most of it. And for the strange, soft, slapping sound of his fist drumming a rhythm on his crotch.

She would have to get used to it, though. There were two other guys on this trip and two more days still to go. Plenty of time to adjust to her duties as a “sincatcher.”

Anticipation had hit a fevered pitch in the weeks leading up to this year’s group trip. A chance to worship at the oldest church in the nearby city of Hardwood and participate in a beachside mission to bring lost sheep into the flock? Everyone was looking forward to it. The girls even went shopping together to buy new swimsuits. Though unlike the others, Saralynn purchased a nice conservative one-piece that she still planned to wear with a sarong.

Then three days before the trip, Miss Anne came down with a terrible fever. No one else was available to accompany them and even though everyone was eighteen, their sickly chaperone didn’t feel comfortable letting girls and boys go off together on their own, Hd Porno where temptation to sin could run high. All seemed lost. But then Bonnie came up with an idea.

Naturally, surrounded by girls and in such a setting, the boys might find themselves under the devil’s sway through no fault of their own. However, if someone there could step in and act as a relief for the men, a place for them to deposit their sin — without any practice of real sexual intercourse — it would help keep everyone pure. Saralynn was the obvious choice for the role.

As the one always first to volunteer for services and efforts, the one everyone in town talked about as the kindest and most selfless, they knew they could count on her. Miss Anne apparently agreed and said she would let them go on the trip only if Saralynn submitted herself to the task.

All of this was of course explained to her after the fact that day in the storage area with Bonnie. She never witnessed the discussions herself and even saw Miss Anne at the store the day before they all left. Nora’s older sister seemed fine, but Saralynn thought nothing of it because she saw no reason why Miss Anne would lie about being sick. She even chastised herself and said a prayer later for even thinking such things.

Back in the closet, Travis grunted, and a viscous clear liquid emerged from the small slit at the very tip of his cock. The sounds of masturbation grew louder and wetter, and his hand moved faster across his pole. Saralynn broke contact with Travis’s penis and turned her gaze up to him.

“Is it, um, always that hard?” she asked. She wasn’t sure if she should talk or sit in silence and wait but something about the location and about the purpose reminded her of the lay confessions that they sometimes did during bible study. Confessing the sin was part of the process of forgiveness, so she thought maybe this might help. “Was it someone specific?”

“It was Virginia,” he admitted, jerking at himself harder. “Sitting next to her in the van during the drive… I’ve been thinking about it since.”

Saralynn nodded. She understood. The lord blessed the blue-eyed blonde with breasts meant to raise many children and the ride to the Airbnb was rather bumpy. She had questioned Virginia’s choice of shirt, but the other girl had rolled her eyes and said, “That’s what you’re for.”

A deep part of Saralynn wondered why she needed to do this if she didn’t cause it, but selflessness was a true tenet of the faithful. She told herself that she was sacrificing only a small piece of her own purity to protect those of others.

“It’s okay,” she said. “It’s not your fault. Go ahead and release those feelings. Deposit all those sinful thoughts Virginia made you feel.”

Travis groaned, his knees shook, and then the slit on his dick opened and a rush of gooey sperm shot out and splashed onto Saralynn’s cheek. She gasped. The warmth of the liquid shocked her, and with each new splatter of it onto her features, her face and body grew hotter. His eruption streaked her cheek, eyebrows, and forehead, the last of it drippling down toward her chin.

“T-thank you,” he panted, stuffing himself back into his pants after his excess cum landed on her. “I feel much better.”

“You’re welcome.”

Saralynn beamed up at him. Her nervousness had washed away under this first experience. She felt elated, having accomplished something great and noble and pious. She almost took a bit of pride in it but that would have been even more sinful than anything she did in this closet. Still, she had helped Travis, and she was going to help the others as well.

“Gavin is going to have a heart attack when he comes in here,” Travis said, taking in the image of Saralynn on the floor with a contented smile on her cum-laced face. His statement snapped her out of whatever mental state she was in, and she stared at him bewildered. “He likes you is all.”

“Really?” she asked, but Travis was already out the door.

The revelation of Gavin liking her threw her for a loop. She never suspected the large-framed boy of having any interest in her. Saralynn considered herself rather plain, nothing special, especially when compared to the other girls in the church group. Virginia’s breasts outsized hers. Darlene’s slim legs made her butt stand out. Nora’s curvy body made her prime marital material. And Bonnie… while she and Saralynn were of equal attractiveness, the other girl was just so smart and clever. How could anyone find her appealing with those girls around?

Before she could dwell on it anymore, the door reopened. Her heart sped up but slowed back down when Preston strode in. His jaw dropped when he saw her kneeling there demurely, hands in her lap and face painted with cum. She smiled and without wasting another second, he shut the door, stepped forward, and took out his cock.

“Hi, Preston,” Saralynn said, her eyes falling to his exposed dick. His was smaller than Travis’s but still very similar. The same stiffness and single Türkçe Altyazılı Porno vein. The same sliding foreskin. But a darker head and no slime leaking from its tip. Underneath his cock also hung a noticeable pair of large balls, swinging wildly as he beat off. He didn’t respond to her greeting, and she looked up to see him grunting and watching her. After another bit of silence she asked, “Would you like to confess what tempted you?”

“You mean besides you in here like this?”

“Oh,” Saralynn’s face dropped. “I’m-I’m sorry.” She signed the cross and clasped her hands in front of herself. “Please forgive me for my wicked ways and sinful temptation. I didn’t mean to lead you astray.”

“No, no,” Preston said, stopping his stroking. “I didn’t mean it. I just… I usually prefer to do this in silence.”

Saralynn let out a sigh of relief and dropped her hands beside herself. She let out a small laugh. “Thank heavens. Okay. Just make sure to confess in your heart at least.”

It was impossible for some of his iciness not to melt over Saralynn’s sweetness. “It was Bonnie.”

Again, Saralynn nodded in understanding but stayed quiet. It was enough of a signal for Preston, and he resumed jacking off, his hand pumping at his erection. For the next couple minutes, the only sound in the closet was Preston’s groans and the frantic fapping of fist on flesh. Every now and then, he mumbled something about Bonnie and her “teasing jezebel body,” but Saralynn just sat still and waited for him to add his sinful discharge to her sticky face. Eventually, he let out an extended but broken grunt and stepped forward. Saralynn tilted her head back a little further to help accommodate him and catch his seed.

Unlike Travis, who came more like shots from a water gun, Preston’s sperm rolled out of him, much thicker and creamier. It globbed together in large puddles in her eyebrows and eye socket, heavy in her lashes and rolling down her cheek when he finished and she lifted her head back up, one eye shut like a pirate. He squeezed a bit more out of himself and wiped it into the long bangs hanging on the side of her face.

“Thanks, Saralynn.”

Once he exited, her heartrate did pick up in anticipation. There was only one guy left. Gavin. She felt a little ashamed about how the knowledge of his hidden feelings affected her, but it made her wonder if she possessed any sort of affection for him in return. She never went out with a boy before, but Gavin always did seem nice. Maybe after this was all done, he’d ask her on a proper date.

She waited for him to enter the closet. And waited some more. And some more after that. She began to suspect he might not come at all, the one boy that went untempted all day. By the time the door opened, she expected Bonnie coming to get her and end her service for the day. But then Gavin’s tall and wide body passed through the door, and she perked back up and grinned.

“Hey, Gavin.”

“Hey, Saralynn.”

The somewhat heavyset boy took in his crush kneeling there on the ground. She wore the same conservative clothes he saw her in earlier, the same type of clothes she always wore and that he found so very appealing. While the other girls tended to show off, Saralynn usually dressed rather modestly. But her long skirts couldn’t really hide her wide hips and while her tops and cardigans added layers, they didn’t make her breasts disappear.

However, in this moment, more than anything else, those covering clothes of hers provided a sinful contrast to her normally innocent face dripping with jizz. Her thick lips remained surprisingly clear but cum lined her cheeks and forehead, glued one of her eyes shut, and plastered one side of her bangs to her temple. The bit of it on her nose though made his own cum churn in his balls.

He always loved Saralynn’s nose. Not overly big but uniquely shaped with a sharp slope and awkward tip. He didn’t know if one could have a nose kink, but he most certainly did when it came to her.

“You look… wow.”

Saralynn blushed under her covering of cum. “Thank you. Do you want to, um, use me to–“

“Yes! I mean, yes, I would like that.”

Gavin took out his member and Saralynn’s breath caught in her throat. He was nothing like Travis and Preston. Like the rest of him, Gavin’s penis was large. Long and thick and without any extra skin. Seeing it stunned Saralynn and she felt a stirring within herself. Her stomach fluttered and her eyes glazed over. As quick as it came, she forced it away, whispering a small prayer of forgiveness as Gavin started gliding his hand over his impressive length.

Pumping his shaft at an energetic pace, he observed her in a way the others didn’t. They looked at her, but he saw her. Through her one open eye, it appeared like his penis grew even larger, harder, and he let out a low moan.

“Do you want to confess your temptation?” she said, remembering her duty. “You can tell me or keep it in your mind.”

“It Brazzers was…” Gavin’s hips rocked, his eyes darted away and back, and he leaned closer to Saralynn’s face. “D-Darlene. Her, uh, her butt.”

“Oh.” A rock lodged itself in Saralynn’s throat. She must have imagined what she saw in Gavin’s stare. Travis was probably mistaken about his feelings. It shouldn’t matter to her, she told herself. She was doing this for altruistic and not personal reasons, and Gavin’s revelation was the lord’s reminder of that. “She does have a nice one.”

“Can I… can I talk about it? It helps me, oh gosh, get it out.”

“Of course,” she said, forcing a smile. “Use my face when you’re done to cleanse you of your craving.”

“Mmm… It’s… so big,” he said with a gasp. “I… oohhhh… really like looking at her from behind. It looks so wide… ungh… not perky but still perfect.”

Gavin’s description didn’t really sound like Darlene, but it wasn’t like Saralynn ever paid attention to the other girl’s butt. She would never. With a nod, she told the masturbating boy that she understood. “Go ahead, Gavin. Let it all out. Purge your temptation and let me take your sin for you. I want to.”

“Ooooohhh Saralynn!”

A blast of sperm collided with her face, forceful and thick, somewhere between the consistency of Travis and Preston’s but in a volume that put both to shame. Stream after heavy stream doused her face, landing in her hair, plugging her other eye, her cheeks, her lips, several on her nose. She felt a splash hit her turtleneck and she grasped her cross to keep it safe as Gavin continued to hose her down.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to cover you so much. I should have warned you about how much I have in me.”

“It’s okay,” Saralynn reassured him. “I’m just happy to help hold you back from the temptation of… Darlene.”

“Uh, right. Yeah, well, um, thanks.”

She waited there, unable to see and wondering if she missed hearing him leave but then a few seconds later, the door opened and then closed. Moments later, it opened again. Did he forget something?

“How’d it go in– oh my gosh,” Bonnie said. “There is so much of it.”

“They had a lot of temptation in them.”

“Yeah, they sure did. And you caught all of it.” Saralynn couldn’t see Bonnie, but she could imagine the other girl standing there, still in her jeans and oversized t-shirt, clear-framed glasses and green eyes angled toward her. A camera went off, but Saralynn didn’t complain or object. She knew Miss Anne wanted documented proof that Saralynn completed her duties as sincatcher each night. “Miss Anne will be so glad. And we’re all so thankful. You’re perfect for this, Saralynn.”

“Thanks,” she said, allowing herself to bask in her good deed for a moment. “Do you have an extra towel I can use to clean my face?”

“Sorry, no,” Bonnie said apologetically. “We used all of them. Why don’t you just use your cardigan? You can keep it in here to clean up each night.”

“I guess that works.” Saralynn slipped off her sweater and wiped her face with the thin material, soaking it but getting all of the excess spunk off her face. Once she was able to see again, she gave the cardigan a look. Almost half of it was damp from seed. She placed it in a corner of the closet for tomorrow. She stood up, her legs a little stiff. “If they have this much temptation to expel each night, I’m worried that my clothes are all going to get dirty. I only brought one other cardigan.”

Bonnie tapped a finger on her chin. Saralynn appreciated the other girl’s eagerness to help. She was so thoughtful, coming up with this idea so they could all go on the trip. Even if it came at Saralynn’s expense, it was for a good cause. Bonnie’s eyes lit up after half a minute of contemplation. “You could just do it without clothes.”

That was something Saralynn didn’t except to hear. She stood aghast, her jaw dropping open. “But wouldn’t that be… I would be…”

“It’s not like you’d be trying to seduce them like some sort of Delilah,” Bonnie said with a roll of her eyes. “Nakedness itself is not sinful and you wouldn’t be doing anything tempting. It’s just practical.”

Saralynn pushed her panic aside and considered it. Bonnie had a point she guessed. “I suppose that makes sense.”

“Great! Then it’s settled!” Bonnie grabbed her by the hand and led her from the closet. The hall was empty, the guys probably having retired to their room now that they had cleansed themselves for the day. “Come on, let’s get to bed.”

In the girls’ room, everyone else had changed into sleepwear and Bonnie and Saralynn slipped into their own pajamas, a shirt and shorts for Bonnie and a onesie for Saralynn. Most of the girls slept on the floor but they had decided Saralynn got one bed and they would rotate who got the second each night. Tonight, Nora laid on the mattress on her stomach, kicking her feet in the air behind her.

“How did it go?” she blurted out as conversation about the service tomorrow winded down. “Did they cover you in it?”

“Nora!” Bonnie chastised. “If Saralynn doesn’t want to–“

“No, it’s okay,” she said, fiddling with the zipper to her pjs. “Yes, there was a lot of it. It got on my clothes. Bonnie, um, Bonnie suggested I do it without clothes from now on, so they don’t get messy?”

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