Sigma Epsilon Chi Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: Melanie

“Hey, Nick.”

I looked up from where I was stacking my books, preparing to leave Economics class, and Melanie was standing by my desk.

Melanie could have been a model, if you like them on the thin side. Maybe half an inch shorter than me, which would put her at 5′ 10″, slender without being gaunt, she had brown hair that fell midway down her back, intense brown eyes, and a serious expression. She was wearing low-rise jeans and a button-down shirt of some kind that left three inches of her stomach bare. The top three buttons were undone and I could see quite a lot of her modest cleavage, even from a sitting position. I stared uncomprehendingly; I hadn’t even known she knew my name.

“Melanie?” I made it a question.

“Look, we’re having this test in two days and I really need to pass it, so could you come by my place and help me study for it?”

“Well, I’m happy to try and help, but you should know I’m not too great at this stuff, either.”

“Even better. We can help each other, then. You got anything to do after class?”

“Errr – no, not really. You want to studynowfor a test that comes up in two days?”

“Nick, I really need the help. If you have the time, I may ask you to drop by tomorrow, too, and help me some more.”

“Okay, I guess. The library?”

“No, I thought we’d go to my apartment. We can study and kill some junk food at the same time.”

I gave her a slow, obvious once-over. “You eat junk food? Hell, do you eat at all?”

“Smartass,” she grinned. “Yes, I eat junk food, I just get a lot of exercise. So, you coming?”

“Lead the way.”

Melanie was uncharacteristically voluble for someone who’d never spoken two words to me before. She kept up a running fire of questions while we walked to her apartment. What was I majoring in? (Journalism) What did I think of various rock bands? (I didn’t follow music much.) Was I dating anyone? (Are you kidding?) What happened to that redhead I used to see you with, the one with the big boobs?

That one stopped me cold – like liquid-nitrogen cold. Sarah and I had broken up at the beginning of the summer session and the wound was still red and raw. It pulsed with pain with every beat of my heart, and I was seeing her everywhere. (Though on closer inspection, it always turned out to be someone else.) My eyes were alive with pain and fury as I turned them on Melanie.

“Why do you ask?,” I said in a voice colder than the Arctic Circle.

She flinched when she saw my eyes. “Whoa! Sorry, Nick, I didn’t know. Was it a bad breakup?”

My voice was hoarse with pain and unshed tears. “She’s the only girl I ever loved. What doyouthink?”

“Damn, Nick, I’m sorry. Maybe I should just shut up?”

“No.” My breathing was returning to normal, though I still saw the world through a red mist of pain. “No, it’s okay. I think… I think maybe Ineedto talk about it, though I sure as hell don’t want to.”

“I’m a pretty good listener, I think.”

I sighed. “Can you handle crying? Because I don’t think I can get through this without it.”

“Then that’s what you need to do. Let’s get to my place and you can tell me whatever you need to.”

“Thanks, Melanie.”

“Call me Mel.”

Mel’s place turned out to be an efficiency with a kitchenette. She sat on the bed while I sat on the floor and talked. I talked for two hours, and when I was done, I had to excuse myself and go wash my face. When I came back in, Mel waved me over to the bed. I sat on the corner opposite her.

She gave me a wry smile. “You can sit next to me. I don’t bite, you know.”

I gave her a weary look. “Mel, why am I here,really?”

“To help me study -“

I cur her off. “Bullshit. If that were the case, we’d have been studying instead of you listening to me talk about my nonexistent love life. You didn’t know I was alive before today. What’s therealreason?”

She hesitated. “You may not like this.”

“I already don’t like it. Talk.”

She gave me a long searching look. “Can you keep a secret?”

“If there’s reason.”

“Oh, there’s reason.” Her eyes bored into mine. “Did you know I’m vice-president of Sigma Epsilon Chi?”

“No, but then I don’t know a lot about the Greek organizations on campus. Not my thing.”

“So you don’t know what Sigma Eps is about?”

“How many times do I have to say it? No.”

“Maybe this will explain.” She flipped a cushion on the bed. On the reverse side were the Greek letters for Sigma Epsilon Chi.


I stared, then got up and headed for the door.

“Nick, wait!”

My voice was hoarse with rage. “Why? Haven’t you done enough? You sit there while I bawl like a baby, then you pull this shit? What kind of idiot do you think I am?”

“Nick, I’m sorry. But this isn’t bullshit. It’s real. Sit down and listen, then you can leave if you like.”

“I’ve heard enough.”

“I knew Sarah.”

That stopped me dead in my tracks. My voice was a thin whisper of grief when gaziantep rus escort I spoke.

“Mel, don’t do this. Please.”

She went on as if I hadn’t spoken. “I didn’t know her well, just to talk to, you know? One day I saw her after she’d dropped you off at class, and we stood there talking for awhile. I asked her about you – you know, what did she see in you? You were such a geek back in high school.”

This was going to be bad. I could feel it coming, like a snake poised to strike, but I had to ask.

“What did she say?”

She faced me squarely. “She said you were the most decent, honest guy she’d ever met. That you’d seen her through some pretty bad times and you hadn’t asked for anything in return.” She bit her lip. “She said she loved you, Nick.”

That was it. I folded in half like a pocketknife, fell to my knees on the threadbare carpet and lost it again, great racking, whooping sobs that came from deep within. It hurt – myGod, how it hurt! Skewer me through the guts and twist it, it would’ve felt better. Melanie came over to where I was, folded herself into some kind of modified Lotus position, and pulled me into her. My eyes were hot, dry and itchy and my voice a croak when I spoke again.

“Why did you tell me that?”

“Because it was the only way to get you to listen to me. Will you listen now?”

I nodded, too wasted for further speech.

“Let me see how to explain this… well, it’s tough trying to balance keeping your grades up and having a love life. If you try to do both, one is going to suffer. Some people have great grades, but no social life, and others are always doing the party thing, but are never gonna graduate. That’s where Sigma Eps is different.”

“I’m listening.”

“Okay, this is gonna sound weird, I guess, but our ladies kind of have a bunch of guys who are like, everybody’s boyfriend. I mean, we share boyfriends. Or something like that.”

“So it’s like an on-campus version of a swing club?”

“No! Well, sorta.” Her brow creased. “Look, it’s like this. When one of the Sigma Eps girls needs a date, or just a roll in the hay, she calls one of our guys. He takes her to the dance, or a football game, or whatever, and afterward, she can get back to studying again, because it’s not like it’s a real relationship. Do you see?”

“So basically, you have this stable of guys who provide for your sexual needs and occasionally take you out on dates.”

“No, it’s not really dating, it’s more like an escort service. If you have to go someplace where you need to show up with a partner, you call one of our guys, and he’s your partner for the evening.”

“Okay, I think I understand.” I heaved a deep sigh. “So why did I need to know?”

“Because we want to sign you up.”

Stopped cold twice in a row. I looked hard at her, then around the room. I got up and started looking into corners, opening closets and cabinets, even the refrigerator.

“Nick, what are you doing?”

“Looking for Alan Funt.”

“I’m not kidding.”

“You have to be. I’m not wealthy or handsome or athletic or popular, and I’m as socially inept as they come. There’s no reason to choose me as a sorority boytoy.”

“Actually, there are two reasons.”

“Okay, I’ll bite. What are they?”

“One, you’re unattached. We won’t be taking you away from someone else.”

“And the other?”

“Sarah said you were terrific in bed.”

Stunned again. Sure as hell, my face was gonna freeze like that.

“Okay, assuming you’re telling the truth – you’re going to take Sarah’s word for it?”

“Absolutely not! You have to prove it.”

And yetanothershock to the system!

“Mel, can you please just tell meeverythingso I can catch my friggin’ breath?”

She grinned. “Sorry. We tend to forget how this sounds to outsiders.” She stood up, started pacing. “If you agree to try out, six of the sisters will have to recommend you for inclusion in our group of guys. They’ll find out whether or not they like you by meeting you someday – usually pre-arranged – and having sex with you. Once you’re approved, that’s it. All the sisters will have access to your class schedule, so they’ll know when you’re available for – whatever they want. Oh, one thing I should ask you before we go any further. Do you have any problem with nudity?”

“Could you be a bit more specific?”

“We have an orgy three times a year. Some guys can’t handle being naked around other guys. Do you have a problem with that?”

“Not really. Anyone who’s ever had PE has seen a bunch of naked guys.” I paused. “Youdidsay an orgy?”

“Yes. The first one’s on Halloween night” – she grinned – “andyouget to help us design our costumes. We’ve heard about you and Halloween.”

“And the other two?”

“Not determined yet. We’re considering May Day for one of the others, but we have our hands full planning for Halloween.”

“I think I have to sit down.”

Mel sat on the bed, patted the space beside her. “Come on over and have a seat.”

I sat down heavily beside her. “This isn’t some elaborate joke?”


“So what now?”

“Come over here and kiss me.”

I turned and looked her full in the face. She was smiling, a gentle smile, warm and inviting, and I felt something in me melt when I saw it. She pulled me close, met my mouth with her own, our lips clinging, our tongues gently exploring. I sighed – a long heartfelt sigh – and kissed her deeply, my hands now gliding up her back, feeling her warmth beneath my palms. I stroked my fingers over the bare flesh of her stomach -God, I love belly buttons! – and Mel’s was really cute. She moaned and stood up, sat back down on my lap, pulled herself tight against me. “This is better,” she said with a smile. I kissed and licked her neck – “I agree.” – and was rewarded with a moan. We sat there, just necking like a couple of teenagers. After a particularly intense tongue duel, she pulled away with a little gasp.

“I’m sorry. Am I going too fast?”

She stood up with a grin. “No way! No, I just want to get comfortable.” With that she unsnapped and unzipped her jeans. “Why don’t you do the same?”

I watched as she unbuttoned her shirt. “You’re sure you want to do this?” It fell away, revealing small but shapely breasts.

She gave me a smile, warm and sympathetic, but a little sad somehow. “Nick – take off your clothes.”

I did as I was told, then turned to look at Mel. She had very long legs – “all the way up to her neck”, is, I believe, the usual vernacular. Her stomach was as taut as a drum, decorated by that sexy little belly button. Her breasts were just about a handful each, topped with small but erect nipples. She looked me over as we sat on the bed.

“Okay, Nick, to be fair to you, I need to know – how long has it been?”

“Since Sarah?”

“Since you last had sex. Sex with your hand doesn’t count.”

I considered for a moment. “About four months”

“Okay. At four months, it’s not a sure thing, but to be safe, I think we should take the edge off first.”

I must have looked as baffled as I felt. “We need to make you cum, otherwise you might not last too long, and that’s going to count against you.” She lay down, turned on her side, stretched luxuriously like a jungle cat. “Roll over on your side, baby.”

I did, and she moved so that her face was just opposite my hard cock. She took me in her hand, stroked me loosely. “This time doesn’t count – just cum whenever you feel like it.”

With that, she began to kiss my cock and balls – slowly, taking her time, licking occasionally, stroking me up and down. There was no sense of urgency as she rubbed my cock against her breasts, teased her nipples with the head. For my part, I kissed her taut belly, teasing her belly button with my tongue, running one hand up the outside of her leg, squeezing her tight ass. Her body was muscular, her skin soft. She smiled in approval, then took the head of my cock in her mouth as I cupped her mound, teased a finger between her lips. She was sucking just the head, swirling it with her tongue, humming slightly, and the vibration moved down my shaft, making me harder still. Her lips opened and I slipped one finger between them, not entering her, just parting them farther. She cupped my balls and squeezed gently, continuing to suck and lick my cock. I could feel her heat, her wetness, but I saw no reason to rush things, so I continued to play with just the outside of her pussy, just barely parting her wet folds. Licking one finger, I drew it down the inside of one swollen lip, bringing an appreciative moan from my partner. This time she took about an inch more into her mouth while her fingernails glided over my balls. I parted her legs farther and kissed her inner thighs, moving from left to right, licking slowly, languorously, moving upwards towards her center. She rubbed my cock against her nipples again, watching my reaction. My reaction was to slowly lick the length of one swollen lip, tasting her wetness for the first time. It was like a drug, addictive, and I fought to keep myself from moving in and attacking her pussy with my mouth. Instead, I licked the other lip just as slowly, making her moan softly again. She had a soft musky taste that inflamed my senses, made me want more. I drew my tongue between her folds, probing a bit deeper, and she took three-quarters of my cock into her mouth, now moving up and gown, and I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before I came. It had been way too long since my cock had had any attention except for Hannah and her four sisters, and it was throbbing in her hot mouth. I gripped her ass to keep her tight against me and flicked my tongue against her clit. She gasped, and I did it again. With that, she plunged her mouth down my cock, taking the whole of it in her mouth till her lips were kissing my balls. I felt the warning tingle at the base of my balls and as I started to cum, I thrust my tongue deep into her pussy, tongue-fucking her hard and fast. She was just a second behind me and exploded all over my face as I filled her mouth with what felt like a four-month backlog of scalding-hot cum. She never lost her grip on my shaft, but milked me till I could cum no more; I wrapped my mouth over her clit and licked and sucked and raked it with my teeth; her legs wrapped around my head like a nutcracker and I ate her sweet pussy till the last shudder worked its way down her spine and spilled itself into my mouth.

For a long moment, neither of us could move; our bodies were still humming with the overload from the amazing orgasm we’d shared. Mel was the first to move; she stretched her long lovely body over mine, fitting herself to me, and kissed me deeply, sharing the taste of our juices back and forth. She laid her head against my chest and smiled contentedly. I’m sure that my own expression must have been goofy in the extreme, for she laughed when she looked up and saw me. Her nakedness against mine felt so amazing, so erotic, soright- and a tiny piece of the pain that was always with me chipped away, disintegrated, was lost.

When she raised her head again, it was to kiss me, slowly and thoroughly, invading my mouth with her welcome tongue, exploring every nook and then wrapping itself around my tongue. My heart was pulsing again, as though it had lain dormant for these last four months and was only now awakening to life.

Mel wrapped her body around mine and smiled. “Rest up, Nicky. Next time’s therealtest and you’d better be at full strength.” She smiled wickedly and dropped me a wink. “You’re going to need it.”

Two hours later, we were still talking.

“So, Nick – it seems like you’ve talked about Sarah a lot today. Who else have you been with – sexually, I mean?”

I rolled onto my side to look her in the face. “Mel – you’re my second.”


“It’s true.”

“Oh, shit.”

“That’s a bad thing?”

“It might be.” She turned on her side to look at me, her eyes searching my face. “Look, Nick, different girls like different things, y’know?”

“I’d no idea,” I said dryly.

“No, I mean, like – look, you said Sarah liked lots of foreplay, very gentle, right?”

“Yeah, right. So?”

“So all girls don’t like it that way. Some want to be pushed down on their knees and have a cock shoved in their mouths, or pushed over the bed and fucked hard with very little foreplay.”

“Mel – I think I knew that much. Some women like it rougher than Sarah did. That’s okay, I can handle that.”

“Really? Did you ever spank Sarah? Or did she ever spank you?”

“”No, that wasn’t her style.”

“Nick, you’re going to be fucking alotof women. You’re going to have to adapt to their style, whatever it is. We have girls who like to be tied up and spanked. Some are going to want to tie you up and spankyou. Girls who’re into whips and chains. Girls who’re into other girls, or who like threesomes with two guys. Some want you to shove your cock right down their throat, make them gag on it, while you’re pulling their hair. Some of our girls are going to want to fuck your ass with a vibrator or a strap-on. We even have some who want to watch you get it on with another guy while they make themselves cum with a dildo. I mean, you don’t have to cater toeveryone, but the more styles you can adapt to, the better chance you have of getting into our stable and staying there.”

“Okay, relax, Mel. Just because I’ve never been exposed to a lot of this stuff doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy it. Getting it on with a guy -thatmight take alotof adapting, and I mightneverbe able to do it, but as for the rest – ” I looked her in the eyes – “when I’m with a woman, I want to please her, to make her feel good. If a girl wants me to spank her and I can tell she’s getting off on it, then I can do it. Being spanked or ass-fucked myself – that would be harder, probably, but if she’s enjoying herself, well, that’s what I’m after. Besides, if you were doing any REAL harm, it’d be all over campus in a heartbeat.”

“Some of our girls use whips. Can you deal with that?”

“I don’t know. I’ll find out.” I met her eyes again. “Mel, I’m still a virgin in a lot of ways. The only way I’ll learn whether or not I’ll like something is to give it a try. I’ll try anything once, so long as it’s not actually illegal.”

A slow grin was spreading over her face. “Ooooh, you are going to befunto play with!”

I smiled right back. “Yes, I think I will be.”

“Andmodest, too!”

“I’m told confidence is one of the sexiest things about a person, male or female. Well, not arrogance – ‘I’m God’s gift to women”, that kind of thing -that’sa turn-off. I know some girls with really sensational bodies who are so full of themselves that they seldom date the same guy twice – and it’s not by choice. I’m sure you know guys like that.”

She rolled her eyes. “Everyoneknows guys like that. Girls, too.”

“Sarah told you I was good in bed. That’s a point in my favor, because she was a hell of a lover – and while you and I haven’t done much together yet, it seemed like you were enjoying yourself back there.”

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