Sibling Revival-ry Ch. 03

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The adventures of Natalie and her brother Rick continue!

All characters are over the age of eighteen.

Please cast your votes when you are done, and send me your thoughts.


“Okay,” Mom said, slinging her purse over her shoulder as she grabbed her keys. I was sitting at the kitchen table, and she bent to give me a kiss on the cheek…. and a peek right down the front of her blouse. I couldn’t help it ; ever since Natalie and I had discovered ‘the hidden Mom’, her big tits had been on my mind constantly.

“I’ll be home in a few hours. I’m not sure when we’ll see your sister, but if you could unload the dishwasher, I’d appreciate it.” She smiled and turned away, wiggling her rear end on the way out the door. I watched her car leave.

Less than six months ago, I would have used my solitude to take care of my typical urges, either via the Internet, or one of my DVD movies. Now, while the urges hadn’t changed, the outlets had, with videos of my sister being near the top of the list, and fantasies about my Mother just behind. But while videos are great, the real thing is better. I picked up my phone, and texted Natalie. Mom didn’t know where she was, but I did… just down the street at her friends house.

“Hey Nats,” I typed, “mother hen has flown the coop. Position available for fox.” A bit James Bond maybe, but merely asking if she wanted to fuck since Mom was out seemed presumptive, and a bit dangerous.

Seconds later, she responded. A single character. “?” I guess my code was unbroken. Before I could start to explain, another message arrived.

“! On my way!” She had obviously figured it out.

Five minutes later, I heard the door slam. I had moved downstairs to the family room.

“Down here, Nats!” I yelled. Rapid footsteps came down the stairs, and my sister burst into the room.

“How long do we have?” she asked, pulling her t-shirt off over her head. Maybe asking if she wanted to fuck wouldn’t have been presumptive, after all, as she was obviously ready, willing and able.

“Relax Sis,” I said, still flicking channels on the TV. “Mom’s going to be a while. We don’t need to rush.”

“Cool!” she giggled, plunking down beside me on the leather couch. Her tits bounced, almost flying out of her bra. She turned my chin toward her and planted a nice wet one on me. “It’s been way too long!”

Indeed, the better part of a month, since Dad’s business trip. We’d had a few steamy kisses since then, several surreptitious groping sessions, and even managed a desperate muted masturbation in each others company, in the bathroom one morning, all of which only seemed to stoke the fires further.

Whether we needed to rush or not, patience was in short supply, far outweighed by unrequited desire. Natalie remained by my side for perhaps a minute, before throwing her leg over my lap and straddling me. Seconds later, her bra was flying across the room, hastily removed by my sexy sister, so she could press her big jugs in my face. I nuzzled her globes softly, kissing and nibbling on her stiffening buds until they were threats to take out an eye. She moaned, stroking my hair and holding my head close to her breasts.

My hands were free to roam, caressing her ass and firm thighs, running up her sides to tickle her ribs. She giggled again, trying to slap my hands away, but reluctant to move out of range of my lips, eventually just gritting her teeth and enjoying both the tickle torture and the fire in her nipples. She was grinding her pussy against my bulge, the warmth radiating out palpably. With a final groan, she pulled my face away from her nipple, grasping my head with both hands, and attacking my lips with her own. A kiss of fierce passion, it lasted minutes, not seconds, and only ended when she needed more. She slid off my lap, knelt between my legs, and set to freeing my tool.

Her mouth had been missed, the sensation of her lips sliding smoothly around my shaft as I penetrated the sucking wetness driving me wild. She moaned softly, enjoying the taste and texture. It was only a few minutes until she felt that there was a better place for my cock.

Natalie stood, unsnapping her shorts and sliding them down. Her shoes flew wildly as she kicked them off, socks tugged free next, leaving only her tiny panties to remove. She saved those for me, turning her back and presenting her ass. I skinned the stringy sides over her hips and down her thighs. She briefly stood and stepped one foot out, dropping into my lap again. Her hand gripped my shaft, guiding it into her cunt as she wiggled her ass down, finally seating it fully inside her. She flicked her foot, flipping the flimsy panties high in the air, to land on the mantle, hanging from Dad’s bowling trophy.

Her rump bounced in my lap, fucking me deep into her hot pussy. I cupped her bouncy boobs from behind, pinching her nipples firmly.

“Ngahhn! Yes!,” she grunted, “HARDER!” I took care of my responsibility, tightening gaziantep olgun escort bayan my grip on her nipples, while she pounded her cunt down on my dick with more force. “Oh fuck, that’s good! I’m gonna cum!” She laid back against my chest, leaned her head on my shoulder, and ground her pussy harder, panting and grunting. Her body shuddered, and she frantically rubbed her clit. I tugged and twisted her nipples… Bingo!

“Fuck! YES!” she gasped, “Ooooooo my GOD!” Her ass quivered in my lap as her thighs trembled with her orgasm. “Oh yes, oh yes, oh… Yes!” Her blonde hair laid across my face as she shook in my arms, finally winding down. “Ooooooo boy…. Big one! Thanks kiddo!”

Natalie rested, still impaled, on my lap, until her breathing returned to a more normal level, then lifted off, turned around, and saddled up again. Her nipples were red from my tight grip, and I sucked them gently to soothe them. After a few minutes of consoling, I twisted us around and laid her on her back, starting to stroke into her pussy gently. Nats hooked her right leg over the back of the couch, and pulled her left out wide, giving me maximum access.

“Fuck me hard, little brother…. Fuck me real hard!”

I went to town, pounding her with fierce, full length strokes, our bodies slapping loudly together. Natalie gave a shrill moan each time I drove my cock home. Maybe that’s what gave us away.

“Richard Milton Anderson! What do you think you’re doing?!” a voice screamed from behind me.

Oh shit! We’re dead!

“I go out for a while, and you sneak a girl in here, and…. and… and have sex with her!?”

I hadn’t moved, still with my cock buried balls deep in Natalie’s pussy, my bare ass in Mom’s direction. Natalie tried desperately to disappear into the couch cushions, blocked from view by my body.

“I don’t know who you are, young lady, but I’m sure your Mother would be appalled by this behaviour!”

Oh God, Mom, unless you want to get the shock of your life, and see just how right your are about that, please just turn around, and wait for me upstairs. Then chew me out.

“Get off her!” Mom screeched.

“Mom, I’m begging you, please, just wait for me upstairs, please? This is my fault…. I’ll take the heat, but please don’t make it worse!” I said, silently praying she’d say yes, and minimize the damage.


I looked into Natalie’s eyes, seeing the fear there, not knowing what to do. Tears flowed, but she nodded.

I pushed off the couch, and rolled away. The sudden change in mood had made my dick wilt, and it pulled out of my sister’s pussy with a pop. As I stood up and turned to face my Mother, I stayed between her and Natalie, hoping I could sacrifice myself and placate my Mother’s rage.

Mom’s eyes dropped involuntarily to my crotch, soaked with Natalie’s juices, and limp, but not fully deflated. She started to say something, but froze, her gaze locked on my cock. She finally pulled her eyes away, and barked at me. “Cover yourself, young man! You’re in enough trouble!”

She stepped forward and pushed me aside, intent on identifying my partner. When she saw Natalie, trying to cover herself with a throw pillow, her eyes flew open even wider than her anger had made them.

“NATALIE!?” She looked at me, then at her, blinking wildly, hoping she wasn’t seeing what she thought she was seeing. “Oh my!” she gasped, her voice trailing off as her hand came to her mouth.

She zombie-walked away, and up the stairs, without a word.

“Oh, we are so fucked!” Natalie hissed, finding her underwear on the mantle. She dressed hastily, then sat on the bottom stair, her head in her hands.

I dressed too, then took my sister’s hand. We went upstairs to face the music.


Mom was sitting in the kitchen, staring blankly out the window, as we walked in.

“Sit…. Both of you…. Now please,” she said quietly, without looking at us. Her eyes remained unfocused, and gazing out at the horizon.

“I wondered what had changed between you two.” she stated, her voice flat and emotionless. “You were getting along too well. This has been going on how long?”

I guess that depends on what you want to include under the umbrella of ‘this’? I thought. Sex certainly. Oral? Touching? Masturbation? Nude pictures and videos?

“Not long,” Natalie spoke up, rescuing my thoughts. “We just got a little carried away,” she added, in a candidate for understatement of the year.

“Yeah,” Mom snorted, finally looking at us, “I guess you did. More than a little. I suppose you’re both sorry, huh? As if that makes it better.”

Natalie and I looked at each other sheepishly.

“Okay. It goes without saying you’re both grounded for the next decade,” Mom said, a hint of a smile on the corners of her mouth. “Please go to your rooms…. gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan ALONE… and think about what you’ve done.” She realized that thought might not be punishment. “I mean, think about how wrong you were. I have to decide whether or not to tell your Father.”

Natalie led the way up the stairs, with me right behind her. She stopped suddenly at the top step and turned to me.

“One more, for the road?” she giggled, draping her arms around my neck and kissing me gently. Her tongue was not to be denied, pushing into my mouth for a few final laps. She pulled back. “I guess this is mostly my fault,” she whispered, “I was the one that kept pushing for a bit more. I’m sorry.”

“Well, you didn’t exactly twist my arm. It’s not your fault,” I replied, “I could have said no. To be honest, the only thing I’m really sorry about is that I won’t get to have you anymore. You’ll be tough to follow.”

“Yeah,” she smiled, “and you never even got to do my ass!”

“Now that’s just cruel,” I said, feigning an injury. “You’d better lock your door, or I might come remedy that situation.”

“I’m sorry… did you say cum?” she snickered, stepping in and closing her door.

I went into my room, and flopped on the bed. Shit! Why did this have to happen now?

The house was dead silent. I stewed for some time, then fell asleep.


Mom decided not to tell Dad. She kept everything, including our punishment, between the three of us. We were assigned extra chores around the house, plus new duties to be added later at her discretion, and we got a couple of weeks of ‘cold shoulder’ from her, but all in all, it was worth it. I meant what I said ; my sister was one dynamite fuck, and would be the benchmark for those that followed.

About a week after things ‘normalized’ between Mom and I, she was walking past my room while I was changing. I had my underwear on, and Mom stopped in my doorway. She stared at me for several long seconds, until it actually made me a bit uncomfortable. Finally, she said what was on her mind.

“I can see why you and Natalie did what you did. You’re a handsome young man,” she said, her eyes sweeping across my body, “and she’s a beautiful young woman. It’s only natural that you are curious… but you understand it was wrong, right?”

“Yes Mom. I really am sorry,” I answered.

“Good,” she whispered, giving me one more look before she left.

I felt the guilt come flooding back, but guilt wasn’t the only thing I felt. There was something about that last look she gave me. My little voice asked me if I had a death wish.

Natalie and I kept our grubby hands off each other, not wanting to incur more jail time. Mom watched us like a hawk, and made sure our chores didn’t result in time alone.

It was about a month after we got busted that Mom finally relaxed her iron grip, easing our house arrest slightly as a reward for good behaviour. She made it clear that our parole was conditional, and revocable, at her whim.

TV privileges restored, I was in my room watching something mindless when Mom came into my room. She took the remote out of my hand, killed the power, and closed my door. Then she sat on my desk chair, crossed her legs, and gazed at me.

“Would you like to earn back some trust?” she asked, bouncing her foot.

“Of course,” I replied nervously.

“I have something to add to your chores. Is that alright?” she asked again.

“Whatever you want, Mom,” I nodded.

“Good,” she smiled, “but there are some rules we must agree on. Non-negotiable. Right?”

“Alright. What do I have to do?” I asked, wondering what she was thinking.

A smile crossed her lips. “It’s not so much a what. More of a who…. Me.”

Huh? I thought. I don’t understand. She saw the huge question mark hovering over my head.

She leaned closer, and clarified. “I want you… to do… me.”

The explosion I heard this time was my little voice, who just blew his brains out. He knew what I was going to do, and couldn’t go through that again.

Um, okay,” I croaked.

“Not yet. These are the rules. First, it goes without saying that this is between us only, but I’m going to say it anyway,” she said evenly, “No one else knows… Not your friends, your sister… and especially not your father. No one…. Understood?”

“Yes Ma’am,” I breathed.

“Second, no matter what we do together, I’m still your Mother. What I say goes, and I expect to be treated with the same respect you’ve always shown me, when we’re not in the bedroom,” she directed. “Is that clear?”


Third… Inside the bedroom,” she whispered, rolling the chair closer, softening her eyes, and her voice, “you are the boss, and I expect you to dictate to me. You’re going to tell me what to do, and when to do it. And you’re going to treat me like the bad girl I am. gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan Like a slut… A tramp. Short of peeing on you,” she shuddered, “there’s nothing I won’t do.” Her voice had a throaty, smoky sound of desire to it.

Oh. My. God. I wanted to pinch myself. The thought that she could be testing my moral decisions never occurred to me, or at least, it never occurred to the part of my body that was now in charge. Yes, my dick had taken command of the bridge, and he wanted to confirm his mission.

“Oral?” he asked, sounding surprisingly like my voice.

“Just try to stop me!” she laughed.


“Oh god! Yes PLEASE!” she moaned.

“What if I don’t want to treat you like a slut?” I asked, just to see what she would do.

“Oh, please? Please… I need it. Please treat me like a sex object, a piece of meat, yours to command! Please!” She moved beside me, sitting on the bed. I hadn’t noticed that she had undone a few buttons on her blouse until she pressed next to me. Her bra peeked out, along with a line of cleavage to die for. 36F… Lingerie… Porn… Dildo… Satin sheets…and submitting to my sexual whims. Wow!

“Um, does dad know you’re like this?” I asked as she squirmed beside me, undoing another button, and pulling her blouse aside to show me her tits.

“NO!” she giggled, “And it stays that way. If anything, I’m the dominant one with him.”

“Dominant? Like in BDSM?” I asked.

“Yes dear, except that I only like a little bit of bondage, no sadism, and a side of masochism. I like it a little rough, but not nasty rough,” she moaned.

“And I’m in control in here,” I confirmed.

“Yes. Complete control, although we might be more comfortable in my bedroom,” she whispered, pressing closer.

“Alright Mom. It’s a deal. Now get out. You are to wait until we are together to please yourself.” I was testing her, now.

“Yes, dear,” she said, standing and buttoning her blouse. She stopped at the door. “You learn fast. I’ll let you know when we can start.” She opened the door and left.

My cock was as hard as steel. First my sister, now Mom? Somebody up there must like me.


I did as instructed. EXACTLY as instructed. There is no way I was going to screw this up. I kept my mouth shut, did all chores I was asked to do without hesitation, and treated my Mother the same as always… as though she hadn’t just revealed herself to be a wanton, submissive slut who was mine to use.

It took a while, but Mom finally gave me the word, stopping by my room one afternoon.

“Tomorrow, 1pm,” was all she said, “Understand?”

“Understood,” I replied with a smile.

I came to realize that my Mother was one hell of an actress. Not only had she hidden her submissive self from Dad for over twenty years, she gave no indication that she was less than 24 hours away from getting fucked by her son. Excitement, fear, indecision… there had to be a jumble of emotions going on in there, as was the case for me… but nothing showed through the placid surface. Dinner went smooth, as usual, but my head felt about ready to explode.

Sleep was a relative term that night. Understandably, my brain was racing, making sleep difficult. When I was able to nod off, my dreams were scorching hot.

At breakfast, I watched Mom’s eyes for any indication that she was feeling what I was, but saw nothing. Dad went to work… Mom kissed him goodbye, as usual. Natalie had a 1pm class which meant she would leave about 12:30. Even when we were alone in the house, she went about her usual routine, as though our rendezvous was a set appointment, not to be rushed. I went up to my room to kill some time.

12:55….I saw mom breeze past my room, headed for hers. She didn’t even turn her head to look at me. I heard no extra activity, no calling voices, just silence, which made the passage of those last five minutes interminable. I gave myself a full minute to make it down the hall, a journey of perhaps twenty feet, just in case there was traffic.

I stopped in the bedroom doorway. Mom was sitting quietly on the bed, still dressed as usual, which today meant a starched white blouse and grey skirt. Now she looked nervous, and when she saw me standing there, she stood and smiled. I closed the door behind me, and locked it. I walked over to her.

“Mom, you’re sure about this?” I asked, praying she wouldn’t back out.

“Yes dear,” she whispered, licking her lips and averting her eyes slightly.

“Okay, so how do you want to start?” I asked. Her eyes snapped up, locking onto mine, and she replied in her Mom voice.

“I’ll say this one more time ; in here, when it’s just us, you are the boss. You tell me what to do.”

“Yes Mom,” I gulped, watching her eyes soften as she submitted again.

She stood with her hands at her sides. Her big breasts pushed out at the white fabric of her blouse, rising and falling with her breathing. Her blonde hair was neatly done, framing her pretty face perfectly. The deep blue of her eyes shone brightly, and her lips were looking very kissable, painted a blood red colour. I decided to start there.

I moved closer. “Kiss me,” I directed.

She immediately pressed her lips to mine. I kissed her back, my tongue pushing it’s way into her mouth. She moaned softly. I stopped kissing, and she immediately stopped as well.

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