Should have Married her Sister Ch. 04

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Big Tits

Joe has sex with his 65-year-old, mother-in-law, Irene

Revised, Rewritten, and Continued from Chapter 03:

Joe wished his deceased wife, Maureen, had been like his 22-year-old daughter, Samantha. Now, that Samantha confessed that she’s a whore, an incestuous whore at that, after giving her father a blowjob, he wondered if his sister-in-law, Kathy, was a whore, too. He wondered if Kathy loved sucking cocks as much as his daughter not only confessed how much she loved sucking cock but also demonstrated how much she loved sucking his prick, her father’s dick.

With his wife never giving him a blowjob, after realizing that his daughter was more than willing to consensual suck him, how perfect would that be if his sister-in-law gave him blowjobs, too? He wondered if his deceased wife’s sister would willingly have sex with him in the way that his daughter consensually had sex with him and in the way that his wife seldom had sex with him. After not getting any sex from his wife, how hot would that be for his daughter, sister-in-law, and maybe even mother-in-law to give him sex?

‘Wow, my sexual fantasy come true, I’d love to have regular sex with my daughter, my sister-in-law, and mother-in-law,’ he thought while becoming sexually excited imagining all three women naked and in bed with him.

# # #

“Now, that I’ve sucked your cock, Daddy, while watching your stash of secret, spy videos of Aunt Kathy undressing and dressing, masturbate me. I want to cum again. Rub my clit while fingerfucking my pussy. Feel my naked tits while fingering my nipples,” she said. “I love having my nipples fingered while having my breasts fondled, Daddy,” said Samantha.

Obediently obeying his daughter, Joe rubbed her clit while fingerfucking her pussy. He touched, felt, fondled, and groped her naked breasts while fingering, turning, twisting, and pulling her nipples. She not only had bigger breasts than her mother but also, she had shapelier breasts, too. His daughter’s breasts were more like her aunt Kathy’s breasts in size and in shape than her mother’s small and shapeless tits. Samantha stroked her father’s prick to another erection while watching his growing collection of secret videos of her aunt stripping naked in the guest bedroom.

“I can’t believe that you installed a secret camera in the guest bedroom. I can’t believe you caught Aunt Kathy in her bra and panties, topless, and naked. Now, I can’t wait for Grandma to pay us a visit. I’d love to watch her undress and dress. I’d love to see Grandma topless and naked, too. I’ve always wanted to see her big, naked breasts, Daddy,” said Samantha with sexual excitement. “I wish my breasts were as big as her giant boobs.”

Joe laughed while looking at his daughter with curiosity.

“You have beautiful breasts,” he said fondling his daughter’s tits while fingering her nipples. “Your breasts are plenty big enough. Many women would pay thousands of dollars to have breasts like your breasts,” said Joe.

His sexual dream come true, watching his mother-in-law dress and undress while ogling her huge, naked breast was something that he had always wanted to see. He had masturbated for years while imagining seeing, touching, feeling, fondling, and sucking her naked breasts. Yet, he was surprised that his daughter wanted to see her aunt and her grandmother naked as much as he wanted to see them without their clothes.

It was sexually exciting to imagine his daughter watching her grandmother dress and undress. He never suspected that his daughter was sexually attracted to her Aunt Kathy and/or to Grandmother Irene. He never suspected that his daughter was bi-sexual. He was surprised to know that his daughter was sexually interested in seeing her aunt’s naked breasts and her grandmother’s naked breasts as much as he was sexually interested in seeing their big, naked tits.

‘How hot would that be to have orgy like, group, incestuous sex with not only my daughter but my sister-in-law and mother-in-law, too,’ he thought.

# # #

“You and me both,” said Joe giving Samantha a sexy smile while imagining seeing Irene’s naked breasts. “Since my wedding day with her sexually teasing me, I’ve always wanted to see Irene’s huge, naked breasts,” said Joe with a pause to stare at his daughter’s naked tits. “But first,” he paused to think if it was a good idea to enlist his daughter’s help in sexually seducing her aunt. “If you’re willing and up for the challenge, maybe you can help me sexually seduce your aunt. From the first time that I met her, I’ve always wanted to have sex with her.”

Samantha laughed.

“Sure. I can do that. I can help you get her in bed, Daddy. Definitely, I can do that. Something that you obviously don’t know but she’s ripe for the taking,” she said with a dirty laugh while continuing to fondle her father’s naked prick. While staring down at his naked prick, she slowly stroking him and gave him another erection.

Samantha looked at her father with a shit eating gaziantep ofise gelen escort bayan grin as if she was ready to reveal a secret. Knowing that she was getting to him and adding fuel to his forbidden, sexual flame, masturbating her Dad, she stroked him harder and faster before telling what she knew about Aunt Kathy.

“She’s staying here to get away from her husband. They haven’t been getting along for years. They haven’t had sex in years. They argue all the time. She’s finally ready to divorce him and move on with her life.”

He looked at his daughter stunned.

“They’re getting a divorce? They’ve been married for nearly as long as I was.” He was dumbfounded. “Really?” He looked at his daughter to see if she was joking. “Unless it was a long time coming, I wonder what prompted that?”

Joe wondered if Kathy’s sudden divorce had anything to do with her sister dying. He wondered if her impending divorce had anything to do with him being free, available, and unencumbered. Now, that he was a widower and with Kathy getting a divorce, he was finally free to pursue his sister-in-law. Samantha laughed at her father’s cluelessness.

“What prompted that?” She shook her head in disbelief. “You did, Daddy. Unrequited love. She has always secretly loved you in the way that you have always sexually wanted her,” said Samantha. “Trust me. She wants you as much as you want her. She’s as sexually frustrated as you are horny. It won’t take much for you to get her in bed. All you need to do is to take her in your arms and kiss her. In the way that you’ve secretly, sexually wanted her, she’s secretly, sexually wanted you, too.”

Joe nodded his head in appreciation. He was lightheaded and happy hearted by what his daughter had just said. It was encouraging that his daughter believed that he could finally get the woman of his dreams and sexual fantasies in bed. He was ecstatic that he had the chance to finally have sex with Kathy. If it wasn’t enough that he was having sex with his daughter, based on what Samantha just confessed, he may be having sex with Kathy and Irene soon, too.

‘Kathy loves me. She’s always secretly loved me. Wow! I don’t believe this,’ he thought. ‘Maybe, I’ll finally get to have sex with my wife’s sister. Maybe, I’ll finally get to have sex with Kathy. Maybe I’ll finally get my deceased wife’s mother in bed, too.’

Only, now, with Irene complicating things, he wondered how her upcoming visit would interfere with him bedding her daughter. Even though he’d love to have sex with his mother-in-law and with his sister-in-law, he didn’t know how Kathy would feel about him having sex with her mother, especially while he was having sex with her, too. He may have to choose to have sex with one or the other. Then, there was the sexual complication of his daughter. He wondered how they’d feel about him having incestuous sex with Samantha.

Yet, maybe, she knows that her mother is not only a bit of a flirt but also a slut too for allowing him to feel and grope her big tits on her daughter’s wedding day. Maybe, her mother told her daughter that she deliberately flashed him her panties when getting in the limousine. Maybe, her mother told her daughter that she wanted to have sex with him as much has he wanted to have sex with her. Maybe, Irene told Kathy that she allowed him to feel her breasts through her clothes while she felt his cock through his pants.

Nonetheless, with their perceived and hoped for sexual relationship complicated, Joe looked forward to the day when he could see his MILF of a mother-in-law not only topless but also naked, too. He lost count how many times he masturbated over imagining seeing his sister-in-law naked and having sex with her. Like mother like daughter, he lost count how many times he masturbated over imagining his mother-in-law naked and having sex with her, too. He wished that he could have sex with both his sister-in-law and mother-in-law.

“Oh, my God. I don’t believe this. This is so great,” he said looking over at his naked daughter again.

Something he thought that he’d never see, he couldn’t believe that he was seeing Samantha without her clothes. Something he thought he’d never do; he couldn’t believe that he just had sex with his daughter. Something his wife would never allow him to do, he couldn’t believe that his daughter consensually sucked his cock. He couldn’t believe that she not only allowed him to cum in her mouth but also swallowed his cum, too.

“Then, when your grandmother comes for a visit, maybe you can help me sexually seduce her, too.” He paused to look at his daughter’s reaction to what he had just said. When she didn’t seem phased at all, he continued. “In the way that I’ve always wanted to have sex with your aunt, I’ve always wanted to have sex with your grandmother.”

Samantha laughed as if what he confessed was no big deal.

“Obviously, you don’t know anything gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan about women, Daddy. In the way that I’m a slut, grandma is a slut, too. Always cheating on her husband when he was alive, a whore like me, she loves stroking and sucking cock. You’d have as easy of a time bedding Grandma Irene as you would have sexually seducing Aunt Kathy. Yet, maybe not at the same time but I think that you can have sex with the both of them. I only wish that I could have sex with them too,” said Samantha with a dirty laugh.

# # #

Chapter 04:

After having not seen her in years and after feeling out her aunt while getting to know her better, Samantha developed a sexual seduction plan for her father to hopefully seduce his sister-in-law. She wondered if she could use the same sexual seduction plan to have lesbian sex with her aunt, too. Only, not allowing him time to make his sexual move, just as the sexual seduction started, it ended. Kathy received a phone call from her husband. She had to return home to take care of a few things but she’d return after her mother’s visit ended.

Bad enough for two women to share the same bedroom, with Joe living in a small house, it would be impossibly crowded to have three women sharing one bathroom. Seemingly, to help him through his grief over losing his wife, Maureen, the women, his sister-in-law, Kathy, and his mother-in-law, Irene, staggered their visits so that they’d always be someone there for Samantha and for Joe. With him having always wanted to see his mother-in-law’s naked breasts, he wondered if he’d finally get to see her big, naked tits.

With his daughter never home and always out with her friends, he’d have plenty of time with his mother-in-law alone. In the way that the hidden camera worked so well in seeing Kathy in her bra and panties, topless, and naked, Joe hoped to see his mother-in-law in her bra and panties, topless, and naked, too. Even at her age, with her a MILF, his mother-in-law still looked sexy. After sexually lusting over her since the first day that he met her, he couldn’t wait to see Irene without her clothes.

On all days, his wedding day, it had been more than twenty-four-years since he made a sexual pass at his mother-in-law. With her receptive to him touching her big breasts and feeling her shapely ass through her clothes then, hopefully, she’d allow him to continue where he left off now. If not, at the very least, he hoped to have video of her undressing and dressing. At the very least, in the way that he saw Kathy topless and naked, he hoped to see Irene topless and naked, too.

# # #

Irene arrived in a flurry of noise, confusion, and activity. She had two big suitcases and a carry-on bag. She looked as if she was moving in or prepared to stay for a month or two instead of only staying for a week or two. As if she didn’t know what to pack and how much to pack, she seemingly packed everything. She had a lot of clothes and shoes.

“How did you manage carrying these suitcases on your own? They’re heavy,” he said lugging them up the stairs to the guest bedroom. “What’s in here, cast iron weights,” he said with a laugh?

She returned his laugh with her laugh.

“I have Big Bruno, my folding cart,” she said while opening the cart with a push of a button. “Then, when I need to climb stairs, especially when I show them a little leg or an unintentional albeit deliberate flash of my panties, cleavage, and/or bra, there is always a gentleman willing to help a lady,” she said. “There is always someone hoping to see more while helping me,” she said with a dirty laugh while raising her hem higher to show off more of her shapely legs.

For an old broad, she had nice legs. For an old broad, she had a sexy and shapely body. For an old broad, clearly, she still enjoyed sex. He couldn’t help but wonder if he’d finally see his mother-in-law’s tits. He couldn’t help but wonder if he’d finally have sex with Irene.

Seemingly continuing where she left off 24-years-ago on his wedding day, she gave him a sexy smile and a naughty look. Then, with him watching her while staring down at her huge blouse and bra clad breasts, she lifted her blouse and bra clad breasts in the palm of her hands as if she was ready to do battle. She had such big tits and with her nipples making their impressions known, she had such big nipples. He couldn’t wait to finally see them, touch them, feel them, fondle them, finger them, and suck them.

“All I needed to do was to smile while looking helpless. All I need to do is to bat my eyelashes while showing a bit of cleavage. Men will do anything to see a glimpse of my tits,” she said with a dirty laugh while looking down at the huge impressions that he breasts made through her blouse. She gave him a sexy smile and a naughty look. “Wouldn’t you like to see my naked breasts,” she said feeling her tits through her blouse and bra while fingering her erect oğuzeli escort bayan nipples.

Glad that she was, if anything his mother-in-law seemed more like the whore that Samantha told him that she was than he remembered her to be. No doubt, with her just arriving and already sexually teasing him, he’d definitely be having forbidden sex with his mother-in-law. Finally, he’d be seeing, touching, feeling, groping, and sucking her huge tits.

In the way that his daughter sucked his cock, he hoped his wife’s mother would suck his prick, too. He’d love nothing more than to cum in Irene’s beautiful mouth. Something his wife would never allow him to do, he’d love to give his mother-in-law a cum bath. He’d love to see gobs of his cum dripping from her hair, her eyebrows, her nose, her mouth, and her chin.

# # #

Even after 24-years, looking basically the same, obviously, his mother-in-law hadn’t changed. She didn’t put on weight as most women do when giving up on men and on sex. If she changed at all, and with Joe glad for that, just as his daughter said, she was even more of a slut than she was before. Now, that he’s seeing her again, with her looking as good as she did on the day that he married her daughter, he wished he had married his mother-in-law instead.

Impulsive, fun loving, and willing to try and do sexually anything at any time at least once, his wife’s mother was way more fun than his wife. With her as beautiful as she was sexy and shapely, she would have been more sexually accommodating than his prude of a wife. With her still without a man in her life, he didn’t get that. With her quite the catch, why some man hadn’t come along and scooped her up years ago, was beyond him.

“Hi Grandma,” said Samantha giving her grandmother a hug and a kiss. “I’m sorry but I have to leave. I have a date and I won’t be home until late tonight. We’ll spend time together tomorrow,” she said.

Now that his daughter wouldn’t be around, he was curious to know what Irene would wear to lounge around the house. He hoped that she’d wear one of her short, sheer, low-cut, and sexy nightgowns without having the modesty to wear a robe over it. He hoped that instead of just sexually teasing him that she’d show him all that he wanted to see of her beautiful, naked body, too. With his wife out of the way, he hoped to see more of his mother-in-law’s sexy and shapely body than he had ever seen before.

As soon as she saw him, in the way that she did at his wedding reception, she looked deeply in his eyes, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him. With her pelvis pressed against his pelvis and her giant breasts squished against his muscular chest, his mother-in-law kissed him on the mouth in the way that she had kissed him more than two decades ago. Only, never forgetting her kiss, as if she was thinking about slipping him her tongue, her kiss was longer and more passionate than it was the first time she kissed him.

He was tempted to slip her his tongue. To say that he wasn’t tempted to slip her his tongue would be a lie. He’d love to French kiss his mother-in-law while feeling her big breasts and fingering her erect nipples through her clothes. Yet, he didn’t want to ruin things by rushing things. Biding his time while allowing his hidden camera to do all of his dirty work, hopefully, he’ll be seeing her in her bra and panties, topless, and naked soon enough anyway.

Nonetheless when Irene didn’t end her kiss but continued kissing him, taking that as his hint and taking his chance, he slipped her his tongue. He French kissed his mother-in-law. He couldn’t believe that he was not only kissing Irene but also that he was French kissing her. More unbelievably, she returned his French kiss with her long, wet kiss. While making out with his elderly mother-in-law, as if he was hypnotized and compelled to do it, he felt her breast through her blouse while fingering her emerging nipple.

“Wow,” she said finally breaking away from him. “I guess you missed me,” she said with a dirty laugh while reaching her hand down to feel his growing erection through his pants.

# # #

Embarrassed by his sexual forwardness, he stared down at the impressions of her erect nipples that decorated her blouse as if they were oversized buttons. He was glad that she wasn’t wearing a padded bra like so very many women wear today and who don’t want to show her the sexy impressions of their nipples. Only, the last thing that Irene needed was a padded bra. No doubt, bra manufacturers probably don’t make padded bras in her double D size. A bit redundant, her breasts are plenty big enough without her wearing a padded bra to make them appear even bigger.

Hoping that she’d change out of her clothes and put on something more comfortable and sexier, he deposited her suitcases in her room and closed her bedroom door behind her. Only, when he returned to his bedroom to hopefully watch his mother-in-law undressing, as if she had already spotted the camera, she stood in the middle of the room while staring up at the ceiling. Obviously, unlike her oblivious daughter, Kathy, Irene immediately spotted the camera. She knew that he was not only watching her but also recording her.

“Fuck,” he said under his breath. “I don’t believe this. I’ll never see her naked tits now.”

As if unsure if there was a camera there or not, he watched her continue to stare up at the ceiling.

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