Shopping Interrupted

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This is an attempt at a comeback, one of a handful of stories that I am working on. I last submitted a story 4 years ago, and due to the infamous “circumstances beyond my control,” which included some health issues among other things, I have not been able to write since then. Hopefully, I have not lost a proverbial step and you still enjoy my stories. This is not my usual fare, but for everyone that has asked, I am planning on continuing the Mental Manipulations series. I am working on rewriting the last couple of stories and then we’ll take it from there.

Peace and love



I was doing some shopping on a Sunday afternoon at a local “superstore” when I heard my phone ding with an incoming message.

‘Are you at Major?’


‘Dressing rooms. NOW!’

Carole and I have been fuck-buddies for a few years. We met when the beautiful blonde came with her daughter to her grandson’s wrestling tournament. I was little Jackson’s coach, and helped guide him through a couple of wins that day. Carole and I made eye contact before the first match even started and I think that we both knew where we wanted to wind up. I finally managed to get her alone towards the end of the day and I asked her if she wanted to go out for a drink. The way that she told me that she was married was more of a, ‘I’m just telling you’ than a ‘I can’t.’

We met for a couple of drinks that night, and she was very nervous at first. She loosened up a bit as she had a couple of glasses of wine and told that she was in a loveless marriage, and that her husband verbally abused her, calling her fat in front of their grandkids and complaining to their kids, all adults and having moved out as soon as they could because of him, about the lack of sex between them. The way that I worked with the kids and talked with the parents told her that I am a good guy. But she said that I had a “bad boy” look to me, but not a dangerous one, whatever that meant. Regardless, we met for drinks and had our first kiss that night. Two weeks later we met for drinks again, and when she walked up to me wearing a sheer sleeveless blouse opened enough to show a lot of cleavage, and a skirt that ended mid-thigh, and kissed me right away that I was going to have her that night.

We became physically addicted to each other that night. She told me that other than her husband, she had only been with one other man, on a two-night-stand a couple of years before we met while she was visiting her parents in Florida. After years of being with a man whose idea of seduction was saying, “Wanna get drunk and do it?” any kind of physical attention and foreplay was Van Escort eye-opening. She surprised me that first night with the ease in which she took my hard cock down her throat. No one had ever done that before. She really surprised me when she told me how much she loved doing it, and the look on my face when she did. I introduced her to sex outside the bedroom and backseat, although we did plenty of both. She came to love “being naughty” whenever she could.

When we first met she told me that her brief affair a few years ago was the last time that she had been with anyone, and that is was months before that she had been with her husband. After we had been together for a few months she called me laughing one day, telling me that he was offering her $100 to stand naked in front of him. I laughed and told her that she should tell him that she would stand in front of him naked for thirty seconds, for $500. Then we could take the money and go away for a weekend on his dime. To my surprise, she went back to him with that offer and they negotiated back and forth until they agreed to her taking her clothes off and standing naked in front of him for a full minute, she would squeeze her big breasts and cup her pussy, and he could squeeze himself through his clothes, for $500.

She told me that she had her eyes closed and was thinking about me the whole time, and a few weeks later we spent a hot, sexy weekend in a luxury cabin in the middle of a national park. That was the weekend that, after a bottle of wine, she gave me her ass. With a lot of patience, and even more lube, Carole came to love anal sex.

When I got her message, I left my cart where it was and walked to the middle of the store, where the dressing rooms are, in the middle of the clothing sections. As I l walked into the area I could hear some young kids making noise in the shoe section. Carole’s grandkids. I smiled and coughed softly as I walked towards the short hallway, all doors open except for one, at the end. That door quickly opened and Carole peeked out of the door. “Hurry up!” she whispered as she stepped back.

I stepped into the dressing room and heard the door close and latch quickly behind me. I turned around and saw the sexy, busty blonde GILF standing there with a look that I knew all too well. Carole was horny.

Even dressed down in a long, over-sized hoody that covered her big, thick ass and black leggings tucked into knee-high boots, her collar length hair tied back, with her bright smile and eyes that almost shine, Carole looked sexy. We stepped together and kissed passionately for a couple of seconds, our hands holding tight to each other’s ass, before she Van Escort Bayan pulled away.

“I don’t have much time,” she whispered as she stepped backwards towards the bench. “My daughter and the grands woke me up this morning to go shopping. I was dreaming about next weekend with you and was all wet when they woke me.” She was sitting on the bench, pulling my jogging pants down. I was dressed comfortable.

“All I put on was this hoodie, these leggings, and the boots.” She slid her soft, warm lips down the length of my shaft. “I brushed my teeth, poured my coffee and left.”

“I was still thinking about you when I saw you walk in. It was a sign.” She swallowed my cock before letting it “pop” from her mouth and then standing. She kissed me, stroking my pole, before she turned around and pulled her leggings down.

“Come on baby! Fuck me! I need you so bad!” she told me, bending over the bench and looking at me in the mirror as she placed her hands on it. I looked down and had to laugh. My hard cock, wet with her saliva, pointing at her full ass and shiny butterfly, her lips and sparse blonde hair wet with her pussy nectar, which were pointed at my hard cock. We weren’t planning on seeing each other for a few days so she hadn’t done any grooming, and I could see her juices clinging to her thin hair like morning dew. “Come on! I don’t have a lot of time!”

I stepped up behind her and grabbed my shaft, and started to slide the head up and down her wet slit. Carole moaned and pushed back at me, trying to get me inside of her. “Quit teasing me, you SON OF A BITCH!” she hissed as I slid my cock deep inside her.

“Oh my god I need you!” she moaned softly. I held on to her hips, pushing myself as deep inside her as I could and grinding against her soft ass.

“Oh yeah baby! You gotta fuck me! I don’t have a lot of time!”

I held tightly to her hips and started fucking her. Her agenda was for a quickie, and I was going to give her a quickie. She placed her hands on the wall and moaned softly.

“Oh god, so good,” she moaned. I reached a hand up and grabbed her little ponytail.

“Watch yourself,” I told her. She lifted her head and looked directly at her reflection in the full-size mirror on the wall. I pulled back on her hair and started sliding in and out faster. Short, quick strokes.

“Oh yeah! That’s it! Right there!” she gasped softly. “Oh shit!”

I knew her sounds and the looks on her face well enough that I knew that she was close. I moved both of my hands around to her stomach and slid my hands under her hoodie. Her belly slowly appeared in the mirror as I cupped her big breasts.

Carole whimpered Escort Van and pushed her ass back at me as I pinched her hard nipples. As she got older, her nipples have become more sensitive. I knew that milking her breasts and pinching her nipples would speed up her orgasm, which in this position and with her tight pussy, would trigger mine.

“Oh shit yes!” she hissed. “Almost there! Oh baby! Give it to me!”

“Ohhhnnngggghhhhaahhhhh!” she gasped seconds later. I felt her pussy clamping down around my cock as I pistoned in and out. “Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh geeeeeeezzz!”

Carole’s legs started shaking and I watched her eyes roll back a little. I then heard a splashing as I fucked her harder, triggering another orgasm.

“Oh my god baby! You gotta cum! Give me your cum baby!”

“I’m almost there baby!” I told her, scooting back just a little and fucking her even faster. It was hard not making any noise slapping flesh in that small room, but I was trying to do my best.

Other than my hands gripping hard to her hips, the only part of me making contact with her was my cock slamming in and out of her hot, wet pussy, and my balls slapping against her clit every time I thrust forward. I knew that Carole loved that and it would make her cum again. Looking at her in the mirror, I knew that the next one was going to be soon, and big.

Just as I felt my balls start churning, getting ready to blow my load, a voice appeared in the hallway outside the door.

“Gramma? Are you in here?”

Carole snapped back to reality. “Yes sweetheart. I’m trying something on. I’ll be out in a minute.” She looked at me in the mirror as I slowed down, her eyes almost pleading with me as I blasted my cum deep inside of her clenching pussy.

“Ok. I’ll tell my mom.”

“Ok sweetheart. OHHH!” she replied as I thrust forward hard.

“Are you ok Gramma?”

Carole glared at me in the mirror. “Yes baby. I just love the way this fits,” she replied, pushing back at me as she came.


The sensations of her vaginal walls milking and squeezing my throbbing cock almost made me weak-kneed. We stayed in place for a couple of minutes, catching our breath before I reluctantly slid my slowly deflating shaft out of her.

“Son of a bitch,” she hissed as she pulled her leggings up. “Normally I love it when you can make me squirt, but this time my pants are soaked!”

“It’s a good thing that your hoodie covers your ass then,” I joked with her as we straightened up.

“I can’t wait for next weekend,” she told me as we kissed good-bye.

“Now I have to finish my shopping with shaky legs, wet pants, and you dripping out of me!”

Once we were both put back together, Carole left first, making sure the coast was clear. As I walked out of the dressing rooms I was smiling, thinking about how worked up she was going to be next weekend.

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