Shooting Stars

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Living in a dark sky city has its advantages, mainly, you can lie in your own backyard to see some amazing celestial light shows. I knew the meteor shower was happening over the next couple of nights and planned a “shooting star party.” You were the only one who could make it, and honestly, I wasn’t mad about it.

I had laid out a large, thick blanket on the ground. Being at 7,000 ft elevation, I know temps can drop, so I brought out a few extra blankets along with some throw pillows. A small cooler with snacks and a few pairs of binoculars. We head out to the makeshift viewing area and you comment on how nice it seems. There is a sweetness to the air that comes with early summer.

Lying next to each other we let our eyes adjust to the darkness. Clear dark skies, it’s a perfect night for viewing. I point out a few constellations and notable stars, I still remember from my days as a tour guide at the observatory. You are impressed, or at least feign to be. I aspirate my wine and cough, you ask if I’m okay. Just a bruised ego, nothing more. You touch my back, a kind gesture.

“Really, I’m fine, thank you.” I touch your chest. Zing…was that just me? Deep, cleansing breath. My hand is lingering.

“You sure you’re ok?”

I shake it off, “totally.” I lie back down, thankful you can’t see the scarlet of my cheeks under the cover of darkness. You go to lie next me, but are suddenly above me, your face close to mine. “That’s good, then I can do this.”

You kiss me! You kiss me? You kissed me….I was not expecting that. Hoping, but not expecting.

We’ve been friendly for awhile, coffee, running into each other at the market, showing up at the same events…small town life. And there was that time we ran into each other at the wine bar and it may have come up that I was in an open marriage. Shit…I didn’t really clear this bursa eskort bayan with my partner. Who is currently asleep in the house with our kids. I mean, I kinda mentioned it, didn’t I?

“Can you wait a second?” – oh my god, are you really gonna do what I think you’re gonna do?…you are, aren’t you. I quickly and quietly sneak into my own house, kids are out. Partner is on their phone…”hey, things are getting frisky outside, am I good to play?”

They give me a kiss, “of course, just be safe and tell me all about it.” I kiss them back, “of course! Love you.” I grab some condoms, lube, and quickly check my tits and face in the mirror….I also grab another bottle of wine on my way back outside.

I rejoin you as you say, “I think it started, it’s that a meteor right there?”

“No…that’s a satellite. But common mistake.”

I stash the supplies next to the pillows, pour us each a glass of wine. I let you take a sip. “So…wanna pick up where you left off?”

You smile, “yeah?”


I take our glasses and set them to the side. Leaning in to kiss you. Wow, you have really soft lips. Your hand is on my arm, shoulder, cupping my face. My hand is on your thigh, arm, chest. You move to kiss my neck and collarbone. I moan a little. You slip the shoulder of my cardigan off to kiss down my shoulder. I slip off my sweater. And the straps of my dress. Sitting in front you, I take off my bra and am naked to the waist. “Damn”

I chuckle, “Why, thank you.”

You match me by taking off your shirt. I pull you into me, down on me, next to me, as I lie back. Our skin feels hot pressed together in juxtaposition to the cool night air. We continue to kiss, touch, and explore one another.

You slide your hand down my body and between my legs. Rubbing and teasing me through my panties. Which are now, bursa merkez escort notably wet. I wiggle and moan in response to your touch. I see a few streaks of meteors across the night sky…I make a mental note, but don’t mention to avoid distracting you. I trail my fingers up and down your back and squeeze your ass in appreciation.

You smile at me as you slide the cotton to the side and begin to rub and explore my folds. I moan, you find my clit. I writhe, you slip a finger in. I dig my fingers into your back and arch my head. Another meteor.

You continue to finger me. Kissing and sucking my tits and nipples. I moan, “fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

“Please do. Cum for me.” It doesn’t take much encouragement. My body wracks with pleasure. I slip off my dress and now soaked, panties. You match me in nakedness.

“The meteor shower started,” I say, “lie down.”

We switch positions, you now lying on your back with an unobstructed view of the night sky. I being to kiss my way down your body. My hand finding your cock, stroking it gently, before placing it in my mouth. I listen to your body, your response to my touch, my tongue.

“Oh wow.”

“Me, or the meteors?”

You chuckle, “both.”

I resume sucking and stroking your cock. You moan and move hips in response to my touch. Your breathing changes, “come here.” You pull me up, we resume kissing. “Can we take this further,” you ask. I smile, “yes, that’s why I ran into to the house to get permission and supplies.”

You look over and and see the condoms and lube, “ah, yeah, good call on the wine.” You’re clever and funny. I like that.

I playfully smack your chest, “har, har.”

We continue kissing and touching. You slip on a condom, I take advantage of a little lube. I climb on top of you, giving you a view of the bursa sınırsız escort bayan night sky and my naked body, riding your cock. You grab my hips and we find a rhythm. “Look.” I look up, still grinding on you, but now taking in the heavenly light show above. You rub my clit as I lean back. “Fuck” – is it you inside me, touching me, the endless shooting stars above? I cum pretty quickly…let’s blame the setting and extra glass of wine.

You roll on top of me, “Enjoy the show.”

“That can be taken so many ways, you know?” You smile and kiss me again, I like kissing you. Then you slide back inside me. I pull my knees up to tilt my pelvis, allowing you to go deeper, hitting my cervix. “Fuck, that feels good.” Shooting stars.

You are slow and deep, and deliberate. I enjoy you inside me. You speed up, our thighs smacking, you balls on my asshole. I like that too. “I’m gonna cum,” you announce. “Cum in me, let go,” I urge you.

More meteors. I feel you, pulsing inside me, if not for the condom, I would feel you filling me. I clench my vaginal walls around you, you shiver and twitch at the sensation. Then you lie down on my chest. I kiss your cheek.

We are both chilled, I grab an extra blanket and pull it over our damp, naked bodies. You roll to the side and quickly clean up, then rejoin me in cuddles and kisses. “This was awesome. Thanks for inviting me.”

“I’m really glad you came, pun intended.” I feel you half laugh at my dad-joke. “I didn’t expect this to happen, but I’m glad it did.”

“Me too. I mean, I was hoping it would, since you told me about being open. I just didn’t know how to ask.”

“Aww…that’s pitiful,” I joke, realizing you are literally naked and vulnerable. I kiss you, “just ask next time.”

“Can we do this again?”


“I mean, give me a minute, yes. No, can I see you again?”

“I think that can be arranged.”

We fuck once more, before you head home and I head to bed. I lovingly tell my partner all about our star-gazing fuck fest in the morning and am rewarded with more delicious sex. Too bad meteor showers are so infrequent, that are apparently great for my sex life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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