Shelby Ch. 04

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That night Jason wore dark clothing so he would be even less noticeable on his balcony. He draped a blanket over the railing so that he was covered and he waited for Shelby and her boy to come out to the pool.

He was lost in thought thinking about her mouth on him when the door to the yard opened and out she came pulling a young man behind her.

This kid was dark haired and more solidly built than the last, and Jason could see why she might want to sleep with him, the kid was handsome and chiseled and pretty much a prototype of the high school jock.

Shelby wore her teeny blue bikini and looked absolutely smoking hot. Her hair was loose and flowing down her bare back, her breasts were spilling out of her tiny top and her luscious ass naked except for the bunched material being swallowed between her perfect round mounds.

The two high school graduates walked to the pool slowly, looking at each other hungrily. The energy between them was overtly sexual and Jason felt a pang of intense jealousy.

Shelby sat on the edge of the pool and dangled her feet in the water. The kid joined her and sat very close. As they brushed shoulders and legs they gazed at each other so intensely that Jason felt as if he should leave.

Just as his impulse to get up and leave them alone peaked enough for him to gather himself to stand the kid leaned over and kissed Shelby, stopping Jason before he could move.

Suddenly the voyeur in him came on strong and his cock sprang to life as the two teenagers began to kiss and stroke each other in the dying light of a summer evening. It was idyllic and erotic enough that Jason stayed where he was remembering his little cousin’s request to watch over her.

The young man explored her skin with his hands, stroking Shelby’s face, neck and arms as she leaned her head back and allowed him to ravish her mouth and face with kisses. Shelby’s arms had lifted and her hands traced arcane patterns on the boy’s skin, running over his muscles and printing mysteries on his flesh.

When the boy’s hands began to stoke along her chest working toward her breasts Shelby sighed and pulled away breaking the spell.

“Let’s swim.” She said, and slipped into the water disappearing from view.

The by groaned and adjusted his raging hard on while she was under water and Jason smothered a laugh as he too had to adjust his uncomfortable erection.

The boy let himself fall into the water and the two teenagers began to swim easily, prowling around each other slowly. The boy tried to get close and kiss Shelby, and every so often she would let him, and then dart away once more.

When the game became a bit forced a few moments later Shelby moved away and stared at the kid, just her head visible above the darkened water. The sun was almost down and the reflections of the porch light were becoming the predominant light source on the water.

“Liam? Have you ever skinny dipped?” Shelby asked and threw some wet material at him.

The blue bundle splashed near him and Liam reached out and took it, holding it above the water and discovering it was Shelby’s bikini top.

“Nice!” He said and threw the top to the pool side concrete.

Both teens treaded water as they rummaged around below their waists presumably pulling off their bottoms.

Each held up their bathing suits triumphantly at nearly the same moment as they proudly showed that they were now bottomless.

Then Liam tossed his suit to the water’s edge and began to move toward Shelby. She threw hers away as well and began to swim away from Liam. A chase ensued as Liam tried to touch the now nude Shelby.

They splashed and laughed and screamed while naked swimming. Shelby stayed in the deep end near Jason and he could carefully peek over the railing and see her naked body flashing in the dark water, a pale streak in the near black depths.

Liam was strong, but not as lithe and agile as Shelby and she managed to avoid him for some time, but neither of them wanted to remain apart long, so soon he caught her, trapping her in a corner of the pool, very near where she had let the other kid lick her pussy not so ago.

The energy in the backyard changed dramatically as Liam pressed close to Shelby and it was clear she could not escape. Shelby became still and shy, and Liam closed in, but became less predatory. He was still just a kid, eighteen and nervous.

As he got closer and closer Shelby clung to the side of the pool, her breasts were almost exposed over the top of the water, but remained tantalizingly unseen. Liam took hold of the poolside on either side of her small hands, his greater reach allowing him to fence her in completely.

The two teenagers kissed and Jason could well imagine their smooth wet bodies slipping around on each other for the first time, Shelby feeling that wet hard cock sliding across her skin. Once more Jason felt jealous, but the powerful sexual tension was more exciting than anything he had ever experienced.

The teens kissed for a while longer, gaziantep minyon escort bayan their hands now wrapped around each other, except the one hand Liam used to keep them both above water by holding the pool edge.

The abruptly Shelby pushed him away gently.

The fit little woman pulled herself out of the pool backwards revealing her toned body to the horny boy right in front of her, and the aching man hiding above.

For a moment Shelby sat on the pool side, her legs slightly parted showing the wet mound of her pubic hair parted over her dripping lips. Her athletic body gleamed as water streamed off her smooth skin and highlighted her tight muscles in the glare of the porch light. Her hard nipples pointed at Liam and he tried desperately to view every inch of her skin as she sat nude before him.

Then Shelby stood.

Standing exposed her body etched in the light of the house, water dripping from every part of her; Shelby was transformed from a teasing little girl in a too small bikini into a woman with a powerful sexuality to her.

Every line of her stance said “Now.”

Walking slowly toward the clubhouse Shelby gazed at Liam where he floated, stunned. When she had walked ten feet he finally clued in to the invitation he was being offered and pulled himself out of the pool.

Jason didn’t glance at Liam until he saw Shelby’s eyes drop to look at Liam’s erection. The look on her face made his heart sink. Shelby’s eyes widened and her mouth made an “Oh!” shape but no sound came out. Her hands instinctively covered her virgin pussy protectively.

Jason looked down as Liam moved toward Shelby. He was proceeded by a substantial cock.

Jason had an average cock, six and a half inches, normal thickness. Nothing special, but nothing to be ashamed of. There had never been a woman who didn’t seem to enjoy his size at least enough to get off.

Liam was special. His cock was probably about eight inches, with a large round head, and a thick shaft that was smooth and strong looking. His balls appeared large, but it was hard to see in the uncertain light, and it was difficult not to stare at his large tool.

As he got close to the frozen Shelby, Liam finally seemed to notice what she was looking at. He suddenly, obviously grew self-conscious.

“I’m sorry. You just look so good… I.. Um…”

“No. no I am glad you are… um… hard. I just didn’t expect… uh…”

Liam spoke so softly that Jason could barely hear it “Is it too big?”

His tone said he had been rejected before. Jason felt a warm glow of pleasure. It was a petty thing, but Jason gloried in this brief moment in time where this boy felt inadequate for something. Liam was good looking, obviously attractive to good looking girls, judging from Shelby’s behavior tonight. The boy was sensitive, at least enough to hesitate just from the look on Shelby’s face. And the apprehension in Liam’s voice indicated that he had some experience with woman not wanting to deal with that large cock. Before long he would whip that hog out with snide arrogance. As soon as he discovered that when women liked them big, they loved them big.

So for these brief seconds while Liam hoped that Shelby would not deny him Jason relished that this boy, who was Jason’s superior in every way Jason measured it, fretted and stewed in desperate need for acceptance.

It wasn’t long enough as far as Jason measured time, but he hoped it seemed like forever to Liam.

But the moment passed, humiliatingly quickly for Jason, and Shelby’s face melted into an apologetic, empathetic mien and she gushed “No! Oh you poor man. Not at all. I think it is beautiful. I am so pleased. I think it is great.”

She reached for him, a woman who wanted to make up for an apparent insensitivity. Liam, his body language as comically relieved as a man could appear, moved to take her hand as Shelby led him into the clubhouse. She flicked on a light and Jason knew she had done that for him. Even now she was thinking of her “Uncle”.

That buoyed his spirits and he crawled over the railing and made his way to the beacon of light across the yard.

Earlier in the day Jason had watched a t-shirt, short-short clad Shelby cross back and forth across the yard taking junk out of the clubhouse and replacing it with blankets and pillows and odds and ends she planned to use to seduce Liam.

Jason approached the clubhouse and peered in the window. There was a sheer curtain with many holes ripped into it hanging in the glassless window. Inside Jason could easily see everything going on. With a simple move one way or another he was able to see every inch of the interior through the many open spaces in the tattered curtain.

Inside the two young lovers were on the pile of pillows and blankets, stretched out. Shelby on her back her body partially covered by Liam as they kissed. Liam lay on his side, his back to Jason, leaning over the slight girl who reached nizip escort bayan around his neck pulling his mouth to hers.

Jason felt shame, guilt, lust and heartache as he watched the two young people kiss and stroke each other. Their hands roamed around their two perfect bodies, the smooth skin young and tight, perfect for stroking.

Jason’s cock was aching in his pants, but he didn’t masturbate. He was saving his cum for Shelby.

Long moments of stroking and kissing had made the two kids very horny. They were both moaning and even from the window Jason could see them trembling. Then Shelby pushed Liam over on his back and she crawled on top of him her mouth never leaving his.

Then after a brief moment of kissing Shelby began to kiss and lick her way down Liam’s strong chest, over his tense abs and down to that large straining erection.

Taking it in her tiny hand she began to stroke it, gazing at it with an adoration than made Jason’s stomach clench with feelings of inadequacy. Slowly, seeming mesmerized she began to lick along Liam’s length. Her little pink tongue caressed the hard shaft reverently, her hand holding it up off his belly, making of it a totem pole she prayed to.

Her little mouth lowered and she began to lick and suck on his balls. Liam was in heaven, his face a tortured mask of pure delight. Jason assumed either no woman had done this for Liam, or nowhere nearly as well. After three such blow-jobs Jason knew from personal experience that Shelby was a natural cock sucker. She loved doing it, it was clear.

When she was finished bathing his balls Shelby moved back up Liam’s shaft, her mouth kissing and licking him gently, taking her time and turning her head this way and that to fully taste every inch of him.

At last she reached that massive knob. With her small face next to it Liam’s knob looked to be the size of a plum, and it was almost as dark, the head a deep pink, almost a purple colour. Shelby began to lick around the sensitive head and Liam jerked his hips up with a spasm.

Shelby giggled and Liam whispered sorry. Then she opened her lips wider and sucked on his cock-head, circling her head to cover as much of him as she could without taking him past her teeth.

Her little hand still wrapped around the big shaft, her tiny fingers unable to pass all the way around Liam’s girth, she pumped up and down while she slurped noisily on his tip.

Then she paused and looked up into his eyes. Liam stared back at her silently begging her to continue. She smiled slightly and opened her mouth wider to take him in. Feeding his big head into her open mouth Shelby began to move her head up and down over his big knob, her mouth forced very wide by his size.

Taking him in as far as she could she sucked him off, only the first few inches able to fit inside her tiny mouth.

Jason’s cock was achingly hard, and very distracting as he gazed rapt at his little cousin, and recent lover as she worked her mouth all around the sensitive head of Liam’s impressive cock.

Shelby’s body was pulsing from head to toe with the movements of her head, as if she were putting everything she had into taking that cock into her face. Her gorgeous ass thrust high in the air tilted seductively as she took Liam deeper into her mouth. It looked like she were trying to feel him with her pussy, hidden from Jason’s view between her trembling thighs.

Liam groaned and his hips began to thrust up into her slavering mouth, his cock pushing deeper into her face. He whispered, “Wait.” But she didn’t. He said it louder, and she pumped him harder, her first moving up and down his length rapidly now, her mouth working feverishly, Jason knew she was eager to taste Liam’s cum.

Then Liam figured it out too and lay back and sighed, his body quivering.

Then he tensed up once more, his body rigid with need. He lifted his hips and his hands hovered over Shelby’s head unsure if he should hold her in place or not. Liam began to grunt, his body shivering and he did grip her head then.

Shelby began to squeeze Liam’s shaft and her throat worked quickly presumably beginning to swallow his load.

It seemed to go on forever, Shelby working his cock and swallowing, while Liam’s hissed and shuddered as her mouth drew more and more cum from his balls.

Then finally Liam flopped back and relaxed dramatically. Shelby licked and slurped around Liam’s knob and cleaned him, milking every drop of his cum from his cock.

At last she let him fall from her mouth, her lips wet with spit and sperm. Liam’s cock slapped back on his belly loudly when she let him go, the big cock was still fully engorged.

Shelby began to lick Liam’s tightened balls gratefully, her mouth still eager for more of him.

With a laughing growl Liam sat up and pulled her to him. He kissed her deeply on the mouth, surprising Jason. He didn’t think a man that young would enjoy tasting his own sperm on her tongue, but it didn’t seem to nurdağı escort bayan bother Liam.

The big boy flipped he tiny woman onto her back and began to repeat her actions of earlier. He kissed down her neck and across her chest, stopping at the hard points of her nipples and taking turns licking and sucking her nipples until she moaned with frustrated desire.

Then Liam kissed down her taut belly, licking her soft skin making Jason seethe with balked desire himself. His mouth practically salivated with hunger to taste that very same skin.

Then Liam moved down her hips and between her wide spread thighs. Dipping his face into her open sex Liam began to lap her steaming pussy.

Shelby whimpered and raised her hips to his mouth. Jason was transfixed by the way her body writhed under Liam’s attention. She thrust her chest high her breasts stretched almost flat along her chest as she strained to absorb the immeasurable pleasure she was feeling.

Then she turned her head and looked at Jason through the tattered curtain.

Jason’s breath caught in his throat as he stared into her lust glazed eyes. Shelby reached down and twinned her fingers into Liam’s dark hair and held his face to her sex while she licked her lips and gazed deeply into Jason’s eyes.

Her breasts were now full mounds of soft smooth flesh passed together between her arms as she held Liam to her pussy. She looked to be in bliss, barely of this earth, her face was a mask of absolute pleasure and she beamed the radiance of her passion right at Jason. It filled him with such pride that the little girl he had seen grow was now becoming a woman right before his eyes that the remaining jealousy, the sense of not measuring up to Liam’s manhood melted away.

Jason pushed he curtain aside and smiled at her where she lay being pleasured. Seeing his whole face clearly in the light, watching over her made Shelby’s face light up with joy. It was obvious that she gained intense delight from him watching her.

Shelby closed her eyes and her body began to tremble with what Jason presumed was the beginning of her orgasm.

The young woman began to squirm humping her lithe body up at Liam, seeking greater stimulation as she rocketed toward oblivion. She moaned and grunted and then sighed as she got closer and closer to cumming.

Then, unmistakably, she began to climax. Shivering with intense physical delight she went utterly rigid and gasped over and over as her body underwent a massive orgasm. It made Jason’s cock throb with sympathetic need. He wrapped his fist around his shaft through his loose pants and squeezed, trying to capture some of her pleasure.

When she could take no more Shelby pushed Liam from her tender clit with a cry and she flopped back in a perfect mirror of what Liam had done after his orgasm.

Liam laughed and began to kiss her quivering belly, and then moved up her body once more exploring her skin and giving her time to come down from her orgasm.

Impatient, Shelby pulled him up and kissed his mouth deeply. Her body still trembled with aftershocks as she clung to Liam greedily.

Liam’s large cock pressed between them and Jason marveled at how it seemed to cover most of her lower abdomen. How would all that fit inside his little cousin? The way the two of them were pressed together it didn’t seem possible that her little body could accept all that penis. It had seemed large in relation to the young man’s body earlier, but when pressed to tiny Shelby’s stomach it seemed enormous.

Shelby lay back on the bed and spread her legs out along the blankets, offering her tight virgin opening to Liam. He looked down at her and licked his lips. Taking his cock in hand he aimed the massive bulb of his cock head at her opening.

Liam ran the tip along the groove of her sex and Shelby shuddered.

“I want you inside me. Please.” She whispered.

Liam pressed his hips forward and the knob pierced her outer lips and began to disappear inside the petite young woman.

Jason couldn’t decide where he wanted to look more, her face or her heaving chest or the shadowed juncture where she was being speared by that huge dong. His eyes scanned continually trying to take everything in.

Shelby had a look of intense concentration on her face, her forehead creased with worry lines, her eyes wide open, her lips parted slightly in a pretty pout of shock. Her breasts rose and fell rapidly as she took short gasping breaths. And between her wide open legs Liam’s cock split her open.

It seemed that only about two inches were inside her now, but she was breathing as if she were running a race. Liam was strong above her, trying to keep his weight off of her, while passing forward.

Shelby had one hand on Liam’s stomach, warding him off gently, while the other gripped his arm tightly, perhaps encouraging him. She lifted her hips slightly seeking another angle to help him get his impressive tool inside.

Liam began to rock his hips back and forth, easing into Shelby’s tightness, which seemed to hurt her, as she winced, but she began to coo a little “Ooooohhhhh.” noise, that indicated she felt good.

Then suddenly she gasped and Liam pushed more of himself into her. Now about four inches of his cock slipped inside her and she looked pleasantly surprised. Liam moaned with pleasured as his whole tip was engulfed by her warm insides.

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