Sheikh Romps

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Any similarities to persons and events are purely out of imagination.


It was the business end of the playoffs. The Cheetahs had a poor start but made it up in the middle. Tomorrow was going to be a crunch match with the Wild Eagles. Smithy was going over the practice and the Sheikh was in no mood to sweat it out. It was more the off field action that was always on his mind. He ran thru the score in his mind, fuck, if had I had a wicket for each pussy, I would have had the purple cap by miles.

Nursing a local lager, he let his eyes do the roaming. A couple of mischief gals, an off day for them, returned the Sheikhs appraising glance with a wink and a wave. He returned the wave, and contemplated moving over, to join them. On second thoughts, if they are hotting for my shtick, let they water a bit. He returned to his beer but shifted his ass on the bar stool to better keeping them in the corner of the view. He noticed them looking expectantly at him a couple of times, but ignored them. His reputation outpaced him. At the same time, they were well stacked, and one was a mixed color broad with high rump. Need to keep them on string, he thought, so he rolled off the barstool and swaggered over to their table, and said, Hi dolls, be right back, and found his way to the men’s.

Stepping out, he heard a familiar voice call out his name. Turning, he spotted Sandy Babe, in a fluster. Fuck, the romps we had in the last IPL 08, he recalled. Bitch has a hard body and goes long. Sandy looked like she needed a lay right then and there, the way she was heaving. Wassup, babe?, asked the Sheikh. Don’t babe me, I need your help, putting her arm into his and guiding him towards the bar. En route the MGs looked shattered, but the Sheikh have them a wink and drool that promised something, enough to get their tickers aflutter. Some juice down under too.

Iced tea for me, ordered Sandy, to the bartender, who was drinking her in. Her recent boy cut and slim down, made her look like a Thai TV, but that was okay. Memories of world cup 2003 was still Van Escort in his mind, and the daily jackoff with her on TV was like yesterday. Hell, she is here, in front. Wish I could take a break. The Sheikh raised his finger in a crook, and that was his signal to spike the dame’s drink. He knew a fat tip lay in store for him.

He went to the back and got the bottle of special tea liquer out and mixed the iced tea. One of them, and any bitch would be in heat for hours. Bringing out the tall glass, along with another punt for the Sheikh, he set down the drinks, and was rewarded by a glimpse of Sandy’s nipples. Sheikhs arm was already around Sandy’s waist. Wasn’t wasting any time, this old tweaker. Sandy was complaining about some unwanted attention from Kameez Pajama bloke. She was almost in tears and red in the face, as she was recounting him groping her in the elevator. I got him in a ball breaker grip, before the mother fucker gave up. He must be having some plastic surgery soon. Hope the surgeon castrates him. Anyway he gets his arse buggered by the Pakee team, bloody fag, she added. Oh Sandy, you are the foxiest vixen here, can’t blame the old men, can you, replied the Sheikh, wondering what was really on Sandy’s mind. She was a twister, a she devil, with more to it than that came out. She loved to get pampered by lesbians, and was a hard core bi. The Sheikh loved group action and was wondering if she had noticed him with the MGs and wanted in. The kameez story would be the tearjerker entry line, no telling this bitch.

The Sheikh noticed the MGs fiddling in their pockets to pay for their check, and signalled to the captain to pick up the tab on his account. You could tell that the MGs were looking for it, they came over and each gave tweaker a kiss and a hug in thanks. Sit down, whatcha doing later, asked the Sheikh. Oh not much, the rest of the gals are out at sea doing some fishing. Must be the boatman fishing, and not in the waters, thought the Sheikh.

The chocolate one and the blonde occupied stools on either side of the Sheikh and Sandy. The Sheikh Van Escort Bayan could tell that Sandy was in the crossover point, and this was as delicate a stage in the game as the super over. No maidens here, he surmised.

Just then Appam chutiya strolled in, with Prince and Bublee a few yards behind. Ask his age, chuckled Sandy to the Bartender, obviously high already. Appam glared at Sandy and walked off in a huff. Go jerk off, chutiya, behenchod murmured Sandy.

Meanwhile Prince and Bublee found a table at some out of earshot, and sat down. They were obviously in some deep strategy.

Wonder what’s bugging them, slurred Sandy. Rossie’s hammering, replied chocolate. He was murderous the other nite.

Let’s go and take a ride out, said Sandy. Let’s all go, said the Sheikh. Oh yeah, let’s, replied Sandy. Game on. One look at chocolate and Blondie was enough, they were no spring chickens and knew big game when it happened.

Some takeaways, Sir?, asked the bartender. Yes the usual, replied the Sheikh, and ask them, pointing to the MGs, what they like. Wine coolers, with some vodka, replied Blondie.

Strolling out of the bar, they headed for the elevators and were soon on the penthouse on the uppermost floor. Equipped with its own private pool, this was the Sheikh’s play nest.

MGs were quick to drink up the luxury, they had never seen anything like it before. Peeling off their next to nothings, they were soon gambolling in the water.

Sandy had seated the Sheikh, and was quick to run her hand thru his hair. She knew he loved it. She had him out of his fly and had started to grope around him. Easing his trousers down, she gpt to the pleasurable task of getting him hard. Looking up at the MGs, they wanted their pals too, they signalled, she nodded. The Sheikh shook her off and paddled off to the Head. A long and loud drain out released what was left of the drinks from the bladder.

Sandy followed him, and with a towel, mopped his dick and balls, He demanded service, and she have it. Clad in her innerwear, she took of his loose Escort Van shirt and entered the large shower suite. Couple of taps on the panel. started a cool stream of fragranced water from the top and the sides. The glass wall afforded a clear view of the pool which was now close to full with about five of the MGs playing some kind of ater polo. Two of their sorority were on the side, in a 69, fully content with the fun and frolic at hand and ready for anything. The game was that of a goalkeeper at either end and the rest scrambling for the ball, nothing given nothing taken. Who got the ball, tried to score, and if she did, she got to have the goalie for 5 minutes. That was one score on the side. Another goal, was scored, and two paired off, eager and hungry for each other’s embraces.

Watching the bronzed nymphets aroused the Sheikh. Sandy cock in hand Sandy stood in front and caressed in on her taut tummy. Lifting her up, the Sheikh speared her and rhythmically moved hip hips. She clung around his upper body, erect nipples on breasts goading his broad chest.

He walked out to the open deck two bodied locked as one. The nymphettes scream and looked for an invitation. Sandy was moaning softly and the was the cue. Three lay down, and the Sheikh put Sandy on them. As a groping writing bed, they gave Sandy, tingles all over. The Sheikh thrust in and out. Three more attending to the Sheikh, With hands and limbs all over each other, Sandy’s moans turned to wild screams, The Sheikh then pulled out, member erect and throbbing, and observed the tall Nordic with lust in her eyes. She was not part of the melee, but biding her time, She came over and knelt down in front of him, and looked back over the shoulders. She was okay for either. The Sheikh parted her bums and went for the pussy, slowly running in the piston, deep and deep till it hit the wall. Nordic took it in, enjoying the slow push in. She arched in ecstasy and cause the member to come half out. Arching the other way, she managed to grasp it all. Muscles twitching, the both took their time, savouring it all. Nordic had not had it this good before.

Nordic collapsed in pleasurable exhaustion and the Sheikh came out, and started to squirt in a creamy geyser. Nymphette on nymphette they lay on him, letting the juices dry out over them.

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