She Finally Gives Up Control

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Background Info

Mattie & Cerys are a 24/7 D/s lesbian couple. Cerys is a pushy sub and also prone to self harming if not given the correct type of attention from her Dom. The story is told in the first person by Cerys.

I had been pushing it for a while now. I knew Mattie would take me in hand eventually but I wasn’t quite expecting what actually happened. After a particularly heavy night of playing in one of our S&M suites, downstairs in the club Mattie decided she had had enough of my back chat and lip and decided to try again with my training. It had never been successful before but she kept trying anyway.

Mattie took me to our room and tied me to the bed face down. My legs were wide apart and my arms and my head was to the side looking at her. She reached her hand between my legs and inserted her fingers, finger fucking me. She closed all the curtains round the four poster bed and got out the drawer of dildos.

“Mattie please. I can’t take anymore. I need to cum. Please.”

“You’re going to cum when I spank you babe.”

“Oh, no, I can’t take that again. Mattie!”

“Unless you have anything interesting to say to me I suggest you shut up before I shut you up.” She said and wiggled a gag in front of my face. She was being really gentle with me and she wiped the hair out of my face. She lubed up my ass.

“Mattie.” We hadn’t done butt play for a while but I was up for it. Anything to get me closer to my orgasm. She put a butt plug in and pumped it up. I moaned. She whispered.

“I’m going to put some plastic sheeting down underneath you. You’re going to cum from pain alone tonight. No touching your clit and no penetration. Just pain. Sadistic pain and you should ejaculate aswell. I want to catch it.” I smiled and then grimaced knowing how much pain there would have to be before I came.

“You need to get your blood sugar up before I do this. Here.” She made me eat some food and a couple of special dextrose tablets.

“I need a wee Mattie.” She had a special device and held it under me and I went. It had taken a lot of practice to do that but I had better orgasms when I didn’t piss at the same time. We were ready. I felt better for the sugar and I was ready for the pain. Mattie had a sadistic look in her eye. She knelt on the bed and then sat cross legged.

“I’m going to let this hand go and I want you to play with me while I do this.” I moaned again knowing that the feelings of my fingers inside her would make me ache for it. She let my arm go on one side nearest her and I shook my arm a bit and then gently stroked her clit and inserted a couple of fingers. She was dripping.

“Fucking whore.” She slapped me with a ruler and I cried out laughing.

“O.k., same as yesterday. You count fifty or I start over.” I buried my head in anticipation. I wanted to count this time just in case I really needed her to stop. I knew she would, if I went to the trouble to count then she would stop.

“If you take your hand away from my clit then I’ll crack it until you put it back. Understand?” I nodded and she cracked my backside.

“Speak!” I flinched but kept my hand there.


“O.k. Here goes babe. You can cum whenever you want to as many times as you like.” She laughed, knowing it usually took penetration or pressure and she knew she was going to get to crack me a lot. I felt her adrenalin building too. I could smell her. She started with her hand. I counted 15 before she changed to the flogger. She was working slightly different areas than the night before but it still hurt like hell and I was yelling by thirty. For the last 20 she changed to the ruler. They hurt the most like fire ripping through each stroke. I couldn’t take it. I moved my hand to protect my backside and she grabbed the d ring attached to the wrist cuff and cracked my knuckles three times keeping tight hold of the cuff as I tried to get away and then she carried on, on my backside. I should have shouted out when she got to fifty and when I didn’t she just carried on. She worked on one of my inner thighs. I went past the point of no return and over into orgasm just before I thought I might die. She was right about the ejaculation. I felt it. While I was still orgasming she leant over my body and felt inside me. I was well lubricated and she easily slid her hand in and balled up her fist. She moved it slowly in and out and then jammed on my clit from underneath and I came again hard over and over. She unfastened me and we made love again. I was too exhausted to do anything for her but she didn’t seem to care. We lay in bed and she held me and kissed me til I fell asleep. I was in a worse state in the morning. My backside hurt so much. Mattie joined me in the shower.

“You read for your beating today? I thought I’d do it early.” I looked at her in the eyes and couldn’t tell if she was joking.

“Eyes down.” My cunt twinged whenever she said that although usually I didn’t obey. Today I did. I looked down and she smiled.

“Glad to see you’re getting Keçiören Escort the message. I’m giving you 10 days off beatings to heal but I expect complete submission. I’m going to be keeping you inline and you’re not to leave my sight or even talk to anyone without permission. If you do I’ll gag you throughout the day even when Imogen is there. You’re not to talk to her or Peggy unless I allow it. You can talk to me.” I wanted to be a smart ass but the mood she was in I didn’t dare. I realized for the first time that I didn’t dare. It was a weird feeling. Mattie was always sadistic but never normally as Dominant as this. I never usually felt able to submit. There was nothing stopping me calling the whole thing off but I didn’t want to. Being controlled was fantastic, especially when she wouldn’t even let me out of the same room as her. She told me what to dress and how to look and then she got ready. I lit a cigarette, wondering for a second if I should have asked. Even that thought turned me on but she didn’t say anything. She beckoned me over. I stood in front of her looking down. I could tell she was smiling.

“Very good Angel. Look at me now.” I did.

“I’m supposed to go into the bar for a meeting but I don’t want to take you in there with me. I need you where I can see you so I have set up a little surveillance and it runs to this camera. You are to stay in this room.” I went to complain…

“Or, you can come and sit at my feet in the meeting. You choose.”

“Why can’t I just go in the flat?”

“Because you can’t. I don’t want you around anyone. I’ll only be an hour. Don’t give me any shit Cerys, or else I’ll restrain you.” I looked down sulking and tutted.

“Right!” I started protesting. She grabbed my wrist and snapped it to my collar and the other one too so I had my arms up and my hands links at the back of my neck. She was calm. She took me over to the wall in the corner. I knew there was a camera on that corner. She clipped my collar to the wall so my face was an inch off it. She kicked my legs apart and I nearly fell over.

“Keep your legs apart or I will use a spreader bar.” I did.

“I’ll be back in an hour.” And she went. I cried, but out of love and happiness. By the time she came back I was bored stiff and my legs were about to give way. She turned me round with my hands still fastened to my neck and she kissed me. She looked right in my eyes and I just looked at her.

“I’m going to torture you. I’m going to deny you your senses. I’m going to exhaust you physically and mentally and I’m going to deny you all release until I decide you are allowed to cum for me. You are not going to leave this room now, indefinitely. And whenever I have to leave you, you’re going to be restrained because I don’t trust you. You don’t have to submit anymore because I’m taking over control of everything you do.”


“What?” I just sighed and smiled. She smiled and kissed me.

“I need the toilet.”

“You can wait.”


“You want a catheter in? That’ll make you wait.” I swallowed hard. I was so turned on by this new side to her.

“Turn around.” I did. She put a blindfold on me.

“If you try and take this off I’ll replace it with a hood.” She unhooked my arms and pulled me over to the bed.

“Shake them out.” I did as they had gone dead. It felt nice to have them down again. She pushed me onto the bed. I sat on the edge and she lay me down and fastened my arms outstretched one to the head of the bed and one to the foot. She them placed a cushion under my bottom and strapped my feet to the head and foot of the bed. I was quite comfortable. I had no idea what she was going to do and that scared the crap out of me. I didn’t know whether to expect pain or what. The first I knew of what she had planned was when she disinfected my clit and urethral opening.

“Mattie, what are you doing? Can I talk to you?”

“If you want to but the minute you start pissing me off you can shut up so no whining.” I was just going to moan about the blindfold but the mood Mattie was in I didn’t fancy a gag so I kept quiet. I heard her laughing.

“Oh baby, can’t you trust yourself not to whine at me?” She clipped one side of my pussy lips back against my thigh and I thrashed about in agony. She picked up the crop and hit my thigh until I stayed still. When she did the other side I didn’t move. She bent down and kissed my clit. I shuddered and caught my breath. I felt her with the tube for the catheter.

“I can hold it.”

“I know you can and you’re going to.”

“How long for?”

“As long as I decide. I have a meeting in forty minutes. I’ll be gone for an hour.” I pretty much needed to pee now. We had never done this type of play before. It was pretty exciting. I sucked my breath in as she pushed the catheter in. I could feel some pee escaping. It felt bizarre. I felt something happening and then the pee stopped escaping.

“What have Etimesgut Escort you done?”

“There is a little balloon inside now and it’s holding the tube in place. I’ve turned the tap off so you can’t pee now until I let you. How does it feel? Tell me.”

“It feels like I need to pee Mattie.”


“Well, yeah.”

“Try and pee then.”

“I can’t!” She slapped me as I shouted at her and I laughed. She taped the tube to my stomach and then let the clips off my pussy lips. I screamed as the blood flooded back to the gripped parts. Mattie sucked them hard but stayed away from my clit.

“I need to cum Mattie.”

“I’ll bet. No baby, you’re going to wait to pee and you’re going to wait to cum. Come over here now.” She let me up and clipped my hands behind my back and led me over to a set of hooks in the floor and wall. She stood me facing the wall and pushed down on my shoulder.

“Kneel.” I did and she pulled my legs wide apart in the kneeling position. I could sit on my backside but it made my inner muscles ache after a while so the best position to be in was kneeling up. I was near enough to the wall to rest my head on it but it wasn’t a restful position. I was fixating on my need to pee now and that was a very bizarre sensation. I still had the blindfold on. Mattie bent down at the back of me.

“How do you feel? Tell me in detail.”

“I’m tired and I want to pee really badly now. I can’t wait an hour Mattie. I’ll burst.”

“I have done my research on this. You don’t think I’d do this without that do you?”

“No but…”

“But what? You doubt me and my abilities to protect you and take care of you? You think I haven’t thought that maybe the rules don’t apply when your bladder is full already.” I hung my head as she said the thought I’d been having. Without warning she cracked me across my naked back and my arms with her belt. I screamed as she did it 10 times. She grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked my head back.

“If you don’t trust me then I’ll untie you right now and we can go and watch tv. Right now!”

“I do! I do, I swear.”

“Fucking shut it then or I’ll make you shut it.” I nodded miserably.


“Yes Mattie.”

“I’ll be back in an hour. I’ll be watching you. No one else. Just me.” She let go of my hair and went out. I had pissed her off now and I felt miserable. It was a submissive miserable feeling to have doubted her. I also felt deeply uncomfortable physically and my bladder felt like it was going to burst. Having my legs apart made it feel worse but I couldn’t close them. I also couldn’t get comfortable. I leant my head against the wall but that made my back ache. My shoulders aches and my legs ached and I was tired from all the emotions I was feeling. I started to cry and just cried. I heard someone come in and knew it would be Mattie. She came over behind me. I sat up and tried to stop crying.

“Was that an hour?”

“No, but you don’t think I’m going to leave you like this do you?”

“I’m alright. I want to take it, for you.”

“I know you do and you’re going to but I’m not leaving you alone with raw emotions. I know what this is all about. I also know that you’re depressed enough to try something stupid over this with Tasha so you will not get the chance. You will spend your time while she is away focusing on the pain and pleasure that I can bring to you and your body. You will be so exhausted tonight that you will sleep my sweet baby, without medication. How does your bladder feel?”

“It’s all I can think about.” I heard her laugh softly and knew that was what she wanted. I felt her untie my feet and she helped me up. I was disorientated with the blindfold on. She picked me up easily and carried me over her shoulder. It pressed on my bladder and I thought it would actually burst. She stood me in the shower.

“Can you take the blindfold off?”

“No. Leave it on.” I was about the protest but I felt her stiffen and I didn’t. She relaxed again. She reached round me and clipped my hands outstretched high up in the shower and my collar to the wall from the back. I felt her bend down and she clipped my feet wide apart too. I felt her breath on my clit and my knees went. I hung by my wrists. I quickened my breath as she slowly inserted her fingers inside me. I was so near orgasm but it was being denied by her not touching of my clit. It was agony and heaven at the same time. I wanted to beg but I knew that would piss her off so I kept quiet.

“Good little bottom, keeping quiet aren’t we? Are you ready for this?” I didn’t reply and she just folded her thumb in and balled up her hand into a fist and she was in. I groaned at the sensation and at the feeling of pressure on my bladder. I felt her, with her other hand un-tape the tube.

“Let’s hope I can release this with one hand. I want you to hold it when I remove the tube ok? Some will leak out, and that’s alright, but hold the rest.”


“I Demetevler Escort said hold it! Or you will be punished. I will not allow you to cum if you piss all over me.” I started crying again and she laughed. I had forgotten how sadistic she could be when she wanted to be. She started removing the tube and I started trying to hold it in. It was impossible while the tube was being pulled out. That was a weird sensation in itself. When it was all the way out she shouted at me.

“Hold it! Hold it in, you can do it!” She started slowly fisting my cunt and that just made me pee more. I couldn’t hold it and it just all came out. All down my legs and all over her presumably.

“You’re pathetic. You can’t even do that for me.” She pulled her fist out and left me there while she went to wash herself. I was covered in piss and still hadn’t cum. She stayed silent for a while and I heard knocking on the outer bedroom door. I heard Mattie leave the bathroom and so I made sure all the pee was gone from my bladder. My orgasm had gone right down but it was there to be brought back up the minute Mattie’s attention was back on me. She eventually came back and the shower started up. It was freezing and I screamed. I screamed more than if she was beating me. She ignored me and just washed me with shower gel. My orgasm went to nothing with the cold water. After she was done she dried me. She felt inside me again.

“Your wet through up there. Naughty naughty. I’ve got to go downstairs for a while. I’ve got a present for you.” She let me go and lead me into the bedroom again. She stood me facing the bed and then clipped my arms to two ropes and pulled them slightly so that my arms were away from my body and unable to touch myself but they were hanging pretty loosely. She turned me round so that the ropes pulled my arms crossed over behind my but they weren’t tied together. It was more comfortable.

“Legs apart.” I did. She took the blindfold off me and I blinked, blinded by the light. She looked more beautiful than ever. She smiled and held up a chastity belt. I let my head hang realising that I was being denied orgasm again but I was intrigued by this idea. It was leather and thick plastic so she could see my cunt through the front. I wouldn’t be able to stimulate my clit at all.

“I want you to be full while you wear this. I need to give you an enema. I’m going to do that here.” I looked round and there was equipment. We had never done much anal play and I had never had an enema before. I looked in her eyes and just put my trust in her and she smiled.

“How much do you want me right now?” I stared at her lips.

“More than anything. I’d do anything to be able to touch you.”

“I know you would. If you’re good and you take this punishment well then….”


“For pissing all over me and for doubting me! I told you, you would be punished!”

“I’m sorry!”

“Don’t fucking shout at me!” I lowered my voice.

“I’m sorry.”

“You fucking will be. You will not be allowed to orgasm til tomorrow now.” That turned me on like crazy. She had never done this before either. She was being gentle but getting angry quickly if I pissed her off. The whole way she was being with me was new and exciting. She untied my hands, clipping them behind my back and took me into the bathroom. It was nice to be able to watch her. I didn’t want to piss her off and make her blindfold me again so I kept quiet.

“Get down on your knees.” I did, being careful not to fall flat on my face. She placed a small foot stool in front of me and leant me over it and fastened my feet apart. The tile floor had a huge drain in the middle and we were over that. The bathroom had been designed to play in it but we never had until now. It was a beautiful bathroom and was white tile everywhere. My tits hung down over the stool and my ass was in the air. I had to hold my head up. There were mirrors everywhere in the bathroom and I could see what she was doing behind me. I watched as she lubed up my asshole and pushed the enema tube in. It was threaded through a butt plug and she worked that in and then pumped it full of air to hold it in place. She pushed the tube in further. I knew it had a clamp off point where you could stop the flow and leave it in there full of water. That worried me, but in a good way. I heard the tap running.

“I’m not doing this to be painful ok. I want to fill you up but it shouldn’t cramp.” I nodded and she attached the bag of water and held it up. It went in slowly. I relaxed my head and let it hang down. I was really tired now and needed to sleep. I couldn’t see that happening. I must have yawned and she slapped my already bruised to hell bottom. I cried out and laughed.

“Am I boring you?” I just smiled and shook my head.

“Wow, babe, this is the quietest I’ve ever known you. What are you afraid of?”


“Tell me or I’ll beat it out of you and I’ll leave the water inside you the while time I’m doing it.” I didn’t fancy that.

“I don’t want the blindfold back on.”

“That’s why you’re being a good girl? Why don’t you want it on?”

“I want to be able to see you.” She smiled. “Well, I have plans for you babe and some of them involve you being able to see me and some don’t. You being quiet won’t affect them either way.” I fake cried.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32