Shawn , Libby

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It was a normal Friday morning for Shawn. He had just woken up and had to take a leak. He walked down the hall, in his boxers, just as Libby, his sister, was walking out of the bathroom they had to share. All she had on was a towel wrapped around her head and one around her body. Her back, still a little wet, glistened in the morning light that came in through the window. Shawn didn’t think anything of it. He went in and relieved himself. He went back to his room and got ready for school.

At lunch that afternoon his sister, who only came and talked to him at school when she needed something, walked up to him and asked him if he could give her a ride to the mall after school. He said he would if she let him get the big TV in the living room that night. After she left Shawn’s friends started talking about how hot Libby was.

“Oh my God dude. Your sister is so fucking hot,” said Mark. Mark knew how much saying stuff like that got under Shawn’s skin and irritated him like crazy. “I mean, I would do her for hours on end. That tight butt and perky tits,” he continued. Then Mark asked something that set Shawn off, “I know she is your sister but you have thought about seeing her naked right?”

POP! That was the last straw. Shawn had punched Mark so hard he fell out of his chair. “Dude you are fucking sick.” Shawn walked away fuming. He finished the rest of the day without talking to Mark. The last bell of the day took for ever and the last three minutes took the longest. When the bell rang every one filed out. Finally it was the weekend. Tonight Shawn was going to watch some movies with his girlfriend Wendy, which is why he wanted the big TV.

He sat in the car and waited for about five minutes and Wendy came to the window.

“Hey,” she said. It sounded kind of funny the way she said it. Her voice sounded like she was about to drop a load of bad news, so he got out of his car. “My uncle in Nashville just had a heart attack. My parents and I are driving up there in about two hours. I’m really sorry, but I have to go.” The news hit him like a brick in the balls. He was really looking forward to spending time with her. His parents were in Atlanta for the weekend. So he would have half of the house to himself and Wendy. Then it hit him. He started to feel bad that he was thinking of himself during a situation where he should have been thinking of her.

“I understand. You need to be with your family now. I’ll see you when you get back,” he calmly said. Inside his head he was screaming in frustration. He gave her a big hug she stayed in his arms for a second then he kissed her and she walked away. He got back into the car to wait on Libby.

About twenty minutes later his sister showed up with two of her friends. “Do you think they can come along too?”

“Sure, get in.”

“Thanks bro.” After he dropped them off at the mall he went home.

Shawn woke up at about five o’clock to his phone ringing. He looked at his caller I.D. It was Libby.

“Hello,” he said sleepily.

“Hey gaziantep manken escort bayan do you think you can come and pick us up, and take Mary and Anna home.”

“Yeah give me a little time I just woke up.”

About fifteen minutes later he pulled up out side the Wolfchase Galleria. Libby and her friends were outside waiting. They all piled in. First he drove to Mid-Town to take Anna home. Then back to Cordova to Mary’s house.

“Thanks a bunch for the ride,” she said with a big smile.

As they pulled away Libby burst out, “You know she has the biggest crush on you right?”

“I can tell, but I have a girlfriend. Remember?” Shawn responded.

“That hasn’t stopped you from cheating on her before. Something must be wrong with her if you don’t make a pass at her.”

“She is a little too plump for my taste if you really want to know.” The rest of the ride home was quiet.

When they got home Libby asked, “So, what did you rent for your date that isn’t happening?”

“Some sappy love movie that Wendy wanted to see. Here is the box if you want to look at it.”

“I’ve been meaning to see this. Do you care if we watch it?”

“Whatever it’s due back before Wendy can see it with me.”


About two and a half hours later the credits were rolling down the screen.

“I think I am going to bed a little early tonight,” said Libby.

“Ok I’ll see you in the morning,” Shawn replied.

The next morning Shawn was awakened by his phone ringing. It was Wendy. She was just calling to check in on him. Her uncle had passed away and they are going to be there a little longer. When he got off the phone, he rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, but all he could hear was the shower going. He climbed out of the bed and walked to the kitchen. All he was wearing was a wife beater and boxers. He got a glass of orange juice. As he was walking back to his room to get dressed Libby was walking out in a towel as she always did. Usually nothing happens, but this time his cock jumped to attention. His sister noticed.

“Oh my GOD!”


She pointed at the huge bulge in his boxers. He hadn’t figured out what she could be freaking out about until then. He looked down and immediately threw his hands down to cover up.

“I am so sorry,” he blurted out. Libby just stood there with her mouth wide open. She looked like she was in shock. Shawn quickly ran to his room.

He sat on his bed thinking about what had happened. Thought after thought crossed his mind. “It’s my sister what was going on in my head.” “I see her in a towel almost every morning and that has never happened.” As he thought about it the more images of his sister in a towel popped into his head. This caused his erection to return. The more he thought about it the harder his dick got. Moments later he noticed he was rubbing it and he tried to imagine her naked. He saw her perky little tits, her tight gaziantep masaj yapan escort bayan butt, and her petite little waist. He imagined her tight little pussy cleanly shaven. He thought about how it would feel to have his dick sucked off by her luscious lips. He squeezed off a load. After the euphoria had passed he began to think to himself. “Am I a bad person? It’s not natural to think about my sister like this.” He cleaned himself up and got dressed.

When he left his room it was almost noon. Libby was sitting in the living room in a tank top and some short cotton shorts watching TV.

She turned to him and said, “What happened this morning?”

“I don’t really know. It has never happened before,” was his response.

He really had no idea why, but at that very moment he wanted to touch her in ways he shouldn’t. Shawn walked over and sat down next to Libby. She turned to him as if she was ready to listen to anything he might say. He didn’t say anything. He just looked deep into her bright green eyes. Her dark, long, brown hair was in her face a little. He pushed it back behind her ear with his right hand and left it on the side of her face. Libby had a look on her face Shawn had never seen before. It looked a little like she knew what he was going to do. He leaned forward and kissed her. It wasn’t a deep passionate kiss, but it wasn’t a peck either. It was soft and nice. Libby seemed a little reluctant to kiss back…at first. After about fifteen seconds she put her arms around his neck and began to kiss him back. They made out for about ten minutes. Out of instinct Shawn’s hand started to slide up her loose tank top. He realized what he was doing and stopped and pulled himself back from her.

“What are we doing?” he asked her.

She looked back at him and said, “Having fun. I’ve wanted to do this for a while. I just never thought it was a good thing to say.”

“Are you serious? To me this feels far from right, but I want you so bad now.”

She looked at him for a second and leaned in and started to kiss him again. After about five minutes he found his hand sliding up her shirt again. This time he didn’t stop. He found out that she was not wearing a bra. His fingers ran over her nipples as they became hard. She felt her hands lifting up his shirt. They stopped kissing long enough for her to get his shirt off. He lifted her tank top up and over her head exposing her perfect little breasts.

“Oh God you are so fucking hot,” Shawn said. He laid back on the sofa, and Libby crawled on top of him. She leaned over so he could get his mouth around one of her erect nipples. She let out a little moan. Libby felt his cock growing stiff through his pants.

She looked towards his crotch and asked, “Can I see it?” He nodded, and she slowly unzipped his pants and pulled them off by the ankles. Shawn was now laying there in his boxers his dick was obviously fully erect and it had popped out of the gaziantep masöz escort bayan hole in the front.

“Wow I haven’t seen one that big before,” said Libby. She wrapped her whole fist around it and most of it was still sticking out. She ran her hand up and down the shaft. After about three minutes, Libby leaned down and put the head of it into her mouth. She circled the tip with her tongue then slowly slid her mouth about half way down the shaft. For a while she just went about half way down while she used her hand on the rest. All of a sudden Libby put her hands down on the couch and slid the cock all the way down her throat. Shawn was surprised he didn’t know that his sister was that sexually skilled. He finally came in her mouth. She didn’t swallow immediately she crawled up to him and kissed him with his load still in her mouth he tasted his salty cum and then she swallowed what was in her mouth and went back to sucking on the tip of his cock to get what was still left.

When Libby got up so did Shawn. She grabbed his hand and walked him to their parents’ bathroom. She turned on the shower and took off her shorts. Everything on her body was the way he had imagined it. Right down to the clean shaven pussy.

She got in and turned to face him. “Are you coming in?” she asked. Shawn immediately dropped his boxers to the floor and climbed in. Libby and Shawn embraced and kissed passionately for a while. Shawn began to kiss her neck. Slowly he worked his way down to her chest he worked her nipples with his mouth making sure he didn’t leave either one out. He got down on one knee and propped her foot up on the little bar meant to hold the wash rag. He kissed her thigh, and he worked his way to her pink slit. He began lapping at her wet cunt. He licked her clit while he slid his middle finger in her amazingly tight pussy. He never thought his sister would taste so good. She had two or three orgasms before he stopped.

Shawn stood up. He asked, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Libby wanted him so bad she could only nod. He picked her up under the thighs. She wrapped her legs around his waist. She reached down and guided the head in to her hot wet pussy. After that Shawn took care of the rest, he lowered her down his shaft. It was a tight fit. He had never fucked such a tight pussy. Libby let out whimpers of pain and pleasure. She came again, and he put her down. Libby turned around and put her hands against the wall. Shawn knew what she wanted he slid his cock into her cunt again. He grabbed her by the hips and started out slowly moving in and out. He started to move more quickly till he was pounding orgasms out of his little sister. She came five more times before he finally pulled out. She got down on her knees and sucked off the load that had been building. Again she stood up and let him taste himself when she kissed him.

They got out of the shower, and went to their rooms. The next time they saw each other it was about six o’clock. Shawn had gotten dressed and was in the kitchen on the phone with Wendy. Libby walked up and kissed him and went into the living room. She turned on the TV. He came in and asked her if she wanted to order a pizza or something for dinner.

During the weekend they had more sex than Shawn and Wendy had ever had. When their parents came home Sunday night and asked if anything exciting happened while they were gone the only response they got from either teen was “Oh Yeah.”

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