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Madeline brushed her long black hair away from her face, as she gazed at her reflection in the mirror. Her round face, button nose, rose colored lips, and sapphire blue eyes were the envy of many women, half her age. At forty-five, she still considered her five foot five, body voluptuous, with all the curves in the right places. She applied just enough make-up to be alluring. Straighten her blouse; that contained her well endowed breasts, and checked her skirt. After that she donned four inch stilettos that accentuated her long, tanned legs. When she walked she still received many catcalls when she walks.

Her husband Jim, who was already dressed for work, was watching her. He licked his lips and complimented her. “Darling you are just plain beautiful. How did I get so fucking lucky?”

She would flash him a seductive smile, and purr, “Hey handsome, flattery will get you everywhere.”

She loved his five-foot nine muscular body. Not to mention his blond hair, blue eyes, and a smile that could melt butter. Sexually he was as kinky as her, and loved trying new things.

It didn’t seem like they have been married for five years. This year, they wanted to do something special for their vacation. They wanted a place that was warm, with tropical breezes, and sun kissed beaches, far away from the cold winter weather of Illinois. They found a perfect location, the Island of Jamaica. They were scheduled to fly there that coming weekend.

“Well doll, we’d better scoot, or I will be late for work once more, and the boss will be more than pissed.”

“I hear you, let me fill my travel cup with Java, and we can be on our way.”

After kissing goodbye, he left in his car, and she left in hers. Each hoping they would miss the morning rush hour, of Peoria, Illinois.

She walked into her office building two minutes late, as record time for her. She phoned Jim, told him she had arrived safely, and purred, “Have a great day darling.”

“Well I wasn’t late thank god. You have a great day too doll. Just think, at 5 pm our vacation starts.”

“Oooh I cannot wait, sandy beaches her I come, or is it cum,” she laughed.

He laughed and bade her goodbye.

Her day was no busier than most Fridays; it started out hectic but by two, slowed to a boring crawl. She sat at her desk watching the clock, which seemed to move a bit slower than usual. Her mind wandered as she thought about the island. She wondered what they could do while there. The brochure showed restaurants, trail rides, scuba diving, and many other kinds of tourist attractions. However she wanted just the two of them, to do something different. Sure they could stroll on the sun kissed beach, or gazing at the star light sky, while fucking in the sand.

She continued fantasizing. A daydream so vivid, it seemed real. She saw the two of them making love in a Jacuzzi, on the porch of their bungalow.

A knock on the door jolted her back to reality. There stood Elaine, her secretary.

“Oh hi, don’t worry; I was just daydreaming of Jamaica.”

Elaine Sex hikayeleri walked toward the desk and spoke. “I wanted to stop in and wish you a safe trip on your vacation. I’d love to go to the islands with you. Can I hide in your luggage? God Madeline, I am going to miss you, who am I going to complain to when you’re gone?”

“Elaine, maybe they will let you work for Barry, the sales manager. After all you told me he was cute, but not your type, and a bit of a klutz. I just know he will do something you’ll love to complain about.”

“Spare me the thought; he has been eyeing my ass every time I walk by him. He gives me the willies.”

“Aww he likes you, just keep wiggling your ass, and you’ll have no problems. By the way, when I get back, you can give me the details, if any, plus the all the office gossip.”

“Spoil sport. I just know the two of you will not think of the office for a moment. However, if you have time, will you send me a postcard?”

“Well girl, I think I can manage to send you a postcard.”

Elaine bid her goodbye and left the room.

Madeline glanced at the clock and groaned, it finally was quitting time. She wondered how much rush hour traffic she’d fight this time on the way home.

She put everything away, and dialed Jim on her cell. “Hi baby, just calling to tell you I am headed toward home.”

“Hiya sexy, I am too. I have and idea; how’s about we meet at Ruby Tuesdays for supper. That way, all we have to do when we get home, is finish any last minute packing.”

“Well I already have everything packed and ready to go darling. Ooooh, Ruby Tuesdays sound delicious. See you there around six, if I don’t get held up in traffic. I love you baby, goodbye.”

She headed out the door, and said her goodbyes to the rest of the staff. Then headed to her car, and drove to the restaurant. For a while she thought she’d missed the most of the rush hour, until she was halfway there. A traffic accident stalled her commute. She thought about calling Jim, but decided to take a side street around the incident. She arrived at her destination fifteen minutes after six.

She parked the car, and headed inside to find Jim. The maître d’ offered to help her to her seat when she informed him she was meeting her husband. He started to guide her to his table.

Just then Jim came up to her and offered his arm, “Hi sexy, table for two on your left honey.”

“Hi sweetheart, I’m starving, let’s go to the table and order something,”

Arm in arm the proceeded to the table, ordered drinks, and began looking at the menu. Once the drinks arrived, they told the waitress what they wanted.

The two sat back, sipped their drinks and began discussing their upcoming trip.

“Oh I cannot wait to see you, wearing practically nothing as we stroll along our secluded stretch of the private beach.”

She winked, blushed and replied, “Ooooh, what would you think if I went commando?”

“I wouldn’t think, I’d want to lay you down and make love to you, right Sikiş hikayeleri then and there, in the sand.”

“Mmmm darling, that can be arranged. I cannot wait to be alone, just you and I…… no phone, no internet, no office.”

“Sounds like you have it all planned out dear.”

“Not really, I like being spontaneous. I do want to try something we have never done before.”

“Which is?”

“I haven’t a clue yet, but I am sure, we’ll think of something hot, wild, and sexy.”

He quickly changed the subject, before his cock got harder. They finished the meal and he leaned over and asked, “Would you like some dessert Madeline?”

She leaned over, and whispered, “Yeah, but I cannot have that kind here. I was thinking of your hot, hard, cock, along with whipped cream and a cherry.”

“Oh god you’re making me hard! Let’s go.”

She followed him home. After all the packing and everything for the trip was done. She couldn’t wait to spend the next few hours with him romping in bed.

As soon as she pulled into the two car garage next to his car, Jim hit the close button. He got out of his car, walked over to where she was, helped her out of her car, and pulled her into his arms.

“Oh my sexy darling, I love you more than I did the first time I saw you.”

She leaned into him, ran her fingers down his back, and felt his stiff cock pressing against her.

“I love you too. Let’s go inside to the comfort of our bedroom. God I cannot wait to strip, and play with your cock. All I have to do is stop by the kitchen for the whipped cream and cherry.”

“To hell with that, skip the condiments, I want you now!”

They scurried toward the bedroom, discarding clothing as they went. Once there, they stripped off the rest of the way.

She walked over to him, and leaned into his awaiting arms. She could feel his love for her radiating between them.

His arms went around her as his lips came down passionately on hers. With a kiss, that went clear to his soul, and made his dick throb. He continued kissing her as he laid her gently on the bed.

She pulled his body closer, and looked lovingly into his eyes. She kissed him more intensely this time, as her hands caressing the hairs of his chest, working downward.

Her touch, always took his breath away. As she caressed him, he moved his finger across the top of her right breast. He kissed them gently while reaching down and feeling her soft, warm legs.

He stopped for a moment, gazed into her eyes, and growled lustfully, “Oh my sweet baby-doll, you’re so beautiful!”

His touch set every inch of her ablaze with desire. She gasped. Her breasts and brown, erect nipples, heaved with each breath. Her heart raced, as her heart beat pounded in her ears.

She touched his shoulder, pushed his head downward and hissed, “Eat my cunt Jim!”

He was erect and more than ready, and climbed between her legs. Her glistening shaved cunt’s aroma intoxicated him. He kissed the velvety, moisture laden skin. He separated Erotik hikaye her labia, and ran his tongue its length from her clit to ass.

He paused momentarily to utter, “Mmm, you taste so fuckin good.”

“Flatterer.” She gestured, spreading her legs further and raising her knees to give him better access.

She grasped her beautiful breasts and began rolling the taunt nipples as his lips worked on her pussy.

The feel of her pussy lips, the softness of her skin, plus the taste, made him want to lick and suck her cunt indefinitely. He licked the inside enthusiastically, like a kitten on a bowl of milk.

She moved her hips back and forth, as her fingers ran through his hair, pulling him close to her hotbox. She moaned and squealed in sheer delight.
“Tongue fuck my cunt baby!”

He paused long enough to blurt out, “I could eat your cunt for days!”

“Do it, honey, oh god, eat me,” she shrieked. “Make me cum!”

He slithered his tongue deep as his index finger teased her swollen, sensitive, clit. He was rewarded with more wetness. Following that, he finger-fucked her as he flicked her clitoris with his tongue. He encircled it teasingly, paused, and began doing it again, repeatedly.

She let out an animalistic groan, “Ooooh fuck, Jim, that’s it, keep it up, I am almost there!”

He began moving the hood of skin which covered her clit with his fingers, exposing it to his tongue. He took her erect clit between my lips, sucked it, and then chewed it gently, at first, then harder.

His erection became more sensitive, and excited as he moved back and forth on the bed, while eating her.

Finally he could not take it anymore, stopped eating her pussy and growled, “Madeline, I’m about to come on the bed!”

“Oh Jim, I love what you’re doing, I am close to cumming too. Slide that hot dick into me and fuck me hard!”

He grasped his cock and shoved it balls deep, as he pussy contract pleasurably, milking his shaft hard.

She started to tremble, as her climax began to surge through her. She wrapped her legs around him and screamed, “Oh baby, fuck me harder, it feels so damn good! Oh shit, I am cumming!”

He fucked her with long, deep strokes, and it did not take him long to explode his seed deep inside her. They lay there for a moment, entangled in each others arms.

He whispered, “That was heavenly.”

“It was wasn’t it? I hate to ruin this party, but look at the time baby. We should try and get some rest, we leave is eight hours.”

She curled up next to him, and they kissed deeply, as their tongues did the dance of lovers. She laid her head on his chest, and fell asleep in his arms. Dreaming of sandy beaches, his naked body, and piercing blue eyes.

She awoke to the smell of coffee brewing. She rubbed her eyes, and looked around the room. She noticed he was already dressed and coming toward the bed carrying a tray.

“Ah honey, you didn’t have to fix breakfast for me.”

“Why not? We are officially on vacation, and I wanted to start spoiling my baby.”

“You are so sweet, I love the way you treat me.”

She enjoyed the meal. When finished she showered and dressed.

Within two hours they were flying towards paradise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32