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maybe it had a little something to do with the way I remember you watching me in the shower the first time. I went on about my business as if you were not absorbing every move I made. The feelings you brought on made me feel I was a princess, a woman to be seen and appreciated in the nude.

Just as I turned around to brace my leg on the edge of the tub, you gasped in a pleasurable sigh, as if to ready yourself for another round of hold-your-breath observations. The thick soapy bubbles squeezed between my fingers as I lathered my leg from ankle to inner thigh. As I bent forward to glide the new pink razor along my smooth flawless shin, my breasts hung to either side of my thigh. As I stood to change positions, you smiled at the soapy design remaining on my chest. My somewhat firm nipples poked through the thick pinkish white lather.

You remained quiet while I turned to put my foot behind me on the rear curve of the tub. Twisted at the waist and bent backwards, I could see the back of my leg and could reach further toward my heel. Seeing the contortion of my body this way made you hard.

Seeing your admiring eyes light up turned me on more than all the time I’ve known you. I smiled and continued to clean the lather from my leg in long, narrow, smooth strokes. At the end of each stroke, I’d clear the razor and begin again. You licked your lips unaware that I caught you watching so close. I etched a heart around one nipple. That may have been the key to unlock your stare. I waited. The heart was then duplicated.

I began with the razor placed at my other ankle slowly tracking upwards with a few strokes up my shin. I skipped my tender, sensual, bended knee and resumed at the lower part of my muscular thigh. All lather ended at the darkness of my pussy. Your gaze followed the motions of my hand. Being predictable as we were, my hand and your eye shifted back to my ankle once again for what would now be a looonnng, slow, precise stroke up my leg, Rize Escort over my knee and along the length of my thigh. Once more, your eyes shifted back to my ankle. This time, my hand did not meet the line of your eye. You followed slowly back up along the bare strip with one appreciative fingertip until you ran out of leg. A razor was not there, but my other hand was. Three fingers were spread across the area between my legs.

With my leg propped on the edge of the tub, my hand stayed on display against my damp pussy. Your eyes could not stay still. Your fingertips kept feeling the smooth skin of my leg, your hands passed along my thigh until you reached those three that awaited your touch. I placed my hand on top of yours, feeling the nervousness tremble gently through your masculine knuckles. I pressed your hand harder against my moist pussy. One finger slipped a little too far and landed all too comfortably in the slit that waited for your moves. You looked up quickly to see if I had caught you creating your fantasy. The blushed tone of your face made it obvious.

You removed your hand and loaded your fingertips with lather. Applying it carefully, you outlined a design you wanted to see on me. I handed you the razor, but as I turned to hand it over to your control, the gently flowing stream of hot water rinsed away your shaving cream guidelines.

Steam continued to fill our small space behind the shower curtain. It eventually consumed the remainder of the small room. You reached up for the shaving cream. I slipped my hand beneath your arm asking you to rise into an embrace. You responded as I hoped, sliding your body up along mine, stealing a kiss of special body parts as you went. Just as you stood, you grabbed my face from either side and kissed me square on the mouth. My knees weakened and your hands on my jaw helped keep me standing. Your cock pressed hard against me. I parted my legs the slightest bit to feel it press to Rize Escort Bayan my lips. You made no comment on the wetness as you glided between my legs.

After a tender nibble on your lower lip, and without a single word being spoken, you lowered your body along mine until you were sitting on the edge of the tub. You wrapped your arm around my leg. I lifted my foot to the tub beside you and opened my hips to you. The shaving cream was still on the ledge. When I turned to grab the can, you grabbed a breast and guided it to your mouth. The feel of your tongue flagging on my nipple took away all the power in my arm. It fell to my side before I could grab the can.

When you stopped, I could focus again, and handed you shaving cream to finish your plan. The swooshing sound as it dispensed let me know you were serious about this, and you were not just decorating earlier with the cream off my leg. I watched closely as you applied the thick lather. A tilt of your head, a squinted eye, and a tender touch with one finger kept my attention on your face. When you sat up to take a more distant look, I looked down to see what you were going to do. You lifted your hand to block my view.

My hands pushed their way through your hair, scooped around your ears, played with your earlobes and finally made way to your mouth. You sucked on a finger before I leaned over to kiss you once more. Although you reciprocated, your effort reverted right back to my pussy and to choosing the designs that turn you on most. I had become your palate. Each design you made lit your face more than the last. Each time you changed your mind, you would simply erase it. When you swiped your hand across my pad, the design was smoothed out and you would start again.

I loved it when you changed your mind. I felt the heel of your hand press hard at the extreme base of my pussy. Next, your palm wrapped up along the slit until finally your fingers pressed at the outside Escort Rize edges of my clit. With one long swipe, your design was smoothed and I was hotter and wetter than the last erasure. By the fifth time you changed your mind, it was decided what you were going to do.

You lowered my leg and spun me around to face the other way. Your hand reached between my legs and rubbed the silky hair until all the shaving cream was rinsed away. You lowered me until I was sitting in your lap. Reaching to my knees, you pulled on them until my legs opened a little bit, putting my knees to the outside edges of yours. Parting your legs made mine part as well. Mine were opened so far that I could feel a slight breeze against my clit. That sensation was soon followed by the heat of your hand. You used one hand to part my pussy lips as your other massaged my clit. The slow rubbing of my hot wet slit paired well with the gentle tapping of my swelled, garnet clit.

I knew it had to be harder than ever but could not feel it press to my ass and up my back as I expected. I reached around my waist and felt your abs tighten. I reached between my legs to feel for your cock. Reaching too far down, the first gift in my fingertips was your tightening balls. I moaned, grabbed on them, stroked them a slight bit then continued to feel for your thick throbbing shaft. You worked your magic and lifted it without touching it. Your hard cock tapped up against my wetness as your hands shifted to my breasts. You pulled me to lie back against your chest. With a twist of my neck, I spun my head to steal another kiss. Your fingers made way into my mouth. You reached across my thigh to guide your cock against my pussy. The wetness was unmistakable as you commented on it being no water to make it that wet. With a shy, acknowledging giggle, I leaned forward, tipping my pelvis to just the right angle. Your hand grabbed at my hair, then pushed my head forward further. I was folded in half as your cock made me moan.

The gentle glide through my slit to my pounding clit made me gasp and hold my breath. Your fat head rubbed at my clit until I writhed in your lap. Those strong hands of yours pulled at my hips to move me smoothly across your long cock

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32