Shanti’s Tryst with Adventures Ch. 05

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Rain streaked down the large picture window in the living room as Shanti sat having her morning coffee. The wet, humid day seemed to fit her mood to the letter. She couldn’t remember ever being so low in her life. She had to do something … something drastic to alter the situation she now found herself in.

But what?

It seemed no matter what approach she might take, she and her marriage were the losers. But she had to take some chance. There was no easy way out … it was obvious that the situation wasn’t just going to disappear by itself. An idea entered her head, but she dismissed it immediately. It wouldn’t work. But search as she could for an answer, she kept coming back to the same thing. Maybe it might work … it was a long shot, but what else had she? She walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa, lighting a cigarette from the box on the coffee table. Her hand reached out for the telephone and she let it rest there for a long time before she gathered the nerve to pick up the receiver. Her finger slowly turned the dial each number taking as long as possible as she mentally rehearsed what she was going to say.

“Venkat Household Products,” the mechanical operator’s voice on the other end of the line came in. “Good morning.”

Shanti hesitated for a few brief moments, trying to find her voice.

“May … may I talk to Mr. Ram, please?” she asked timidly.

“Just a moment. I’ll connect you with his office.”

The few seconds that passed seemed to last for hours. Shanti almost decided to hang up the receiver when a new voice jumped on the line.

“Mr. Ram’s office. This is Miss Franks.”

“Yes. I’d like to speak to Mr. Venkat,” Shanti started to say.

“I’m sorry,” the efficient voice came back at her. “Mr. Venkat won’t be in today. May I take a message?”

Shanti was lost. She hadn’t thought about anything going wrong with her plan.

“Uh … no … no message. I’ll call tomorrow.” And she hung up abruptly.

“Shit!” she said out loud, surprising herself with her profanity, furious with herself. She hadn’t counted on anything like this. She couldn’t call him at his house. Now she would have to wait until tomorrow and she knew that by that time she would have lost all her courage and sure to have backed down.

Riiiinng! The telephone shattered her thinking.

Shanti reached out for the receiver and tentatively picked it up.

“Hello,” she said softly.

“Well, hello, Shanti. How nice to hear your voice again.” It was Ram Saran. “I trust you slept well last night and are feeling fine this morning?” he asked smoothly.

“Yes, very well, thank you,” Shanti answered, her voice picking up. “How kind of you to call and find out.”

“Well, I also called to see if perhaps you might like to have lunch with me again, today,” he suggested suggestively.

“I have an even better idea,” Shanti answered, now completely sure of herself. “Why don’t you stop by here this evening for dinner?”

“Oh?” said Ram warily. “Is my wife invited too?”

Shanti didn’t hesitate for a second.

“I don’t think so … I mean, after all, my husband isn’t invited.”

“And where will he be?” Ram asked.

“He is working late on some sketches with another client. On nights like these, he doesn’t get home until at least midnight. Shall we say about seven?”

“Seven will be just fine. Until then,” and Shanti heard the line go dead.

Well, she had done it. And, suddenly, every doubt came rushing back at her, flooding her mind with all the reasons why this idea could not possibly work. But she fought them off – it had to work! Ratan would indeed be home that evening. She remembered his words exactly.

“I’ll be home at eight o’clock. You better have my dinner ready from now on. I want the respect I’m entitled to around here!” he had shouted at her as he was going out the front door. Now, all depended on his reaction. Her desperate hope was that he would be so enraged at seeing another man with his wife, that beyond his anger he would realize that he was doing the same

thing and that it just didn’t work. That indeed, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap …” and she looked forward to the moment when she saw his face, just punishment for what she had been put through the last few days.

* * *

A quarter to seven.

Shanti paced back and forth across the living room, waiting. Each time she passed the large mirror behind the buffet table, she stopped briefly to look at herself. Her fingers adjusted a nonexistent flaw in her hair – or rearranged the sheer see through camisole she had finally decided on after more than an hour’s deliberation. God … won’t seven o’clock ever get here? It was a thought as she paced, nervously smoking cigarette after cigarette.

And then it was seven … seven-o-five … seven-ten. When the doorbell finally rang, Shanti walked slowly toward the foyer, trying to make it seem as casual as possible … that she was used to such things happening. When she opened Rize Escort the door, Ram walked right by her into the living room without waiting for her to invite him in.

“Nice little house you have here,” he said without much feeling, taking off his coat and throwing it on a chair and settling on the sofa.

Shanti closed the door and followed him into the room.

“Well, it’s nothing compared to yours, but we…” she started to say, but stopped herself. “Would you like a drink?” she offered, changing the subject.

“A lot of Scotch in a big glass,” he answered, just as happy not to have to go through all the bullshit conversation.

Shanti walked to the small bar at the other end of the room, her firm, young figure swaying suggestively beneath the sheer material of her gown. But as she poured the drinks, her shaking hands revealed her inner tensions. Ram watched her little performance smiling to him, but said nothing. He knew when to keep quiet.

“Thank you,” he said as she offered the full glass to him.

“Here’s to us!”

* * *

Shanti let the sheer peignoir drop from her shoulders to the bedroom floor, exposing her voluptuous body to Ram’s lustful gaze. His hands ripped at his own clothing, pulling his shirt, then his pants off as quickly as possible. As he pushed his shorts down over his legs, his now fully erect cock bed up from them, pointing straight out at Shanti as if it was a cannon ready to fire a barrage of ammunition at her. And indeed, he was ready to fill her cunt with the hot fire building up inside him. He walked slowly over to her, and grabbing her by the shoulders, lowered her to the bed directly behind her. Nervous perspiration popped out all over Shanti’s body. She had timed their actions perfectly. It was almost eight o’clock and any minute now, Ratan would come walking in the front door, finding Ram and her in this adulterous situation. That would fix both of them.

Ram pulled her up on the bed until just her legs were dangling over the end, the back of her thighs resting at the edge of the bed. He pushed his hands between her thighs and forced them open wide until the lips of her cunt parted, revealing its soft folds of skin to his awaiting mouth. He dropped to his knees in front of her and grabbing her buttocks, thrust his face deep into her warm, waiting vaginal lips.

“Oooouuu…” Shanti cooed as she felt the first contact of Ram’s hot, wet mouth against the soft, sensitive flesh of her pussy. She wanted to remain cool and detached from his lovemaking, but just this first contact seemed to throw a switch that sent the fires of lust and passion swirling throughout her waiting body. And as Ram’s mouth began its exploration of her cunt, she completely forgot the reason she had invited him and became lost in her own sexual desire. It had been months since anyone had really treated her like a woman the way Ram did, and she was unable to pretend any differently. Although she hated this man with every fibre of her body, at that very moment, she wanted him inside her, plummeting into her until at last she would reach that delicious moment … feeling his hot cum spurting into her, mixing with her own juices in one great, satisfying orgasm.

She pulled him up from between her legs until his body rested on hers, his cock hard against her thighs, pressed into the narrow hair lined slit of her cunt. She arched up for a moment, levering them both up off the bed with a stretch of her back and reaching up under her buttocks, pulled her vaginal lips slowly apart, giving his cock smooth, moist contact with the wet, throbbing slit. She relaxed, dropping her body back to the bed, his rigid member trapped tightly between her thighs.

“Oh, God you feel good,” Ram grunted, his mouth gnawing at the flesh of her neck and shoulders. “… soooo goood …”

Shanti’s nails trailed across his back, leaving small red welts in their path. Ram’s hands pushed further down beneath her, cupping the fullness of her firm, rounded buttocks in the palms of his hands and pulled the wetness of her open crotch up even tighter against his. He moved up and down slowly, insinuating the hardness of his full hardened length of flesh up

and down the widespread slit, feeling it grow wetter and wetter with each second.

Her ass began a thrusting rotation up against his thighs until suddenly her legs kicked out and locked around the back of his, pulling him still closer to her.

“I’m going to fuck you … NOW!” Ram growled, his body grinding into hers.

He started to move, but she beat him to it. Her hands came down between their pressed bodies and circled around his throbbing cock, guiding it between the soft, fleece-lined lips of her hot, palpitating pussy.

Ram groaned above her as he felt her move it up and down between her legs, parting the soft silky hair of her cunt again with the pulsating blood-filled head. Not being able to hold back another second, he flicked his hips forward and with a harsh thrust Rize Escort Bayan drove his cock crashing into the gaping hot mouth of her widely contracted vaginal hole. His long thick tool raced up her cunt like a freight train to the full depths of her belly, warm and tight at first, and then easier as the wetness of the passage surrounded him, lubricating the way. And then he hit bottom, his balls slapping hard against the upturned cheeks of her ass.

“Aaaahhgg…” Shanti screamed at the unexpected pain and twisted to escape slightly. But he thrust into her even harder, screwing his pelvis tighter into her loins so there was no escape for her.

Ram smiled and looked down at her trapped body. She was skewered good and he lay still on top of her in a moment of triumph. He enjoyed hurting her in this way, knowing that she was unable to hurt him back. He reveled for a moment in the power he possessed over another man’s reluctant wife impaled beneath him and flicked the head again, bringing another moan from between her tightly clenched teeth. He ground his pelvis into the smooth

flaccid flesh beneath him as she strained back under him, arching her loins up at him, lifting them both a few inches off the squeaking mattress from the strength of her upward thrusts.

She moaned ceaselessly beneath his pounding body, opening and closing her legs around his hips as he worked up and down in a chanting rhythm of intercourse as old as man’s world. Her mouth gaped open wide, her head flailing from side to side on the mattress, lost in the wild abandon of the delicious fuck he was giving her.

Ram reached under her buttocks as he drove his cock rhythmically into the wetness of her cunt and stretched the crevice of her ass wide, searching with the tip of his middle finger for her anus. When he found it, a small rivulet of warm moisture was running down the widespread crevice from where he could feel his hard rod of flesh sawing into her. It moistened the tight

puckered little hole, lubricating it slightly and he probed experimentally for a moment with the tip of his finger. He pushed hard, feeling it give a little, and then suddenly the tight elastic ring gave way completely and his finger slid up to the first knuckle.

“Aarrrggg!” she screamed, almost crawling on her back across the bed to escape the first unexpected pain. But Ram pushed again, until the finger was in to the second knuckle, and in spite of the pain he knew he was causing her, he felt her suddenly begin screwing her buttocks back on his finger until it was sunk all the way in to the palm of his hand. He jiggled it inside, rotating it around in the fleshy depths of her rectum. He could feel through the thin wall of flesh separating her two passages the underside of his cock sliding in and out of her and began skewering her between them, maintaining the same rhythm for both as she groaned under him, opening her legs wide out over the bed to give him greater access to the ravishing of her loins.

Ram could both sense and feel his cock growing inside her until he felt as though it might burst from the exquisite pleasure building up in his balls as they slapped against her upturned ass. Knowing that she could soon cum, he began ramming into her with long hard strokes in time with his finger digging into her asshole to excite her more. He knew she was near completion as she gripped him tight between her thighs, opening and closing them around him in time to his long, hard thrusts into her. She gurgled beneath him, the sound coming from deep within her throat as though she had no control over it. He knew she was near and he continued his merciless thrusting with all his might.

“Ohhhh … yes … fuck me good … fuck me … yes …eeeessss …” Shanti mumbled incoherently beneath him, wallowing in the obscene sound of the words coming out of her mouth. She jack-knifed her legs up tight, pressing her knees back hard into her breasts and offering him the full opening of her upraised crotch. Her eyes rolled uncontrollably in her head, her

face contorted and straining for the final explosion so near. She mumbled on and on until the sounds coming from her throat were a mass of jumbled unintelligible syllables whose meaning was known only to her, she pulled back her thighs tighter until the whole of her stretched pink vaginal slit was pressed up to him to batter and use as he willed. Her ankles locked over his shoulders, her crotch squirming beneath him in a wild uninhibited

dance of abandoned ecstasy. Her mouth hung open wide, unseeing eyes gazed wide at the ceiling.

Shanti screamed suddenly, a low animal sound as she screwed her wildly clenching pussy hard up on his thrusting cock and locked herself to him with all the strength of the thighs while her loins jerked spasmodically against his belly. She held her breath for a moment and then expelled it as though hit in the stomach by a solid fist, her body collapsing limply down into the mattress. She lay still, except for Escort Rize the uncontrollable quivering of her pussy still locked tightly around his tortured prick.

He pushed deep into her and then lay quiet, allowing her to rest for

the moment. “Mmmmm …” she cooed. “That was wonderful …”

“You’re not finished yet,” Ram answered, pulling back and sliding his hardness wetly out of the warm softness of her pussy. As he rolled from the softness of her body over onto his back, thin sticky trails of her orgasm followed his cock across her thigh. He lay with his rigidity pointed straight up at the ceiling and reached out for her, pulling her on top of him, forcing her down on the bed until her face lay directly over his cannon-like prick. She reached up with her hand and began to stroke him, sliding the loose flesh up and down in a slow, magical rhythm that caused

his ache to increase beyond endurance. She rose to her knees and hovered over him on all fours, her face a scant few inches from the throbbing moist head of his prick. She held it tightly between both hands, stroking it between the flat of both palms in a teasing up-and-down motion that caused his loins to undulate in time to her maddening rhythm.

“Suck it, baby!” he ordered. “Suck it good!”

Shanti had completely forgotten about Ratan now.

All she cared about was seeing that Ram got what he wanted.

Never had she been so satisfied before … and now, she wanted to have his

cock in her mouth, swallowing him, filling her belly with his cum. Her head dropped slowly toward the hardness of him and suddenly her tongue flicked forward, the tip boring teasingly into the wetness of the tiny gland on the end. He sucked his breath in from the sudden unexpected contact. Chills rippled along the back of his spine, bringing a groan from his lips. She brought her mouth all the way down and enclosed the whole of the sensitive

head in a moist, warm pressure. Her lips tightened like an elastic band around it just below the head, wrapping it completely inside the warm, wet cavern of her mouth.

Ram lifted his head from the bed and looked down at Shanti’s head. The sight of his hard shaft of flesh sunk halfway between her oval lips increased the sensations a thousand times. It was still wet from the juices of her orgasm and glistened like the stump of a wet tree along the part she had not yet taken between her soft, moistened lips. She massaged the soft resilient skin of his testicles gently with one hand and stroked

the base of his cock between the thumb and forefinger of the other as she began to suck rhythmically up and down. He could feel the softness of her tongue twirling maddeningly around it at the apex of the withdrawal, the tip flicking magically across the tiny opening of the gland on the end.

He raised his buttocks, his head still raise watching the top of her head up and down below. The sight of her labors made it all the more exciting for him.

Great swirls of heat were building deep in his balls as he watched her face working above his sweating loins. He could see tiny rivulets of sweat rolling in thin droplets from the side of her body as she bucked over him like a demon gone mad. The muscles of his stomach tightened until he thought they would snap from the pressure as he arched his back up off the bed, pushing even further between her lips.

Thin pink ridges of flesh pulled out from her mouth, clinging greedily to his thrusting cock.

Ram groaned above her flailing head and rammed deep into her throat, holding her head in the prison of his heavy hands like a steel band. His cock began a sudden jerking motion and spewed with a vengeance the hot jets of his cum deep into her mouth. Shanti groaned as she continued sucking and her Adam’s apple in rapid rhythm, swallowing the gushing sperm squirting

hotly into the warm moistness of her mouth. She clasped her lips in a tight elastic ring around the jerking instrument, swirling her tongue around and around the throbbing head. She wanted to suck it dry, and his groans of pleasure incited her to greater effort. It continued for almost an eternity and she thought it would never end until finally the hands clamped at the sides of her face fell away and the giant throbbing cock gave one last hot spurt of its depleted seminal fluid and stopped.

She had sucked him dry.

And as his now limp cock slipped obscenely from her mouth, reality began to slowly creep back into Shanti’s mind. She realized for the first time that she had completely given herself to this man just as he had wanted her to and gotten lost in it again.

But why wasn’t Ratan home, she thought. Something had gone wrong with her plan. She got up from bed and wrapped the dropped peignoir around her shoulders and started out of the room.

“Going somewhere?” Ram asked.

“I … I want to check …” she started to answer.

“If you’re worried about your husband, don’t be. He won’t be home for some time now. I made sure of that.”

“I don’t understand,” Shanti said. “What do you mean?”

“Well, when you invited me here this morning, I made sure we wouldn’t be interrupted.”

“How did you make sure?” Shanti insisted, tired of beating around the bush.

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