Sexual Beginnings Ch. 02

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A few days later, Nicole relaxed poolside in the backyard of her home. Feeling the need to talk openly to someone, she picked up her cell phone and called her best friend.

“Hey Kristine, how are you doing?”

“I’m getting by. How’s your mom? Is your dad back home?”

“No, and my mom is really sad. I think they are going to break up soon. I’m worried about her. Kris, last night I overheard my mom masturbating.”

“You did?” Kristine asked.

“Yep, I know she misses sex, and being with dad. I remember her telling me that my dad used to be really good in the sack,” Nicole said with a giggle.

“Not exactly the image I needed to picture, but it’s ok,” Kristine replied.

“Yea, something about parents having sex feels creepy,” Nicole said.

“Sure does. But Nicole, that’s how we got here after all.”

“That’s true enough. I sure wish mom was happier.”

“I know you do. Just remember I am here if need me.”

“Yea I know. Thanks.”

“So Nicole, how’s the dating scene going?”

“I’m still seeing Jason. I wish I knew why he seems scared of getting intimate.”

“Have you tried to point out to him what you specifically want Nicole?”

“I sure have. Last time, I took off my top and bra, and showed him my naked tits. I even placed his hands on them. And when I touched him, I knew he was hard by the rise in his pants.”

“So what happened?”

“He pleaded with me to stop. I could not believe it. I even asked him if he wanted me to jerk him off. But he told me that was not necessary.”

“He is definitely not a typical male is he?”

“No, he’s not. But I enjoy being with him. Are you still seeing Steve?”

“Yes. And he is great. In bed, he certainly makes me purr. I have given him oral, sex, and even let him fuck my ass.”

Nicole knew her friend was very open about her sex life, and liked that she could always rely on her to be available to discuss any concerns, regardless how personal. Before hanging up, they decided to meet at the tennis courts to play a couple sets. She changed clothes, and climbed into her the new red Jeep Liberty her dad had bought for her eighteenth birthday. Nicole loved driving it. The seats were leather, and it had a CD player and sunroof.

After chasing the yellow ball around for nearly two hours, the girls sat on a table next to the court. A short time later, Kristine’s boyfriend called her cell, and she took off to meet him. Nicole was jealous inside, because she knew her best friend would most likely be having sex later, and she needed that also. As she headed back to her vehicle, Nicole heard a male voice call her name. She turned to see her good friend Allen from school. He also stood six foot tall, but with wavy dark hair. She considered him very nice looking, and even though they were best pals, she often had other thoughts about him.

They talked for while about the future. Like Nicole, he was uncertain about continuing education, or taking time to work. Allen walked Nicole to her vehicle, and kindly opened the driver’s door. As she climbed into the seat, Nicole was aware that he was sneaking a look under her short white skirt. Feeling a little frisky, she purposely leaned across the seat, pretending to fumble with the contents of her bag. Her skirt rose on her legs, and she felt his eyes glued to her body. There was no doubt that her black panties were visible to him. She offered him a ride home, which he accepted. She flirted innocently with him as she drove, and enjoyed his casual glances at her long legs. She saw a noticeable bulge in his shorts, and wanted to touch it. But common sense prevailed. Soon she pulled into his drive, and Allen got out.

“Thanks for the ride. I’ll see you around,” Allen said upon exiting her vehicle.

Nicole told him goodbye, and backed into the street. She wondered if he would possibly go to his room and jerk off over, thinking about her body as he did it. She generally did not like to tease, but like many people, enjoyed a little harmless fun at times. Oh how she wanted to be a fly on the wall in his room if he did masturbate. Being able to watch secretly, with no demands, would be so hot.

Later that afternoon, Nicole and Sam were playing a video game in her room, when they heard the sound of a car pulling into the driveway next door. They knew the house had been sold recently after being empty several months, and the new neighbors were now moving in. They were happy to see a medium height girl about their age, with long wavy black hair stepping out of a car. She had a great sun-kissed complexion, and they both noticed how her nice shaped breasts pushed against the tight tank top she wore. They watched her firm ass swayed invitingly as she walked to the house in a pair of very tight jeans.

“She is cute huh sis,” Sam commented.

“Yea, sure is. It will be nice having another girl our age in the neighborhood, so many older people around here anymore.” Nicole replied.

Later that evening, after the movers Ordu Escort had unloaded the furniture, they went with their mom to meet the new neighbors. The couple introduced themselves as Ken and his wife April. Ken was a forty five year old commercial pilot, with a muscular build, and short black hair. April was forty-one, and had been offered employment as the activities director at the local health club. They had been married for twenty one years. Nicole admired April’s condition, and hoped she would look that good yet in another twenty years. Their daughter then introduced herself as Brandy, and told them she was twenty. She was visiting her parents for the summer, before returning to college in Florida in the fall. Brandy invited Nicole up to her room to visit more. Nicole discovered their rooms were directly across from each other’s. As they talked, Brandy stated she did not have a steady boyfriend. As she helped Brandy unpack her clothes, she was intrigued by the various sexy underwear the girl owned. Lacy bras, frilly panties, and even some thongs.Something Nicole had yet to even wear. The girls formed a pleasant bond right off, and Nicole sensed they would be friends.


A few nights later as Nicole lay in bed thinking; she heard voices just outside her window. In the streetlight, she saw Brandy step out of a car wearing a short, figure hugging dress. The driver got out and Brandy embraced and kissed him. Brandy could be heard giggling through the open window quite easily.

“Come on in, I want to show you my new room,” Nicole barely heard her new neighbor say to him.

Since the house was dark, Nicole assumed her new neighbor’s parents had gone to bed. Soon the light was switched on in Brandy’s bedroom. Since the curtains were open, Nicole could see them walking around the room. She sat on her knees by the window, and hoped she would get to see a nice show. Moments later, the man was lying on her bed as Brandy straddled him and removed his shirt. The they began kissing passionately.

“Brandy sure has a nice body. Do you think they are going to fuck?” Sam’s voice startled her.

She had not heard him come into her room. Her only rule for him was that if the door was unlocked, then he was welcome to enter without knocking. And it had been just that way. He knelt behind her, also staring intently out the window. For just a moment, Nicole wondered if she should ask him to leave, or let him keep watching. She decided there no was no real harm, since the events unfolding next door could prove to be a good opportunity for both to see what sort of things may happen. Brandy was kissing down his stomach, and giving her man a lot of attention. They watched her grasp the bulge in his jeans.

“God, I wish we could hear them,” Sam said.

Nicole was a little shocked by that statement but also thought the exact thing to herself. The audio would have been a great turn on.

“Me too, close the door and let’s keep quiet,” Nicole added.

Brandy got up and turned on her nightstand lamp before shutting off the bright ceiling light. This left the room dimmer, but the small lamp cast enough light to still see them both clearly. Brandy unzipped his jeans, stopping long enough to stand and slip off her black dress. Since she was not wearing a bra, her stunning body was left clad in only tiny black panties. The soft lighting of her room made her look even sexier as she stood beside the bed, toying gently with her tits. When Brandy grabbed his jeans and underwear and pulled them both down, the young man’s cock came into view. The siblings watched as Brandy took it in her soft grip, and began to give him a slow, tantalizing, hand job. Then Brandy lowered her soft lips onto his erection. Nicole wished to herself that it she could be in that room, and doing what her neighbor was. It would not even matter to her if Brandy was there with them or not. They continued spying as Brandy sucked his cock like a pro, using her soft tongue to lick his shaft like a lollipop. She used one hand to massage his balls while she gave him a loving blowjob. Nicole gasped as the black haired girl took his entire shaft completely into her mouth.

“Oh wow she can deep throat him!” Sam said, surprised.

Brandy continued pleasing him for several more minutes, as she switched back and forth from hands to mouth. Then the unknown named male gently grabbed Brandy’s head and held it on his cock until his body went rigid, then relaxed. Nicole and Sam both knew he was spurting his hot cum down her throat, and that she was eagerly swallowing it. After Brandy milked him for every last drop, she laid on the bed beside him.

“Well I guess it’s over,” Nicole said, feeling excited, but also a little let down.

“Yea I guess. I bet he’s feeling really good about now,” Sam added.

“I’m sure he is brother.”

“Have you done that yet for Jason?” Sam asked.

“Nope, not yet,” Nicole replied, wishing her answer could have been different. Then she Ordu Escort Bayan added, “Heather did that for you right?”

“Yea, it felt good, but I don’t think she was really into it much.”

But Brandy was not done with him yet. She began giving him another blowjob. When she had him semi hard, she cupped her full round tits, lowered them over his cock, and started sliding it between the warmth of her cleavage. After several minutes, Brandy stood and removed her panties. Sam immediately commented on how he liked her full black bush. Nicole blushed as Brandy straddled the male, and reached down to guide her lover’s erection inside her. She felt sheer envy watching his cock slip in and out of her new neighbor. She was so eager to try sex, and her boyfriend had not even let her touch his cock, yet alone go all the way. As Brandy moved slowly on his stiff cock, her breasts swayed over his face as he kneaded and kissed them. Brandy then leaned back and placed her hands behind her on his upper legs, arching her back as he grabbed her ass with both hands. The siblings watched her body shudder in what appeared to be a rather intense orgasm. They did not yet know if he had finished with her or not.

Brandy then leaned over and kissed him, his cock still inside her. She then slipped off him and got on her hands and knees. The man moved behind her, his cock fully hard as he entered her again. Nicole and Sam looked at each other, both obviously excited by the action next door. Brandy’s face showed her pleasure as her lover pounded into her, and reached under to paw at her hanging tits. She seemed to enjoy the deep penetration, as she pushed her ass back with every powerful thrust. They sensed Brandy was climaxing when she put her head deep into her pillow, and her body tensed.

“I bet he’s going to cum any second now,” Nicole said aloud for no reason.

“Yea, he’s not the only one,” Sam replied.

Nicole looked at her brother, and saw something totally unexpected. Sam had pulled his shorts down, and was casually stroking himself as if she was not even there. She wanted to say something to him, but at the moment was more eager to see the action next door. They watched eagerly as the stranger in Brandy’s bedroom gave one final thrust, pulled his cock out, and fired thick jets of semen over her ass. Nicole then turned her attention to her twin. He continued to pleasure himself, seemingly unaware of her presence. She could not help but stare at his actions.

It was not the first time she had seen him nude. Not long ago, she saw him exiting the bathroom naked after a shower. He had thought that no one was home at the time. Sam had covered his cock with his hands, and dashed into his room. Neither had said a word about it since. But this time, he was fully hard, and she did not know what to say.

“Sam, what are you doing? Then she added, “Well I know what, but why here?”

Sam then realized what he was doing, and Nicole sensed his immediate embarrassment. He stopped his actions, and started to stand when she stopped him.

“Where are you going?” Nicole asked timidly.

“Gosh I’m sorry sis. I did not mean too…I mean, I just needed to and well I …”

“Don’t apologize. I understand guys get hard from visual stimulation.”

“Yea we do, and the way you are dressed doesn’t help either.”

Nicole had not even thought of her attire until he made that comment. The only things she had on was a light blue sleep top, and matching panties. Even with the only light source coming from the streetlight, her body was still quite visible. The shape of her full breasts, and excited nipples, pressed snugly against the thin fabric.

“I better go and…you know, take care of this,” Sam replied, pointing to his erection.

“Sam, I want to ask you something, and I hope you won’t think badly of me.”

“What is it sis?”

“Well, I can sense you are close, and needing to finish. Anyway I…”

“What are you trying to ask Nicole?”

“Well, could I watch you do it?”

“You want to watch me shoot it out? Is that it?” Sam asked, obviously surprised.

“Yes,” Nicole replied shyly. “Jason won’t let me watch him, and well…I’m curious about it. It’s not like we are having sex, I’m just wanting to watch, and not touch you.”

“I guess that’s ok, just we can never tell anyone about this, ever.” Sam stated as he sat back onto his knees, and resumed his previous masturbation.

The idea of watching her brother climax seemed wrong in many ways, but yet Nicole was mystified by his actions. And since he had agreed, she sat back to watch him. Having recently seeing Mark do it on webcam, made her more curious. Nicole saw Sam staring at her barely covered bosoms, and for a brief moment, felt awkward and timid. But that feeling soon gave way to being grateful for possessing a body that men admired. She was glad of the bond she shared with her twin, and knew neither would feel bad about things later.

“Are you really Escort Ordu close now?” she asked, eager to see it happen.

“Yes, I wish they were still doing it next door. That would help.”

Nicole knew what he meant. The extra visual thrill could be exciting. She then made a decision, and pulled the top over her head. She felt naughty, yet wild, as she sat less than three feet from her brother, clad only in panties. The way he stroked his cock had her extremely aroused, but she knew it would be best if she waited to take care of that until she was alone. She studied his actions, the speed, method, and body reactions, learning what men may like.

“Oh god sis, I gotta cum…”

“Do it, its ok. Let me see it happen.”

Nicole quickly reached for some tissue that she kept by her bed. But at that exact moment, Sam’s cock erupted with spurts that arched into the air and landed on her upper legs. It felt so warm and good on her skin. She then used the tissue to clean the semen from her body as Sam covered up. By that time, the man next door had left. Then Nicole and Sam got another surprise. Brandy looked directly towards Nicole’s window, then winked and smiled before turning off her light. Brandy seemed to know they had been watched, and appeared to have allowed it to happen all along. Nicole hoped that Brandy had not seen what she just did with Sam.

“I don’t know what to say sis,” Sam said sheepishly. “Thanks seems so silly.”

“Don’t worry,” Nicole replied. “I just wanted to help you. No one has to know, and we never have to do it again.”

“I know. I was really shocked when you let me see your tits.”

“I wanted you to see them. I am so curious about sex and my body lately. Tell me honestly, what did you think of them?”

“One word comes to mind sis, and that’s fantastic.”

Nicole gave her brother a compassionate hug before he left for his room. She then pleasured herself to two orgasms, just thinking of the night’s events.She knew then that sex would have to start happening for her, and soon.


Sam sat in the lifeguard chair the following afternoon. He had loved the water since he was very young, and it seemed to be a good place to work until leaving for college in the fall. Of course, one of the benefits was the opportunity to see so many girls stroll around in tight fitting swimwear. Some wore one piece suits, but the majority of them were clad in some style of bikini. He was often surprised at the variety of styles, with so many different colors and patterns. One thing he could not understand was why girls would lie around for long periods, their bodies barely covered. But as soon as they got up to get food or something, they would wrap a towel around their waist. It seemed silly to him. Why bother when they had already been seen?

Around 3PM, he saw his new neighbor Brandy entering the pool area wearing a pullover shirt and shorts. She placed a towel on the ground, and proceeded to remove her outer clothes. What he saw under them caused his jaw to drop open, as his eyes were momentarily glued to her figure. She wore a light pink bikini that hugged every curve of her breasts and hips. Only thin ties held the suit to her upper and lower body. Even though he had seen her the previous night fully naked, this time she was less than twenty feet away. For the next two hours, he stole looks her way whenever possible. At 5PM, the pool closed for one hour to allow staff to have a lunch break. That was also the time that Sam left for the day. Just as he left the building, he heard Brandy call his name.

“Hi Sam, are you going home?”

“Yea, I just work from 1-5.”

“You want to hang out here for a bit and chat?” she asked.

“Sure, I’d like that Brandy.”

Brandy walked over to a picnic table that sat in a park area near the pool. Sam followed behind her, glad that she had not bothered to cover up. When she got to the table, Brandy placed her towel on the ground, and reclined onto her back. Sam sat on the table bench, and saw her body closer than ever before. Her skin was still lightly damp, and it glistened from the rays of the sun. He knew her suit hid a dark patch of hair, and wished he could see it again.

“So Sam, do you have a girlfriend?

“Not really, I was seeing this girl, Heather. We went out a few times, but nothing major happened.”

“You mean she did not let you fuck her right?” Brandy quickly said.

“Well, yea, that’s true. We played a little, but that’s all.”

“Tell me what you two have done. If you want to, that is.”

“I guess its ok. Heather seems to like having her tits touched and kissed. And I enjoyed doing that for her.”

“Yea, I love having that done to mine too. Go on. Has she let you see her naked?”

“Just once, but we only touched.”

“Did she suck you off, or let you lick her? Did she have a nice bush?”

“You sure are direct Brandy.”

“Yep, I am. I think something, and I say it.”

“Anyway she did give me oral twice. It felt good, but I feel it could be better somehow. I have only fingered her to climax once. And since you seem to want to know everything, she was shaved completely.”

“It takes practice Sam, that’s all. Did you like her not having hair down there?”

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