Sexploration Ch. 02

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Doctor Harden stopped the car in front of the mansion. He got out with Billy and the two opened the trunk. As they started pulling out the grocery bags, the door to the mansion opened and Mary walked out.

“Hi honey,” her husband greeted her.

“Hi,” she replied mechanically and without emotion. Doctor Harden couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was something strange in his wife’s voice.

Billy grabbed one of the bags and sprinted past his mother, happily covering two steps with every jump. Mary turned around to look at him and kept staring even after the young man disappeared behind the front door.

“Steve,” she called at her husband while he was passing her with a grocery bag.

“Yes sweetie?”

She looked at him. Her face was blank, but he could detect tension hidden behind her mask.

“At what time you left?”

“You mean to go for groceries?”

She nodded.

“I don’t remember.”

“Try to remember. It’s important.” There was a hint of tension in her voice.

“Did something happen?” By now he was starting to feel concerned.

“Please. Just try to remember at what time exactly you left.”

He remained silent for a moment, trying to recall their departure. “Between 10:40 and 10:50,” he finally said.

“Are you sure?”

“Positively dear.”

“But not after eleven?”

“I’m sure of that.”

Mary remembered that her encounter with Billy took place few minutes after eleven.

“Was Billy with you all the time?”

“Of course he was.”

“And he didn’t come back to the house at any time?”


“And you kept an eye on him all the time?”

“Mary, why are you asking all these questions? Did something happen?”

“No, of course not.” She sent him a totally unconvincing smile. “Everything is fine. Go take groceries. I’ll come soon and then we’ll eat.”

He didn’t believe her for a moment, but something told him that there was no point in inquiring any further. He left and Mary remained behind, waiting. She didn’t have to wait for long. A moment later Billy came back. She stopped him.

“We need to talk.”

“Sure mom.”

“We need to talk about that thing that happened.”

“Sure.” Puzzlement appeared on his previously jovial face.

“About that thing in the kitchen.”

The confusion on his face deepened. “What thing in the kitchen?”

“You know what I’m talking about,” his mother pressed.

Billy shook his head. “I’m sorry mom, but I don’t know.”

Mary looked carefully at his face and into his eyes. She knew her son very well. He was a lousy liar. Right now he appeared totally innocent. He either just learned how to be a superb actor, or he really had no idea what this was about.

“Look, forget it. It’s nothing. Go help your father with groceries.” She waved him away and went for a walk in the garden. She had to rethink again about what happened in the kitchen. She was afraid that she was loosing her mind.

After washing the cum from her and changing into a new dress, she went around the house looking for Billy and calling his name, but there was no trace of him. She stopped by her daughter’s room, but Nancy hasn’t seen Billy either. She thought that maybe he was hiding from shame, but now she just learned that he was in the town with his father all this time. But that hot fuck session in the kitchen was not some sick dream or hallucination. She really did have sex. Or did she? By now she wasn’t sure of anything.


Nancy Harden was sleeping in her room. After arriving she had unpacked and decided to go for a swim in the swimming pool. She had three different bikini costumes. She had started trying them on one by one, when a combination of heat and fatigue from the long trip made her so sleepy that she just had to lie down and take a nap.

Right now she was lying on the bed in her red bikini. Nancy was a beautiful young woman of twenty. Her body was almost a copy of her mother’s. Many porn stars would kill for a body like hers. Her breasts were slightly smaller than her mother’s, but they were still very big, perfectly round and very firm. Nancy had a face of an angel (or a supermodel) that at this moment was partially covered with her raven hair. Just like Mary, Nancy had black hair, except that while her mother’s went halfway to her back, Nancy’s ended at her neck.

Something woke her up. Some sort of presence gently pulled her out of her dreams. She opened her eyes, brushed her hair aside and, still very sleepy, looked around. Her father was standing close to the bed. Nancy closed her eyes again and gave out a slight moan of pleasure while she stretched her sexy body.

“Hi daddy,” she said in a sleepy voice.

There was no reply. She slightly opened her eyes to check if her dad was really there, or was it just a trick of her still half asleep mind. It was no trick. He kept standing there without moving a muscle. His face was completely blank. Nancy was still too sleepy to feel surprised at his behavior. She closed her eyes again.

“Is there something karataş escort bayan you want daddy?”

Silence was her only reply. Suddenly, she felt a hand touching her ankle. At first she ignored it, thinking that her father was touching her by accident, or wanted to get her to wake up completely, but then the nature of the touching changed. The hand started slowly and sensually sliding upwards, taking its time to admire the girl’s smooth skin. Her father never touched her like this before.

Nancy immediately opened her eyes, and the shock hit her like a hammer blow to the head. Her father was completely naked! How did he take off his clothes so fast? Just few seconds ago she saw him fully dressed. In fact, his clothes were nowhere to be seen. And for that matter, how did he get inside? Earlier that day she had locked her room after her mother burst inside asking if she had seen Billy.

These questions quickly rushed through her head, but right now she had other things to worry about. Her eyes were transfixed by her father’s naked body, and especially one particular part of it.

Steven Harden was forty-two years old. He always took good care of his body and worked out regularly. Although he was a brilliant scientist, and therefore a nerd in a sense, he had the body of a professional athlete. His impressive muscles were not the only thing that was impressive about him, however. Right between his legs there was the biggest penis Nancy had ever seen on a man. It was a massive meat pole with big, bulging veins that had to measure at least twelve inches. At the moment, this magnificent, horse sized tool was fully operational and ready for action. It stood erect and throbbed hungrily, like some beast anticipating a meal.

Nancy felt a wave of lust overtake her body. It was so powerful and sudden that it had to be unnatural. Sure, to some extent it was normal for a young woman to feel horny when seeing a cock this size within arm’s reach, but not to that level. And especially not when that cock (beautiful and tempting as it might be) belongs to your father.

Nancy knew that the lust inside her was wrong, even sick, and totally unnatural, but she could do nothing to control her body. Her nipples stiffened in a matter of seconds and became clearly visible through her bikini top. Her pussy started filling with lubricating juices. A wet spot appeared on her bikini bottoms and grew larger by the second.

“Oh,” she gave out a quiet moan of lust. Her eyes never went away from her dad’s lovely fuck tool. She was staring at it like a little kid at a lollipop. “Daddy, what the fuck is going on?” she whispered trying to hide her lust, but doing a poor job at it.

Doctor Harden sat down on the edge of the bed. He still remained silent and his face still looked like a mask made from stone. By now a large droplet of precum formed on the tip of his meat. Nancy watched it with sexual fascination. She wanted to taste it, but it was a forbidden thought; he was her father after all. You are not supposed to drink your dad’s precum.

The man took his daughter by the shoulders and gently raised her into sitting position. His arms went behind her back. Nancy remembered how he used to hug her when she was a little girl. Back then she felt so happy to be in those powerful arms. She felt the same way right now, but for a different reason.

His massive cock accidentally touched her belly. She could feel on her skin the heat coming from the huge penis. The cock throbbed against her flesh. She licked her lips from excitement. Her pussy was by now overflowing with juices. The precum on the cock was smeared on her belly. It felt so good, although Nancy thought that it would feel even better if it was smeared on her tongue instead. She closed her eyes to better savor the moment.

And then she realized that her daddy was not hugging her, or at least that was not his objective. His hands were on her back busy with something else. She felt his fingers untying her bikini top.

“Daddy, no.” Before she could act, her top was taken away and thrown to the floor. Her bare melons with their hard nipples pressed into her father’s muscular chest. “Oooh,” she moaned from the pleasure caused by the sensation.

Doctor Harden made her lie down again. Nancy immediately placed her arms on her chest to cover her lovely breasts. Despite the sexual hunger raging inside her, some part of her still felt shame at being exposed like this before her father. Her dad then placed his hands on her bikini bottom and tried to pull it down. This caused the girl to regain some measure of self-control. No matter how horny she was, this was still her father and what he was doing was wrong. She shut her legs as tightly as she could to keep her bikini in place.

“No daddy. This is bad. You must stop.”

Her daddy replied by grabbing the bottoms with one hand and tearing them away with one swift move. Nancy gasped at this display of power. She was afraid, but it also turned her on.

Doctor Harden’s fingers immediately karkamış escort bayan started exploring his daughter’s pussy. Like her mother, Nancy kept her womanhood completely shaved.

“Daddy no. Stop,” she said pleadingly, although her voice betrayed that there was a part of her wanted for him to continue. She brought one arm away from her huge rack and grabbed her father’s hand, trying to push it away. It was pointless. He was too strong.

While his daughter was struggling with his hand, doctor Harden entered one of his fingers inside Nancy’s hot, wet, steaming cunt.

“Oh god. Daddy, this is so wrong,” she said half moaning. Desperate to stop the incestuous finger fuck, she grabbed her dad’s arm with her second hand. This left her tits uncovered and free for her dad to admire, although his face still betrayed no emotion.

Nancy was not strong enough to push her father away. Or perhaps she didn’t want to be strong enough. He had no difficulty with sipping a second finger inside her. His free hand grabbed one of Nancy’s huge tits and started playing with it. The girl was in heaven.

“Oooh. Dady. Oooh. This is so wrong. Stop. Ooooh. Daddy. Stop putting your fingers in there.”

He slipped his third finger inside her. His fingers started pumping in and out a little faster. “Oooh. Feels so good. But this is bad. Ooooooh. Yes. Oooooh. Fuck my cunt. Oooooh. No, stop daddy. Oooooh. Yes. Yeees. Fuuuck me.” A fourth finger penetrated inside Nancy. At this point the girl was nearing a climax. Whatever qualms she had about sex with her father, they were gone now. “Ooooooh. It feels so good. Do it faster. Oooooh. Shit. Shit. Shiiiiiit. Daddyyyyyyy. Oooooooh. Do it harder. Do it faster. Ooooooh. Fuuuuuuck meeeeee.”

The four fingers were now sliding in and out of the girl’s hot, juicy and welcoming pussy at much faster tempo. Her dad left her big breast alone and started playing with the other one. Nancy still kept her hands on her father’s arm, but by now she was no longer trying to push him away. Her small hands, empowered by intense sexual pleasure, tightly squeezed doctor Harden’s powerful arm. Nancy’s eyes were closed and her feet were constantly moving on the bed.

As the finger fucking increased in speed and strength, the girl needed only a short moment to achieve her long desired orgasm. “I’m going to cum daddy. Ooooooh. Your little girl is going to cuuuuum. Oooooooh! Oooooooh! Your little whore is cummmming. Oooooh. Fuuuuuuck! Here it… Oooooooooooooooooooh! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!”

Her cunt walls clasped tightly around his fingers. Her pussy juices rushed outside. Her body went into multiple orgasmic convulsions. It took her a long moment before her body calmed down. Finally, after a long moment, when she was back to normal, Nancy was lying on the bed with her legs spread wide open, eyes closed and a blissful smile on her face. That was one of the most intense orgasms she ever had. Perhaps the fact that it was her daddy who gave it to her was the reason why.

She felt something touching her lips. She opened her eyes and looked dreamily at her father’s massive cock happily throbbing up and down right next to her face. Daddy wanted to have his horse sized meat sucked, and his little girl was happy to oblige. She licked the large head few times and was delighted to savor the taste of daddy’s precum. She then kissed the tip playfully and giggled.

“Oh daddy. You’re hung like a fucking horse. Do you want your little girl to take you into her mouth and suck your dick clean?”

Daddy slowly, very slowly, nodded his head. This was the first time she saw some sign of life appearing on his face. Nancy was delighted.

“Oh daddy. I love you so much. And just to show you, I’m going to suck your dick dry.”

She took him in her small mouth. He was so big. Nancy closed her eyes to enjoy the moment. Then she started to move her head up and down while making loud slurping noises. Her position was uncomfortable, however. She couldn’t give a good blowjob while lying on her back. After a moment of heroic effort she decided to stop and make herself more comfortable.

“Daddy, sit on that chair.” She pointed to a chair standing nearby. Daddy didn’t move. “C’mon daddy. Sit on the chair so that I might blow you better.”

Doctor Harden finally obeyed. He sat down on the chair, but he did it slowly and with hesitation. Nancy wondered what was wrong with him, but she was just too preoccupied with lust and cock hunger to think much about it.

As soon as he was sitting, Nancy was on her knees in front of her dad. She grabbed his giant meat with her small hands and started quickly, but tenderly and lovingly, stroking it.

“Look daddy. Look. I’m jerking you off,” she giggled again.

He put his hands on her head and started guiding it towards his cock, but it was not necessary. She immediately lurched forward like a hungry animal and took his penis in her mouth. Her head went up and down as fast as it was possible. At the same time kilis escort bayan both of her hands were used to jerk him off. Even when engulfed by the girl’s eager mouth and jerked off by her talented hands, parts of the monster still remained exposed. With this type of enthusiastic cock sucking service, it was not going to take long before doctor Harden was going to shoot his load.

Nancy kept on sucking this delicious, tasty meat like a mad woman, when she felt him swell. A second later doctor Harden’s first cum shot entered his little girl’s mouth. Then a second, and a third, and a fourth, and it just went on and on.

His loads were humongous. Nancy was struggling to swallow them all, but it was a loosing battle. She had to pull him out of her mouth or risk drowning in paternal semen. The cock continued erupting with hot jizz. Nancy guided this twelve inch long hose to her breasts and watched with delight as massive loads of hot sperm splashed on her busty chest. She just loved the sensation of hot, sticky fluids spilling over her melons and her hard nipples.

“Oh look daddy. Look. You’re coming like a fucking fire hose,” she said giggling while her hands kept on furiously beating his ejaculating meat. She wasn’t going to let him go until every single drop of cum was milked out.

Like all good things, doctor Harden’s eruption had to eventually come to an end. Nancy grabbed her cum soaked tits and started rubbing the semen all over her chest until her melons were glistening from a coat of fresh sperm.

“Look daddy. Your cum is all over my tits,” she said that in a voice of a little girl who just got a gift from her dad. In a way she just did. And she was about to get another one.

Doctor Harden grabbed her by the hips and lifted her up until her vagina found itself just above his very big and still very hard tool.

“Oooooooh,” Nancy moaned when her father started bringing her body downwards, impaling her on his huge pole. The giant head slowly parted the girl’s swollen cunt lips. The meat entering her was very thick. She never had a cock this size inside her. Fortunately, her pleasure hole was well lubricated and doctor Harden’s piston had no trouble sliding inside. Inch by inch, Nancy was allowed to slide down on the huge penis. This slow penetration combined with the object’s thickness was enough to make her come.

“Oh shit Daddy! I’m cumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! Ooooooooooooooooooooh! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!”

Her father gave her few seconds to enjoy her climax. Then, while her body was going through the last orgasmic convulsions, her grabbed her sweet, lovely ass and started pushing her up and down. His powerful arms had no problem lifting her body.

“Ooooooh. Daddy. This is so good. You’re so strong. Oooooooooh. Shit. Oooooooh. You’re going to make my cum in no time. I love you daddy. Oooooooh. I love you. Oooooooh. Do you love me daddy? Do you love your little whore? Oooooooh. Fuck me. Ooooooh. Do you like fucking me with that bug fucking cock of yours?”

He was slowly picking up speed. Nancy placed her hands on his shoulders and decided to simply relax and enjoy the ride. Her feet were kicking in the air. Her big jugs followed her movements, bouncing up and down. Doctor Harden lowered his head and tried to grab one of the nipples in his mouth. It proved impossible due to the fact that Nancy’s breasts as well as Nancy herself were moving up and down too fast, but he managed to lick one of the nipples every few seconds.

“Ooooooh. God this feels good daddy. I love having your big dick inside me. Oooooooh. Lick my tits daddy. Fuck me faster. Fuck me harder. Make me come you incestuous bastard. Oooooh. Oh, I’m sorry for calling you names daddy. Ooooooh. Fuck me daddy. Ooooooh. Faster! Harder!”

Her pleas were ignored. Doctor Harden kept pumping his daughter at his own comfortable speed. Truth to be told, he was using his little girl as a masturbatory device. Nancy somewhat resented this treatment, but the giant cock entering in and out of her hot, juicy and hungry fuck hole simply felt too good to complain. In fact, it didn’t take long for the stunning brunette to climax again.

“Oh my fucking god. Oh sweet fucking Jesus. I’m going to cum again. Ooooooh. Fuck. Ooooooh. I’m going to cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! Gooooooooooooooood!”

Nancy’s body went into convulsions. It looked as if she was having an epileptic seizure. Her hands let go of her dad’s shoulders and she fell backwards. Her father automatically and mechanically adjusted his position, so that he could keep on fucking Nancy even while her head was almost touching the floor. His powerful cock kept on relentlessly thrusting inside his precious little whore thorough and beyond her orgasm.

While in her new position, once the climax was over, Nancy watched in disbelief her pussy and the meaty tool that was pumping her non stop.

“Well fuck me daddy. You’re just don’t get tired, don’t you? You’re like a machine. But that’s ok. Oooooh. Yes, it is daddy. I love you. Ooooh. This feels so nice. Oh yes. I love you daddy. Keep fucking me. Oooooh. Keep fucking your little girl. Oooooh. I’m your whore daddy. I love you and I… Ooooooh. And I want to be your little whore. Fuck me hard daddy. I want your horse sized cock inside me. I want you all. Ooooooh. I… Ooooooh. I want you to cum in me. Shit, fuck, this feels good. Fuck me daddy. For god’s sake, fuck me hard. Oooooh.”

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