Sex With Stranger After Drinking

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It was mid of March and my husband and I had made a plan to take vacation. It was not the first time that we were going on vacation together; we did it almost every year. This year we went to Miami Beach. When we arrived in Miami and checked into our hotel, the first thing we did was to test the bed out. Our hotel room was overlooking the beach. It was a beautiful view by day. Then we had our usual bath, shower. I sorted out my clothes and he sorted out his. ‘So are we ready to explore the area’ he said, ‘sure let me change first dear’ I said. So, both of us went out to explore the area around the streets of Miami. I was wearing a white top and denim jeans. We strolled down the median in the middle of the street where we found some shops had been set up with people selling everything from local art to clothing. We got our water and food and just took in the sights. I also found much variety of thongs of that I decided to buy. After 2 hours of sightseeing we returned to our hotel at about 5 pm. At about 7 pm we got ready for our evening meal out on the town. The evening went really well, we had a good meal and just chatted about our tomorrow’s plan.

So the next day we both decided to spend the day around the beach. Before going for our first stroll on the beach, I was just checking all the thongs. I wore a variety of things but I thought none designed for the beach. I decide to spent most of my beach time in this trip wearing just G-string panties, so I wore her tiny pink thong, then wore a white cotton shirt and short pant. We walked out of the hotel into public and as I walked, my breasts jiggled ever so slightly. We finally took our walk on the beach. We hid our shoes at a nearby park bench, and began to stroll casually along the edge of the water. As my husband and I strolled along, we talked, admired the view, and occasionally stopped to embrace each other. The first thing we saw were three young women sunning with their boobs fully exposed. This was a nude beach. This was late afternoon and the beach was not really crowded, but it was full; as I got wet, the shirt became transparent. I pulled off my shirt and pant. He as of yet did not know how small it really was.

While we were enjoying ourselves greatly, I noticed a look on my husband’s face that was seductive. This beach was eye candy for all. It was filled with young people with buff bodies. About a third of the women wore thongs, and half of that third went topless. After a couple of minutes I sat on the beach, laid my beach towel in the sand and my bag next to it. My husband stripped his T shirt and shorts off laid down next to me. We continued to sit in the sun for a while and the beach was getting more crowded. Lots more topless girls and women were walking around or laying in the sun. I realized that, it gave him smile within him. Then I took the tanning oil out of my bag and started to put it on my legs, thighs, arms and stomach. When I had finished, decided to remove my bikini top off.

“Would you mind if I took my bikini top off to sunbake”? I said.

“Not at all,” he said.

I did feel a little hesitate at first but soon got over it and then untied my bikini straps. I started to rub my breasts with tanning oil. When I finished I laid back on the towel and said ‘Darling do me a favor and put some lotion on my back.’ He took a handful of lotion had started to rub it all over my back, my fully exposed buttock. I continued to lay back to start soaking up the rays of the sun where as my husband went down to nearby café to buy soft drinks or chilled fruit juice. My naked butt covered only by a few strings. I must have dozed Ordu Escort off for a few minutes, because when I opened my eyes and rolled over on to my back sat up, I saw there was a man standing over me. I was startled.

“Hi, my name is Henry.” He said. “You’re new to this beach, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I responded. “This is my first time here. My name is Ruchi.” He was a fairly large man, about 6’2″, well body, he was wearing a black underwear that displayed the strong muscles in his legs.

“May I take this spot in the sand next to you?” He asked.

“No sorry, I am not alone at all. Husband is coming,’ I replied.

Then he walked by. Few minutes later, my husband came. Certainly, the knowledge of the guy’s bold body was sending my sex drive through the roof and I was struggling with the desire to take my husband back to our room and fill my desire. Anyway we returned from beach at about 7 pm. We reached our room, showered then got dressed and went out to eat. I had a few drink but my husband had a lot to drink and we both felt the effects of the alcohol. We got back to our hotel at 11:00 PM, and jumped back in bed. He had consumed excessive amounts of alcohol resulting in vomiting a couple of hours prior to the sexual activity between us. He wanted me to strip for him. I stripped my dress one by one and took his dick in my mouth and stroking for a minute. Then he started licking my hips and inner thighs, and then he rolled me over and started kissing my butt so softly I felt my wetness instantly. He went down and started licking my Pussy and made me get on my knees for it, my face on the pillow, my breast against the bed, I so out of breath I could almost faint. But, as time was running forward, he had become unconscious, he just got so sleepy and I was about to argue because I wanted him to fuck me. I then turned to him kissed him passionately, and stared him square in the eyes and said, “Make love to me!”

Sensing his shift to sleeping I took his face in both hands, stared him straight in the eyes again, and said, “No, focus on me! I slid his penis forward and began to slowly rock back and forth so that the underside of his shaft slid between my warm hands. But nothing happened. Then I decided to sleep. I was trying to fall asleep, but failed. He just kept on sleeping. After couple of minutes I decided to go to bar café. I got up and dressed up. It was 1 am. I was wearing skinny jeans, black heels and a silky red top with a deep cut I went down to the beach café. I looked around and saw a chair off in the corner of the café. There were at least 35 people crammed into this beach café and the mild temperature outside made for an accommodating atmosphere. I was about to put an order, “Excuse me, miss?” the bartender snapped me out of my reverie. “The gentleman sitting at that table over there would like to buy you a drink.” I smiled, accepted the bartender’s offer, and then turned to look at the man who had bought me the drink. A white complexion, intense looking eyes, good looking with a great body was sitting down at a table behind me and to my right and he raised a glass and smiled when I turned. I smiled at him, but didn’t really feel like talking, so I turned around right away and focused on finishing my drink. After finishing, I turned and unfortunately, the man who bought me the drink had come up to chat. I smiled again. He smiled, pointed to the chair next to me and asked if he could sit down. I paused for a while, thinking that it was not really a bad thing to talking. So I replied with a simple, “Yes?”

He introduced himself as Ryan and offered his hand. I shook Ordu Escort Bayan his hand and introduced myself, then turned back to my drink.

“I think you are facing some problems,” he whispered.

“Not at all, its fine,” I replied.

“Oh! Yes that’s why you sat in this bar alone,” he smiled. “A few of us are in here drinking the night away. You aren’t the only one in here, nobody wants to sit in this bar alone,” he added.

I turned at him and stared at him, “Life is horrible,” I said.

“You can’t change the time, not the things. But you can change the way you think,” he sighed.

“Same here, what about you?” he asked.

“Client Relation Executive.” How about you?

We continued to chat, ordered one more drink. After a couple of minutes,

“Let’s walk for a minute if you don’t mind,” he smiled.

We also made a light conversation as we walked on the beach. “I guess I can spend the whole night on the beach,” I thought. He asked if I wanted to get out of there and go someplace quite.

“Where?” I asked.

He pointed to the far away area where I could see the lights. I nodded.

Over the next little while, he slid closer to me. He was about to touch my side. As much as I didn’t want to, I cleared my throat and said, “I’m sorry to do this, Ryan.

“I am sorry, I don’t know what is going with me, may be the effects of drink,” he protested.

“Feel the night sky and light breeze here and nothing to do. Why are you so hesitated? Doesn’t worry I am not going to take you in hide area,” he added. He was being persuasive and I liked his words and company. I found myself feeling very warm in his presence and it felt pretty good and I didn’t want to be a prude so. And so, when he suggested that we go back to his hotel for a special nightcap, I agreed without any thought, knowing I was a married woman and my husband was sleeping in our room. I didn’t know what I was doing. My mind didn’t work for a while after hearing his proposal. Finally we reached his hotel room. He grabbed my hand and led me into his room.

“Come in,” he gestured me. I stepped into his room. At the corner were two fancy couches, facing a large television screen. To the left was a dining table. The whole room was luxurious. I followed him to the door past the dining area, which led to a bedroom. At the center, there was one king size bed, and a small couch at right side of the room. I sat down on couch as he served me Vodka, grilled with lemon. He sat down right to me, slid himself closer to me. He put his arm around me, and I first felt panic. Then he kept his hand on my left thigh, leaned towards me. His breathe on my neck, began to feel horny. I let out a gasp when he finally kissed my neck. He slid his hand up the inside of my thigh. I parted my thighs to give him better access. I leaned back against the couch. Then he caressed my inner thighs and finally started to work his way to pussy. I exhaled deeply as his hand rubbed my pussy over my pant, pulling me close to him. Then he slid it up underneath my top, up along my stomach and kept creeping upward & touched my breasts, started squeezing over bikini top. Then he slowly slid his hand up my top, and lifted it over my head, trying to pull off. I helped him to pull my top off. My breasts seemed to be spilling out of my bikini top. “You have stunning boobs,” he purred as he cupped my breasts. “Let me see your triangle,” he whispered then ran his hands to the button of my pant. I got up and unzipped my pant and I took off my pant before him, leaving me in my G-string bikini. “Turn back dear,” he commanded. I turned Escort Ordu back exposing my butt to him. I wore the G-string. He stood up and walked over me, started squeezing my butt, then kissing.

I slowly inched my hands up his shirt, slowly began to unbutton it, as his hands He wrapped his arms around my butt, squeezing as he whispers huskily into my ear, “I need you all the night.” He leaned down and flicked my tongue over his lips before kissing them softly. He pressed his lips to mine, kissing me deeply. His soft lips and warm, gentle tongue played passionately with mine, and sent warm sensations through my whole body. He pulled my butts closer to his. My stomach was fluttering s I finally got to the bottom of his shirt, and ripped it off his body. I then inched my hand down my stomach, and stopping at the button of his jeans. I slid my hands down his warm body, and pulled his already unbuttoned pants off him as well. Then he sat down on couch. “Now, you should get down on your knees and suck it babe.” He ordered.

I got down on my knees in front of him and looked up at his face with a erotic smile. Then I wrapped my hand gently round his stiff smooth shaft and stroked him up and down. I leaned forward and planted a delicate little kiss on the tip of his cock, then popped the tip into my mouth and swirled my tongue all around it. He moans. He pushed my head, as I deep throat him. He pulled out and pulled me up. Then he said “Get up and he grabbed my hand leading me towards bed. Once there he pushed me on my bed and got between my legs. He slipped hand down to the waist band of my G-string. Then slipped his finger under my waist band, slowly running his hand down to my pussy. I lightly slapped it and groaned. Then slipped my panties off. I could feel his fingers traced over my pussy lips. The lowered his head to my pussy, licking and sucking my clit. I felt the burning sensation inside of me, I felt myself getting wet.

He sucked harder, alternating between the tips. He grazed the stiff peaks with his teeth as he sucked smoothly. I moaned again and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. My hands slid in his hair and pulled him closer. I squeezed my legs together. Then he nuzzled my breasts and groaned. I withered and moaned, begging him to do more. Then he entered his fingers and started stroking. . I began to gasp as my hips humped involuntarily up against his fingers. I groaned loudly. I wanted him now to enter me. I argued him to please fuck me! But he was not going to hear me. He continued for a while then slid his hands towards my breasts, pulled off my bikini top, grabbed one breast and had his mouth around one of my nipples and was sucking it gently, making it tight and hard. He then turned his attention to the other nipple and worked at it as well until it was as hard as the other. Then he climbed onto the bed, pulled my legs up and spread my knees. He kneeled between my legs, rubbing the head of his penis into my wet pussy.

He slowly entered his dick into me. He began to push his dick ever more slightly into my pussy. He held my legs up as he slowly inched his cock just a little deeper with each gentle push of his hips. As he began to inch deeper and deeper into me, and began to increase his rhythm, I was moaning and sighing, almost continually as he thrust into me. My hand held the covers of the bed in a tight not. Then pulled his dick out of me and flipped me over. I leaned down on my back. Again he entered me from behind as his squeezed my breasts. He was slamming his cock in hard. I feel spent and exhausted.

He pulled out his cock, flipped me over and starred at my face. Then he began to jerk himself off against my stomach. Then I wiped this cum off of my stomach then walked out from his room. I reached home at early morning. Thanks God my husband was still sleeping. That was really great orgasm that I didn’t get from my husband.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32