Sex Starved Zombie Women Ch. 05

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Ass Worship

“Men are the higher form of our species. It’s the way it has always been and the way it will always be.” Ezra stated nonchalantly. At his knees, a room full of women, naked, gagged, chained and locked up. Totally ignoring them all, he walked straight through their ranks into the room at the end.

There, inside the small windowless room, another, more mature woman kneeled before him, chained to the concrete walls around her.

A beautiful woman, clearly from a rich and privileged upbringing. She surely should not have been in a place like this. The women outside had been bought and paid for. Every one of them an employee. They had signed away a year of their lives to be his sex slaves.

Yet the woman on her knees before him had not. Why was she here?

“You are a pathetic creature,” she hissed at him, raising her head as he entered the room. “It doesn’t matter what you do to me you weak, pathetic fool, I’ll always know the real you. I knew you before all of this.”

Silent, he simply showed her his new toy, the new present he had made especially for her. The domination tool he hoped would finally make her submit to him.

As her eyes caught a glimpse of his new toy a shudder rushed through her body. She had taken all of his perversions, yet this, maybe this would be the thing that would finally break her.

Pressing the button that hung down beside her, she was lifted up into the air by her arms and legs. Now hanging in the air in front of him he pulled the huge sized vibrator closer to her vagina. Bigger than any black man’s cock, and maybe even bigger than a horse, he knew this time, she would be split wide open.

Watching the vibrator near her vagina, seeing its massive size, she desperately wanted to give in, to admit defeat, to give herself fully to him as his slave, his possession, kahramanmaraş escort bayan his sub. Yet, still, she refused to give in to her senses.

“Oh, if you thought this was going in your vagina, you were deeply mistaken,” he laughed as he lowered the mammoth vibrator a touch and proceeded to move it closer to her ass.

Now in horror at what was about to come, she had no chance. After all the years that she had dominated him, now, finally, he had turned the tables on her.

“I submit,” she gasped out, “I can’t take that, it’s impossible. You know it’s impossible.” She begged.

“Yes, I do.” He smiled, teasing her ass with the tip of the mega-vibrator. “Are you sure you submit? Totally, unconditionally? Perfectly? Lovingly?”

“Yes, I submit,” she whispered.

Pressing the button once, she was lowered to the ground. Pressing another button and all of the locks were released. Finally, she was free. Free to give him anything he wanted.

“Now kiss me,” he whispered. Almost a loving tone now in his voice.

Now she didn’t question him. Raising herself from the floor, knowing she was his now, she took his suited body into her naked arms and body. Her breasts and nipples pressing up against his chest, her vagina pushing up against his suit covered cock, she kissed his lips.

Returning the kiss, it was almost the kiss of long lost lovers. Lovers who had broken up so long ago, but now, finally, had repaired their differences.

Slowly she undressed him as they were lost in their passionate kiss. Untying his necktie, then his shirt and slipping his upper clothes off his torso. Then she slowly trailed her lips downwards, down to his pants. Unfastening his belt, she then unzipped his pants. Tugging everything downwards, kapalı gaziantep escort bayan she revealed his hefty glowing wet cock.

Her eyes, returning again to his, in an instant, she almost conveyed respect for him. Respect that he had tried so hard to win her. He had done everything he could, she had for so long been his highest prize, and nothing had turned him away from his goal. No matter that outside, he owned dozens of beautiful women, slaves to his every want, need and desire, they were nothing to him compared to her.

Knowing this, she took his hefty cock into her mouth, fisting and sucking on it with her every lustful desire.

Watching her, finally, after what seemed like forever, his cock, now buried deep in her mouth, he didn’t move at all, he simply let her satisfy him with everything she had.

And then she stopped.

Standing up she turned herself around, bent over in front of him, and reached around to guide his wet cock into her vagina.

Again, he stood completely still as she slowly drove herself back into him. She was his now. He shouldn’t have to do anything, she should show him that she was his completely, and do everything to him that he wanted.

Sliding herself on and off of his cock, fucking deeper and harder, making his balls more solid, and his cock thicker and harder, she pleased him as she had pleased no man ever before in her life.

Then, again she stopped.

“And now, do you want my ass?” She asked. Pulling herself off of his cock and lowering herself a fraction to level her asshole up to his dripping wet cock where she gently rubbed it against his purple bulbous head.

“Yes mother,” he whispered, his hands reaching down to her huge breasts as they dangled below kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan her. “I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since I can remember.

“But you were far too weak boy,” she whispered back to him. “Your father would have destroyed you if you ever made a move on me. And so you didn’t. Did you? You were never powerful enough, successful enough, dominant enough for me. Were you?”

“Yes, but I made myself rich and powerful beyond even fathers wildest dreams. And now mother,” he whispered, now moving his hands from her breasts to grab her long hair like reins. “Now you are MY bitch,” he whispered pushing his cock deep into his mothers’ ass as she let out a wild yelp like an injured puppy.

“Now take my cock like I wanted you to take it when dad was alive,” he laughed fucking his mother in the ass with all his force and lust.

Now her body moved forwards and backwards almost like a rag doll as he savagely pumped her tight ass with all of his strength.

“Men are the higher form of our species mother. I am the highest form of a man. Women should all be bitches, and now the woman that should never be a mans bitch is mine,” he laughed. His cock digging into his mothers’ ass as hard as he could plough it.

“Women are like worthless zombies, and when my funding pays off, every woman will be nothing more than that. A worthless sex slave whose sole purpose in life will be to satisfy the needs of men.”

“Oh satisfy me, Swift, satisfy me,” his mother begged as his hard wet cock ploughed her ass. “You’ve become everything I could have wanted in a son now. So much more than your father ever was. I’ll follow you everywhere.”

“Yes,” he screamed, a mixture of agreement and the rising orgasm brewing within his cock.

“Take that bitch,” he said pounding her like he’d never pounded a woman before.

“Oh God, yes, I’m cumming,” she gasped from beneath him, her body trembling.

As she came, he ploughed her more and more. Then he dragged himself out of her ass and pulled her around and back onto her knees.

With all his power, he thrust his dirty member deep into her mouth and shot his tainted white load of cum deep into her throat.

Now she was properly owned.

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