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Sarah had finally finished work. It was very late in the night; she was surprised to find a restaurant that was open. Her work was very stressful. Being the boss in an advertising firm wasn’t easy, especially when she was working with a useless bunch of morons, who couldn’t make a single correct decision without her help.

Eric had completely botched up the report he was supposed to file. She had spent half an hour tearing him a new asshole. The venom she spewed from her mouth could be heard through the doors of her office. All her colleagues tried as hard as possible to avoid her gaze after that. She really was a bitch at her office.

She was also incredibly attractive. The male employees found it hard not to stare at her spectacular figure and ogle her firm tits, even when covered by a suit. She could sense the tension in Eric as she yelled at him. He was doing everything in his power not to look at her. He couldn’t let her know how incredibly turned on he was. She looked both gorgeous and terrifying at the same time when she adopted that aggressive stance; her neck clearly visible, giving way to her cleavage partially covered by her blonde locks.

She was aware of his conundrum; a bulge visible in his pants. He was quite handsome. Having not had sex for weeks, she contemplated throwing him on her desk and fucking his brains out right there. He definitely wouldn’t complain. With difficulty she restrained herself and told him to get the fuck out of her office.

Now she sat at the restaurant feeling incredibly horny after her meal. Beads of sweat slid down her throat and between her breasts partly due to the heat and partly due to her sexual frustration. She unbuttoned her shirt a bit to cool them. But it did nothing to decrease the heat in her loins.

There was no one else in the restaurant, only a single waiter who had brought the food; he wasn’t in sight at that moment. She slowly slid her fingers into her skirt, brushing gaziantep escort them against the folds of her pussy. It was dripping wet. The slightest touch sent electricity through her entire body. She closed her eyes and brought her fingers up to her lips, slowly sucking on them; tasting herself as she cleaned them of her own juices. She needed to fuck someone or she would drive herself insane.

Soon the waiter approached her table. She observed him as he walked. He looked quite young and handsome. She had noticed him staring at her a few times. She licked her lips in lust; she wanted him. She wanted to make him service her, pleasure her.

“Would you care for anything else ma’am?” he asked when he reached her side. She looked into his eyes calmly. “Yes, as a matter of fact, I do want something,” she said, her hand motioning for him to bend his head close to hers. She grabbed his chin as he did so and pulled his face in for a big wet kiss. He made no attempt to resist.

She slid her tongue down his throat. They exchanged saliva passionately for a while. She then pulled away, still cupping his chin in her palm. “Pull down your pants, quick,” she ordered. He eagerly began to unbutton and unzip, as she leaned back and pulled down her skirt and panties. She took his erect cock in her hand and pulled him towards her by it; the sight of it drove her wild. She longed for his throbbing member.

She attacked it with her mouth, coating it with her saliva and sucking it. She started probing the tip with her tongue as she massaged his balls, while simultaneously pumping his cock. It made him writhe where he stood. She let it slide back into her throat, taking the entire length in; letting it stay there to feel it pulse. She then began to bob up and down on his cock, faster and faster. Pausing only to noisily slurp and lick it.

His eyes had rolled back in his head; she knew he was close to cumming. She deepthroated him one last time and then released his cock with a pop sound. He had just been about to explode, there was anguish on his face. “You can’t cum just yet,” she said and sat herself on the table, spreading her long legs as she did so.

“Be a good, boy and eat me,” she said, parting her pussy lips with her fingers, exposing the moist folds inside. Her dripping cunt looked so inviting, he didn’t protest. He licked the wetness around it, as if following a trail with his tongue, slowly approaching her protruding pussy lips. He then teased her with the flat of his tongue, sliding it over the opening and then slightly parted her lips with the tip of his tongue. He inhaled her intoxicating scent deep into his lungs, savouring it for a moment. She didn’t like being teased. She grabbed his hair and pulled his head in, forcing his tongue into her cunt.

She felt him probe and swirl it around in her hole. He began to loudly slurp her juices and fuck her with his tongue. She arched her back as he moved up to her clit, sucking it into his mouth and then rubbing it with the tip of his tongue. “Don’t you dare stop!” she shouted, pulling his hair in painfully with both her hands.

She screamed as an orgasm ripped through her body, spilling her juices into his eagerly awaiting mouth. He tried to drink it as fast as it came out of her hole, but it drenched his face and dripped down his chin. As he sucked the last of her juices, she lay there, panting, her ribs rising and dropping while she regained her composure.

She sat up on her elbows and saw him smiling at her; his face shining with her juices. She got off the table, and moved towards him, all the while looking at his erect cock. He lay back on the ground as she lowered herself onto his cock, as if to mount him. She began to rise up and down slowly, arching her back and running her hands through her hair. She then let her hands descend, to massage her tits through the fabric of her clothes; still having her head tilted back as her toned midriff took a convex shape. It was the most erotic sight he had ever seen.

He put his hands on her hips and then slid them down to firmly squeeze her ass. She stopped riding him and looked at him, a ravenous hunger in her eyes as she slid off her shirt, throwing it to the side. He admired her perfect tits, seeing them bulge outward and recede as she breathed, beads of sweat shining near her neck. She then bent down, her tits pressed against his chest as she kissed him passionately. She began to lick his neck. “You are so fucking hot, I can’t believe…” he stopped midway as she grabbed his hair, pulling his head to one side “Shut the fuck up and fuck me.” “Hard!” He rolled on top of her and began to pound her like an animal. She screamed, “Harder! Harder!” He used his hand to grope her tits and rub it all over her exposed chest as he pumped in and out of her. He became tired of the exertion, and leaned forward; she drove her nails into his back as he continued to relentlessly fuck her. She screamed as she came; shaking and thrashing. He didn’t stop fucking her; she heard him groan, his face contorting, ready to cum.

“Cum in my mouth she said,” as she pushed him back; her mouth circled his cock as he exploded. A few streams of cum had hit her face before she took his length in. He emptied his seed into it her throat. She drank it all in, squeezing his cock with her hands, draining it of every last drop. Some of it had leaked down her chin. He fell back in exhaustion; she sat back too, hungrily licking the cum on her face, collecting it with her fingers. She then licked her lips in a daze, completely satisfied.

After a while she got up off the floor; he was still lying down, panting. She dressed herself in her crumpled clothes and picked up her purse. She placed a hundred dollar bill on the table and walked towards the exit. She saw a drop of cum emerge from his cock. She knelt down, scooped it up in her index finger and sucked on it without looking at him. She then rose up and walked out the exit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32