Sex In The Spa

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Prologue —

The older I get, the more I find myself obsessing about things. I have these overwhelming compulsions to get things done, instead of putting them off. These things that I would otherwise put off for something to do on a rainy day also have to be accomplished the correct way, with zero tolerance for mistakes. My obsessive behavior would be considered perhaps quaint and eccentric, if it weren’t for the fact that I try to inflict my perceptions on everyone else. Figuring that people around me are simply blind to the monumental significance of such things as paying bills, doing the laundry, preparing for retirement, etc., its my duty to keep them aware. Of course, no one really takes me seriously. They appease me the best they can and try to avoid my wrath. This avoidance, in itself, is enough to make me crazy to the point that I usually end up doing the chores or tasks myself. As a control freak, by nature, this is a role I feel comfortable with.

So what do my compulsive foibles have to do with my sex life, you ask? Well, let me tell you. The burden of carrying the weight of my little world is a heavy one. In my constant battle to keep things all the plates spinning at once, I needed a place in my psyche to relax and let everything go. My self-imposed tensions would have eaten me alive, if I didn’t have a haven of sexual bliss as a refuge. Some women use exercise bikes, yoga or social clubs to relieve anxieties. My preferred method of using sexual stimuli not only works for me, but it has definitely had a positive effect on our marriage.

Conditioned as the proper and conservative wife in my day-to-day routines; I had to learn to let loose and appreciate my lustful nature as well. This Jekyll & Hyde approach has developed into a real turnon, not only for me, but for my husband too. Nothing gets my juices flowing more than to break away from my politically correct self and become a wanton slut. Every husband wants his wife to be a little whorish from time to time, so why not go with the flow? As long as no one gets hurt -no harm, no foul! Once we got past the jealousy factor, the open marriage concept was delightful. A ‘Bob, Ted, Carol & Alice’ approach to swapping never did appeal to me. However, after thirty years of marriage, there is something to be said about having fun on the spur (or sperm) of the moment.

* * * * *

The mate swapping episode Donny and I had with my brother and his wife (see “Trading Home Videos”), that was meant to be a singular occasion, turned into more than a one-night-affair. The four of us started hanging out together on a more regular basis, and my relationship with Debbie developed into a closeness I had never experienced, even with my sisters. We shared intimacies about our past lovers and confided in each other about what turned us on, etc. Before long, we even took on some of each other’s traits. She became more refined with her flirting skills and I adopted a more direct approach to eroticism. Though neither one of us are lesbian; we both know what really arouses each other, so a certain amount of teasing and titillation was fun.

One particular afternoon of shopping the two us decided to take a break and go to a day spa. Debbie knew of a place across town offering a “Working Woman’s Special”; that sounded like a nice diversion.

“I have to run an errand for Rudy later. But, if you want, we can go now?” Debbie offered.

“A couple of hours of self-absorption seems like just what the doctor ordered. Let’s go!” I winked.

The place was quite a swanky salon, with all the fancy trimmings. An army of female attendants in short white uniforms scurried from one room to the next, catering to their clients. Our assigned attendant, a rather tall woman named Nancy, ushered us through a maze of rituals guaranteed to make us look ten to twenty years younger. Debbie mentioned that she heard one of the girls refer to our attendant as Big Nancy The Dyke. After hearing that, I kept a safe distance from her. Undergoing the entire regiment of skin treatments, massages and electro-whatever, we certainly felt younger. I guess that’s really what you pay for at these female pleasure havens anyway. Our tall attendant let the two of us finally retreat to a warm shallow bathing pool for some aromatherapy.

“Is this great, or what?” Debbie laughed and cast aside her robe.

“You bet. I don’t think I’ve ever been so relaxed, or clean for that matter,” I added.

“I know what you mean, Barb. I could easily make this part of my weekly routine,” she smiled, and reached over for a tube of shaving cream.

As we continued to revel in our luxurious bath, she started to shave her pussy. This was something I’d never done, so I was mildly interested in watching her technique. She saw me watching.

“Suppose you wonder why I do this? See, Rudy likes me clean-shaven. Actually, I’m kind of used to it, by now,” she admitted.

“I’ve never done that. Maybe Donny would like it too. What do you think?”

“There’s bursa escort bayanlar only one way to find out, girl. Here, I’ll do you,” she remarked eagerly, and helped me out of my robe.

With the two of us stark naked, she quickly swung my legs open. Before I had a chance to react, she had me sit on the pool’s edge and lathered up my pussy. Ever so gently, she shaved off what little bit of hair I had on my abdomen. When she started to shave around my pussy I felt the strangest tingling sensation and let out a little moan. Placing two of her fingertips just inside my pussy lips, she finished a few final razor strokes. Laying the razor down with one hand, she kept her fingers inside me.

“Ummmm, nice and smooth now, and a little creamy,” she whispered, as her fingers massaged my clit.

“Think Donny will like me like this?” I asked, breathing harder.

“Gosh Barb, I don’t know. Let’s see if it passes the taste test, shall we?” Said Debbie, stepping out of the pool and kneeling next to me.

She pulled my legs from the pool, put one on either side of her and made me lay down.

“Hey, wait a minute Deb. We can’t be doing this…here! People will see us and think we’re queer,” I said, nervously looking around for spying eyes.

“Nonsense Barb, there’s nobody here. And, who gives a shit what THEY think anyway? You and I know it’s all in fun,” she purred and leaned over to bring her face to my newly shaven crotch.

Parting my pink lips with both hands, her tongue immediately went to work on my clit. The new sensation of her lips and tongue on my bare pussy was so erotic. Soon I was whimpering and moaning, while she inserted two, no three fingers in my pussy. Debbie delighted in my reaction and started inching her little hand inside my vagina. She knew I wouldn’t stop her. I couldn’t conceal the fact that it felt so good to have a big cock (I mean a big… something) inside my pussy. Soon, her forearm was so deep inside me, I could feel her tiny fist against my cervix. She elevated her arm against my clit and I had a quick orgasm.

Coming back to my senses, “Oh God, Debbie stop it! We can’t be doing this! But, God, I sure could use a cock in me,” I admitted.

“Well, will this do?” Said a low sultry voice from above.

“OH SHIT!” I yelled and grabbed a towel.

Trying to cover as much of myself as possible with the skimpy bath towel, I stared up at Big Nancy, the Dyke. From the floor, this brunette amazon looked to be twelve feet tall. She towered over us, smiled and slapped a huge rubber dildo into the palm of her hand. Nervously, I tried to get Debbie’s arm out of me, with little success. She was noticeably distracted and enamored with Nancy’s dildo.

“Why, I had no idea you two ladies were…gay?” Said the striking amazon, as she undid the buttons on her tight fitting frock.

“We’re NOT gay!” We were just…” I started then stopped, in awe of her exposed body.

For a large woman in her forties, her tanned body was perfectly toned and well proportioned, except for her unusually large bosom. Standing tall in her black thong bikini and matching lace bra, she was truly a goddess!

“You two were just… experimenting? Is that it?” She offered, and dropped the white frock.

Debbie and I were speechless, as we watched Nancy slowly pull her thong down her long legs to expose a neatly trimmed pussy. Looking like some frozen erotic sculpture, Debbie and I were captivated by her presence. She knelt down facing the two of us, with her knees almost touching my head. Staring straight up at her, my view of her face was entirely obstructed by her enormous rack covered with (what had to be) an industrial strength bra.

“I suppose it’s OK to experiment. I still find new things that turn me on, don’t you? She asked, peering down at me.

We watched mesmerized, as she took the huge dildo and slid it between her thighs. Running it back and forth against her pussy, she wet the entire twelve or fourteen inches of it. The feminine scent of her juices cut through the chlorine smell and filled the air.

“For instance, would you have ever guessed that each woman tastes different? Bet you didn’t know that, did you?” Asked Nancy, directing the question at Debbie.

A dumb struck, smiling Debbie simply shook her head. Only when Nancy brushed Debbie’s lips with the saturated dong did she open her mouth for a nice long lick of the amazon’s fresh juices.

“See now, doesn’t mine taste different than your girlfriend?”

Debbie nodded and licked her lips.

“Hey, I’m NOT her girlfriend!” I interrupted.

“Oh that’s right. I forgot. You two are just… experimenting,” she repeated and motioned for Debbie to pull her arm out of my pussy.

My whole body tensed and then tingled as she pulled it out. It tightened and tingled again when Nancy parted my freshly shaven pussy lips with the head of her giant dildo.

“Since you two are into experimenting, let’s try this.” bayan sarisin escort bursa She said, leaning over me.

“NO, NO! It’s too…” I screamed.

“It’s too much like a real cock?” She asked.

“No. It’s too big! I’ve never…”

“Never say never, Honey. Just think of it as one of your experiments,” she whispered and screwed the huge cock head past my expanding lips.

“Oh God! How thick is that sucker?” I shuddered as it pushed against my vaginal wall.

“About six inches, I think. Starting to feel good isn’t it?” She asked.

I spread my legs apart to their fullest, leaned up and glanced down to see the shaft was about half way inside of me.

“Oooh, that’s nice RIGHT THERE! Hmmm yes, oh yeah! Could you can fuck me with it, please?” I begged.

“No. I don’t think so. You’ll just make believe it’s a man fucking you,” she demanded and sat back on her heels.

I craned my head backwards to see her face, “So what?”

“So, I think you should feel what it’s like to fuck a woman. Your FRIEND here can fuck you with it, if you like?” She added defiantly.

“Now when you say a woman, you mean a lesbian -right? I could never make love to a lesbian!” I said, shaking my head.

“That’s funny! You just let one put a big play toy in your pussy. What about that?” She admitted.

She lay down on her side uncomfortably close to me and propped her head up. Her weathered face seemed so out of place on such a stunning body. She tossed back her long black hair and smiled confidently. Her smile made her much less threatening and I tried to make my body relax. Considering the huge tool inserted in me, it wasn’t an easy task. Debbie started sliding it, ever so gently, in and out of my pussy. But never further that midway point -she knew me all too well. Dam her!

“You’re a lesbian? Why… I had no idea!” I lied, and winced in delight. Debbie had reached my ‘perfect spot’.

“Oh, you did too! Everybody knows ‘Big Nancy The Dyke’, she sadly smiled.

Staring into her dark moist eyes, I felt a certain level of compassion run through me.

“Sounds like you’re not crazy about that title?” I gathered, and tried to fight through the pure pleasure Debbie was administering.

“Oh, I admit to being a lesbian, although ‘Dyke’ carries such a negative connotation. And, the ‘big’ part -well, there’s not much I can do about that, is there?” She blushed and rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, I guess your rather big, err, I mean large. But, God you’ve got such an incredibly attractive body! You surely can’t have any trouble getting mmm, a PARTNER?” I corrected myself, then blushed.

“You were going to say men, right? That’s OK. I do seem to be blessed with an abundance of what some men like. Too bad I’m just not turned on by them; it would be so much easier,” Nancy remarked, and glanced down approvingly at Debbie.

The huge dong was having its desired effect. I was wet as can be and Nancy’s provocative tone made it even harder to resist my encroaching orgasm. Her eyes drew me in deeper, and I barely blinked when she softly pulled the towel from my chest.

“Oooh, I see you’ve been blessed with a nice healthy rack too! D-cups, right?

“Yes! But, how do you kn–?”

“Oh Baby, when you have to shop and Tent & Awning for bras, you get a good idea of sizes,” she smirked.

That made Deb and I laugh, which cleared the sexual tension, if only for the moment. Nancy took advantage of our laughter and casually moved her hand to my naked breast. As our laughter waned, she overtly fondled it and toyed with my hard nipple. Embarrassed, my hand came up to take hers away. Her larger hand tightened its hold, at the same time Debbie stepped up her pace with the dildo. My hand stopped on hers and slid down her forearm, as my head fell back to the tiled floor. Debbie’s strokes became longer and faster. Nancy’s hand shifted to my other boob and I subconsciously or consciously pulled her elbow to fondle me more. I had a sweet orgasm right there.

“Ummmm. So, how does it feel to have a real lesbian touch you?” I heard her whisper in my ear.

“That feels good!” I responded and a vision of my husband fucking me flashed in my brain.

“They look so delicious. Mind if I kiss them?” She asked, with her lips at my cheek.

“Uummm. I don’t know,” I teased.

Suddenly her hand moved to the first tit and her long wet tongue ran circles around my nipple. She did the same to my other boob and then opened her mouth to take it in. Her mouth was so large; she sucked as much of it in as any man ever had. I moaned. She moaned. Debbie cooed and pumped. I felt her other hand on my cheek. She ran her long fingers through my hair and held the back of my head. Tilting my head up slightly with her strong hand, she stopped sucking. I heard Debbie quietly say my name.

“Open your eyes. Barb, is it? And keep them open! I don’t want any male fucking fantasies going on here, OK?”

“Yes. bayan esmer escort bursa Yes, Nancy. I promise! Just keep sucking my tits, PLEASE?” I begged, feeling myself about to peak again.

“No… no, I don’t think so. There’s plenty of time for that later. I’ve been ignoring your girlfriend here, and that’s not very polite of me. Is it?”

“But, she’s not my… NEVER MIND!” I said, discouraged.

Evidently, Debbie was more than willing to accommodate our new friend. She released the dildo, lay back on her elbows and spread her legs wide open. Like an oversized panther in heat, Nancy shifted on her knees and leaned over me to get to Debbie. Without a word, Nancy went right to work on Debbie’s pussy. She tongue-fucked and sucked her like they’d known each other for years. Was Debbie really a latent lesbian -I wondered? She definitely had tendencies.

I have to admit to a degree of jealousy, watching Nancy eating her out. It was getting pretty heated between them, and I was more or less trapped under the big lesbian. Petite Debbie wrapped her short legs around Nancy’s neck and moaned to high heaven. Nancy must have been quite turned on too. She tried reaching behind her back as she knelt, obviously trying to unhook her giant bra. Bent over, as she was, her long arm still couldn’t reach the clasp. From my position under her, I could easily unhook it. I figured it was the least I could do to help.

The massive bra fell fast from the pressure. The pressure of two of the biggest boulders I’ve ever seen! I mean these suckers were BIG! Even from the side, feeling them graze my tummy, she made Debbie look like Twiggy and me look like… like NORMAL! She reached back between them to finger her pussy, which made one of them billow out from the side. I found myself unable to contain my need to touch it (solely for scientific purposes). I reached up with one hand and felt the awesome weight of it. Reaching up with both hands, I reckoned it was dam near the size of a volleyball. I was amazed. She was surprised by my touch and let out a deep moan into Debbie’s cunt. I was about to let go of her, when she brought her pussy-soaked hand up to my hands. Nancy wasn’t just damp, she was dripping. Her big paw smashed against my two smaller hands and instantly coated them with her juices. I could have slipped them away from her tit at that point, but there was something intriguing about how her hand seemed to be teaching mine how she wanted it fondled. I was a quick learner. My saturated hands went to work kneading, tugging, pulling and teasing the one giant tit I could reach.

Debbie had already cum once and was building up to another climax. Nancy’s ‘teaching’ hand fell to my shoulder, then made its way up to caress my face. I was astounded by the sensitive tender touch of this big woman. The new sweet smell of her was so enticing. Her lingering fingers soothed my cheek and I turned my face toward them. By chance, they brushed my lips. My mouth opened, as if I was in an erotic dream. My tongue leaped out and licked a still wet finger. I had tasted myself before and even Debbie, just for the fun of it. This was so different. More robust a flavor, but not all distasteful. Her hand stopped dead in its tracks. Now I knew she was surprised. Even more surprised, when I took two of her fingers in my mouth and sucked them clean. I did the same with her other two fingers and then her thumb.

She took her hand away from me reluctantly, to brace herself up with both hands and finish off Debbie. I kept massaging Nancy’s tit, as Debbie’s muffled screams bounced off the tile walls. Debbie unlocked her legs, lowered her tired pelvis and they kissed. Nancy knelt back on her heels, brushed back her sweaty hair and let out a big sigh. With her breast now on full display, she really did resemble a super-woman or some fantasy heroine. The taste of her was still in my mouth, as I reached down and slowly pulled out her prized dildo.

“What are you doing, Honey? I thought you were enjoying yourself? Why did you take it out?” Nancy asked.

“I AM enjoying myself. Besides, we can get back to that later,” I said, in a sexy demonstrative voice.

I watched Debbie’s eyes widen as she took in the sight of Nancy’s huge globes. Her face turned back to mine with a big shit-eating grin. I returned her smile, nodded and the two of us crawled over next to Nancy. With Nancy between us, we ran our hands over her shoulders and down her arms. We each cupped one of her mountains with both hands and sucked her nipples.

“Now girls, you wouldn’t be messin’ with me, would you? Remember, I’m passed the experimental stage,” she said, trying to ignore our seduction.

I stopped sucking and tiny-kissed my way up her chest. Running my fingers through her wet hair, I stuck my tongue in her ear. She let out a moan and my other hand found its way down passed her flat tummy to her pussy. Debbie’s hand was already there hard at work on her clitoris.

“I have to admit something Nancy. I got jealous when I watched you doing my girlfriend.” I whispered and licked her ear again.

“You mean, when I ate her pussy?” She asked turning her face to me.

“Yes.” I replied, sheepishly.

“Why can’t you just say it?” She said quietly, then moved her lips against mine.

“Say it…” I traced the inside of her lips with my tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32