Sex in a Car Park With a Stranger

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Never has a man been so richly rewarded for being a Good Samaritan. I had parked in a secluded spot in the garden centre car park. There was one huge SUV close by with a woman loading things into the open boot. She turned and looked into her trolley at the large bags of compost. I could see she was quite prepared to attempt to lift the three bags herself. As I walked towards her I guessed she was mid-thirties. She was dressed in a dress made of thick material that did nothing to show off what it was covering. It stopped a couple of inches above her knees. She was no stunner but had an appealing, attractive look that was enhanced when she smiled in my direction.

“Can I help you get those into the back of your car?”

“Oh I am sure I can manage, thank you.”

“I am sure you can but I am happy to help.”

“That is so kind thank you, they are very heavy.”

We stood each side of the low two-wheeled trolley. Taking my end of the first bag I looked up as she took a grip on the other end. It was not her grip on the bag that interested me it was the view down the front of her dress. The material being thick and not very fitted was not clinging to her and offered me a view down past her cleavage. I tried hard to appear not to be looking but it was not easy. Unfortunately while I could see a long way down I could not see wide enough to make out her nipples. As we twisted in lifting the bag the view changed and I got a view of nearly the whole of her right breast. Her nipple was nearly black, contrasting with her pale skin. It was not especially thick but was long and firm. I was in my early twenties and had seen my fair share of nipples but there was something about the setting that made this sight hugely exciting. My prick stirred at nothing more than that image of her nipple that was burnt into my brain. We lifted the bag into the boot and turned to get the second one. She moved to the side of the trolley I had been on and said.

“My left hand is stronger than my right and anyway it will give you a view of the other one.”

I was so embarrassed I struggled out an apology.

“I am so sorry I didn’t mean to look. I am sorry I saw…….. “

“I bloody well hope you are not sorry. I have always been told that I have great boobs. Did you not enjoy seeing them? I thought that at least one part of you seemed to appreciate them.”

Now I was confused as well as embarrassed and apologetic.

“I görükle escort didn’t mean that they are not beautiful it is just that… well just”

“Let’s take our time with this bag and with any luck you will get a better view of my other boob. I am sure my nipples know when they are being appreciated.”

She was as good as her word taking her time moving to ensure I had the best view possible while moving the next two bags. Even after adjusting my erection I could not hide it. She made it clear she was enjoying her view of my trapped erection as much as I had enjoyed her naked boobs. I was just about to offer to return the trolley when she said.

“If you stay a minute longer I hope that you will enjoy the next view even more.”

With this she clambered up into the huge boot of her car and bending at the waist started to shift the bags further forward. She was kneeling with her back to me as she lifted her backside high in the air and dropped her head. It was not a move that would help her move the bags. It was however a move that made her dress ride high enough for me to get a view of everything it was made to conceal. I have always loved viewing a woman from this angle but this was unbelievably erotic. Her pussy was covered in lubrication. It was swollen and red. Even the black crinkled skin of her anus was wet with signs of arousal. It looked like she had just been fucked for hours. The situation was further enhanced when she turned her head and said.

“Does that make you want to fuck me? If it doesn’t please don’t be there by the time I have got back out.”

Her exit from the car, backwards, was very ungainly but beautifully provocative and downright dirty. I was wondering how she was planning to let me fuck her but this was quickly answered. She remained facing away from me, put her hands in the boot, and lifted her dress to her waist before bend forwards. Was she really expecting me to fuck her in the middle of a car park? She clearly was as she opened her legs wide apart. I scanned the area and realized that we would probably not be noticed even though it wouldn’t have changed much anyway. As she turned, as if to hurry me up, the look on her face was sex, pure sex.

“Fuck me now and fuck me hard. I don’t want finesse. I want a hard cock fucking the living daylights out of me. I want to feel your need and your explosion deep inside me.”

This eskort bayan was sex like I had never been offered it. I had always worked to bring my partners to orgasm before cumming myself. I had always been loving and gentle. This was clearly not what this lady wanted. Unnecessarily I coated my prick with spit before pushing deep into her. I gripped her hips and we adjusted our positions to allow deep penetration. I did exactly what she had told me to. I wish I could write that I fucked her hard until after many minutes she exploded on my dick. What actually happened was after less than two minutes (I am being generous to myself now) I knew I could hold on no longer. I felt my cum building deep in my body before feeling it explode along the length of my prick and out into her pussy.

I was shocked and scared as I heard the sound of clapping before a male voice said

“That is the best foreplay I have ever watched. Are you ready for round two my dear? Sorry it will be round three for you.”

He had been in the car the whole time and was now beside me looking down at the lady I had just fucked. I was scared that he would be angry but this was not the case. He told me to sit in the boot if I wanted the lady to suck my cock. If I didn’t want her to he suggested that I disappeared quickly (not his exact words). He said that there was nothing she liked more than to have her mouth full of dick as she was fucked from behind. I was delighted to sit on bags of compost if my reward was to have my dick sucked.

I was quickly in position having pulled my trousers down past my knees. My cock was soaking wet and very soft as her warm mouth engulfed its whole inadequate length. She was being firmly fucked from behind and therefore struggled to control her sucking of my fast growing member. He was not being rough as I had been encouraged to be but it was not exactly gentle. Almost immediately I sensed her body tense and start to be raked by violent spasms. I was only just beginning to become erect and was disappointed that I would miss out on further pleasure.

“It is alright son that is only her first she will have at least a couple more before she is finished with us. Your fucking her had her so desperate I knew she would not last long. There will be another along very soon.”

He was right even with her mouth full of my now fully erect cock she was making noises altıparmak escort that made it clear she had only just begun. She was soon exploding again. He laughed at this saying that I must have really got her motor running. He then said that he would let her have just one more. Even in those days this did appear to be very chauvinistic. He added that he would be deep in her bowels for this one.

“You are in control now son. She won’t have her last orgasm until you paint her tonsils. She nearly always cums when a cock explodes in her mouth, don’t you dear?”

I wasn’t sure whether her head movement was a nod of agreement or not. He now set up a good rhythm and I suspect had found her clit with his fingers and her anus with his cock. Her body remained in a state I have only seen before just prior to a woman having an orgasm. Looking down at her she seemed completely oblivious of anything other than the two pricks. I expected to see her orgasm yet again very quickly. He obviously knew this woman better than I had ever known one. Between me announcing my orgasm and the first ejaculation her body surrendered to another orgasm. This triggered his and we all finished cumming within seconds of each other.

I never actually went into the garden centre that day. She was still hanging out of the back of the car when he thanked me for, as he put it, making it a very special 40th birthday for his wife. When I looked again at her pussy and backside it looked not much different to my first view of it. The one difference was that her hand was working hard on her clit. It was only then that I realized that he had fucked her just prior to me arriving on the scene. That was why he had referred to it being round three for her. This lady seemed totally insatiable.

As I drank in the view she turned her head and with sadness in her eyes said

“Does he have to leave yet I know there is at least one more orgasm in me right now? He does have such a lovely cock – please.”

I decided not to push my luck any further and said my goodbyes. As I drove off the car boot and doors were closed. From the driving seat he waved. I didn’t get a wave from her but I am sure I could see the back of her head as she bobbed up and down with her head in his lap. I was delighted that there was no one in the car park as I drove out. That was until I spotted the security cameras that appeared to be actively tracking my car.

In all the years since I have rarely witnessed a female have two orgasms back-to-back and never three. I still feel extremely aroused whenever I drive into that garden centre car park and park in the very same spot. I wonder what she did to celebrate her 50th birthday.

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