Sex Club for Nerds and Geeks Ch. 06

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Falling asleep early means you wake up early. It was 1:30 in the morning and I had this wonderful, naked, just-introduced-to-fucking-five-hours-ago girl asleep next to me. I tip-toed to the bathroom, peed, got a pitcher of water and two glasses, and returned to touch Julia on the shoulder.


“What? Huh? — Oh Carl.” She remembered where she was. “Yes, yes, I am, thank you.” She sat up and drained two glasses, then smacked her lips.

“That was really nice,” I said.

“You have no idea,” she yawned and stretched her arms and legs as she moved her thigh against mine. “I feel like I’ve just started living.”

“Wanna make out?” I walked my fingers across her belly toward her pussy.

“Is this how college life is? God I hope so, ’cause I really want to play.”

We slid down and faced each other. I stroked in and out while she fondled my balls. I was getting hard and she was getting wet when I had an idea.

“Wanna do it again?”

“Oh yeah. But I’m a little sore. Is there a way where I can do just as much as I can handle?”


“Hey, that’s an insult! MY cows come when we whistle.”

“Zee poh-zish-un ist called ‘cowgirl,’ ” I intoned. “You vil be on top, you vil rrrrrride me, you vil be ferrrrry much in kontrol.”

She swung on top of me, straddling my thighs. “I like the view,” she smiled, and wet her lips as she stroked my cock.

“So do I,” as I palmed her breasts and humped a little bit. “For starters, you need to wet my cock, so take the end in your mouth and lather it up.”

“You won’t —”

“Nope. It’s easier for you to take it into your pussy when it’s wet. And I really like the idea that your mouth is on my cock.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls. And I KNOW that’s what all the boys say to us girls.”

She slid back just enough to get her mouth on my cockhead, then slobbered the first two inches, and popped off.


“Me too. Lift yourself up and slide down on me when you’re ready. Hold steady, I’ll guide him in. There,” and I let go of her hips as she took those two inches into her.

“It feel okay?”

“Fine, just fine, really fine,” and she gradually slid down all the way.

“You can pole-dance me if you like, or lean forward and churn me. Or you can sit there and squeeze me with your muscles.”

“Like this?” I felt a slight squeeze.

“That’s nice. We’re gonna have to practice. How about riding me?”

By now her face was flushing and there was lust in her eyes. She lifted herself, stopped near the tip of my cock, swung her ass around on the tip, then came down.

“Still okay?” I was getting pretty aroused, in no small measure because of the tight grip of her recently virgin pussy.

“Yup, nothin’.”

“The let’s go cowgirl,” and I reached around and slapped her ass.

“Yippee!” and she was off. Up and down she danced, getting more and more animated.

“Swing your hips! Use them against my cock!” She bucked herself against me as she rose and fell.

“Ooomfa! Ooomfa! Ooomfa! Oh you feel so good! Ooomfa! Ooomfa! Ooomfa!”

Mindful of her threat to beat me up if I held her at the top of my cock, I laid my palms on her ass cheeks and let them follow her bouncing. She ignored them until I stopped her at the top of her stroke.

“Swing around on the tip of my cock! Now squeeze me! Make me cum!”

“Oh, I can! I’m gonna getcha!”

Suddenly I erupted. “Oh god, oh yeah, ohhhhhh goddddddddd, I’m cumming! I’m CUMMING!” She slammed around, practically pretzeling my cock as she did. Then I was pumping white shots into her.

Her climax hit like a hammer. “You’ve got me! I’m cumming too! It’s so goooooood! Ooomfa! Ooomfa! Oh GODDDDDDDD! It’s so GOOOOOOOOD!”

There’s something about a spent cock in a still-quivering pussy, particularly when the cock is mine, that I love. Julia fell face-first onto me, her chin on my shoulder but her tits were just out of range of my mouth.

As we cuddled and my cock slid out, I tried to recover my wits. It wasn’t this wild the first time I did it. Maybe I’m getting a skewed impression of women, but every one I’ve fucked is wild. Guess I’m just gonna have to practice some more.

I pecked her cheek. “Still sore?”

“Nope. It just went away.”

I filled a glass and handed it to her. “Gotta keep your fluids up.” We shared it, downed a second one, then leaned against the headboard with our pillows behind our backs.

“When do you have to leave?”

“Bus, at twenty-after-one this afternoon. Before then I have to find a pharmacy that’s open.”

“There’s a 24-hour place downtown. Why?”

“Plan B.”

“What’s that?”

“Wellllllllll,” she stretched it out, “since we didn’t use a condom and I’m not on the pill because I didn’t plan on having sex this soon, I have to protect myself against getting pregnant.”

I’m not on the pill. Ooops.


“Nope. Miracles of modern science. I do peer counseling at school, I’m gonna be a doctor, remember? I’m trained in this stuff. ‘Plan B is very Niğde Escort effective if taken up to 72 hours following unprotected intercourse,’ ” she intoned.

I just took the virginity of a girl who wasn’t protected?

“C’mon Carl, don’t look so scared,” she laughed. “Plan B works if you take it in time. It’ll barely be 12 hours when I do. It’s not birth control, it’s for situations EXACTLY like this. That’s why I could do what I did and not be worried in the least.”

I should have asked. What was I thinking?

“Carl, stay with me here. I’m fine. WE’RE fine. You have given me the most astounding experience of my life, and I’ll never forget it. I’m not going to screw this up.”

I roused out of my fear cloud. “Okay, I hear you. I’m just, well, uh, surprised, I guess.”

“Yeah, so am I,” she giggled. “I started thinking about this at dinner on Friday night.”

“Oh? Why?”

“You were so nice, so ‘let’s go’ about taking me to class and about going to the ag school. Marg says you and she are good friends. She’s my guide to the world off the farm. I figured ‘hey, I’m here, she’s vouching for him — why not?’ ” I let the compliment sink in.

“Can I ask you something, Carl?”


“Why were you interested in doing it with me?”

“You mean besides the fact that you’re beautiful and you knocked me flat on my back on this bed and then attacked me?” I mock-groaned, then got serious. “Because you’re just so open, so easy-going, so willing to plunge in and help out. You have a way with people. Like how you picked up that barn manager.” She blushed.

“I don’t mean ‘picked-up’ picked up, not that way. I mean you just started talking to him, like you belonged there, you hadn’t trespassed. Same way at the picnic. I’m the opposite, I have to force myself. So I fell for you.”

“Pshaw! Marg says everyone in your club likes you.”

Margery told her about the club?

“Can I ask you something, Julia?”

“Sure, anything.”

“You said you’d decided in tenth grade not to have sex. But it’s so easy for a girl. Since you know all about protection, why didn’t you just, you know, do it? You really like it,” and I leered at her.

She hesitated, then plunged forward. “Dad got mom pregnant on their fifth date. They were 17. Kyle, my older brother, wasn’t even 17 when he knocked up Miriam. It’s what rural people do. I love my niece and nephews, but that’s not what I want right now.

“We have 200 acres for dairy cows and some hay. Dad’s a farmer, the family’s been farmers since the Civil War. And just like it’s always been, the first son works the farm with his father. And sons need sons, sooner rather than later, ’cause farming is very hard work.

“Just like his father and grandfather, dad works as a prison guard for the cash money to keep us going during the winter. Kyle’s gonna get a guard job when there’s an opening.

“It’s all we know. I think mom secretly would like to live somewhere else, even though she and Miriam are perfect farmer’s wives: three kids, cook, handle the books, up at 5 every morning, the whole thing.

“But Marg and I want to go to college. I don’t hate farm life, it’s just that there’s so much more. And the world is changing, just like farm life is changing. The difference between our milk shed and the one at the ag school is inter-galactic, but it’s also so much more expensive. You earn the money back, but you have to have it first, and the banks —”

She stopped, blushing.

“I’m sorry, I got off on a tangent.”

“That’s okay, it’s an amazingly different life from what I know.”

“Back to your question. I knew that if I started having sex I’d be knocked up by eleventh grade. I KNEW it. Nothing would have prevented it. Three girls I grew up with already have a kid and we’d all talked for hours about birth control. Miriam and Kyle have three kids and they’re not even 23.

“So I decided I’d date safe boys. We talk, talk, talk. I’ve kissed them, graduated to handjobs when they pushed me. Even let them play with my tits. But I end the relationship when they get bold and want to go further. It’s worked pretty well. Nobody starts rumors that I’m a lezzie and I’ve learned how to masturbate really well.

“That’s not anything like the real thing — god it REALLY isn’t like the real thing,” she giggled “— but it’s gotten me through high school.”

My head was whirling.

“You came to this conclusion in tenth grade?”

“I had help.”

I looked blankly.

“Marg and I talked a lot when she flunked out of college. She’s three years older than me, remember? She was a virgin when she left for college. And she blew it, just like a farm girl. At least she didn’t get pregnant. She may not be a real Catholic any more, but I don’t think she’d ever have an abortion, so she was lucky.

“She dated ‘safe’ boys in high school, just fell into it somehow, but she recommended it to me as a strategy. ‘Pick shy ones, give ’em just enough to keep ’em coming back, when they get to the point where they want to Niğde Escort Bayan get into your pants, drop ’em and find another one. They’re always making new ones.’ I’ve gone steady with six different guys, they’re very nice, and the strategy’s worked real well.”

“So why now?”

“I’m going to go to college here. The weather is warm, we got along so well, you’re very attentive and polite, I checked with Marg and she recommended you. The rest is history.”

Margery recommended me?

Julia read my mind. “We talked about it when we got back to her room after dinner. She said if I wanted to, after the picnic she’d make herself scarce. Did you see her wink when she went with Pete?”

“I did wonder about that.”

“She explained about how she lives her life and said it was up to me. I decided for sure when I was in the bathroom after we got here.”

The light went on. “That’s when you ditched the bra?”

“Bingo! I thought it would get your motor running when you found I wasn’t wearing one. I better go get it, can’t go home without it,” and she started to stand. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back.

“Oh no you don’t! My motor is revving. No way you’re leaving this bed without one more fucking.”

“Deal!” She dove for my cock and I slobbed my finger before starting in on her pussy. As I was sawing in and out, she popped off my cock and spread her legs. “Ride me cowboy!”

I swung into the saddle and was inside on the second stroke.

“Yessss! Oh Carl, ride me, do it!”

I pumped in and out of her, slowly at first, but soon I was fucking like a piston. She grabbed my shoulders with her nails and folded her heels into my ass, pulling me deep into her. I forced my mouth onto hers, wanting every bit of her body. She shifted her legs to around my waist so that she could suspend herself from me, swinging her hips against mine, humping back at me so our bellies slapped together, loudly.

“God Carl, push it in me! Make me cum! You know what I like! Ohhhh yessss! YESSSS!”

“You’re gonna get me, I’m gonna cum. Now, Now! NOW! Julia, I’M CUMMING!” and I blasted into her. I don’t think I ever came so fast, unless it was with Margery during that first blowjob.

We collapsed on the bed, soaked and finished. But I didn’t get soft. My cock was hard even as I rolled us onto our sides. Julia felt it.

“You’re still hard! That’s neat! Can you cum again?”

“I’ve never had this happen.”

“I made you hard, I’m keeping you hard, I’m gonna get you again,” she growled.

She slipped down to fit her mouth to my cock. “There’s a lot of stuff here. Ummmm, tastes like, I dunno, unflavored yogurt.

“Tell me how to do this, I’ve never done it, but I really want to learn.”

“You want to give me a blowjob?”

“Yes. You okay with that?”

“Sure! Not a boy in the world would refuse a blowjob from a girl as pretty as you.” She blushed, then got a determined serious look on her face.

“How do I do it?”

“Just like you wet my cock. Treat it like a lollipop. Start by licking it, go up and down a couple of inches, further when you feel like it, and lick your way up. The sensation is at the top, the head. Oh, and please keep your teeth away from everything.”

She got into it pretty quickly. “Use your tongue, combine your lips and your tongue, go up and down, that’s it, take it slowly. I’ll tell you when I’m close.”

“Good,” she said, pulling off. “I want to know ’cause I want to swallow it all.” She held my eyes, then went back to work.

From my pussy-eating experience I knew that your neck and tongue get tired after a while, so five minutes into her work I had her stop. I brought her up to me and kissed her tenderly.

“Thanks. My neck was getting stiff.”

“You are soooo good. The best way to get me to cum is by sucking me and tonguing the head. It helps if you jack me with your hand, combine the blowjob with a handjob, so you’re pushing the cum up from my balls. When I get close, keep your lips tight around my cock, don’t let anything out. Start swallowing as soon as it happens.

“And if you can, please keep eye contact with me. It’s so erotic.”

Up and down she bobbed. She jacked me with one hand and cupped my balls with the other, stroking softly. It was absolutely glorious. And she never broke eye contact.

“I’m getting close, Julia, go faster.”

“Ummmmm,” she said, and bobbed faster.

Considering my recent major orgasms, I didn’t expect any of my blasts now would be Vesuvian. Still, the first one was pretty strong and Julia’s eyes popped wide. She wasn’t ready when it hit, but she kept the seal with her lips. She gulped the load and kept on bobbing and jacking. The second and then the feeble third were easier to handle.

But she kept on going! I squealed in pain! “Oh god Julia, please stop! Please, please! It’s so sensitive! It hurts! Please stop, please please please!”

She pulled off in a hurry. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Are you okay?”

I pulled her up to me and Escort Niğde kissed her, HARD.

“Oh yeah, I am so okay, that was so good, you’re sooooo gooood, god it was gooood,” I babbled. “It’s just that after I cum my cock gets soooo sensitive. First it’s ecstasy, then it’s agony.”

We cuddled and started to drift. The last thing I remember was that the clock said almost 5.


“Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!”

It was Pete, tapping on the door. The clock said 7:30.

I was spooned behind Julia and I guess I jumped at the sound of Pete’s voice. She jumped too, startled.

“Who? Wha — “

“Wake-up time, lover, time to get social. C’mon, into the bathroom.” I got up and pulled a cellophane-wrapped toothbrush from the stash in my desk. “Use this and the toothpaste on the second shelf. You can shower later.” I handed her my bathrobe, pulled on my jeans and a fresh shirt, and moved for the door.

“Wait! Carl!” she whispered.


“I can’t, I mean, I’m embarrassed, they’ll — “

“— know that we spent the night fucking? They’d have to be stone deaf not to know.” I kissed her. “It’s fine. Pete’s cool, Margery’s cool, you’ll see.” I opened the door and ushered her out.

“Hi kiddo,” Margery said. “You look great!” Julia’s anxiety melted away.

“Never felt better! Be right out,” and she popped into the bathroom.

Pete’s cooking skills were on full display. Omelets, sausage, orange juice, tea, croissants and jam were spread on the kitchen table.

“You guys’ve been busy this morning,” I said.

“Yeah, we decided we should have some real food, so we went out and got this stuff.”

“A guy who cooks! He’s REALLY going to be in demand when I tell the girls,” Margery bantered as she patted Pete’s ass. She had on his spare robe and a pair of flip-flops he kept in his room for visitors.

Julia emerged from the bathroom, blushing a little as she joined us. “Smells great! You grow up on a farm?”

“Suburbs,” Pete chirped, “but mom made Sunday morning breakfast special. Tea or juice?”

“Juice, please.”

Pete handed us plates he’d warmed in the oven. “Dig in,” he said. We filled our plates and sat on the floor around the coffee table.

“The picnic was GREAT! You even had a beer,” Margery teased me.

“Me too!” announced Julia.

“I didn’t think you liked beer,” Margery said to Julia.

“I’ve tried it at a couple of parties, and I didn’t, but it was so hot out there, and the beer was so cold. Ummmm,” she said, remembering. “But I suppose I don’t, ’cause I didn’t go back for another one.”

We chattered on like this until Margery’s cell rattled. “Ooops, nine o’clock, time to get going, kiddo. Gotta get you packed up for the bus.” The girls headed for their respective bedrooms, emerging a few minutes later in their yesterday clothes.

Julia, suddenly shy, came over to me. “Thank you for a wonderful time, Carl.”

“You’re welcome. It was fun.”

Suddenly I remembered. “Oh, wait, I’ve got something for you,” and I zipped into my bedroom and returned with the memory stick.

“Here. It’s the pictures from the ag school.”

She kissed me. “Good memories,” she whispered close to my ear, then stepped back. “Thanks. Kyle and dad’ll be impressed.”

Pete and I cleaned up.

“She’s neat, I really like her,” he said. No probe, just a statement.

“Yeah. She and Margery are a lot alike, I think. She really knows what she wants to do.”

“You want the first shower?”

“I guess I should, I’m probably pretty rank,” I said. Pete grinned.

After my shower I decided to take a short nap, and suddenly it was after eleven. I stripped the bed and went to the laundromat to wash both sets of sheets and the rest of my stuff.


“Can we talk?” Margery and I were in the middle of the largest Sunday turnout I’d ever seen. Girls I barely knew said hello.

“Sure. Union?”

“No need. Over there,” and she motioned to a small sofa at one end of the living room. We settled in and I waited with a little trepidation.

“You are the nicest guy. Thank you so much for helping Julia.”

“You’re not mad at me?”

“On the contrary. What you did for her was the sweetest, kindest thing. You would be amazed how many girls have awful first times.”

“She’s a lot like you, you know.”

“Yes she is. I don’t want her to have the same problems, though.”

“Sounds to me that you helped her around that.”

“You like her, don’t you?”

“Is it obvious?” What the hell, when in doubt, tell the truth. “Yes, I do, a lot.”

“And she likes you. Also a lot.”

She changed the subject. “What’re your plans for the summer?”

“I don’t know. My parents put together a really good college fund for me and my sister, so when I chose a state school they saved so much that they can pick up all my expenses. So I don’t have to work summers as long as I don’t gold-plate anything.”

“A man of leisure.”

“But I’m not constituted for that. Senior year I worked in the local library two nights a week right after school till closing, and I stayed on over the summer. Last summer I worked for my uncle, who does environmental quality assessments for developers. I did all the photography and learned Photoshop and a couple of other programs so I could prepare the reports

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32