Seven-Mile High Club Ch. 09

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Seven-Mile High Club Ch. 9 (final chapter)

As Michael had not planed for anything fancy on his vacation, he wore a nice shirt and a pair of black slacks, with a tie; that his Dad had given him. It went well with his shirt. He walked down to the main house and entered through the garden door. Several guests had already arrived, so he picked up a glass of champagne, and sat in a corner.

A few minutes later, Tomiko came downstairs. She was wearing a black cocktail dress; with a pair of black high heal shoes. She looked very beautiful and Michael felt kind of bad that he couldn’t tell everyone that they were in love. She walked around the front room talking to a few of the guests, but when she saw him in the corner, she went over and took his hand.

“Come with me Michael-san.”

She took him across the room and introduced him to some of the guests.

“This is my cousin, Michael-san. He is here on vacation from the United States. He is my escort for the evening.”

She then introduced him to two of her school girlfriends. The one named Tia, was younger than Tomiko and very cute. The conversation got around to a party the following Friday night. Tia asked Michael if he would like to go with her. Tomiko said,

“Sorry Tia, but Michael is taken. He has a steady girl, and is almost married. You are too late I’m afraid.”

Tomiko then directed him across the room away from her friends. Taking the champagne from his hand, she took a sip and said,

“You wouldn’t like her Michael. She is a “kagaseya girl”, and a slut. She has been with more men than any other girl in school.”

There were about fifty guests at the party, most of whom were employees and associates of Tomiko’s Father. The dinner was a buffet so everyone had to eat wherever they could find a spot.

Tomiko took Michael out to the garden and they ate together; sitting on a stonewall that surrounded the terrace. When they were done she asked,

“Do you still want me to come to California with you?”

“Yes, of course. Why is there a problem?”

“No I just want to make sure that you want it as much as I.”

“Absolutely, and if I weren’t afraid of being seen, I would grab you and kiss you right now. Is there something that you are not telling me? Are you having second thoughts?”

“No, but I don’t want to force myself on you Michael.”

“If you should change your mind and not want to go with me, I guess I’ll just …”

“What Michael?”

“… have to kidnap you.”

“I love you Michael and I want to go.” She said with a smile. “I feel like we belong together.”

“Yes we do. We always have.”

After dinner Michael’s Uncle had the orchestra play a special song for Tomiko. It was “When you wish upon a star.”

Then he asked for everyone’s attention.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not just my youngest daughter’s İstanbul Escort birthday party. It is also a going away party. She has asked my permission to go to the United States so she can attend UCLA in Southern California. She will be living with my nephew, Michael and his fiancé; Lisa until she is out of school. She hopes to be a teacher and believes UCLA is the best possible place to earn her degree. Please give her a nice round of applause. I would also like to thank my nephew for taking on the responsibility of watching out for my little girl.”

The people all clapped and cheered for them. Michael was pleased that Tomiko had chosen him to be her lover and partner. The party continued until two am; then Tomiko took Michael aside and asked him if they couldn’t sneak off to have a celebration of our own. Michael explained that she was the person of honor and the center of attention; so they would have to wait until the party was over. She frowned at him and said,

“OH Michael!”

“Tomorrow sweetie. Tomorrow.”

She told him that she wanted him to dance with Tia, so Tia could see what she would be missing, but nothing else. He reluctantly agreed and walked over to the little girl, bowed slightly and asked her to dance. As they moved around the floor, Tia continually made gestures with her tongue, and rubbed her crotch against Michael’s leg. She whispered that her invitation was still open for Friday nights’ party and that he wouldn’t regret it. She said that she would really take care of him.

When he thanked her and declined the offer, she told him that he was going to miss out on the best sex he would ever have. When he stated that she was a little young for him, she reminded him that the age of consent in Japan was twelve, and that she was much, much older.

After thanking her and declining again, she asked if he was satisfied hanging around with his virgin cousin. She added that Tomiko hadn’t ever had sex that she knew of, and surely wasn’t going to give it up for her cousin. Michael smiled and thanked her again as the music for the dance came to an end.

As the party was breaking up, he stood along side of his Dad, Mom, Uncle and Tomiko saying goodnight to the guests. He had one more glass of champagne then told everyone goodnight. Michael went out the garden door and slowly walked to the guesthouse. When his head hit the pillow, it took one or two seconds for him to fall asleep.

What seemed to be just a few minutes later; was actually eight o’clock in the morning. Tomiko was on his bed kissing him, telling him it was time to get up. Her Dad had gone to work, his Mom and Dad had gone home and the day was theirs to do as they wished.

“What would you like to do Michael?”

“I would like to make love with my favorite, girl.”

“Ooooo,” she said smiling, “I thought you would never asked.”

She Anadolu Yakası Escort quickly stripped off her cloths and crawled into bed. Her titties were warm against his chest and her kisses were wet and probing. He turned her over onto her left side, and got behind her, gently lifting her leg over his. Easing his cock into her pussy he began to fuck her like a man under a magic spell.

Michael held her right hip and she reached back pulling his leg closer. The girl knew just what he wanted and needed. As he pushed she came twice in a period of five minutes, telling him how wonderful he was, each time. Kneeling, he pulled her up into the “doggie style” position.

Although they had been doing it for several days, she was as tight as the first time, and even more willing. He continued to fuck her for another half hour and then they both came together. After a while, they got up and got dressed, then left the house at nine fifteen. They drove down the coast to a restaurant overlooking the ocean. She said that he should give her Father his airline ticket to California, and he would make arrangements for them to sit together on the flight. During the following month they went to the hotel every day and made love, except for the three days she was having her period. She even suggested that he could fuck her butt, or she would give him a blowjob on those days.

Telling her that it wasn’t fair, for just him to be satisfied, he declined. After her period they were back at it again, and she was more passionate than ever. He did spend some time with his parents, and they went out a few times, however they were still agitating him about his personal life, and how he should live it.

When the day finally came for them to depart, Tomiko had packed almost everything she owned, along with Michael’s sword and had it shipped to Michael’s apartment. It was scheduled to be there the day after they arrived.

At the airport Michael and Tomiko said goodbye to the family, and they all watched as the two of them boarded the “red eye” bound for Hawaii. Michael’s Uncle felt that they deserved a little more vacation so he booked them into a two bedroom, suite at the Hilton hotel for six days on Oahu Island, not knowing they would only require one bedroom.

As the airplane took off, they held hands. It was the beginning of their new adventure. The 747 they were on has a capacity for several hundred passengers, however had only twenty on board; and only one in first class, with them.

It was dark outside and Tomiko was awake. Michael told her that he was going down the hall to the number one first class restroom, and she should follow in two minutes. She was to knock three times and he would let her in. He was in the restroom, when she tapped on the door. As he let her in she threw her arms around his neck and said,

“I wasn’t sure Kartal Escort how long I could hold out Michael. I need you so bad.”

Pulling his pants and his underpants down, he sat on the toilet. Tomiko removed her panties and sat on his lap, as she had in the hot tub. She reached down and took hold of his cock, guiding it up into her vagina.

Here he was again, he thought in less than two months, becoming a member of the seven-mile high club for the second time. When he told Tomiko that she was now a member, she wasn’t really thrilled, stating she didn’t care where they were, as long as they were together, making love. She moved on top of him like a cat, slowly building to her climax.

“If you need me to Michael, I’ll suck you.”

Suddenly she began to cum, her juices running down his cock, between his legs. She kissed him and said that this was the best idea he had all day. He wasn’t about to mention that it wasn’t originally his idea. She continued to move, until he was ready to cum; then began moving faster. When he came, her vagina tightened and she came again very hard. They sat there for several minutes, just holding each other. When she got off his lap, she kissed him again and returned to her seat. He followed in a few minutes and they both fell asleep.

The following morning, they had a light breakfast then talked about what they wanted to do in Hawaii. She said that she didn’t care what they did as long as she had him at least once in the morning and twice at night. After going through customs, they picked up their baggage, and got a cab to the Hotel.

It was eighty degrees with a cool breeze. They checked in at the hotel and went to the twenty-fifth floor. The bags had been brought up prior to their arrival at the room, so Michael placed the key card into the slot, and as the door clicked, he picked up Tomiko in his arms and carried her across the threshold.

“Welcome to our honeymoon my little wife-cousin.”

Carrying her to the bed, he laid her down and began to remove her panties. Spreading her legs, he placed his mouth on her succulent pussy. Licking and sucking, she moaned loud, pulling his hair. As he sucked her pussy for over an hour, she came countless times. The last time she almost passed out.

“What do you want me to do for you Michael?”

“Just lay here sweetie, and hold me so I know this isn’t a dream.”

“It’s not a dream and I’m not a fantasy. We are finally together for good, and will be lovers until you are tired of me.”

“I promise you that I will never be tired of you.”

“Do it to me Michael. Push your big cock into my pussy, and fuck me hard.”

End …

PS: One study suggests that semen is a natural drug, and that it is addictive. Some women go through a withdrawal when they stop ingesting it.

I would like to thank all of the people who wrote comments about the series. I am now writing a new series called, “Joan, the First Female Pope.” It is based on an old legend from the ninth century. It begins in England, moves to Athens and finally to Rome. The first chapter has been posted. If you like it, I will continue. Professor98.

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