Seven Hundred and Fifty Words

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I haven’t spoken seven hundred and fifty words to her since the beginning. It was a deep cut. I bled for her. I burned. A crazy rush of nerves crowded my mouth each time we bumped into each other. Garbled speech. Blushed cheeks. Her smile.

Her eyes drowned me and this time I was going to ask.

“Maybe… Do you… Um. Think we could…”

“I’d love to. Relax.” Her hand touched me and my skin drank her in.

“Coffee? Dinner?”

“Let’s just hang out. Meet me at the club later.”

The Uni club. A jungle of better-looking men. All beating their chests. It didn’t matter.

“Don’t get your hopes up.” I told my crazy beating heart.

My beer watched me mockingly as I waited for her. She was intercepted by eager men. Her eyes apologised to me as she politely excused herself. This was real. Perhaps a nasty set up. But real.

“Hi.” I take too long to respond to her smiled hello. “Maybe you could get me a Riesling?”

“Oh. Sure. Hi Sarah.”

“Thank you. You’re not very good at talking to girls.”

“No. Shit Bostancı Escort house actually.”

“Pretend I’m your sister.”


“Haha. No. Probably don’t. I like you like a sister shouldn’t.” Mischief dances on her face.

“Oh. Yeah. Um. Same. I mean like… not like a brother. Not sister. You know.”

She burned holes in me with those deep brown orbs. A smile played on those kissable lips. Her hand reached across the table and something flowed up my arm into my chest and filled me with madness when she took my hand in hers.

I was mad enough to speak.

“Why me. You could… Any man you want.”

“I want ‘you’. I have for a while. You see that boy.”

She pointed at one who was quite good looking.

“He asked me if I sucked cock.”

I squint at that and she nods.

“That one…” She indicates another. “He told me I have great breasts.”

“You do. I mean. Shit…”

“Well thank you. Girls don’t remember what you say. Just how you make them feel. You make me feel safe Ümraniye Escort and sure. Not like them. Understand?”

I shrug.

“Walk with me?”

I nod. We drink the last of our drinks and leave. She holds my hand and leans her head onto my shoulder. We walk and she could lead me anywhere.

“This is my room.” She turns and faces me outside the door. “Would you…”

She leans closer and my heart beats like jungle drums. My mouth opens for words it doesn’t own and her lips claim mine. All I smell is her hair. I taste her mouth. Her tongue finds mine and I’m lost. A bubble forms around us. Nothing else matters.

“Mmm.” She smiles and opens her door.

“I need the loo. Sit.” She indicates a bed.

She returns in her underpants and bra and I gape at her beauty. “I’ve never…”

“Oh. Okay. Here. Let’s take this slowly then.”

I rise at her gesture and she fumbles with my buttons. Then my belt. My body lurches at her contact.

“Undo me?” She turns.

“You can touch. Here.” She lifts Ataşehir Escort my hands to her breasts and moans as desire puppets my unskilled hands.

“Lie down.” She removes my boxers. “Oh. Nice…”

She strokes me gently and I stare in disbelief. This is real.

With a wicked smile she straddles me and pulls her underpants aside to rub my knob in the wet heat of her. My eyes roll back. I groan and hope to god I don’t shoot.

“Do you have a rubber?” She asks. I shake my head. “I’m on the pill if you’re okay with that.”

I nod.

She seats me and then slides me in. Heat and wet, and boiling muscles grip at me and it’s like nothing I’ve ever imagined.

“There now. Easy. Let me… God that feels so good inside me. You. You feel good. Always have. Make me feel seen. Like you get me. Oh god.”

“Oh fuck.” I blurt as she starts rolling her hips and grinding. Her neck is arched and her eyes closed. I watch in disbelief as this dream girl rides me.

And all too soon, she shudders, and her breath comes in gasps.

“I’m gonna…”

“In me, Dave.”

My balls applaud my outrageous fortune and heaven erupts through my body.

She’s sweaty and drawing circles on my chest. This angel I’ll never deserve. This wonder.

“And we’ll only get better with practice, Davy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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