Servicing the Boss

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While I was going thru my divorce, I was looking for a place to stay. I saw an ad (on Craigslist, where else) that offered a tiny house in exchange for work on a 5 acre property. The tiny house was set a bit away from a beautiful log cabin which was the main house. I met with Stacy, the owner of the property and after talking for a bit, we decided it was a good fit and we made an agreement.

Stacy was twice divorced and, at 54, just a few years older than me. With long brown hair and beautiful soft eyes, Stacy had kept herself in good shape. She had a nice body and an ass that I checked out whenever I could.

While she was good looking, she was a little too high maintenance for me. I was going thru the divorce from someone similar and a woman like the last was not something I wanted. Plus she was into “earthy” things, going all organic and having crystals around the place. She was a bit too “out there” for me.

But Stacy at times hinted around, complimenting me on me on how I moved and was able to work without getting tired, asking if I had stamina in all areas. She would wear low cut shirts and shorts that showed a decent set of legs and that nice ass. Whenever she bent over, I could see that she like to wear thongs.

One fall afternoon, Stacy came home all excited. She had purchased a new big screen TV and was dying to get it set up and working. She asked if I could help her get it into the house and set it in place. I had been inside the house before so it was no big deal to bursa eskort help out. But I had been working the grounds and it had been a rainy, cold day. I was dirty. She said it was no problem as long as I removed my shoes. So into the house I went carrying the TV.

I got it into the house and removed my shoes. She then asked if I could carry it up to her bedroom which was in the loft of the log cabin. I said no problem, took off my wet jacket and carried the TV up to the bedroom. She then asked if I could set it up. I took a quick look at the instructions, told her I could but that I needed a screwdriver to get it done. With that she took off the get a screwdriver.

It was hot in the loft and I was wearing a damp, heavy sweatshirt. I took off the sweatshirt and was waiting for her to return in a t-shirt and dirty jeans. I had kept myself in great shape and the tight t-shirt showed my efforts. Plus I was pumped from the work I had been doing on the property.

When Stacy returned, she took one look at me and said “Wow. I have been thinking about this since I first met you.” With that she quickly lifted her shirt over her head. Much to my surprise she wasn’t wearing a bra and her heavy breasts were in the open air. Her hard nipples were perfectly centered in her dark brown areola. Before I could do or say anything, she quickly stepped over to me and lifted my shirt. She placed her mouth on my nipples and gently bit them.

For the past year going thru my divorce, all of bursa escort bayan my dates had been with my hand. Having a lovely topless woman in front of me was quite a surprise. But my cock reacted like any guy’s would- it rose to the occasion.

Stacy could feel my dick growing in my pants. She looked in my eyes, smiled and started to unzip my pants. By the time she got my pants off, my cock had risen to its full 8 inches. She looked at me, smiled again and said “That is even bigger than I had hoped.” and proceeded kneel down to gently engulf the head of my cock with her sumptuous lips.

Never releasing my cock from her lips, she pushed me back onto the edge of the bed. I slid back further on the bed. She somehow slipped out of her jeans while giving me head. When she released my dick from her mouth and slid up onto the bed, I could see the lips of her clean shaven pussy already engorged.

Knowing that I wasn’t going to last very long, I lifted Stacy up so she was sitting on my face. I sucked on her clit and slid my tongue in and out of her wet slit. She started grinding her hips into my face. My chin was covered in her juices. I reached up and started massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples. Her hands joined mine in caressing her tits. She was moaning in pleasure.

Suddenly she turned around, placing her head on my cock again. Perfect 69 position. Her sweet ass was right in front of me. While my tongue slid in and out of her twat, görükle escort my fingers played with her taint and asshole. She was squirming like crazy at all the sensations. Stacy was rocking back and forth, driving my tongue into her slit, rubbing her nipples on my stomach and causing my fingers to slide into her tight asshole. All the while she kept her mouth on my hard cock.

All at once, I felt the cool air hitting my cock. Stacy ground her cunt into my mouth. She started to quake and moan. My fingers had slid into her ass. I never took my tongue out of her. I could feel her orgasm coming. With a loud moan, she started to spasm as her orgasm overcame her. Her twat was quivering on my lips. I kept flicking my tongue on her clit, driving her orgasm home. She collapsed onto of me spent from her orgasm. Her hair was caressing my hard cock. My face was wet from her juices.

Stacy turned around, smiled and slid my cock into her wet pussy. She was so wet I went balls deep at the first stroke. She was so tight still. I had never gone balls deep on the first stroke like that and still felt how tight she was.

She started riding my cock, teasing me by changing how deep I went. She would slam down, getting my cock deep inside her on one stroke, then riding it until just the head of my prick was inside her on the next. She was in control and I loved my cock inside her. Watching a beautiful woman riding my cock was too much. I grabbed her hips and held them on top of me while I pumped my load inside her.

She collapse onto my chest, my cock going soft inside her. We were glowing with sweat from the amazing fuck session. My cock slipped out of her wet hole. Stacy slid next to me, looked at me and said, “No more rent for you. I just want your cock in me on a regular basis.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32