Sera Ch. 09

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I smiled a bit and casually nodded hello to Kitten’s green eyed, part Asian friend while she briefly regarded Sheila and I with mild surprise in her expression.

“Hello,” my aunt offered in a neutral tone.

“Hi,” she greeted us both before moving into the room. “Is the cook here?”

“I sent him off on break,” Sheila explained matter of factly. “Maybe I can help you?”

“No thanks, I’ll wait till he comes back.”

“Suit yourself.”

“Have either of you seen Kitten?” Gina asked us, though her eyes remained on Sheila.

“No,” the deceptively older woman replied.

“I saw her a couple hours ago,” I offered. “She was at the garage out back.”

“Oh. Okay, thanks.”

“How’s things?” I asked.

Her brief hesitation told me what I expected.

“Great. This is one hell of a place.”

“Not to mention the amenities,” Sheila just had to joke.

“Yeah, that’s something else, alright. Kinda like Vegas or… whatever.”

She’d said it with a slightly upturned lip and I was sure my Aunt caught it. She seemed the type that would.

“Ah well,” the timeless blonde answered with an easy going smile, “Live and let live, huh?”

Now Gina smiled, a slow, wry expression as she appraised Sheila openly.

With a quick glance at my aunt’s slightly hiked skirt, “Whatever floats your boat, eh Sheila?”

“That’s the idea.”

Gina only nodded, continuing her appraisal for another moment before asking, “So, what do you think of Kitten?”

This surprised Sheila as much as it did me, but after a short pause, she replied, “I’m sure she’s nice enough to the people she likes.”

“She is.”

“You’re curious. About me.”

Gina shrugged, looking away from her and replied, “It’s a little odd seeing… another version of her.”

“I’m not sure if I should be insulted by that or not, but I think the similarities between us mostly stop at physical appearance.”

” … Mostly.”

“No offense, but since you don’t know me, you can’t really judge.”

“I’m good with people. Look, maybe I’ll just come back later.”

Neither of us stopped her, me because I didn’t like the growing tension, Sheila most likely for the same reason. However, Gina nodded somewhat politely to both of us before walking out, the gesture seeming to contradict her previous attitude.

“That was odd,” Sheila remarked.


We were alone, Auntie Ashleigh’s private staff having slipped away at some point during the most incredible- if not totally and strangely out of this world- orgasm of my life. I was in a stupor, staring at her without knowing what to say while she gathered herself with a happy, almost delirious smile. She loved me so much.

And when she did sit up, guiding me back and to my shaky feet, I somehow felt different.


Auntie looked at me, panting a little and still smiling as she seemed to search my face, inquiring after, “Are you alright, sweetie pie?”

“I- Auntie, that was…”

Firmly back in reality, I had no idea what in hell it was.

” … Incredible,” she finished with a sigh.

“Auntie… I think I passed out and had some kinda dream.”


“Yes. You were there.”

Her smile grew wider as she sat forward in her seat, taking my hands and looking me in the eyes again. Hers were so beautiful.

“Yes. I’ll always be there.”

“I know, Auntie. I love you.”

“I love you too, baby. Sooo much, you can’t imagine.”



“I feel kinda funny,” I imparted, still taken aback by my abnormal orgasmic experience.

“So do I. That was fantastic. And you were such a good girl.”

“It was so… Oh my god…”


“I actually sucked… Oh…”

“You did what I told you, as you agreed you would. The responsibility is mine.”

I looked at her thoughtfully, remembering her words concerning that before I consented.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” she asked.

” … Yes, Auntie,” I admitted with a slow, shameful smile.

“Of course you did. You wanted them to fuck you, didn’t you?”

“Yes. All three of them. Auntie?”


“When do I get to go to your guest room?”

“We’ll see,” she replied with a wink of her enthralling eye.


Sheila seemed a little deflated by the time I’d finished the egg burger she made for me. By the time we got to the front parlour, she was looking at the floor with a frown as she moved to the leather couch.

“You wanna drink?” I asked.


For once, I didn’t either, so I sat across from the sexy thing, wondering if I should ask what was wrong. Instead, I probed with a comment as I tried to keep my eyes away from between her legs, she still not having adjusted her skirt.

“You don’t owe her any explanations. Like you said, she doesn’t even know you.”

She only shook her head, the silent communication suggesting that this wasn’t what she was upset about.

“Okay, what’s wrong?”

“(Sigh) Kartal Escort … It’s just… Look, this is going to sound awful, but I’m not used to going someplace and having people know things about me. I’ve done a lot of crazy and wicked things in my time, but I was always able to turn my back and move on without dragging my guilty past along, except for two times: When I left home after Dad… did what he did, and when I had to leave John and my own daughter behind. Those two situations have always bothered me way down deep, down where things can be buried, but always present. Do you know what I mean?”

“Yes,” I sympathized, thinking of the Driscolls, Audrey Chapel and Pastor Marx.

“But now, here I am, faced with the people I’ve hurt from both those situations after all these years, and it’s a little trying at times. I’m not used to being an outcast. I could never help myself in terms of being the slut I am and, in large part, my acceptance of that is what allowed me to go on all this time, maybe even hoping somehow that each new situation would be different for me, that I could be normal with new people who knew nothing about me, but it never happened and I don’t expect that it ever will. What’s worse is that the home that Ashleigh offers me here seems so perfect and good for me, but how can I stay someplace where everyone knows all about what I am and the things I’ve done? How could I ever be happy here when only two members of my own family will even speak to me? It makes me feel guilty, worthless even, and that’s something else I’m not used to. I hate it. Of course, I don’t deserve any sympathy…”

In the time it took her to say this, her expression had gone from gloomy to outright despair. I felt quite badly for her and I guess this is why I said what I did.

“Mum and I are having sex with each other.”

It didn’t even register for about a second but, when it did, her head snapped up and she looked at me with blank faced surprise. This made me look down at the floor as she had been doing up till then, regretting my confession but going on anyway in the hopes that it would make my Aunt feel better about herself.

“Yeah, we’ve both been uhh… giving in to what Ashleigh calls, ‘the Burchell drive’, and not just with each other. Also, Mum and Kitten are having a little affair and you already know how Ashleigh feels about it, sooo… you probably shouldn’t feel too bad. Mum’s just acting like a hypocrite and so is Kitten.”

“Oh my god… I mean, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised because I always knew Kathy was as horny as me, but I… She was always so controlled, but her own son- I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“I know, it’s okay,” I told her, looking up at her still shocked expression. “But please don’t tell them I told you, okay?”

“No, I’d never do that, don’t worry, but… Well, I can’t help but be a little pissed off with your mother under the circumstances. No offense kid, but… that hypocritical bitch. … I assume she seduced you?”

“Sort of, but not really. She’s sort of changed lately and… well, we were there sleeping in the same bed and stuff just happened.”

“What stuff?”

“Sheila!” I protested with a slight smile.

“Well, what stuff?”

” … She- we were broke and we had this landlord that was kind of putting it to us, and Mum worked it so that we’d perform for him in lieu of our rent. We did pretty much everything.”

“Oh my god, you gotta tell me.”


“Well, I’m sorry, I’m just picturing stuff and it’s turning me on.”

“Fine,” I said, a little embarrassed. “The first time, he had me fuck her boobs until I came.”

“All over them,” Sheila assumed, sitting on the edge of the couch now.

“Yeah, and her face too.”

“I can just imagine after what I’ve seen of your capabilities. What else?”

“We did sixty-nines for him and we uh… well, we were trying to stay away from intercourse, but during one session, he told me to rape her.”

“Oh wow. Did you?”

I nodded, my smile getting a little tighter, my dick a little bigger when I remembered the incident, telling her, “I was pretty wound up at that point. We were having our own little playtimes without him by then and I was… well…”

“God, I wish I could have seen that.”

“(Ahem) Okay, but my point is like I said, it’s pretty hypocritical of her to judge you. I love her, but it’s still wrong.”

” … It’s damned big of you to admit that to me just to make me feel better about myself.”

I shrugged, but she went on, smiling fondly at me now.

“You just keep scoring points with me. Look, if anything… I mean, if you ever need someone else to partner up with…”

I smiled back, not feeling so regretful or ashamed about my confession to her now, and replied, “You’re on, Sheila.”

“So are you, Sweetie pie. You’re right on. And so handsome. (Giggle)”

I smiled wider, looking between her legs and around the rest of her as she stood and asked, “You busy tonight?”

“Got no plans,” I offered.

“Now Pendik Escort you do. Come to my apartment at nine this evening and I’ll show you a really good time.”

With an incredibly enticing smile, she leaned over and gave my lips a sloppy kiss with her tongue before walking away and out of the room.


My legs a little shaky, I found myself at the foot of the stairs that led to Auntie Ashleigh’s third level, private apartments, still not over the incredible orgasm she’d given me. Almost as surprising was the fact that, sexually, I was quite well satisfied, even though it usually took a lot more than the act we’d performed. Was it because of the perverted acts I’d performed with her staff just prior? The unique orgasm itself, or both?

My buxom aunt certainly did like dressing me; that was for sure. I was distracted from my thoughts by the outfit she sent me away in as I wandered aimlessly, looking down at myself again with an excited smile. Over a white micro-thong, I wore a skintight (and when I say, ‘skintight’, I’m not kidding, baby) pair of white lace, see-through leggings. A very low cut, white lace demi-bra barely encased my boobies, covered by more see-through white lace in the form of a short bellied, long sleeve top with a really low, oval neckline. My belly showed and the micro-thong didn’t cover miffy’s hair, this even more discernable than my nipples were. Obviously, I loved the outfit.

As I wandered, I speculated on what it would be like to submit to Steven. What would he have me do? I visualized him fucking miffy in Auntie Ashleigh’s ‘guest room’ while I sucked her pussy, Stevie and I chained to the bed in some way, till we both came in one filthy, incestuous mess. I excited myself with this fantasy in a way I’ve never quite thought before.

Yes, I know that sounds a bit off, but I was also still grappling with the subtle difference that I sensed within myself and it seemed that I perceived everything a bit differently. That was one hell of an orgasm, alright.

Reluctantly, my mind hopped to Gina, then to my family in Langley and the things my aunt and I spoke of concerning it. It was clearly and unfortunately possible that I’d need to stay longer than the two weeks Gina and I had agreed to, the same agreement I’d been beating her over the head with. I wondered if she mightn’t have to return early and without me, but would she ever do that? Would she insist I go with her? I somehow knew I’d never have a chance at keeping her mouth shut back home without me there with her. She’d seen too much.

I looked closer at my surroundings as I went, almost in the same way I did when I’d first arrived, but this time a lot of the wonder at the grandeur of the place was replaced with the returning knowledge that I could stay if I wanted. It was as though the fact had finally sunk in and something in my chest seemed to flutter when, for the first time, I took it seriously. If it worked out that Gina did leave early with it planned that I follow in another couple weeks… would I ever follow?

From what Auntie Kathleen had said, I got the idea that she and my cousin were planning on staying for at least several months unless they felt it necessary to leave sooner for whatever reason. As for that, I knew I could go with them if things didn’t work out with Ashleigh, as she made clear to me on two separate occasions. She promised that I’d never regret it and, standing there thinking about it then, a funny part of me knew it was true. It was exciting, the way my life had opened up, and the idea that I’d return to Langley suddenly looked somehow unrealistic. And depressing. It scared me almost enough to quell my excitement at the idea of staying, mostly due to the fact that Stevie was here.

I was on the main floor, the sound of voices bringing me back to reality. They were coming from the parlour and one of them sounded like Sheila. Moving quickly on my bare feet, I padded to the doorway, stopping to listen just behind it with a large potted plant beside me to hide behind should it become necessary. (How cliché but, apparently, that’s how it really works)

“You just keep scoring points with me,” Sheila coozed. “Look, if anything… I mean, if you ever need someone else to partner up with…”

“You’re on, Sheila.”

“So are you, sweetie pie. You’re right on. And so handsome. (Giggle)”

After a short pause, she asked, “You busy tonight?”

“Got no plans.”

“Now you do. Come to my apartment at nine this evening, and I’ll show you a really good time.”

Moments later, I was behind the plant and spitting mad as I watched the whore emerge from the parlour with her tight mini-skirt hiked halfway up her hips. I had to stop myself from jumping her from behind and beating the life out of her as she gained the stairs and started her ascent, probably on her way to prepare for soiling my Stevie.

I somehow forced myself to wait and it was a good thing, too. Stevie emerged moments later and moved down the wide hall, past the odd pictures on the wall Göztepe Escort and around the corner. Stepping out from behind cover, I glared upstairs for an enraged few seconds before starting up them myself.

I couldn’t believe it! I’d warned her! And how could Stevie do this to me? He knew as well as I did that he was mine. Not hers, but mine! I was almost as mad at him as I was at Sheila, but I also knew that he was only being seduced by her like she’d done to so many men with her fucked up mind.

Still, it was a disappointment. And he wasn’t supposed to do that to me.


I’d gotten a bit used to not wearing underwear and I found I liked it. I chose a pair of faded blue jeans later that evening that fit me a bit close with a tucked, white T-shirt. I was horny as hell and glad the fly of the old jeans had buttons instead of a zipper.

“We can’t fuck her,” I told myself in the mirror while I fixed my hair with a comb.

“I doubt she’ll leave us that choice once we’re in her apartment.”

“Yeah, but what about Kitten?”

“Invite her,” I said with a dirty smile.

“Fuck off, I’m serious. She wouldn’t like us having sex with her mum.”

“Her mum’s already jerked our cock and we’ve rubbed her pussy,” I pointed out.

I watched myself smile at the memory of Sheila and I sitting atop the bar, naked from the waist down and how she reached over and grabbed my straining and eager member.

“That was good,” I admitted.

“She’d be awesome.”

“Yeah, but you’re not listening. What about the Kitten factor?”

“You’re such a wet blanket. As I see it, the Kitten factor is its own entity.”

“Something that’ll take its course no matter what.”

“Right. I doubt it’ll matter in the end between she and us, whether we fuck her mum or not. Besides, she’s having sex with ours, isn’t she?”

“True. I keep forgetting that.”

“I love remembering all over again every time you do. I think Mum is right about what kind of threesome we’d make.”

“Imagine a foursome with Sheila.”

“A fivesome with Ashleigh too.”

“Oh fuck… Okay, shut up.”

“Think of Kitten and Sheila in a sixty-nine.”

“Mum and Sheila.”

“Oh my god, yes.”

“I’m so fuckin’ horny.”

At five to nine, I opened my door to leave, a bit nervous about my little date with Sheila at this point, but still horny as hell. The idea that people would easily recognize that excited me all the more, but the sight of my mother standing in the corridor effectively wiped other people right out of my mind. Her face shone with one of her big smiles, the happy/horny kind I’d come to be familiar with, along with a wild look in her eyes as she looked from my condition to my face.

“Hi, sweetie pie.”

“Mum, I- what’s going on?”

“You seem surprised.”

“Kind of,” I recovered. “Why didn’t you knock, or come in?”

“I wanted to surprise you.”

“Well… you did. What’s up?”

“Nothing. I was thinking we could hang out and have some fun. If you’re not busy, that is.”

There was no excuse I could give her on the spot that wouldn’t sound as manufactured as it would have been, so I just told her I wasn’t, bothered that I’d be standing Sheila up, at least for a little while. However, it was hard to be too bothered with Mum standing there wearing a pair of black cotton, stretchy short shorts. A tight, deep orange T-shirt covered her chest, one of her pushup bras underneath it, with red and yellow stripes crossing those nice big tits. On her feet were a pair of shoes with heels higher than I’d ever seen her wear before.

“Great, let’s go then,” she suggested, looking pointedly at the front of my jeans again before taking my hand to lead me down the corridor.

The bottoms of her ass cheeks hung out of her shorts and it turned me on all the more as I came to walk at her side. Of course, we had to maintain the illusion that there was nothing sexual between us as we walked, but that was easier with the accepted ‘Burchell drive’ policy within the house. I mean, where else could a mother and son walk, he with a raging hardon, she dressed like a prostitute, without being closely scrutinized?

“Where are we going?” I asked as we descended the main staircase.

“It’s another surprise,” she almost giggled.

That wild look was still in her eye, but my attention was soon distracted by her chest as we walked, Mum giving no clues as to what she had in mind while I got even hornier. I’d learned that Mum’s surprises were fun and the whiskey I’d been sipping as I got ready for my date with Sheila allowed my parasite a larger hand of control. Whatever she had up her short sleeve, it was going to be good, especially after the condition I last left her in.

When we came to the back of the house, she stopped at a small table with a vase of flowers on top, opened the drawer and produced a folded piece of black cloth. She approached me with a sleazy smile, eying my crotch again, and stepped around behind me.

“You have to go with the flow here, hon. You know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I- wha-?”

The folded cloth was a blindfold that she’d placed over my eyes and began tying at the back of my head as she assured, “Don’t worry, you’ll love this. (Giggle) Just go with the flow and give me your hands back here.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32