Sensualist Ch. 11

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Veronica continues Her Story – Alice gets Ronnie off – Morgan again and again – Exchanging Nude Pictures via Email – Some Fisting – Anal with Alice

Savannah Tuesday Afternoon

“So, Ronnie,” Alice said impatiently, “have you figured out a way for us to get to the beach this weekend?”

“Um, yes and no,” Veronica said quickly.

“What’s that mean?” Alice asked tossing her old Raggedy Ann doll in the air, and then catching it in one hand repeatedly.

“It means what I said,” Veronica said bluntly, before reaching out to swat the Raggedy Ann doll out of the air and onto the windowsill.

“Hey!’ Alice protested, “You’re being such a bitch just because I wouldn’t let you feel me up>”

“Feel you up? Jesus, Alice, I want you to go down on me. That’s what I want,” she shot back huffily.

Picking up her precious doll, Alice gave her cousin a pouty look, and said, “You could finish that story first. You know, kinda warm me up.”

“You want me to put you in the mood to eat my snatch?”

“I wouldn’t put it that way,” Alice protested.

Smiling lewdly at her, Ronnie said, “Just how would you put it, cousin dear?”

“Oh, fuck you!” Alice said and picked up her Raggedy Ann doll and clutched it to her chest.

“Tell you what. You rub my pussy a little and I’ll finish the story. Then we’ll try a 69.”

“You’re on, Ronnie. Lift your leg a little. Yeah, that’s good. Now get on with the story.”

“If you remember, I walked in and saw this humongous cock.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Alice said wetting her fingers in her mouth and then placing them on Ronnie’s mons Venus and began tracing the letters of the alphabet.

“Oh, right,” Ronnie said. “Well like you know it wasn’t Carson, it was his brother.”

“Yeah, Johnny,” Alice said trying to sound bored.

“Okay, okay, after we fucked, he asked me if I was gonna be his dirty whore,” Ronnie said. She was already breathing hard. Alice couldn’t tell if it was because of her fingers or retelling the hot story. She decided it was due to her fingers which were actually making contact with her cousin’s privates and left it at that.

“Turns out he was five years older than his brother.”

“So he’s twenty-six,” Alice chirped, practically an old man.”

“Twenty-seven,” Ronnie said, correcting her.

“And then he checks out the fuck-me dress I’m wearin’ and says, ‘Your parents let you out dressed like that?”

Alice laughed, for it was an all too familiar story she’d heard from her own parents. “What’d the dress look like, Ronnie?”

“The top showed off my tits and the bottom barely covered my ass-that kind of dress. I wanted Carson to jump my bones as soon as I walked in the door.”

“But you met the brother-the God instead.”


“I think you’re drooling Ronnie,” Alice laughed.

Veronica laughed with her. “I don’t know about drooling, but I was creaming in my dress.”

“Mmm, I bet,” Alice said as she slipped a finger into Veronica’s very wet pussy.

Ronnie moaned. Alice crooked the finger and then exerted it back and forth.

“Oh… fuck-that’s good!” Ronnie swore.

“And then-then he cursed at me, Alice. Scared the shit outta me. Then he says, ‘Push that ass out.’

“I do it, but I’m shakin’ in my boots, and I wasn’t wearin’ any boots. I felt this sharp tug against the back of my shorts. I turn my head to the side to catch a glimpse of him working on the seam of my panties with the tip of his finger, using it like… like little spear, pushing through a tiny hole-I was so ashamed when I realized I had a hole in my undies, but, fuck it, it was there and so was I. Anyway, I clenched reflexively in surprise as he began to you know-saw through the fabric, creating a gap about three inches long, completely exposing my little pink knot.

“I-I wanted to say something, you know? But was afraid he’d stop. That’s right, I was afraid he’d stop. Somehow I knew that he was gonna reward me with a gigantic cum, you know?”

Alice had stopped rubbing Ronnie’s pussy to pay attention to her own.

“Hey now, don’t neglect me, baby,” Ronnie whispered, spreading herself wider to facilitate Alice’s easier entry into her cunt.

Alice moaned and started fingering both their pussies; and found she enjoyed it.

“That’s nice, baby. That’s nice,” Ronnie cooed to Alice who giggled in response.

“Oh, that Johnny; Alice I tell you he was something else. It wasn’t long before he’s rubbing his big knobby head over my flushed pussy lips, coating it with my juices, and then he slipped inside me.”

“Now with a cock that big, I figured he’d have a problem and I expected it to hurt. Only it didn’t-not then anyway.

I heard him laugh. It was a laugh full of satisfaction and somehow I was pleased with myself for having pleased him. Strange, you know? I mean, we were fucking, right?

Anyway, he grabbed me like I was that Raggedy Ann doll of yours and spun me around so I was facing him, and backed me up against the wall. Then he Niğde Escort reached for my top, hooked his fingers into the cleavage and matter-of-factly began ripping it off me.

“Hey!” I yelled, “That’s my top!” Even as the tearing sound ended and the flimsy material came apart and half clung to my shoulder and the other remnant fluttered to the floor.

I stopped complaining the moment he touched my tits. He flicked each nipple and I watched them rise up asking for more.

His hand moved around me and sank into the flesh of my ass as his mouth covered one nipple, angrily sucking the sensitive nub before sliding over to torment the other one. I let out a helpless whimper when he squeezed each cheek to prevent me from twisting away.

“Mmm, you like that?” he said, teasing me as my eyelids fluttered and my lips formed a perfect ‘O’ as I writhed in his grip while the nicest sensations ran through me.

I remember my answer to his question: and answered with, “Yes! But I want you to fuckin’ bite them!”

And he did. He bit hard, so hard I was trying to twist away from him and only made it hurt all the more. I tried to hook a leg around his waist-why I couldn’t tell you, but I did.”

Veronica paused and looked at Alice. She was staring at the juices oozing from Ronnie’s cunt. “It’s okay, lick me, you want too. I don’t mind. I’ll do you after.”

“Mmmm, ‘kay,” Alice replied and went down on her, with slow sensuous licks and light sucks.

Satisfied with what her cousin was doing, Veronica closed her eyes and resumed the story.

“I could smell our sweat-like I can right now-I was so wanton in needing him inside me that I told him to pound it into me. But he took exception to me telling him what to do and pushed me roughly back against the wall.

“Take it easy, slut. You’re fucking horny tonight, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, oh, yeah, I guess I am. So we gonna fuck or what?”

“Eventually, baby, eventually,” he said and slapped my tits, watching them jiggle and flashing a wicked grin.

“Thing is, I liked this rough shit.”

“He tells me, not to worry, he’s gonna fuck me, gonna use me, gonna make me beg until it hurts. But first you’re gonna suck this big cock of mine.”

He put his hands on my shoulders and forced me down to my knees. I would have done it anyway, but the fact that he forced me made a difference in that now I wasn’t just blowin’ him, oh, no, I was submitting to him!”

On hearing the word ‘submitting,’ Alice had a mini-orgasm, and went at her cousin with a furious vengeance.

“Oh, yeah. That’s it, baby, eat me out!” Veronica crowed happily.

Alice sucked her clit into her mouth. Ronnie’s back arched and her hands clamped over Alice’s shoulders as she rhythmically rubbed the rough side of her tongue underneath Ronnie’s clit in slow circles.

Alice’s eyes were closed, but they still rolled to the back of her head with lust. Reaching up, she pinched her cousin’s nipples, squeezing her preternaturally firm tits. Sweat rolled down her temples.

Ronnie sounded like she was in pain, and Alice stopped.

“Don’t you stop!” Ronnie croaked, and Alice gave her cousin’s rock hard clit a slow, delicate lick-thinking that she’d sucked a little bit too hard. Ronnie responded by caressing her cheek and shook her head.

“No-Do it like before, baby.”

Alice moaned and sucked her clit into her mouth again, and her hand tightened into a fist in Veronica’s hair.

“That’s right. Eat it,” Ronnie barked as Alice rubbed her clit eagerly with a broad tongue.

Alice was so aroused she found it difficult to breathe. Still, she cupped Veronica’s firm ass in her hands and pressed her cousin into her face.

“I want your tongue in my pussy,” Ronnie rasped. Obligingly, Alice slid her tongue into Ronnie’s open cunt and with a kind of smile on her face, tried to avoid touching her cousin’s clit for the time being.

She felt her cousin tighten around her tongue; and caught Ronnie’s hand as it moved to rub her clit and hurry her orgasm.

“No!” Alice said, and left it at that.

Ronnie trembled and sighed as Alice sent a finger along the crack of Ronnie’s ass, and pressed the tip into her winking asshole. Ronnie’s asshole grasped at the finger as eagerly as her pussy had closed on Alice’s tongue.

“I-I need to cum!” she said in a low, hoarse voice.

“Soon, baby, soon,” Alice gasped as she worked her finger in and out of Ronnie’s ass while tonguing her furiously. Moments later, she allowed her thumb to slide back and forth over her cousin’s clit and that did the trick.

Releasing a warning squirt of nectar, Ronnie threw back her head and moaned, “I’m gonna…”

“Cum for me, baby!” Alice crowed, fingering the other’s ass as fast as possible, and taking her clit between her lips and sucking hard.


Ronnie groaned and grabbed her cousin’s shoulders and curled into herself as the strengthening waves of her orgasm made her weak. She wheezed and groaned Niğde Escort Bayan under Alice, as she coaxed still another orgasm from her; ignoring the copious juices dripping from her chin to her wrist and bracelet.

Alice’s face was slick with Ronnie’s juice by the time she slid her finger from her ass and raised her face triumphantly at having brought her cousin to a tumultuous orgasm.

But Ronnie couldn’t wait to reward her lover; to taste her, and getting up on all fours, shoved Alice face-first toward the headboard of the bed they were on and rasped, “Your turn, baby,” as her hand slipped between her cousin’s legs and found her clit.


I picked up Morgan at six that afternoon, and asked if she wanted to see my bedroom before we went out to dinner.

You may laugh at my actions, but Morgan laughed and quickly agreed that it was a wonderful idea.

Morgan, you see, falls into a category I call the Typical Girl. It may seem egotistical on my part, categorizing women, and I certainly apologize to anyone offended by the concept.

However, after careful consideration of the women I’ve encountered over the years I’ve found that they do fall into one of several categories; as I’m certain men do as well. But I’ll leave that grouping to a knowing woman to put together.

What is a Typical Girl? Well, she’s just what the name implies, but she’s also a lot more. Typical Girls can be separated into many different sub-categories – brains, jocks, rowdies, shy types, and so on. Although their interests can be as varied as sports, biology, fashion trends or reading trashy romance novels, they do possess one overwhelming trait. They want to be more than they are. They want men to look at them as something special, something ‘better’ than what they perceive themselves as being. One may argue that everyone wants this to some extent, but if I may give some examples: High School or college cheerleaders can be considered jocks, but they are NOT Typical Girls. Most cheerleaders are typically Gold Diggers.

For the most part, cheerleaders are viewed as the most desirable girls in school, and hence reside in the epicenter of the social spectrum. Girls on the basketball or track team, however, are not looked upon in the same light by either boys or men. They are, in a word, Typical. Girl Jocks, no matter how successful they may be on the court, playing field or track, always live in the shadow of their more desirable sisters, the cheerleaders and other Gold Diggers, who are usually, but not always, more desirable to men in general. Because of this ‘injustice’ during their teen years, Typical Girls long to find men who will look upon them as Above Average.

The Typical Girl convinces herself that the only men who will look upon her as Above Average are older, wiser, more experienced men; or in her own age group, a male who reeks wealth and/or success. She convinces herself that these groups of men are beyond the superficiality of her peers. She believes that they will look beyond her averageness and find the Above Average Girl she’s always dreamed she could become.

The Typical Girl is motivated toward success, and will strive to become a lawyer, doctor, IT Specialist, or other powerful occupation. But believe me; she will sell her soul in a heartbeat for the man who treats her as an Above Average Girl.

Morgan fit this category in several ways: First, she had a job as an editor with a very popular Woman’s magazine. She had a degree in English from Vassar, and was attractive enough, but her previous relationships had failed, (I learned later.) and she felt that it was her fault in that she failed to measure up to her partners standards.

One of the things that had drawn her to me was the way I chose to communicate with her rather than either of her friends. Moreover, I did it without her friends being aware of me doing so.

But there were the obvious differences in our ages.

My manner of dress and the way I comported myself when compared with my companions was more to her liking. Better put-I managed to fill in her personal composite of Prince Charming. Yes, Prince Charming. Having my own place at Hilton Head obviously made a difference, as did my convertible. She hardly blinked on learning that I was eighteen and about to enter college.

Well, to be honest, we’d already had sex at that point. I had also refrained from leering at her or her friends while they were discussing a sexual encounter at the restaurant. So I wasn’t placed in the horny guy category which I’m fairly certain all women know of, and use on occasion, along with that of the dirty old man.

In fact, Morgan and I did have a conversation shortly after our initial sexual session, in which I brought up our age difference.

Morgan: “What about the difference?”

Me: “I’m only eighteen.”

Morgan: There’s not that big a difference between us.”

Me: “Oh, come on, you must think I’m too Escort Niğde young for you. What was I thinking? I mean, a beautiful woman like you fooling around with a kid like me, maybe one time, but seriously-a relationship?”

Morgan: “But you’re not that young, and-and you’re years older in the way you act and carry yourself.

Get it? Whenever the question of age comes up with Morgan, she turns the issue away with one specious argument after another. I treated her as the woman she wants to be. I won her over with that. Did I want to marry her? No of course not. Did she want to marry me? Probably not, but I’m certain she considered the possibility.

Speaking of age differences, look at the growing number of female teachers having affairs with their high school students. Is this a new trend?

Back to basics: Morgan and I went right to my room, stripped naked and got in bed.

I stroked her shapely legs and luscious thighs. My hand drifted up to her mound and I found that she was wet with desire. She smiled at me as I fingered her pussy and licked my fingers clean of her juices. Then she opened her arms and welcomed me into her body. I slipped between her thighs and slid my cock into her quim. Morgan uttered an audible gasp as I hit bottom. I fucked her slowly, easing my cock almost all the way out of her pussy before plunging it back in. She was soon lost in the lust of the moment.

“Oh that’s it fuck me, fuck me slow,” she softly uttered.

Hearing her ask me to fuck her was an incredible turn-on for me and I picked up my pace. Morgan threw her hips up at me as if to try and get me deeper in her cunt. I felt my orgasm approaching but I didn’t want to cum before she did so I tried to slow down.

“No, no don’t stop, fuck me faster, I’m so close,” Morgan begged.

I picked up the pace again as we both raced toward our orgasms. I don’t know who came first because we were so close but Morgan wrapped her legs around me and humped me for all she was worth as I spurted my seed deep in her womb. We continued to fuck each other until we were drained. I collapsed on top of her and she didn’t seem to mind my weight as she held me and cried out.

“Oh thank you, thank you,” she said over and over.

I rolled off of Morgan and lay next to her on the bed. She smiled at me and then snuggled in closer. As I lay next to her I caressed her breasts, throat and shoulders, teasing her skin with my fingernails and tongue. She let out a low, drawn out sound when I started on her naked breasts, sucking the warm flesh from the underside of one while rolling the nipple of the other.

Morgan then moved down the bed, gently took hold of my cock and took me into her mouth, rolling my cock around and coating it with her saliva, while her hand worked my shaft up and down. I hardened quickly and with one hand wrapped around my slippery shaft, she guided me into her wet hole, engulfing me in her heat and slippery tightness.

With me fully embedded in her, the vixen took hold of the top of the head board on either side of my head while I steadied her by holding onto her hips. Then she rocked those same hips back and forth, pressing downward and working my cock against the walls of her pussy as I caromed all over her vagina.

The next motion of her hips caused her to gasp in pleasure as my full length penetrated her. She began to work up and down, back and forth moaning deliriously. I thought she felt particularly tight in this position and the unhurried pace felt wonderful.

Morgan continued to ride me at a slow, even pace and I let her take charge. I also enjoyed the smacking and sucking sound of her pussy as she made use of my dick as a joy-stick to pleasure herself.

I also had an excellent view of her fine, firm breasts jiggling when she picked up the pace. Our groins met continuously, and she seemed to know just how far to move so that my cock never slipped out of her pussy. Her thigh muscles felt firm and tight under my hands as she worked her body on me. The speed of our groins slapping together increased as we increased the pace of our fuck.

Her pussy contracted around my cock while her eyes fluttered. She let out a high pitched scream and came, grabbing onto my shoulders as she rode out her orgasm. I ejaculated into her, flooding her cunt with semen as Morgan collapsed on top of me.

Morgan covered my face with kisses and then plunged her tongue into my mouth. As she kissed me she murmured softly into my neck and shoulders. She thanked me over and over for giving her so much pleasure and I held her tight, keeping my cock in her long after it had ebbed in size.

We showered separately, dressed and left in time to make our reservation for dinner.


Pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant, I noticed that her aroused nipples were pointing, almost straining against her summer dress. She caught me looking at them and murmured, “My breasts are very sensitive.”

I leaned over and kissed each breast, pressing my lips against the thin material of her dress, and then bit each nipple in turn.

Morgan shuddered. “If-if you park in the far corner of the lot we can do it in the backseat,” she offered. “Or I can suck you off right here.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32