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Nathan held Chloe tightly in his arms as Derek and the Dominoes serenaded them with Layla. It was one of Chloe’s favourite songs and whenever he heard it and saw that look of fondness in her eyes, he felt a growing warmth within. He felt that it was their song, and Chloe seemed to silently agree.

They had been friends for several months and had gotten quite close. Then Nathan had decided to take the chance and ask her out. She agreed, but made it clear that she wanted to take things very slow. She had so many firsts and while she wished they could all be with him, she wasn’t about to rush things and ruin it all. He accepted her terms. He cared for her so much that he could control the unbearable urge to kiss her as long as he could hold her in his arms.

But today, that lust felt more like lustful love. He knew she meant more to him than anyone, but he had yet to be sure he was in love. And he was not prepared to make the mistake of telling her and then realising it was false. He couldn’t bear to hurt Chloe or himself like that.

It had been only a couple of weeks since they had been ‘officially dating’, but they had become much closer personally. They were more open about their feelings for each other, and didn’t hold back their thoughts from one another. Nathan felt that he could have something real with Chloe. Something that had been sorely missing in his earlier relationships.

Chloe, this being her first relationship, was very nervous. She wanted to be closer physically to Nathan, and her raging teenage lust was kept at bay only by how much she cared for him. He meant more to her than she could explain. She cared for him so much, and when he held her in the comfort of his arms, she felt safe and warm. She never wanted him to let go.

Despite wanting to take things slow, she felt she owed it to Nathan and to herself to show her appreciation for being so patient. So understanding. As she thought about how amazing he was to her, she couldn’t help but smile, and when he saw that, he squeezed her gently, and she let out a comforted sigh.

Her contented response encouraged Nathan. They were alone in her house. There was no chance of anyone disturbing them in her bedroom. And as he held her, he wished she would let him please her physically as well as emotionally. He felt that showing her pleasures she had never before felt would bring them closer together. Show her just how much he longed for her. How much he wanted to satisfy her.

But he knew she wanted to take things slowly. And she was more than worth the wait as far a Nathan was concerned. And yet he got the impression that she wanted something more today as well. Perhaps she was ready for their first kiss. And if she was, he wanted to make it a memorable one. He wanted her to feel special and loved and beautiful.

As Chloe lay in Nathan’s arms, she bit her lip and closed her eyes as the desire to be closer to him began to take over. The song. The empty house. His body heat. It all became arousing, and she had to steady herself.

Nathan saw the look of restraint on her face and he knew that she wanted him to kiss her. And suddenly it felt right. He couldn’t explain it, but he felt that this was the right time to kiss her. To embrace her as she had never been embraced before.

Nathan loosened his hold on her, and she turned to look at him, a look on her sweet face as though she was puzzled by his actions. But as she saw the look of desire and caring in his eyes, she froze. She didn’t know what to do. In that moment, as his fingers slowly traversed her cheek, she felt as though she was not in control of herself. She couldn’t explain it.

As Nathan leaned in closer to her, the distance between their lips gradually closing, she felt herself lost in nerves. She didn’t know what else to do but give in to her desires.

As Nathan’s lips touched hers for the first time she breathed in heavily through her nose. She closed her eyes and let the new and wonderful feeling wash over her. It was a very emotional moment and she wished that it would not end.

Nathan ran his arms around her and pulled her close to him as he parted her lips with his tongue. Just knowing that she had never kissed anyone before made the moment all the more incredible for him, and he began to feel himself lost in Kartal Escort her luscious lips.

As Nathan’s tongue entered her mouth, Chloe opened her eyes with surprise. The sudden act had startled her, but that feeling of surprise was almost instantly replaced with pleasure. She had had no idea how good it could feel. As his tongue invaded her mouth, she felt herself becoming weak with bliss. It was staggering. She felt so good. She couldn’t help but allow a small moan to escape her locked lips.

This response sent a surge of encouragement through Nathan. The rush of the kiss began to make his desire to please her overwhelm him. He slid one hand under her jumper to the sensitive area at her side. He caressed it tenderly and allowed his other hand to follow suit at her other side. She moaned slightly again.

After an undeterminable period of pleasurable time for both of them, Chloe pulled back. At first, Nathan was horrified, thinking she would hate him for rushing things. But she smiled. She was merely out of breath.

“Wow…” escaped her lips with her recovering heavy breathing.

Nathan did not respond, instead he took the opportunity to move his lips to her neck. He kissed her at a point he knew to be sensitive for her. He felt her breathing increase somewhat and he knew he had found the right spot.

Chloe moaned as Nathan’s kisses caused her to melt. She had never felt such pleasure before, and accompanied with the aftermath of her fist kiss, this was heaven. She let her instincts guide her tongue in massaging his as it once more returned to probe her mouth. Her eyes, while closed, rolled back as she was lost in the intensity.

Chloe felt something strange yet powerful taking over her body. Her mind. At first, in her pleased delirium, she could not identify it, but it rapidly revealed itself to be lust. More potent than she had ever known it. Her entire body became warm all at once. She felt her sensitive nipples harden beneath the hold of her cotton bra. She felt an inner heat deep within her naval. It was all too much for her and she was certain she would collapse.

She allowed herself to give into Nathan’s every touch. As he lowered her gently onto her bed, one hand continued to caress her sensitive side, while the other made its way to her outer thigh, beginning a caress there through the thin material of her trousers.

Nathan was lost in her lips, her tongue, and had to allow his intuition to guide his caressing. As she moaned gently into his mouth, he felt the familiar warmth of lust inside, though this time it felt more emotional. It felt right, somehow. He couldn’t explain it, and his head was too dizzy to try.

The feeling of proximity of Nathan’s hand, so close to her burning naval caused the rising heat within her to shoot upwards in intensity. She felt her body stiffen momentarily, and that brought their heated bodies closer. Nathan worked his hand down her leg and moved it low onto her inner thigh. Ever so gradually, he massaged upwards, as his other hand moved towards her heaving breasts pushed into his chest.

Chloe nerves were rising almost as fast as her lustful desire as Nathan caresses neared the most sensitive areas of her body. As his hand met the cotton of her bra, Chloe froze. Her tongue and lips stopped their massaging and she lowered her head onto the bed, pulling back from Nathan.

Once again, Nathan was terrified that he had pushed his beloved too far. This time, Chloe did not smile and urge him onward. She bit her lower lip, and a look of anxiety crossed her face as she took her arms from around him and began to shakingly undo the buttons of her blouse. Each exhale causing nervous shudder.

Nathan looked lovingly and comfortingly into her eyes, and moved his hand from her bra to her sweet face, gently running his fingers down her cheek, pushing back her deep red hair. For a moment he thought of the symbolism of her hair. Such a passionate colour. But as Chloe parted her blouse and revealed her covered bust, his eyes widened and he found himself speechless and thoughtless.

Though he had seen bare breasts before, as well as ones supported within bras, the emotional bond between him and Chloe made this offering of hers all the more meaningful. Nathan sat up straight, his hand still resting on her Yakacık Escort inner thigh, mere inches from her lips. Chloe sat up to allow the silky blouse to slide from her arms onto the bed. She was about to reach for the rear clasp to undo the bra, when Nathan leaned into her and whispered.

“Allow me…”

As he manoeuvred both hands to her smoother-than-smooth back and to the clasp of her bra, he allowed his tongue to delve into her ear. Slowly at first, working around the edges. He felt her melt into his arms and he could tell by the moving of her cheek against his that she was smiling with enchantment.

Chloe had never thought that Nathan could know so many ways to please her. His tongue in her ear, though strange at first, was tinglingly pleasant. She once again bit her lip as Nathan pulled back, steadily sliding the loosened straps of her bra from her shoulders. As he did so, she pulled her arms together, covering her breasts as she finished the removal.

When Chloe revealed her breasts to Nathan, he could see the nervousness in her eyes. He knew she wanted to hear that they were breathtaking, but he felt that some things can be expressed better without words.

Carefully, Nathan lowered Chloe onto her back, kissed her lips momentarily, fighting the desire to lunge his tongue between her lips yet again. He kissed his way downward slowly, enhancing the feeling for both parties. He kissed her chin. Her neck. The top of her chest, and finally, the top of her breast. One by one, he kissed every inch of each, careful to avoid the sensitive nipple and areola of each.

Chloe felt a pleasant quivering as Nathan kisses enveloped each of her breasts, save the most receptive areas. It felt so good, and she felt the warmth deep within her grow.

Once satisfied that he had given equal attention to each breast so far, Nathan made his move on her sensitive, pointing nipples. The right, he fondled delicately with his thumb and forefinger, while he licked around the left, before taking it between his lips.

Chloe gasped as Nathan suckled her hard nipple. She moaned responsively, and her head rolled back as Nathan’s free hand returned to her inner thigh.

Nathan finally brought his hand into contact with the groin of Chloe’s trousers. He applied a soft pressure as he continued to stimulate her susceptible nipples. As he stroked tenderly through her trousers, Chloe pushed her hips up into his hand, increasing the pressure of contact.

The desire was becoming aching at this stage. Chloe knew how good it felt for her fingers to stimulate her there, and given the sensations Nathan had shown her thus far, she longed for his fingers to stimulate her as only she had done previously.

Nathan repositioned himself, raising himself higher up Chloe’s body. He brought his lips and tongue back to hers and embraced her once more. He moved a hand from her breast to the rich red hair at the back of her head, while the other hand moved onto her bare stomach, before sliding slowly beneath the veil of her trousers.

Nathan decided to keep the pleasurable anticipation going by keeping his hand outside her soft underwear. He began a slow rubbing of her crotch through her underwear. Instantly, Nathan felt the heat of Chloe’s vagina, and within seconds, he could actually feel her becoming damp with pleasure.

This knowledge of his talent at pleasing her drove him beyond encouragement. It was now the point of no return. Nathan was now determined to make his beloved orgasm at his touch. He wanted her to feel incredulous. Above all, he wanted to make her happy. To satisfy her. Bring her to new realms of pleasure.

As their tongues began a deeper, stronger, more passionate clinch, Chloe moved her hips to coincide with Nathan’s fondling of her vagina through her increasingly damp underwear.

Both lovers were now so lost in their combined world of ecstasy that neither could tell just how long or short a time it was before Chloe pulled heavily back from Nathan’s tongue, driving her hips into his fingers, as she clenched her legs tightly around his hand. Her back arched, eyes wide she moaned, screamed and exhaled forcefully as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure enraptured her entirely.

After several seconds in the one solidified position, she Kadıköy Escort fell back onto the bed. Chloe began convulsive breath-catching, a distant look of pleasure evident on her innocent face.

Nathan held her head in his had and leaned in to kiss her neck and hold her softly. He felt proud and glad. He had given her her first intense, powerful orgasm. He could not contain himself anymore, and had to shake his hips to allow room for his throbbing erection, intensified by the knowledge that he had given his beloved Chloe such pleasure. He had succeeded in showing her new realms of pleasure. And yet, he knew he could do more.

As much as he would have loved to just stop there and hold her as she recovered from this phenomenon, he knew that he could make this day even more memorable for her. For them both.

As Chloe began to calm down, Nathan smiled and looked deep into her eyes. She was lost for words. She could think of no way to express to him what she had experienced. He had shown her just how powerful an orgasm could be. Not that she would require it, but her touch would now pale in comparison to his.

“Thank you…” she sighed, exhausted.

Nathan smiled. Kissed her gently on the lips. The neck. Breasts. Nipples. Stomach. As he reached the brim of her trousers, he hooked his fingers around the sides and began to lower her trousers. Chloe mastered intuitively the energy to raise her hips and permit his removal of her trousers, followed by her panties, which stuck slightly to her now wet vagina.

Chloe saw the look of lust in Nathan’s eyes as he noticed just how wet she was. It strengthened his feeling of happiness at having pleasured his adored, while at the same time raising the burning lust within him.

Nathan barely managed to control himself enough to slowly kiss his way up along her legs. She parted gladly, not really sure if she could take what was coming. Her mind and body still weak, she could not even acknowledge what was about to come, her thoughts dissipated before they could coherently form.

Nathan’s kisses finally reached the naval of his treasured, and he began to tentatively kiss the area around her vaginal lips. When he felt her vaginal juices on his lips, he paused. His tongue cleaned his lips of the smooth, yet sticky substance. His eyes widened, lungs inhaled, startled by the succulence.

That was it. The final straw.

He could no longer contain himself. He kissed her vaginal lips, and held her thighs down on the bed as he slowly ran the tip of his tongue right the way up along her vaginal lips.

While Nathan was lost in how delectable she tasted, Chloe felt herself losing control all over again as his tongue slowly, dangerously slowly, parted her vaginal lips and penetrated inside her. The pleasure was so much she felt her body becoming numb all over save her vagina, as though all of her remaining energy was being drawn there to achieve the maximum amount of pleasure from the experience.

Chloe began to moan loader and loader as Nathan’s tongue probed deeper and wider. When he eventually reached her clitoris, barely brushing off of it, Chloe screamed. The current pleasure accompanied with extreme anticipation was too much.

Nathan had to hold Chloe’s legs apart with his arms in order to stop her from crushing his head. Chloe began to feel as though such pleasures were beyond that of human possibility. Her vision began to blear and she felt an awe inspiring wave of sudden alertness throughout her intensely hot body as Nathan wrapped his lips around her clitoris and began to suckle ever so carefully on her most sensitive of places.

Chloe screamed so loud that despite her thighs muffling all sound, Nathan’s ears were assaulted by the severity of her vocal emission. But the pain quickly subsided. For as wave of god-like rapture enveloped Chloe’s in an entirety of pure, unadulterated bliss, waves of Chloe’s divine juices poured, literally, into his mouth, enveloping his tongue in a substance that would cause a god’s mouth to water.

Both lovers collapsed as they were.

After an undeterminable period of time, they awoke together, Chloe’s body sprawled across her ruffled bed, Nathan’s head between her legs. Nathan, the only one of the two having any energy left, crawled up to his darling, and wrapped his arms around her limp body as her only working muscles forced an ultimately-contented smile.

Not really knowing where came from, Nathan could only speak a few naturally-flowing words, filled with emotion and love.

“How was it for you?..”

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