See You Next Thursday

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You lie face-down on the massage table. The room is warm, and three candles burn on the nearby countertop, casting a warm glow over the envelope you have left for me there, and illuminating your naked brown skin.

You breathe deeply and relax as you hear me enter the room. Although you cannot see me, you know that I am wearing a high-waisted red skirt, and that silk button-up blouse you enjoy so much. I pour a large dollop of cedarwood-scented oil into my palm, and rub my hands together to warm them before gently placing my hands on your skin.

You sigh as I slowly work my hands in broad circles over the sore muscles of your back, my movements easing the tensions of your day. I lean deeply into the muscles of your lower back, and slide my palms up between your shoulder blades. You always hold a lot of tension here, and I work it away as a different kind of tension rises in the room.

My hands are slick but firm, and they slip easily over your buttocks to rub the backs of your thighs. You sigh impatiently to indicate that I have missed a crucial spot, so I press upwards into the hard muscles of your ass, and gaziantep escort you relax under my hands as I lean my body closer to yours.

I run my hands down the length of your legs, pausing to work on your calves for a few moments before I tell you to turn over. You do what you are told, and I can see that my attentions have aroused your interest. Your hard cock stands fully erect and pointed to the ceiling; a glimmer of pre-cum shimmering on the tip.

I start again near your head, leaning over your face as I apply pressure to your arms, your biceps and then work hard circles across your chest. Your eyes are open and fixated on my clothed breasts, just a few inches from your face. You moan as I slick my palms over your nipples, and I go back to tweak them with my fingertips. Your cock spasms a bit, and I pinch your nipples harder.

The drop of pre-cum slides a slow track down the length of your engorged member and comes to rest in your black pubic hair.

I step away to apply more oil to my hands, and start my work on the front of your legs, applying firm pressure and long strokes just a few inches from where you would really like it.

Your breaths become erratic as I finish my attentions on your tense muscles, and finally grasp the base of your hard cock. I gently squeeze your tightened balls with one oiled hand, as my other hand slicks up and down the length of you.

You tell me to unbutton my top, fully aware from your earlier close inspection that I am not wear a bra underneath. I clean my hands on a nearby towel before facing you, meet your eyes, untuck my blouse, and undo it button by button until it hangs open before you. You can see the outline of my cleavage where my round breasts hang free, and the indentation my hard nipples make against the silk fabric.

I reach for the massage oil again, and you catch a peek of my bare pink nipple as I drizzle oil down the length of you and start stroking your hard cock again in earnest. Your eyes don’t leave my breasts as my motions get more emphatic; my eager strokes of your greedy cock disturbing my blouse until the shirt slithers off my shoulders and both of my nipples pop out into full view.

You grunt with satisfaction as my pale and pendulous breasts are fully exposed to you, and I stroke you harder and faster. Your noises of excitement come to a climax as you cum in my hand, unable to take your eyes off my creamy pink nipples. Drops land on your stomach as your jism squirts through my fingers.

For a moment all I do is listen to you breathe. Then I stroke your cock one more time, running my palm over the smooth, wet head, and let go.

You sit up and take ahold of my sticky hand. You pull me down to sit next to you on the edge of the massage table, and guide my hand up to my chest to smear your cum on each of my breasts, making sure to coat each of my nipples in the result of your pleasure. A small gasp escapes my lips.

You lead me to the sink in the corner of the room, and turn on the water, letting it run until it is warm. You hold my hands under the stream of water and wash my hands for me, like you would for a child.

You towel our hands off, first mine and then yours, and pull my blouse back up over my shoulders and button it back up for me, forcing me to wear your cum on my breasts for the rest of the day.

You get dressed and leave without saying goodbye.

I know you’ll be back next week at the usual time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32