Seduction Ch. 01

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Dalilah Strong

I was sitting on my bed in my hotel room, freshly out of the shower, in just my bathrobe, rubbing lotion onto my freshly shaven legs, when I heard a knock at the door. I went to answer it, and saw him standing in my doorway. His eyes spoke what his lips could not and we were instantly entangled in each other’s arms, kissing passionately.

At that time my name was Natalie Sloan, and I was an actress. I was 22 years old; I had long light brown hair with blonde highlights, hazel eyes, and 36 DD breasts. I was 5’9, and weighed 120 pounds, and I had a lovely honey glow to my skin due to the hours I had spent on the beach filming.

My co-star was a man that I had idolized over for as long as I could remember. Not only was he my most favorite actor, he was absolutely gorgeous. His name was Cristian Jones, and he was 6’2, muscular, with tan skin, medium length black hair, and brown eyes, in my eyes he was perfection.

From the moment he walked onto set, and we met for the first time I knew we had an instant connection despite our 18 year age difference, his very steady girlfriend, and his two beautiful children. He took my hand and grazed his lips across my cheek and I felt electricity from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, a heat like I had never felt before.

Fortunately for me, we were to play lovers in the film. Over the course of filming the movie, we became close. We spent hours at the hotel bar every night just talking. You could cut the sexual tension between us with a knife, Trabzon Escort but until that night neither of us had made a move.

The day we filmed our first love scene was when it all started. In the scene we were standing in a room fighting, I turned to walk out and he grabbed me by the arm and threw me against the wall and gave me the most passionate kiss of my life up to that point. The director had to yell cut three times before we finally heard him and separated from our kiss. That’s when I knew there was no turning back. I left the set that day, and returned to the hotel and took a quick shower. And now we are back to where we started.

We made our way to my bedroom, never breaking our kiss. My pussy was dripping from his kiss alone; he untied my robe and laid me on the bed. He dropped his pants hurriedly and shoved his cock into my pussy causing a shiver to run down my spine and a moan to escape from my lips. As he fucked me, he kissed my ears, neck, shoulders and lips. He fucked me harder and harder and I felt the pleasure building in my stomach, so strong I felt as if though I would explode. My pussy began to tighten around his cock, I was close to orgasm, and I couldn’t believe I was going to have an orgasm from penetration alone, something that had never happened to me until that night. I began to shake as my orgasm ravaged my body, my pussy gripping tightly around his cock sending him over the edge and causing him to fill my pussy with his warm fluid.

He lay on Escort Trabzon top of me, his cock still buried in my pussy, recovering; looking deep into my eyes and smiling, before caressing my cheek and kissing me once again. He told me that he was going to fuck me all night, and then stood up to remove his clothes properly. He then lay back on top of me and began to kiss my neck once again, then he moved down my body paying attention to my breasts for the first time, taking each of my hard buds into his mouth and causing me to experience endless pleasure. He kissed down my stomach, licking around my navel. He skipped over my pussy causing me to sigh with disappointment, and moved to my feet. He kissed every inch of my feet and licked his way up my legs, paying special attention to my inner thigh. He spread my legs wide and just looked at my pussy a minute before leaning in and kissing it. He licked my outer lips and sucked them into his mouth. Spreading my lips apart, he blew on my hard, exposed clit causing me to jump with pleasure. He then dove into my pussy, cleaning up the mixture of our juices that remained. He began flicking my clit with his tongue, before sucking it into his mouth and sticking two fingers into my moist cunt. I soon had three fingers pounding my cunt and his eager mouth sucking the life out of my clit; it wasn’t long before I had my second orgasm.

After I had recovered, I rolled over on top of him and took his dick into my mouth. His dick was a good 10 inches Trabzon Escort Bayan and I couldn’t believe that it had fit into my pussy so easily before. His dick was already hard again, and I began licking the pre-cum from the tip. I swirled my tongue around the head as I stroked his shaft with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. I then took his whole length into my mouth, and after gagging a bit at first began to deep throat him. It wasn’t long until I sensed that he was close to cumming, and I began to prepare myself to take his load down my throat. Suddenly he stopped me, and told me that he wanted to cum in my ass. I was nervous because I had never allowed anyone to explore my ass before but I trusted him.

I positioned myself on my hands and knees on the bed and he came behind me and began to lick my asshole for lubrication. He then took one finger and eased it slowly in my ass and worked it for a while, until placing a second finger, then a third, and a fourth by which point I was begging for his cock. He removed his fingers leaving me feeling incredibly empty, and then I felt the head of his dick at my opening. He eased the head in and I relaxed my muscles, preparing myself for his dick. He slid his dick in inch by inch and soon his whole dick was in my ass. He began to rock back and forth and the pain I felt soon turned into pleasure like I had never known. He increased his pace and wrapped his arms around my waist to play with my clit. It wasn’t long before he was filling my ass with cum and I was having my third and most intense orgasm of the evening.

Totally spent, we lay in each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep, and even in that moment I knew that it was the beginning of something that I would not be able to control.

To Be Continued…

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