Seducing My Sister-in-law Amelia

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Author’s Note: All characters mentioned in the story are over the age of 18.


My name is Jack.

I have always loved my sister-in-law Amelia, and have always fantasized about finding a chance to have a good time with her. In order to get close to her, I found out which company she worked for, and then applied for the job, and it turned out that I passed it smoothly.

On the first day of work, I found out that my Amelia was a clerk in the company. The Amelia is even more beautiful than before. After two years of separation, I didn’t expect to be a beautiful and coquettish young woman now. She is twenty-six years old, wearing a suspender dress with very slender legs. She wore a pair of white high-heeled sandals with thin straps. They were very sexy sandals with two thin straps across the instep. The toes were slender and white. She sat across from me. It should be said that she belongs to the kind of woman who takes care of herself very well. Her shoulder-length hair and sweet smile really make people a little impulsive. My eldest brother works in a foreign company and travels frequently, leaving my lonely Amelia alone at home. This gives me, a pervert, the opportunity to fill the loneliness and emptiness in my Amelia’s heart, and of course it is the same physically!

As the days passed, Amelia seemed to have a lot of sandals. Sometimes a pair of silver strapless sandals, sometimes a pair of black high-heeled sandals with thin straps. One day at noon, my colleagues were taking a lunch break, and Amelia across the street was also drowsy. I was reading a novel on the Internet alone, playing with a pencil in my hand, and accidentally dropped it on the ground. I attached myself to pick it up. Inadvertently, I saw the beautiful feet of the opposite Amelia took out from the pair of black sandals with thin straps, and stepped on the right foot with the left foot. She’s wearing shiny black stockings today, with purple-blue nail polish on her toes. I looked down her smooth calf, my God! Her thighs were slightly apart, and I actually saw that she was wearing a pair of translucent briefs with a dark spot in the center, and my heart was beating wildly. I thought of the digital camera on the table… I slowly got up, sat on my chair, and looked around. My colleagues were all sleeping, and two of them in the back row were playing games. Looking at Amelia again, she is lying on the table and resting. I picked up the camera, slowly stretched it under the table, and pressed the shutter… After I got home from get off work, I imported the candid photos from the camera into the computer and watched them carefully. Her feet looked slender against the thin strap sandals, her toes were round, and her thumb nails were a bit long, as if they were about to burst through her stockings. I took off my pants while watching, and started to shoot the pistol, thinking that when I must embrace these beautiful feet in my arms. While looking at the photos I took secretly, I fiddled with my dick up and down until the thick liquid gushed out.

Using this method, I have taken a lot of photos of Amelia’s beautiful legs in high-heeled sandals, and I rely on these photos to masturbate every night to vent my desire. During the day, when she saw her Amelia, her eyes would unconsciously look at her beautiful legs, and she seemed to have noticed something too. One day at noon, I asked me intentionally or unintentionally: Jacky, don’t your eyes seem to be quite honest? I said: Isn’t it because you are beautiful, if you want to be ugly, I won’t look at you?

I suddenly had a thought and said, “Amelia, I’ll show you something. Go to the ‘sister-in-law’ directory on my machine, and I’ll turn on sharing. This directory contains all the photos of Amelia’s beautiful feet.”

I looked at the opposite Amelia’s glasses staring at the screen with surprise in her eyes.

“You, when did you take these photos?”

“Because I like your beautiful legs”

“Have you shown it to anyone else?”

“No. As far as I see it, it doesn’t mean anything else. I just like it.” Suddenly, I felt something touching my lower body. foot. My heart beat wildly.

She said calmly on the other side: “You deleted the photo!”

I said yes, anyway, there are some at home. Her feet retracted slightly, and I saw her bend down. After a while, my lower body was pressed by her feet again, and I gently rubbed it.

It turned out that she had taken off her sandals. I held her feet with my hands. Feet in flesh-colored stockings looked so smooth and delicate. I stroked her lightly, and her toes twitched uncontrollably on my lower body. My nipples swelled up and pressed against my pants, which was extremely uncomfortable. I pinched her toes with my hands and scratched the soles of her feet lightly, and her feet shrank back abruptly.

After a while, she got up and told the manager that she was going to the meeting room next door to write a quotation, because the office was too noisy, and the manager let her go. Twenty minutes later, the manager answered a phone call, and then said to me: You rus escort go to the next door to help Amelia look at her notebook, there seems to be something wrong, and then you and her make a quotation, her quotation for commercial models Not familiar with. I responded and left the office and came to the next door.

I knocked on the door and it opened, and I saw the notebook on the opposite table, but there was no one there. Suddenly the door closed by itself, and I felt that someone was hugging me from behind. I turned around and saw that Amelia had pulled down the suspenders of the suspender skirt, revealing a large white breast and half of the nipple.

“Amelia, what are you doing, God! You’re at work!”

“Don’t do anything, the door is closed, kiss me!”

My mouth was pressed against hers, and her mouth opened instantly, and her tongue slipped into mine, sliding in mine. The nipples on my chest pressed against my chest tightly. I felt my lower body swell very badly. One of her legs was looped around mine, and her lower body was tightly clamping mine, twisting her body gently. At this moment, I had a strange idea in my heart: beautiful snake!

She wrapped her tighter and tighter, and her tongue kept stirring in my mouth. I freed up a hand and stroked the beautiful leg she was holding around me. She murmured in her mouth, making an ‘um’ sound from time to time. I whispered in her ear, let’s go to the sofa. With her legs down, her mouth still in mine, she moved slowly towards the couch with me.

On the couch, I put her down. Her face was flushed, and she said in her mouth: “I have long seen that you are not a good person.” As she said, she put her legs across my knees and asked, “Do you like my legs?”

I said, “Yeah, I saw your legs under the table once and I couldn’t help it, so I took those pictures.”

“is it beautiful?”

I said, “Of course, I look at your legs every night before I go to bed.” Her legs in pale blue high-heeled sandals were right in front of my eyes. The two beautiful legs that I miss day and night. “Take off my shoes.” I followed my advice and started to unbuckle her shoes. The feet in the flesh-colored stockings in the bag were pressed right on top of my mouth. My hands gently caressed the two beautiful legs. She put one leg up on my shoulder and teased me with the other leg through my pants with her toes.

I leaned over and pressed her down, and started to kiss her lightly again. She turned her head away from me and asked, “Do you want me?”

I pressed her breasts fiercely with my hands, and rubbed her breasts vigorously through her suspender skirt and white bra, and replied: “I want to die! I want to fuck you even in my dreams.”

Amelia pushed me away, took off the suspender skirt from her shoulders, and the bra slipped off her body, then pulled the skirt to her belly, straightened her butt in pink lace panties, and said flatteringly: “Take it off, come on.” Insert the hole.”

“Is it here?”

“Don’t dare?!” I couldn’t bear this stimulation, and without saying anything, I immediately pulled her panties up to her ankles, carried her legs in silk stockings on her shoulders, untied her belt in twos and Then I wrapped Amelia’s legs around my waist, and rubbed my dick on the clitoris and labia for more than ten times. I used my dick to squeeze a slit from the middle of the labia. I pushed it up a bit. Hey! I thought I could enter Amelia’s body, but I didn’t expect that the glans didn’t even enter. The Amelia’s breathing became tighter and she read in a low voice: “…um… ah… little… little pervert! Take it easy, Amelia hasn’t done it for a long time.” It turns out that the glans head can clearly feel being tightly Labia pressing is a little itchy. It’s cool now, it’s good luck to get to Amelia’s tight hole!

I readjusted my posture, aimed at the small hole again, and was about to push it in. At this moment, footsteps came from outside the door. Amelia hurriedly let go of her legs and fled from under me while she was arranging her clothes. Looking at his Amelia’s sexy and enchanting figure, the trousers said, “Amelia, I’m sorry!” The Amelia raised her head and looked at me blankly: “What’s wrong, Jacky, Amelia doesn’t blame you, and Amelia will give you the best when I have a chance!” Afterwards, I immediately left the room and returned to the office like a thief. I saw the Amelia who had already sat down with her head down like the child who did something wrong. Her beautiful face was white and red, and her small mouth was still trying to adjust her breathing. I think there is still a chance to have a real fight with Amelia in the future.

One day at noon, when everyone had lunch and was drowsy again, I felt that something was touching my lower body again. I reached down and held my feet that I hadn’t touched for several days. I held the foot tightly with my left hand, and started to unbutton my trousers with my right hand. I pulled it out from the side of my underwear, and it was hard, and I started to touch the soles of those feet with the escort rus top. Maybe Amelia also felt different and wanted to stretch back. Unexpectedly, I grabbed it tightly. I said softly to her, “Split your toes and pinch me.” Her toes were gently separated, and I inserted the tip of that word between her toes, and her toes began to pinch. An unprecedented feeling surged in my heart, and under the frustration of her toes, it began to secrete mucus. I scraped all the mucus from the mouth on her feet with my hands, and spread it gently.

Suddenly, Amelia handed me a note, and I took a look, it said: Replenish your energy, your brother will be on a business trip for a few days tomorrow night *^_^*.

After finally getting off work the next day, Amelia and I got on the elevator together, laughing to ourselves. I can finally possess Amelia!!!

I ate something with her in the small restaurant downstairs of her house and came to her house. After entering the room, before the light was turned on, I hugged her in my arms, put my mouth on her mouth, and restlessly pressed my hands on Amelia’s breasts to play with. She struggled away, panting and said: “Why are you so anxious? The whole night is yours, color! I’ll take a shower first.”

I turned on the light and sat on the sofa in the living room as if I had been waiting for a century, accompanied by a scent. My charming Amelia finally came out of the bathroom. She changed into a white and transparent nightgown, and her long wet hair hung down her shoulders., you can clearly see the pink strapless bra, the flesh-colored stockings on the beautiful legs, the top of the stockings and the pink panties are connected by two straps, and the white pair that made me sexually arouse strappy high-heeled sandals. My lower body has swollen uncomfortably. I said: Amelia, I want to have sex with you! She twisted her waist and came to my side, put her arms around my neck and sat astride me with her legs and said softly: “Hold me to the bedroom…” I carried Amelia into her bedroom and gently put her on the bed, and then turn on the bedside lamp and dim it slightly to increase the atmosphere. Close the door, take off my clothes, go to bed, put Amelia in my arms, and kiss her.

I pulled the front strap of her nightgown and spread the nightgown to the sides, only to see a pink bra with lace on her plump and white body covering her chest. Can’t cover it. The pair of beautiful legs under the stockings are so tempting. On the pink briefs, the orifice has been soaked with lewd water. I lift one of her legs up. Kiss slowly upwards from the base of the thigh. Kissing through stockings feels smooth and soft.

She half-raised up, stretched her hand behind her back, unbuttoned the bra, asked me to take off the bra for her, then loosened the connection between the pink briefs and stockings, and took off the panties and threw them together with the bra on the side. When I took off Amelia, only the legs in meat stockings and the beautiful feet in sandals were left. Amelia had covered her breasts with one hand and her genitals with the other. But at this time, Amelia was as I thought, and she never said a word of reluctance, which was her tacit consent.

I pulled away Amelia’s shy hands and lined them up. Under the dim light, the naked Amelia has uneven curves, her curves are as exquisite as crystal, her delicate blushing face, her small and slightly pouty lips, her plump and white skin, her plump and plump breasts, her rosy and tender nipples are white and tender, The round and fat buttocks are smooth, tender, round and big, the beautiful legs with stockings are round and smooth with lines, the protruding mound of shame and thick black pubic hair that has been soaked in lewd water are very dense, and underneath, is A wet piece. When my fingers touched her private parts, she let out a ‘hmm’.

Seeing Amelia’s icy skin and skin made me so excited that I couldn’t resist. I leaned down and kissed her breasts. Amelia’s breasts were plump and firm. I opened my mouth to suck on the red nipples. Amelia’s tits smelled so good. It’s hard to imagine that there are such perfect breasts. I rubbed the breasts with my hands and felt Full and soft, it returns to firm shape immediately after letting go. Holding the nipple in her mouth, she sucked it hard, the two grape-like nipples were very slippery. After a while, Amelia’s breasts became more plump, and the two nipples were raised at the top of the center of the breast.

“Mmm…mm…” The Amelia was trembling with joy at this moment, struggling and moaning coquettishly.

That sweet call is so beautiful and alluring.

It was very difficult to leave the pair of beautiful breasts, and then kissed Amelia’s belly button and pubic hair. The Amelia’s pubic hair is thick, black, and long, and it completely surrounds the charming and imaginative sexy pussy. The looming slits were covered with wet kinky water, and the two bright red labia were tightly closed together, just like the cherry lips on her face, which was also full of temptation. What a beautiful rus escort bayan Taoyuan Cave!

Although Amelia has just washed her body, this attractive place still has a bit of a smell, but under the current situation, this smell can only increase my desire and make me more impulsive!!!

I put her snow-white, round and slender legs apart on my shoulders, and the beautiful and attractive hole appeared in front of me. I gently separated the two labia with my fingers, kissed and sucked the hole with my mouth, and then used the tip of my tongue After licking her big and small labia, she nibbled on her clitoris like rice grains with her teeth, scraped the wet water on her labia with the tip of her tongue, and blew hot air into the hole intentionally or unintentionally, the Amelia became short of breath.

“Ah!…um…ah…little…little pervert!…you make me itchy…I’m sick to death…you are so bad!…”

“Amelia…Mumumu…your pussy is so beautiful!…It’s so tempting” Amelia was licked to the bottom of her heart, bursts of pleasure hit her like an electric current, her fat buttocks kept twisting upwards, twisting left and right, Holding my head tightly with both hands, I gasped with joy, “Ah!…Jacky…I can’t stand it…Oh…you…you lick me so comfortably…I…I To…to lose…”

Hearing she was about to cum, I sucked hard and licked my wet pussy. A stream of hot lewd water flowed out of Amelia’s pussy, her whole body trembled, and she bent her legs to lift her fat buttocks higher, allowing me to lick her sweet lewd water more thoroughly.

“Amelia… Are you still satisfied with my acupoint-absorbing tongue skills?…” I raised my head and said to Amelia.

“Your head is full…You little pervert!…You…you are necrotic!…You can play with women like this at a young age…I…I am really afraid of you!…” The Amelia pointed her finger I nodded my head and said in shame.

“Don’t be afraid… good Amelia… I will give you a more comfortable and refreshing taste!… Let you taste a man other than your husband…”

“…Little… satyr!…causing me to cheat on my husband…be nice to Amelia…”

“Amelia, don’t worry!”

“Jacky, come and lie down, and I’ll make you comfortable too!” I don’t know what the hell Amelia is going to do, so let her go, I obediently lay down next to Amelia, my cock stood tall, and Amelia rolled over He kissed my mouth with his body, and his tongue stirred vigorously, and I responded vigorously. Then Amelia slid towards my chest, a pair of small hands deliberately fiddled with my chest, her fingers drew circles on my chest, making it difficult for me to control myself, Amelia looked at me with a smile, suddenly my dick was caught by something warm and soft, It turned out to be Amelia’s hand. She fiddled with my dick with her hands up and down. The dick had already secreted a lot of crystal liquid. Amelia turned her head to look at the dick and said: What a thick thing! While talking, spread the liquid from the dick evenly on the glans. All I could see was her head bowed and the warm, moist space surrounding the cock. I’m dizzy, Amelia actually used her mouth to hold my cock!

My head was dizzy, and I rubbed Amelia’s slippery back with my hands and said excitedly: “Amelia, don’t do this, it’s so dirty!”

The Amelia replied: “Didn’t you do the same thing just now? You are not afraid of anything I am afraid of.”

After speaking, he moved to the opposite side of me and lay down on his body, held the dick with his hands, and sucked his mouth again. Bursts of numbness spread to my heart, and I couldn’t help butting my dick. Amelia raised her head and stretched out her naughty tongue to scratch the glans, then looked at me with a smile, and then sucked hard up and down, “Ah… so cool! Amelia, you are so kind!” I think I fell in love with Amelia up.

Amelia just lay on the center of my legs, fiddling with her smooth buttocks left and right. She sucked the cock for five minutes. I closed my eyes and enjoyed Amelia’s love for me. My buttocks were slightly raised to make the cock stand taller. It felt like the dick was getting bigger and bigger, as if it was about to explode. Although I clenched my teeth and tried hard to control it, Amelia noticed it. She bit the glans lightly and finally let go. My little mouth said to me: ” Jacky…are you satisfied with my great tongue skills?…” Ha, Amelia learned what I just said, it is so cute, I sat up and hugged her, holding her pretty face with a look Said: Amelia, give it to me, I want to have sex with you! I want to insert your lower lip!

The Amelia didn’t say a word, but just kissed me lightly on the nose, and lay down obediently, spreading her legs and waiting for me to move.

After I got Amelia’s tacit consent, I knelt in the middle of her legs, parted my labia with my right hand and held the dick with my left hand, and first used the big glans to grind Amelia’s small hole. Jacky!…Don’t grind…the pussy is itching to death!…Quick!…Put the big dick…into the pussy!…Please…please insert my pussy…Hurry up!… “From the lewd appearance of Amelia, I know that Amelia who has ejaculated once when I was licked and bitten just now is in a state of excitement, and has sucked the dick for so long, and the emptiness in the hole urgently needs a big dick. Only then can she vent the high desire in her heart.

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