Seduced by Auntie’s “Story” Ch. 06

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All characters are over 18.


Mark was slightly annoyed that he had to go into town that morning. His mother was out at work but would be back around midday. She had arranged to take him and her sister, Pat, to a shopping outlet soon after she arrived home. Mark’s Aunt Pat was staying for a short time and had seduced him. Going into town that morning would intrude on precious time alone with her, but there was no avoiding it.

He had to go into the bank to arrange to transfer some money. He determined to arrive there more or less as soon as it opened so that he could get back to his aunt as quickly as possible. She was forty-eight years old. He was half way to his nineteenth birthday. And, though not quite a virgin, he found sex with her intensely exciting. He knew that in part (though not entirely) this was due to its illicit nature

She came downstairs just as he was putting on his shoes. He blushed with excitement as he remembered the previous night. He also blushed because of her sexy appearance. She was wearing a floral satin dressing robe. It reached just half way down her slender, well-toned thighs and hugged her smallish breasts. Her hair was quite short and smartly brushed, and she was wearing her glasses as usual.

She smiled.

“You off then, Mark?”

“Yes. Yes I have to go into the bank,” he replied.

“Don’t be too long, will you, hun?”

She smiled suggestively and to his delight she placed one hand on each flap of her robe by her thigh and drew it aside. He gazed intently as her thigh came into sight, then her puffy, shaved pussy. She left it bared just for a moment then covered herself again. She laughed at his spellbound expression.

“I presume you have your mobile with you?” she asked, and smiled approvingly when he nodded.

“That’s good, Mark. Give me a ring when you’re on the bus heading back home. Then I can be ready for you!”

She kissed him on the mouth and he felt her firm breasts against his chest. He headed out of the door and to the bus stop. He hoped that nobody would see his budding erection and tried hard not to think of his aunt. It was easier said than done. Images of her sitting on his lap telling him a “story” of an aunt who noticed her nephew was attracted to her came to his mind. That was how she had seduced him.

Although he tried to latch his mind onto other things he recalled their out-of-town trip and the way she had dressed as a hooker and had him book a room in a somewhat run-down hotel.

And he thought of how she had encouraged him to peep round the lounge door, supposedly unknown to her, while she read an erotic book and pleasured herself. And how he had then joined her.

His erection tightened. He looked out of the window at the passing scenes and traffic.

His business at the bank took very little time, though he had felt stupid — his mind was wandering to his aunt and he had to be asked a couple of times for some details. The cashier smiled patiently.

He checked his watch and rushed out of the bank to the bus stop. If he was quick he should just about be able to catch the 10.14 back home. To his relief, although the bus was in sight as he drew near to the bus stop, it was stuck at the traffic lights, and he reached the bust stop just before it did. He paid his fare and found a seat. He grabbed his mobile and rang hers.

Pat was also in a distracted frame of mind. Only a few days remained of her stay with her sister, Linda. Moreover she did not know just how many more opportunities for sex with her nephew would still present themselves. Linda was keen to spend as much time with her as she could, and although she had to go into work for a few hours some days, she was trying to work as short a time each day as she could. Pat looked at her watch. She smiled. There should be time, she told herself, time to have sex with him before Linda arrived back and presented her with the need to focus, to act casual, to hide what had taken place just a little earlier.

She switched on her mobile and kept it close to hand as she awaited his call. She tried not to look at her watch again. When the phone rang it startled her a little.

“Oh hi, er… it’s me.”

“Hi Mark. You on the bus?”

The mere sound of her voice excited him. He recalled her plea for him to be back soon for a nice surprise.

“Yeah, I should be home in about twenty minutes.” He was about to ring off but she spoke before he could.

“Hang on a moment! Mark? Are you sitting on your own? Can anyone else hear me, do you think?”

He felt a shudder of apprehension. He glanced round casually.

“Er, no… No. I don’t think so.”

His nerves were on edge as he wondered why she was asking.

“Last night was a lot of fun, wasn’t it?” she continued.

He tried to concentrate on wording his answers as if the conversation was innocuous. He decided to try to avoid using the term “Auntie” in case it aroused suspicion.

“Yes. Yes it was. Anadolu Yakası Escort A LOT of fun,” he replied. He looked a few rows ahead of him. A young mother was making faces at her toddler to keep him quiet. Across the aisle and a couple of rows ahead an elderly couple looked contentedly through the window, oblivious to him and his phone conversation.

Mark’s mind shot back to the previous night and he felt the start of another erection. He had accompanied his parents and his Aunt Pat to the pub for a few drinks. It had been both a delight and a torment. It had not been easy to keep his eyes off her nor to act casually. He was desperate to avoid any hint of the dreadful and illicit relationship that he now had with his mother’s sister. The fear of betraying their secret — and the genuine shame he felt about it — nevertheless were a big part of its appeal.

He re-checked that nobody could hear her voice down his mobile.

“Especially when we got home. That’s when the fun — the naughty, dirty fun REALLY started, isn’t it Mark?” she went on.

His erection pressed harder against his trousers as he recalled the scene, though it sounded as if she was going to rehearse it all to him anyway. Although nobody seemed able to hear what his aunt was saying, it was very embarrassing and shameful to be listening to it in public.

“Yes, Mark. We all said goodnight and headed one by one to our rooms — like any normal respectable family… but you and I aren’t normal and respectable members of the family, are we?”

“No,” he replied, and felt himself blush. The elderly couple were commenting about the weather as his aunt launched into revisiting the naughty events of the previous nights.

“No, we’re certainly not, Mark. We’re in-cest-u-ous. That’s the word for it, isn’t it? Oh, sex between nephew and aunt isn’t illegal. But it’s very naughty, very frowned upon, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Yes it is,” he said softly. The way she announced the term, syllable by shameful syllable confronted him afresh with the dreadful nature of what they had done. Guilt and shame seemed to flood his mind, and he felt a bead of perspiration break on his brow. But he continued listening to his aunt’s voice.

“But it’s also fun! Lots of fun!” she said with conviction. “Anyway, back to last night! When I went to my room I put on that silky black nightdress, Mark. And I began to touch myself. We’d already arranged to have our mobiles on silent. And when I rang you, of course, I had to whisper, didn’t I?”

“Er yes, yes you did,” he replied, feeling stupid. Then he added, totally unrelated and purely to hide the nature of his actual conversation should anyone on the bus be listening, “Yes, yes we could go there if you like. Later on, I mean…”

His aunt chuckled into the phone, savouring his mild embarrassment as he tried to avoid arousing suspicion from his fellow passengers.

“I had to whisper — because your mum and dad were in the next room to me! And there was I, your mums’ sister, talking dirty to my naughty nephew — my own sister’s eighteen year old son — who was in the other room next to mine,” his aunt Pat murmured into the phone. The lowness of her voice made it seem more sultry and sexy.

“Yes, yes, that’s right…” he faltered in reply. He remembered it vividly. His stomach fluttered.

To his horror the bus slowed down as it approached a bus stop. A woman in her forties got on. Mark silently willed her not to sit too close to him. It occurred to him that she was a similar age to his aunt, though perhaps a little more plain and certainly plumper. He sighed with relief as she sat down on the same side of the bus as him, but a few seats behind him. Definitely not close enough to hear his aunt’s voice.

His Auntie Pat chuckled again.

“Can I still continue?” she enquired softly, and when he said yes, she did so. As the bus pulled away it drowned out her voice and he had to ask her to repeat herself.

“I said, ‘Are you hard right now? Are you a big boy? Hmmm?”

“Yes. Yes definitely,” he said. His throat was slightly dry with excitement, and he had to cough to clear his throat.

She laughed.

“Like last night. You told me last night you’d got a stiffy. And while I was lying on my bed masturbating you were playing with it. You bad boy — playing with yourself while talking to your aunt on the phone! How disgusting!” But his aunt did not sound disgusted, of course. She sounded excited as she resumed.

“We were both alone and in the secrecy of the darkness, Mark. But only a thin wall and a couple of yards’ distance really separated us both, hun. Only a thin wall and a couple of yards separated me from your mum and dad, too, as I stroked and rubbed my clit — while imagining it was you that was doing it!”

“Er yes, yes indeed!” he replied. He looked around. The toddler was giggling to its mother. The elderly couple had begun to bicker about which of them had the door key for their house. A student was seated Bostancı Escort on the back seat. She was busy texting. Her breasts under her tee shirt reminded him slightly of his aunt’s — small and firm looking. He shifted uneasily, trying to hide his erection.

“Rub it, Mark. Right now. On the bus!”

“I… er… I’m not sure I can do that,” he protested.

“Of course you can!” she insisted. “You don’t need to make it obvious. Pretend you’re feeling for something in your pocket…”

He glanced round then slowly put his hand in his pocket and gave himself a little stroke and squeeze. He withdrew his hand casually.

“Have you done it?”

“Yes,” he replied. Then, for effect and as if the conversation was totally different he added, “Yes. Er… yes, let’s call round to see them on our way, then.”

His aunt laughed once more at his awkward situation.

“Is it completely hard? Is a bit of stickiness seeping out? Can you feel a moist patch through your pocket?” his aunt urged.

“Er.. yes. Yes, I can, er, do that,” he faltered.

“Sniff your fingers. Pretend you’re just rubbing your nose, but sniff your musky cock-juice!” she hissed.

He glanced casually around again, and did as she said. His aunt laughed aloud again as she heard the sound.

“Good boy! Anyway, last night as I was playing with my titties — I was pretending it was your hand. I tried to do like you do, holding my little tit by the nipple — which was hard and stiff — and shaking it gently about…” she whispered. “I put the phone against my tit so you could hear it quivering and wobbling…”

“Oh. Very nice,” he responded. He nearly gasped at the memory. He looked round again for reassurance that his aunt was not being overheard. The young mother had now sat the child on her knee and was making faces at him. The little chap giggled with delight. The old couple had ceased their argument — the wife had the house key after all. Nobody had the faintest inkling of the nature of his phone conversation. It was deliciously naughty.

“Were you imagining yourself playing with your aunt’s boobs as you wanked yourself, hun? Did you call to mind Auntie Pat’s firm titties and her hard nipples? Hmmm?” she crooned.

“Yes. Yes, er, that’s right. I did.” Still he struggled to answer her explicit questions while giving no hint to anyone else of the true content of the conversation.

“I KNOW you did. You told me so. In a soft whisper so your parents wouldn’t hear! Then, Mark,” his aunt continued, “then I slid my hand over my belly. The satin of my nightdress was soft and warm. But it wasn’t my belly I was seeking…”

“Wasn’t it?” he asked huskily, needing to say something to make the conversation seem normal.

“No. It was my pussy that I sought,” she purred. “I stroked my soft, silky-shaven mound. And I could hear your breathing getting shallower. When I asked you to put the phone near year hard throbbing cock you did, and I could hear the rude sound as you jerked your hand up and down it. I tugged my nightdress up and stroked my shaved cunt-lips and my clit. It was hard and sticky — like your cock. I kept thinking of your cock as I wanked my clit and as you wanked your cock. I was thinking of the feel of it in my pussy and in my mouth, thinking of the salty taste of your sticky pre-cum…”

“Er, yes, okay…” he croaked, glancing discreetly at his fellow travellers. He felt a little more perspiration on his forehead.

“And I kept thinking…” she persisted. “”My sister Linda and her husband Tony are right there in the next room while I masturbate to the sound of their son doing the same’. It felt terribly wrong…”

“Yes. Er, yes, I know what you mean,” he replied.

“But, Mark, it felt so very, very exciting, too. It was a nasty, dirty thing to be doing. Doing it for real as we whispered and sighed and gasped to each other, not just fake phone sex…” she added. “And I kept raising my juice-coated fingers to my nose and my mouth. I licked them and sucked them — and you heard me doing it through your phone!”

Mark puffed through his pursed lips.

“Yes, well as I say, let’s do that,” he said breezily, again seeking a mundane phrase to avoid suspicion from being aroused. It made her laugh again.

“Was it a big come you had, Mark? Thinking of Auntie and wanking off to the thought of her firm little titties and her shaved pussy — was it a big load you shot? A big, messy, sticky load? Hmmm?” she persisted.

He felt himself blush deeply at her explicitness.

“Yes, very,” he replied after a moment’s pause.

“Did it take a lot of cleaning off, Mark?” she teased.


He felt his blush deepen. To be secretly talking like this on a bus was extremely arousing, especially as nobody suspected anything untoward. To be talking like this to his own aunt was almost beyond belief. He glanced across at the elderly couple. The lady smiled politely at him. He smiled back, then looked out of the Erenköy Escort window.

“Er… what are you doing now? AUNTIE?”

He whispered her title as softly as he could but hopefully still to allow her to hear, though he was confident that the sound of the bus engine would mask it.

“Oh I’m doing the same as last night… I’m masturbating. Listen…” she proceeded.

The term sent a thrill of arousal through him. It somehow sounded more sordid than a more colloquial or slang term. Sadly there was too much background noise to enable him from hearing anything. But he imagined it vividly enough. he had seen her doing it, while peeping round the lounge door — supposedly secretly, though she had put him up to it. His erection was now almost painful.

“Oh, right. Yes, I see,” he replied inanely.

“Are you nearly home yet, Mark?” she asked. She faked a near-desperate tone of voice.

“Er… fairly, yes,” he responded.

“Don’t be too long, hun,” she pleaded. “I’m standing here in the dining room with my knickers round my knees and my hand down the waistband of my elasticated summer skirt. From time to time I lift my fingers to my mouth and lick them clean, then ease them back into my slick twat again. I’m getting more and more excited, Mark — I hope you get home soon and give me a better seeing-to than my fingers can achieve. Don’t be too long — or you’ll be too late!”

He was about to answer when the phone went dead. She had rung off.

“Er… yes, see you soon then. Bye for now!” he said brightly, as if still speaking to someone. Then he put his mobile in his pocket and, out of sheer, though secret badness as he thought of his aunt, he gave his erection a discreet stroke through his pocket.

He looked round the bus again. The elderly lady was rooting in her handbag for something. The female student got up from the back seat and made her way to the front of the bus. Mark watched the sway of her hips through her tight jeans. Just then the bus gave a lurch as it approached the bus stop. It was the one before his. Something fell from the old lady’s handbag and rolled towards Mark’s feet. He recognised it as an asthma inhaler. He picked it up and stepped towards the couple, keeping his left arm folded over his bulging crutch. He held it out to the lady and smiled.

“There you are,” he said. “Silly shape for them really — if they had weren’t round they wouldn’t roll away so easily.”

The lady beamed back. So did her husband. She thanked him. He returned to his seat. The student alighted and Mark glanced at her firm, pert breasts under her tee shirt as she walked past the window where he was seated.

Just a few moments later Mark got up, again with his left arm folded over his erection, which was now dwindling a little. The old couple smiled at him as he walked down the moving bus and past their seat.

“Thank you again!” the lady called, and, as Mark got to the front of the bus, he heard her tell her husband, “What a nice young gentleman!”

Mark felt a twinge of guilt and shame — and a flutter of delight — as he stepped off the bus. The couple had no way of knowing of course, that he was perhaps not quite so nice nor quite such a gentleman after all. They would never guess that he was heading home to have sex with his aunt before his mother returned!


Pat’s heart was pounding. She was indeed as she had described herself to him, standing leaning against the dining room wall. Her brief lemon, cotton panties were indeed strung between her parted calves, a couple of inches below her skirt hem.

Her summer skirt was white with a yellow and green floral print. It hung loosely and had an elasticated waist. Her right hand was indeed down her waistband and she was stroking herself. She had removed her tee shirt and eased her breasts over her bra. She knew he liked that, thinking it looked more wanton than being bare-breasted.


Her heart was pounding and her ears strained for the sound of his footsteps. At last there came the sound of the garden gate closing and of his footsteps approaching. She heard his keys jingle and then there came the sound of the front door opening and closing.

Pat had already disclosed where she was awaiting him, and now all that separated her from her nephew — who at eighteen and a half was well below half her forty-eight years — were a delicious few moments. Through the partly open doorway of the dining room she heard him place his keys on the windowsill by the door and heard his shoes drop to the floor.

Pat gasped at the sight that greeted her. Her nephew had somehow freed his purple-tipped erection from his trousers and boxers and it stuck out lewdly from his fly at her as if in salute. He was holding it in his hand and slowly shafting it. Only a few days ago when she seduced him he had been shy, reluctant, but that was now behind him.

Mark, too, stood rooted to the spot for a few moments. Her expression was serene as she gazed at him through her glasses. Her breasts hung bare and free over the top of her lacy bra. She knew he liked her to remain partly clothed; he said it made her seem more wanton, as if so eager for sex that she resented spending valuable time undressing.

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