Seduced by an Experienced Woman Ch. 04

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Ann was out of the bed and starting the shower before I could even sit up. “Get movin’ slowpoke, the water won’t stay hot all day.”

I walked into the bathroom. “Let’s go Freddy, I need you to do my back!”

“Uh, I have to pee.”

“No problem, get in here, pee helps prevent athletes foot!”

I don’t think I’d ever peed in front of a woman, even my wife before we split up. “Don’t be shy.” Ann tugged on my penis, guiding me into the shower. “Let it go Freddy. Pee for mama.” The warm water cascaded over my shoulders and I couldn’t hold it any longer. Urine coursed through my penis forcing it’s way past the remnants of cum restricting the flow. The sensation was not unlike a mild orgasm. Certainly not as intense as the three Ann had given me over the past five days!

Ann directed the spray at our feet. I steadied myself with the grab bar. “Let it go, Freddy.” She milked the last few drops from my penis like a milkmaid squeezing a cows tit. She reached for a bar of soap. “Let mama get you all cleaned up.” She started with my stiffening cock and balls but moved quickly to my butt. When her finger caressed my anus I thought my knees would give out.

She giggled and teased, “Is Freddy a little sensitive down there?”

“Nobody’s ever touched me down there.” I admitted.

“Interesting.” She giggled again but said no more.

Ann squirted baby shampoo on my head and built up some lather. She washed my face, neck, shoulders arms and belly. She reached around both side of my torso and pulling me close washed my back. With my now swollen cock trapped between our bellies she pulled me close and swayed back and forth. “Are you ok Freddy?”

I pulled her closer and kissed her as the warm water flowed over us. “A little more than OK I’d say.”

She pushed away again and picked up a bar of soap. “Time to do your legs.” She knelt down between my legs and washed first one then the other paying close attention to my balls and anus. “You like that don’t you?”

“It feels great.”

“I know.” She giggled. “Let me make sure all the soap is rinsed off, I don’t want you to get a rash.” She kissed the tip of my cock and then sucked the whole thing down to my balls. I held on to the grab bar with one hand and steadied her head with the other, gasping in surprise. “Just as I thought,” she said as she stood up. “no soap down there!”

“Ann,” I complained, “it’s not nice to tease me like that.”

“Freddy baby,” she laughed at my plight, “It’s a price you’ll have to pay.” She handed me the shampoo. “Get busy before the hot water runs out!”

I worked the shampoo into her hair and rinsed.and then did her hair one more time. She handed me a bottle of conditioner. “Now this Freddy.”

While the conditioner was doing it’s job I washed the rest of her body down to her toes. “You’re forgetting something Freddy!” She teased.


“Don’t be shy Freddy!” She scolded, “wash my ass and do a good job.”

I’d be a lair if I didn’t admit that this was completely unexpected. This was truly virgin territory for me. I had never even changed a diaper. I vaguely remember getting bathed as a child but I don’t recall ever having my butt washed so completely or, for that matter, washing someone’s butt!

I did do a good job. Ann squirmed when my finger trailed over her anus. “I like that Freddy. Make sure all the soap is rinsed off.”

I must have looked bewildered. “It’s ok, baby, maybe next time.” She stepped out of the shower and began drying herself. “Stay Van Escort there while I get another towel.”

When Ann returned she was wearing a long white terry cloth robe. It was tied tightly around her waist but I could tell she was wearing a red lace bra. My guess was she had matching panties and I would find out later I was right.

She draped a very large very plush bath towel over my shoulders. She dried my arms and chest and then my back. Kneeling in front of me she dried my legs and paid special attention to my crotch. “Are you ready for breakfast?”

“What did you have in mind?” I was thinking she had something else to tantalize me with.

“Food silly! Some fruit or maybe oatmeal. You must fuel your body to stay strong!” We went back down stairs to the kitchen. She poured the rest of the coffee from the day before into a sauce pan to warm it. From the fridge she took out a bowl of sliced peaches and some Greek yogurt.

“It’s almost ten. My kids will be home by noon. You’d better get dressed when we’re done eating.”

“I thought they were with your parents for the weekend.”

“No, just last night. But they are staying with their dad tonight.” She informed me. “You are free this evening, right?”

“I am!” I hoped I wasn’t sounding too eager. Ann knew better; she could get me to do just about anything.

We made small talk as we ate. Mostly about the properties she was interested in. When we’d finished she looked sad. “I guess it’s time to go.”

I went into the living room and started to put my clothes on. “Allen will pick the girls up about four. You can come back any time after that.”

“Don’t you want the girls to see me?”

“Soon enough, maybe next weekend when I have them. Would that be OK?”


It was overcast and a light drizzle made everything wet. Ann stood in the doorway and waved. Her neighbor left just after I did and Ann greeted her cheerfully. In her bare feet, hair in a towel and wearing a bathrobe I’m sure her neighbor had a good idea what had been going on. “Mornin’, Rosa! Beautiful day isn’t it.”

“If you’re a duck.” Rosa answered sourly. Not original, not clever but appropriate.

It was about a ten minute drive to my apartment. I stopped at Big Bear to pick up some deodorant, mouthwash and an extra razor. The first thing I did when I got home was set my alarm for two-forty-five and then I packed a gym bag with a change of underwear, some socks and an extra shirt. I found my army ditty bag checked it to be sure I’d have everything I needed before I turned on the TV and collapsed in the only chair in my living room.

A baseball game was supposed to start at noon but the truth is I didn’t hear a thing until the alarm went off. I shaved and showered and by three thirty I was counting the minutes before I could leave. I knew the evening would be fun but I had no idea just how fun and different it would be.

When I arrived at Ann’s she was standing next to a car talking to her kids and their father was putting their overnight bag in the trunk. I pulled into a spot about eight doors down and waited. When they finally left I waited until Ann was back inside and took the spot he had just left. Ann’s door opened and I waved but she didn’t see me or maybe she didn’t acknowledge me. She put an index card on the door and went back inside.

When I got to her door the note was for me! Come in – the door’s unlocked – bring the card in she was gorgeous. What really made the outfit was the Van Escort Bayan black stockings. The skirt just barely covered the tops and the contrast with her milky white thighs was enough to make a guy drool. Quite a few did, I’m sure.

She danced every dance. I danced all the slow ones. There was no shortage of potential partners for the fast ones. Watching her made me horny. I kept wondering if she wore any panties.

About ten thirty we were dancing another slow dance when she put both her arm around neck. I didn’t know what to do so I put my hands on her hips. With both her arms raised the hem of her sweater was about four inches above the waist band of her skirt. I started stroking her bare skin. She pulled my lips down and kissed me long and hard. My hands stroked her back and I discovered she wasn’t wearing her bra.

“Squeeze my tits.” She whispered in my ear.


“Yes, now!”

“What if somebody sees?”

“I want them to see.”


“Just do it! The guys will be jealous of you and the girls will think I’m a slut and talk about me.”

My hands went up the front of her sweater and squeezed.

“Keep doing it!” Her head rested on my shoulder. She kissed me again giggling. “The boys by the keg are getting an eye full.”

“You are a naughty girl, maybe I should spank you!”

“If you spank it you gotta kiss it!” She looked into my eyes waiting for a response. I was speechless.

The triumphant look on her face let me know she knew I was hers. “Let’s get outa here!”

We made our way towards the front door, found Carmella to thank her and said our goodbys.

“Oh, don’t go yet. The night is young.” Carmella pleaded.

“I’m sorry, us old timers need our rest.” Ann explained weakly.

“I don’t think so.” Carmella winked at me and kissed Ann on the cheek.

As we walked down the block to my car Ann put her arm around my waist and her head on my shoulder. My arm was over her shoulder. “Squeeze it. Squeeze my tit, Freddy, you know you want to.”

We made our way to my car, practically having sex on the sidewalk. Nobody seems to think twice about it on a college campus!

The car I was driving back then was a 68 Ford Fairlane. It had a bench seat. Say what you will about comfort and safety I miss those bench seats. Ann sat as close as was possible and it just felt right to drive with just one hand on the wheel. She was oddly quiet for the whole ride. With her head on my shoulder she caressed my thigh causing a very pleasurable sensation between my legs. Bucket seats and center consoles make that almost impossible now!

Back at her apartment she turned as soon as we were inside to kiss me. “Make yourself comfortable while I go upstairs.” The chair was by the door. A few minutes later she called down to me, “You know where the wine is, pour some for us.”

My clothes were already neatly arranged on the chair. Even my socks were dutifully tucked in my shoes. I saw my reflection in the patio doors as I approached the kitchen and realized that anyone who passed by could see me. The thought excited me. I could feel the throbbing that always signaled a coming erection. I went to close the drapes but realized there were none.

Just then Ann joined me in the kitchen. She turned on the light over the table. I objected, “Ann, everybody can see us!”

“They shouldn’t be sneaking around so late at night.” She giggled and kissed me and cupped my balls. My mind raced, it was like being in Escort Van a fishbowl. “Besides, they really can’t. The glass is reflective on the outside.” She squeezed my balls again. “Would it be so bad if somebody besides me saw you prancing around bare assed?”

“I don’t prance.”

“Maybe that was a bad choice of words. You know what I mean. What if someone else were here?”

“I would never even considered that.”

“Would you look at that! Little Freddy must like the idea; he’s waking up! I think little Freddy is considering it!”

There was no denying that my cock was getting hard. Why wouldn’t it? I was naked and Ann was squeezing my balls. She wrapped her hand around my swollen cock and tugged. “Let’s go to the living room and relax.” I picked up our wine glasses and she lead the way using my cock like a leash.

I put our wine on the end table next to her phone. She patted the cushion next to her so I sat down and put my arm around her shoulder drawing her closer for a kiss.

“Not so fast, lover boy! I’m afraid I got some bad news.”

I drew back afraid of what she was going to tell me. “Don’t look like that!” She giggled, “Nobody died.”

“What’s the bad news?”

“We won’t be fucking for three or four days.” So that was it, she started her period.

“It’s not so bad really.” She tried to console me. “You can still suck my tits, they’re extra tender right now!” I curled up on her lap, she pushed her sweater to the side and I began sucking. She sighed and smiled. “Freddy knows what mama wants!”

As I nursed at her breast she teased my cock and balls. If there was one thing Ann was good at and there were many she was really good at teasing a man’s balls. Every time I thought I was about to cum she would start rubbing my balls until I relaxed. It was driving me nuts!

“Would little Freddy like a nice blow job?”

“Why wouldn’t he?” What a question to ask a man who had been hard and teased for who knows how long.

“I’ll give little Freddy a blow job if you do one little thing for me.”

Ann had me by the balls, she knew how to manipulate me, literally and figuratively too, of course! “What do I have to do?”

“I want you to talk to Carol and tell her what a good cock sucker I am.”

“I can’t do that!” I was shocked.

“It’s just a little phone sex. What is wrong with that?”

“I don’t kiss and tell.” I was emphatic.

“A gentleman never does.” Ann agreed, “But this is different.”

“I don’t see how!”

“Any number of ways.”

“Name one.”

“Well, it’s not gossip because you wouldn’t be talking behind my back.”

“That’s true.”

“And, You’re not talking to another guy. You’d be talking to my girl friend.”

“That’s sick.”

“I think it’s healthy to talk about sex. Everybody does it one way or another so why not talk about it.”

“OK, I see your point but it’s still weird.”

“I think the word is kinky.”

“Still, for me that’s too much.”

“Freddy baby, please! She pleaded. “Please do it for mama. Carol knows I fucked you. She knows you jacked off for me. You heard me tell her you were eating me out. She knows you’re naked most of the time. She knows I gave you a hand job. Please.” It’s difficult enough to resist when a woman gives you that sad eyed puppy dog look but when she is holding your balls it is impossible.

She looked into my eyes, smiling. She didn’t say another word. She’d made her case and the choice was mine. My answer would determine our future. I had no idea what might happen if I said no. But my fear was what else would I get into if I said yes?”

“You really want me to do this?”

She picked up the phone and dialed, “When she answers tell her who you are and what I’m doing.”

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