Secret Lessons Ch. 03

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This story takes place in the first person of the father that agrees to teach his 18 year old daughter, Lisa, how to get better with handjobs and blowjobs in exchange for access to her body.

You have short red hair and green eyes. You stay in good shape, but not exactly athletic. You are 6′ tall and have a wife that is willing to do anything you desire in bed. Your sex life is fantastic despite the amount of time you have been married. Your greatest attribute is you dick is 8″ long and comes with a massive girth, which drives your wife crazy.

Lisa has long blond hair and blue eyes, just like her mother. Her nose and mouth are a match to you, giving no doubt that she is your daughter. She is 5′ 7″ tall and petite with small breasts and dark nipples that stand out against her pale skin.

The third chapter has a daughter showing her pussy and ass to her father for the first time, giving her father a handjob, deepthroat, pussy eating and cum swallowing.

Chapter 3

You finish the work day and are famished. Skipping lunch to give your daughter a lesson might have been enjoyable in a lot of ways, but it has left you very hungry. You were planning on another lesson right away, but decide to eat dinner first.

While you and Lisa eat, you say, “I can’t believe how well you did with your lesson.”

Lisa smiles and asks, “Really, daddy? Did I really do a good job?”

You nod and say, “Yes, Lisa. Most women still learning don’t taste cum at all. And those that do tend to spit it out. Since you swallowed my cum, that means you did a good job. And then when you gagged on my cock, you didn’t pull back. That’s also a good job. Your handjob was also much better. There’s still a lot to learn, but you are off to an excellent start.”

Your daughter beams at you upon hearing all the good things she did. She takes a bite of her dinner then says, “Thanks, daddy. I want to do a good job with everything and I want to learn everything you have to teach me.”

You smile and say, “Plenty of time for that, Lisa. But there isn’t any sense in waiting any longer for the next lesson. After dinner we are going into my room. If you do really good, I have a special treat for you.”

She grins and says, “I’m ready now.”

She takes both plates off the table and puts them in the sink to deal with later. Before you can say anything, she is already walking into the living room to grab the lubricant, then heads into your bedroom to wait. You think, ‘Smart girl for remembering to grab the lubricant. She’ll need it.’

You follow her into your bedroom İstanbul Escort and say, “Stand there, Lisa, while I get undressed.

She remains in place as you remove your clothes. Then sit on the edge of the bed so you can see her face and say, “Take off all of your clothes.”

She nods and says, “Yes, daddy.”

There is no sense of hesitation in her voice and you believe you saw the part of her body that she was most embarrassed about already. She removes her shirt and bra first so you can see her small tits and wonderful nipples. Then quickly removes her pants and panties to reveal a neatly trimmed bush. You smile at it and she says, “I guess my daddy likes me to be trimmed.”

You nod and say, “Yes I do, but I like it shaved off completely even better.”

She nods and says, “I’ll shave it for you tomorrow morning. Right now I want to have a lesson.”

You say, “In a moment. Right now I want you to turn around so I can see your ass.”

She says, “Yes, daddy.”

She turns and stops when she knows her cheeks are in clear view for you. There isn’t a lot of cushion back there, but you don’t mind. You get enough of that from her mother. Just like her tits, it is nice to have something different. You feel like you can stare at her ass forever, but want to move on.

You say, “Good, now get on the bed and lay on your back with your legs spread so I can see your pussy.”

She says, “Yes, daddy.”

She quickly gets on the bed and spreads her legs, which results in a wonderful view of her clit barely peaking out from the lips. As you look at her pussy, you say, “Spread your lips for me so I can see everything.”

She says, “Yes, daddy.”

Her fingers work quickly to spread her lips and you see her clit quite clearly as well as her pussy hole that looks very tight and fun. It is dripping a little so you know she is in the mood. However, you will take that hole on another day. Tonight you have something else in mind. You are just about to look away when an idea pops into your mind.

You reach out and lift her legs to reveal her tight asshole. She waits patiently while you stare at both holes and know exactly what the future holds. It has been a while since you have seen a hardly used pussy and, if you had to guess, a never used ass, so you take your time enjoying the look of both holes just waiting to be filled. You want to continue to look at your daughter’s holes forever, but there is work to do. You release her legs and get up.

You say, “Now get off the bed and onto your knees.”

She Anadolu Yakası Escort says, “Yes, daddy.”

You have to admit that you like it when she answers you that way and plan on her saying a great deal more shortly. You watch as her petite form gets on her knees eagerly and you say, “Go ahead and use your hands to lube up my dick.”

She says, “Yes, daddy.” Then grabs the lube and applies it to your hard cock. Her eyes are locked on you and she is smiling in anticipation of your next command.

You let out a pleasant moan as she works your cock extremely well. You smile at her and say, “Go ahead and use your tongue on the head of my dick.”

The smile that comes from her is very sincere as she happily says, “Yes, daddy.”

Her tongue starts to work the tip and she is taking her time exploring every part of the head of your cock. You let out a soft moan and force your dick into her mouth. She immediately parts her lips to welcome the massive object and you feel her tongue press against the head of your dick while applying pressure with her lips.

You let out another moan of pleasure, then say, “Gag yourself.”

She nods as best she can and takes your dick slowly until she gags on it. She does not pull away, but maintains the position as you enjoy the sensation of her throat tightening with the cough. You pull back and slowly move in again to achieve the same result, which she gladly allows. You can’t believe how quickly she is picking everything up and you are ready to teach her something new.

You pull back and say, “This time I want you to take my dick even further. So you are going to force it past the gagging point. Once you take it as far as you can, you are to hold it for a second, then move your head all the way back.”

She nods and slowly takes your cock into her mouth again and this time she forces herself to take you beyond the gagging point by a good inch. The sensation of her tight throat pressing against your head is amazing. After a second, she moves her head back and waits.

You say, “Very good. Now I am going to do it to you. I am going to push it in even further. If you are good, then I will reward you.”

She nods as you slowly push to the gagging point, then hold the back of her head tightly and force your dick so she is taking another inch. She waits patiently as you slowly withdraw and then force it in again. You know she can’t take it all, but she is very close to 3/4s of it. You get it a little further and are quite happy that she is willing to let you do this to her. You decide Üsküdar Escort to give it one more shot and force it in with all your might. Surprisingly, she takes the entire thing down her throat and you love the sensation.

You smile and say, “You have my entire dick down your throat.”

She smiles as best she can and you pull yourself out and allow her to breath. You start to move your dick in to the gagging point and back again for a few moments. You are very close to cumming and pull the head back to her lips to give as much room as possible for your cum. This time you give no warning as you explode inside her mouth. She coughs a little, but keeps as much as she can. Once the twitching stops, you remove your dick all the way and see her open her mouth to show the cum that fills it to the brim. She closes her mouth and swallows, then opens her mouth to show it is all gone.

You look down at her and smile. Then say, “You definitely deserve something special for that.”

She beams in pleasure and asks, “What is it, daddy?”

You say, “You are going to sit on my face while I eat your pussy.” She is at a loss for words as you lay down on the bed and put your hands above your head. You say, “Get on the bed and put your legs over my body so I am staring at your ass.” She does so without a word as you stare up at her ass. Then say, “Go ahead and sit straight down. I’ll guide you to the right spot.”

She lowers herself slowly as you guide her so her pussy hole is inches from your nose. You love the scent and can’t wait to taste what she has to offer. You lower her the rest of the and bury your nose inside her pussy hole while your tongue starts to work her clit. The taste is even better than you imagined and you can’t wait to have her reach an orgasm on your face.

You have her bend over just a little so you get a view of her tight asshole and start to work her clit with a ferocity you have not used before. Her moans get louder and it does not take long before she lets out a scream of pleasure and explodes on you. You continue to work her clit while watching her asshole contract and relax quickly, over and over again. You take as much as you can in your mouth and love every last drop she can give you.

Once finished, she rolls off of you and collapses. Between heavy breaths she says, “Daddy, that was incredible…Thank you…My pussy feels wonderful…Daddy, thank you for the reward…I will continue to work hard to get rewarded even more.”

You are tempted to have her sleep in her room, but she is already asleep and there is no waking her. You slowly spread her legs to show her asshole and she sleeps through it. You rub it as she snores and wish you could get hard again to take that hole. You spread it with both hands and cause it to open slightly and know she is in for something really special.

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