Sculpting Mei-Lien Ch. 06

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It was nine o’clock when Mei-Lien called the following evening. Through her newly acquired a speaker phone, she sounded rather distant and there was a slight echo when she spoke.

After we had exchanged a few banalities, she became impatient to find out what lay in store for her.

“I have spent the day recovering from the workout through which you put me yesterday, and I have not fully recovered yet. My legs and groin were so sore that I was reluctant to move at all, and did so only gingerly. Anticipating the demands which you would be making on me during this conversation, I soaked in a hot bath for an hour before calling you. The bath helped, but I very much hope that my homework tonight will not subject my lower body to strenuous exercise.”

Appreciating her concern and the way that she expressed it, I wanted to assure her that I would be careful not to overtax her. At the same time, I considered it essential that we initiate our program of involving her body during our nightly calls.

“Mei-Lien, I understand your reservations and am grateful that, in spite of them, you have not only called but also prepared yourself for the consequences of doing so. I assume that you, fresh from your bath, are wearing very little and are warm enough to be wearing even less. If so, you are to stand in front of your mirror and bare yourself to the waist, making sure to expose your lower belly.”

I soon heard rustling noises which I interpreted as confirmation that Mei-Lien was following my instructions. When these diminished, she announced that she had complied and was awaiting further instructions.

“First, I want to describe for me the image which you see in the mirror. Tell me what you like and don’t like about it, and describe ways in which you would like to have it improved and methods by which you think those improvements could be made.”

After a brief pause, Mei-Lien gave her report.

“The image before me is that of a healthy young woman with a distinctly Asian complexion and figure. Like most Chinese women, she has a layer of soft flesh which extends from the base of her neck all the way down her torso. This layer of flesh was greatly admired in classical China, where I assume it was seen as both a desirable feminine attribute and as evidence that the woman had a pampered existence. Even though the aesthetics behind that admiration are not my own, I can appreciate that my padding contributes a certain succulence to my image and that it masks some of the imperfections in my figure. In particular, it provides an attractive setting for my breasts, whose lack of bulk is partially compensated by the opulence of the flesh from which they emerge. On the other hand, I see this same padding as a liability further down my torso. It smooths the region between my ribcage and pelvis, a region which should be distinctly narrower than those which lie above and below it.”

Knowing Mei-Lien’s body as well as I did, I could picture everything which she was describing: her pert breasts as well as her gently rounded tummy.

“In time, I hope that, with my help, you will be able to maximize the attributes with which nature has endowed you. Unfortunately, our options tonight are limited by the residual soreness that your body has from the stretching it received yesterday. Nonetheless, I think that we can devise an exercise which you can perform this evening. As we learned during one of your visits to me, your nipples are very responsive to stimulation and capable of significant transformation. Thus, I want you to bare yourself to the waist, cup your hands around the outer sides of your breasts, and place your thumbs and index fingers on your aereolae at the base of your nipples. Being careful to not block your view of what you are doing, you are to squeeze your fingers gently but firmly together and roll them back and forth while you tell me how your breasts look and how you and they feel about their being treated in this way.”

I waited in silence while Mei-Lien prepared herself. The silence ended in an audible intake of breath which indicated that she had done my bidding and now had a firm grip on the base of her own nipples. After several seconds, she began her account of what was transpiring at her end of the line.

“The image in the mirror is now one of a young women engaged a strangely beautiful act of self-immolation. Her fingers are squeezing the base of her nipples, as if she were attempting to pluck them off their moorings. The nipples themselves are turgidly erect, and their tips bob at the end of their stalks as her fingers mold and worry their base. From the sensual smile on her face, it is clear that she is excited by what she is doing to her breasts and is taking narcissistic pleasure in the changes which it has wrought in the image reflected by her mirror. Her aereolae have blossomed into dark red flowers out of which her rampant nipples poke like stamen. Of its own accord, her tummy has flattened, and the tension in its muscles is visible in a shallow crease which runs in a line from her navel down toward her crotch. All in all, she seems to be pleased by the effect, although I sense that she would prefer to have had it produced by hands other than her Van Escort own.”

I liked imagining the scene which she described and attempted to enhance our mutual pleasure in it by focusing her attention on her body and its response to her manipulation of her breasts.

“I am happy to learn that you are pleased by the distraction which I have given you from your sore groin and legs. The female body is a marvel, and it a shame not to fully develop its potential. Were you a nursing mother, the sort of stimulation which you are giving your breasts would be a prelude to your feeding your child. Even though they are not about to produce milk, your breasts and body are responding as if you were. You should begin experiencing a mild tingling sensation, one which emanates from your breasts but courses throughout your torso and seems to travel along nerves connecting your nipples to your uterus. In the hope that it will heighten your excitement about these sensations, I will now give you the rest of today’s homework assignment. Tomorrow, you are to buy a pair of nipple shields. The sort which I have in mind are circular disks, made of a flexible plastic material, with a hole at their centers. After teasing your nipples so that they are fully erect, you push your nipples through these holes. The sides of the holes are designed so that the nipple slips through easily but is trapped when it has. Once your nipples are trapped, they will hold the shields in place and the flange around the holes will flatten against your aereolae so that it will be invisible under your clothes. You should be able to find this sort of nipple shield at most large pharmacies, and you should choose a pharmacy which has a bathroom where you can install them before going to work. Except for the shields on your nipples, I want you to spend the day with your breasts bare under a blouse or sweater. I realize that this will compromise your modesty and cause you some embarrassment. However, I think that you will find that the pleasure it gives you is ample reward, and I know that I will enjoy imagining the delicate patterns which your nipples are tracing as you move.”

Five minutes past before another word was exchanged. With some concern, I broke the silence by asking Mei-Lien whether she had had enough and wanted to release her nipples. Her response took me by surprise.

“I will continue squeezing my nipples until we hang up. As you predicted, my whole body is involved in this experience, and the signals which it is transmitting are delicious. You might accuse me of masturbating while on the phone, and I suppose that, in a sense, I am. However, aside from the immediate sexual gratification which it is bringing me, there is another reason for my continuing. If I am going to have the courage to carry out the assignment which you have given me, then I will need to remember why I am subjecting myself to your will. Thus, I am training my breasts and nipples to accept whatever is done to them and learn to appreciate why it is being done.”

It was approaching ten o’clock when I decided that to Mei-Lien’s breasts had learned the lesson we were teaching them and that it was time to hang up. With mild annoyance, she complained that it was cruel of me to leave her in a state of unrelieved frustration. Then, with a note of resignation in her voice, just before hanging up, she said

“I guess that frustration is an inevitable consequence of the deal which we have struck. Tomorrow my nipples will spend the day erect, collared, and on display.”

I had hardly finished supper when Mei-Lien called the following evening. Without a preliminary salutation, she launched into an account of her day.

“I don’t know how familiar you are with the diabolical shields which you prescribed for my nipples today, but I doubt that you have ever worn them yourself. For your information, they are designed to prevent a nursing mother’s nipples from retracting, and I can attest that they are good at their job. At first my concern was that they would fall off when my nipples lost their rigidity, but I soon realized that my concern was unnecessary: my nipples have been rigidly erect for the last ten hours. Each time that they attempted to retract, they were punished by the cleverly placed little shards of stiff material lining the inner edge of their collars. Naked to the waist, I am seated on my bed facing my mirror, and it is reflection of my distended nipples which dominates the image before me.”

I found Mei-Lien’s description of her day and her present condition both amusing and erotically exciting. So that she would know what images her words had evoked, I decided to tell her what was passing through my mind.

“Did you know that there are tribes in Africa and South America which so admire the fully erect female nipple that they subject their adolescent girls to rigorous breast training regimes, ones which entails methods far less comfortable than the one I have imposed on you today and result in permanent elongation and thickening of the nipple. Trying as you have found it, I am confident that a day in nipple shields will not have been sufficient to produce such dramatic alterations in your lovely nipples. Instead, my hope is Van Escort Bayan that your day will have enhanced their natural beauty and made you more aware of it. In any case, it is time for you to release your nipples from their captivity and to report to me what, if any, changes they have undergone.”

It took Mei-Lien a couple of minutes to comply. As she explained, the shields were reluctant to release her nipples and she was reluctant to have her engorged teats endure further punishment. When she told me that she had succeeded and that her nipples were finally unencumbered, I told her what I wanted her to do next.

“The two of us, you in person and I at a distance, are going to monitor the progress of your nipples as they return their normal state. At the same time, I will take the opportunity to have you exercise your stomach. You told me yesterday that you had begun to develop an indentation in the muscles of your lower belly, and I would like to help you to develop it further. With this in mind, move to the center of your bed and sit with your legs straight in front of you and your hands clasped to the back of your neck. You are to resist the temptation to lean forward and are to keep your back straight, your arms pulled back, and your waist sucked in. This position will not only bring your breasts into prominence, it will also make you keenly aware of your abdominal muscles, which are to stay hard and maintain the region below your waist in a firm contour, one which is attractively rounded but not protruding.”

After a short period of resulting, Mei-Lien announced

“I have assumed the position which you prescribed and am now staring at my reflection in the mirror. My nipples are still erect and seem to be returning my stare. I must admit that I am beginning to understand those Africans’ interest in training their women’s nipples. There is something very erotic about the incongruity of such a vulnerable part of ones body looking as assertive as my nipples do at the moment. I wonder how it would feel to be standing in the company of strangers with my breasts bare and my nipples rampant. What would it be like to know that at any moment somebody might brush against those inviting little sentinels which crown the tips of my breasts? At the moment, I am tempted to find out, but I doubt if I would have the courage to satisfy my curiosity. As for the part of the mirror not occupied by my breasts and their adornments, it reflects a female figure struggling to overcome its deficiencies. The waist is drawn in and the lower belly forms an inverted bowl whose upper edge provides a shelf whose purpose is to provide a place for the navel to sit. I know that you would admire the resulting juxtaposition of tranquility and tension, and, even though I would prefer a more slender body, I take pleasure in the knowledge that my body is to your taste. There is little else to report other than to say that, as you said they would, my abdominal muscles are hard at work.”

Mei-Lien’s ability to stimulate my sexual imagination was a crucial component of our relationship. At times, her own imagination seemed to anticipate the direction in which mine was headed. The idea of having her expose her body in a public setting had occurred to me, but, out of deference to her sensibilities, I had never raised the possibility. But now I knew that such ideas were also in her mind, and I took the opportunity to explore them further.

“Perhaps one day we should try to satisfy your curiosity about exposing yourself in public. I am not suggesting that we have you parade along the street with nothing on. There are more subtle ways for you to experience the sort of excitement that purposeful exposure of your vulnerability can provide you. For example, we might go shopping together to buy you lingerie at some upscale store which gives its clients personal attention. In the process of being fitted, you would be expected to give the salesperson, male or female, considerable liberty with your body. If we were selecting a bra, your breast would be bared so that the salesperson could familiarize him- or herself with their shape and texture before selecting bras for you to try on. Even more intimate would be the attention payed to your body if we chose to have some sort of corset made for you. In that case I assume that you would be quite naked while your every dimension was measured and recorded. I would insist that the corsetiere be scrupulous in his measurements because I wouldn’t let you wear a corset which might hide that lovely belly whose contours we have been sculpting. In any case, there are many venues in which it would excite me to watch you expose your body before other people, and I am wondering whether you too enjoy imagining yourself in one of them.”

I knew that my question would force Mei-Lien to reexamine her fantasies in light of the possibility that they might become reality, and I was therefore not surprised that her answer was slow in coming.

“It is embarrassing for me to admit the extent to which I am excited by the scene which you have depicted. With your help, I have learned a lot about my body and have broadened my perspective about the ways it can give pleasure to both me Escort Van and others. On the other hand, I have not completely overcome my inhibitions and doubt that I ever will. In fact, I am not at all sure that I want to. If I had no inhibitions, the games which we have been playing would lose a good deal of their excitement. As I told you when you were spreading my legs, it was exciting for me to recognize that I was blatantly revealing to you portions of my anatomy which had hitherto been private. Similarly, when I saw the covert attention which my nipples received today at the office, I was torn between pleasure at their power to attract that attention and my embarrassment about my inability to avoid it. Under your tutelage, I have achieved sufficient confidence to share the secrets of my body with you, but that does not mean that I am ready to share them with others. I am not rejecting your proposal and believe that the time will come when I will want to accept it. However, for present let’s return to the image which confronts me in the mirror. I have been sitting like this for quite a while, and the toll which is taking on my abdominal muscles is becoming hard to bear. As a result, I am sorry to report that the tummy in the mirror is no longer as firm as it ought to be and has begun to bulge.”

Sensing that prolonging her discomfort would be counterproductive, I told Mei-Lien that she should lie back and massage her tired muscles, instructions that she was glad to follow. While she was rubbing her stomach, I prepared to sign off for the evening.

“It is my hope that by tomorrow evening your legs and groin will be ready to resume their role in my program to make you more limber. Assuming that they are, tomorrow I will put you through a sequence of ballet exercises. For that purpose, I want you to have available some piece of furniture which can be used as a barre. This may require some improvisation on your part, but I know that you are more than clever enough to figure something out. Finally, I do not want your nipples to lose ground. I will not require them to be collared during the day, but I want you to give them a thorough workout tomorrow morning and before you call in the evening. By this I mean that you are to bring them to and maintain them at rigid attention for at least five minutes each workout. They will probably be a little tender from the treatment which they received today, but, like those of the African girls, they are not to be pampered. As the French say: `Il faut souffrir pour être belle,’ a phrase whose meaning I think you will guess and for whose truth you are increasingly able to vouch.”

When Mei-Lien called the following evening she had already made the requisite preparations. As a makeshift barre, she had shoved her old fashioned brass bed into a position where she could use its tubular headboard as a barre. She had then put her nipples through their second exercise routine of the day, making them erect by rolling them at their base in the way they I had taught her. Not satisfied that they were performing at their best, she punished their delinquency by applying the bristles of her hairbrush to their sensitive tips. As a consequence, by the time that she dialed my number, she was more than ready to have another part of her anatomy be the focus of her attention.

“Mei-Lien, I very much appreciate your dedication and trust that in due time your nipples will be a even greater source of pride and pleasure than they already are. However, I feel obliged to remind you that mutual pleasure is the ultimate goal of the peculiar relationship between us. Only to the extent that it heightens that pleasure do I want to make you suffer. I am not an African father who fears that his daughter will be unmaraigeable unless her nipples are sufficiently elongated. Thus, I forbid you from abusing them. They can tolerate and profit from a gentle brushing which reminds them to stay erect, but you should not employ harsher methods. Aside from my aversion to gratuitous cruelty, I want them and your breasts to retain their natural sensitivity, without which we will lose the fascination that we both have in them.”

Certain that she understood my little sermon, I moved on to the main topic of the evening.

“Although I know that you practiced yoga as I child, I doubt that you ever took classes in ballet. In addition, my own knowledge of ballet is only that of an observer. In that role, I have always marveled at the variety and difficulty of the poses which female dancers are able to assume, and I have often wondered what it would be like to enter a woman while she was holding such a pose. Even though I have no illusions about transforming you into a prima ballerina, I would like to see if we can make your body sufficiently limber for us to find out whether I am right that the experience would be pleasurable for both parties. The other day, I made an attempt in this direction, and, even though the attempt was rather crude, I think that you will agree that it was a success. Encouraged by this success, I want to have you work on limbering your body so that it is available to be entered even when it is in a contorted position. For instance, I would like to enter you while you were standing with your back resting against the wall and one of your legs raised and held between our bodies. If that idea appeals to you, we can make its fruition the purpose of the homework which I want to assign you tonight.”

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