Schoolgirl Teaser

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You are feeling really naughty today, all horned up. Planning on going to the pub tonight, you decide to do something about it. After a quick trip to the mall you come home with everything you need. You shower and shave your whole body, leaving just your long beautiful hair and eyebrows intact. You do your makeup light, just some blush and some hot red lipstick. You brush your hair out and, deciding that two-ponytails would be too much, secure it back in a single high ponytail.

Afterwards you look in the mirror and whistle. You’ve outdone yourself this time; your image just oozes sex. Your wearing a tight white cotton dress shirt, which you have tied in a knot just under you breasts to leave your mid-drift exposed, and an incredibly short plaid wrap-around skirt with a buckle tie at one side; it’s so short that when you sit down your bare ass is all that touches the chair. Setting off this outfit you are wearing white thigh-high stockings that end halfway up your thigh, leaving plenty on soft skin exposed, a matching white lace front-opening bra and thong set, and a pair of “Mary Jane” shoes.

Looking at yourself you get excited; if you saw yourself in a bar you’d definitely want to fuck your brains out! You’re hoping you have the same effect on the guys there, or even the girls for that matter. You are even hornier now, and can’t help running your hands over your body, tweaking your nipples and stroking your thighs. You don’t mean for it to happen but you end up leaning against the wall in front of the mirror, watching as you masturbate thru your panties. The sight and sensation push you over the edge and you quickly cum, soaking your panties.

You decide to leave them on, a reminder of your desires for tonight. You gather your few things and head for the door, and as you open it you reach over and flick the lights off. As you do your tackled from the hall and shoved into your room. The door slams shut and your plunged into darkness. You attempt to cry out but a hand quickly covers your mouth and you’re thrown roughly to your bed.

You continue to struggle gaziantep escort vainly against the body pressing you down, a man’s you can now tell. With practice hands he binds your wrists in something and ties you to the bed face up, his weight keeping you in place. You feel something being pushed into your mouth, a gag of some sort, and soon your screams are merely muffled squeaks. He then slides down your body and yanks your legs apart; you futilely attempt to kick him off you. In minutes your legs are tied wide apart, and you struggle to try to bring your knees together – to no avail. You hear him chuckle as he climbs off you.

“If you’d been able to keep your legs together this wouldn’t be happening,” a husky voice says, “but you couldn’t so there’s no point trying to now.” Then you are blinded by a bright flash and hear a camera whirling. He’s taking Polaroid pictures of you!

“Very nice,” but let’s see more the voice says. With that you feel your shirt being ripped open, exposing your heaving breasts. Another flash. A hand roughly caresses your now exposed skin, pawing all over you skin, but avoiding your bra. Yet another flash and a chuckle. You realize your struggling has caused your skirt to pool around your waist, exposing you fully. You groan in dismay, but realize you can’t hear anything, straining for any noise. Finally the bed creaks as someone climbs onto it, and you. When his bare skin touches your flesh you realize the man is completely naked, his hard-on nestling against your panty-clad womanhood. You try to fight more, but he lays his head next to yours and you hear his raspy voice. “Shh, you know you want this.” You feel his hands slide up your sides, up your arms to your hands and back down until they rest on your face. “You want to feel a man on you, or else you wouldn’t have dressed like that.”

Your heart pounds as he strokes your face and neck, tracing your collarbone, kissing you all over. How could this be happening? You are terrified, but you realize his cock rubbing against you is making you yearn… how could this turn you on? Your brain screams out, but your body is not fighting as much anymore. He must realize this because he chuckles again. He sits up, straddling your hips, and deftly undoes your bra, your breasts leaping out from their tight confines. He groans, and you feel his hardness twitch against your belly. Flash – another bright light. You feel him paw you, his fingers tracing and groping all over your torso, stroking and kneading your bare flesh. It takes you a few minutes to realize it, but you’re arching your back, pushing your tits towards his invading hands; your rewarded as he leans over and begins licking and sucking your nipples – they harden in his mouth. It feels so good you start bucking your hips gently up to him…

His lips leave your nipples. “Ah,” he groans, “You need some attention down there?” With that he slips between your thighs. You’re afraid again, both about what he’s going to do to you, and how it will make you feel. His hands trace the top of your panty, and with one quick rip they are torn from your body, the wet material giving little resistance to his onslaught. You gasp, both from the shock and the cool air on your hot flesh. Again you strain to hear; you finally hear him sniffing and realize he is smelling your sex! Then more silence, until you hear a slight licking noise. “Your panties taste great, your cum is delicious!”

He lays back down on you, grabbing your hair and pulling you to his lips; you feel his breath on your ear. “Are you hot slut… is your pussy wet and hot?” he inquires in a soft voice. You merely groan in response. His free hand runs down your body and he runs a finger over your slit. You can almost feel him smiling. “You are not only wet, you’re dripping…” His hand continues to run up and down your wet slit, just barely touching along the edge of your pussy lips. Your wetness pours from you, running down between the cheeks of your bottom then dripping onto the bed. You close your eyes as he continues to rub his finger over you until he touches your clitoris and stays there, rubbing softly, flicking his finger over it then pinching it. You cry out and cum, your back arching against him as you cry out. His fingers tug on your clit, then thrust hard into your cunt, three of them pushing inside you, fucking you hard and fast… extending your orgasm, giving you no quarter. “Cum little bitch, show me how hot you are. Cum for me…” he chants, over and over telling you to cum for him. He keeps you like that until you are totally spent, your body limp as a rag doll.

You are roused from your state as he pushes your thighs apart. It’s what you have been waiting for, feeling the head of his cock against your wet opening, rubbing up and down. Then he leans forward and it slides in. You groan with hunger. It fills you so full, stretching the walls of your cunt and the tip of him touches the back of you. It is now you realize that you are no longer bound, and you respond by wrapping your arms around his chest and your legs around his waist. He holds still when he is all the way inside you; you can feel him throbbing. You feel him deep inside and the shaft swells even more as you buck your hips up as much as your position will allow. The muscles inside milk him, pulling him deeper. He slides slowly out, just leaving the fat head to spread your lips. “You may cum little slut, as I fuck you, cum for me… squeeze your cunt around my cock and cum… so close slut, fuck me now… that’s it… do it,” his voice goes on and on… softly commanding you to cum, to fuck him. Your hips thrust up, slamming against him, the sound of his balls slapping against your ass, wet from your sweat and the juices of your cunt.

Then it begins, the tensing and the sobbing for breath as you pound together, his cock jerking and erupting, sending stream after hot stream of cum deep into you. His hips bruise you as he pounds you with each throb of his cock; you don’t care. Your cunt milking him as you cum, shuddering as it takes you, huge waves of pleasure envelope you, for moments you are one in your pleasure, but then it slows and it’s done. He falls over your sweat-covered body, kissing your shoulders and as you unwrap from him he pulls you onto your side. He kisses you deeply on the mouth and you hold each other and rest… falling asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32