School for Scandal: Diamond’s Day 12

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Nb: this was written in conjunction with gunde – thanks to him.


“Fuck,” Laura purred, her eyes narrowed into two slits from which a nasty gleam shone while she savoured the sight of her whorish baby sister sitting on her knees, looking like she’d just emerged from taking a dip in a river of thick, shimmering jizz and with her pretty face obscured underneath three absolutely gigantic cockheads, two of which were thoroughly coated with spunk while the third leaked out more of the viscous stuff where it sat balanced on Candi’s nose, each head attached to an equally mammoth shaft of vein-ridged, muscular fuckmeat sticking out like steel girders from the three studs responsible for turning the teen bombshell into a cum-dripping mess, “That’s how you end a birthday party…”

Currently, Laura was standing between Sanddy and Diamond, both of whom were sporting similar expressions as her while they too surveyed the scene that was centred by the jizz-blasted, ball-draining slut of a birthday girl, each of them experiencing a pang of jealousy that their birthdays hadn’t been as memorable. Both buxom teen blondes were on their hands and knees, their firm, ballooning asses thrust up into the air behind them as if to shamelessly show off to no one in particular how just the necks of the champagne bottles shoved into their anal passages were protruding out beyond their stretched assholes. If they’d been lying on their backs instead, the pair of sluts would already have the corks soaked through with the clear juices pouring from their bald, needy cunts. Absurdly, Sanddy still had possession of the camera, which was still portraying whatever it was pointing at up on the big screen mounted on the wall as well as recording it for posterity.

“End?” Though he’d been the last to blow his load all over Candi, Ian was the one of the three huge-dicked studs in the best shape, his coherence clashing with the soft, barely audible mutterings of Charles and Robert’s dark, animalistic growls, “Honey, we’re not anywhere near finished with your hot bimbo whore of a sister.”

To underline his point and thrill his girlfriend at the same time, Ian flexed his cock hard enough to make it lift off Candi’s face, only for him to relax again when it had gotten a few inches into the air. The “Splat!” of his dong coming back onto Candi’s face was blended with a delighted shriek from her that washed over the underside of Ian’s schlong. The impact was enough to send the two other cockends bucking up into the air before they too landed on Candi’s face again and prompted another ecstatic shriek from her.

“You’re gonna fuck her into oblivion, is that it?” Laura stepped up the nastiness while Ian took advantage of Candi’s gaping maw by shoving the business-end of his cock inside it. In an instant, Candi had puckered her lips and was sucking on Ian’s cockend, desperately milking him of the last of his load.

“Twenty-three and a half hours left of her birthday,” Ian’s reply – delivered through gritted teeth – was delivered with the tone of a man who’d just decided that he could do without rest, much less sleep, as long as he had his cock lodged inside a super-hot babe blessed with an inexhaustible hunger for monstercock.

“You’re not gonna give her any time to recover?” Rubbing her toned thighs together and feeling her pussy juicing as she admired the back of her boyfriend’s muscular body while he fed his cock into her sister’s mouth, Laura started running her hands up and down the sculpted muscles of her midriff.

“She doesn’t need any,” With a push of his hips, Ian made Candi cry out round the crown of his dick as he plunged it forwards until it was lodged against the back of her throat and pouring a mixture of balljuice and precum down her gullet.

“No, but your two friends do,” Laura’s nasty expression remained in place as she noted quickly how Robert and Charles had at least fallen completely silent and seemed less prone to topple over where they stood towering over her sister with their bodies dripping with sweat, “Unless you want to face all four of us alone…”

That gave Ian reason for pause. Even for him, trying to handle the two Harts plus Diamond plus Sanddy was a very tall order, one possible outcome of which was him ending up too tired to move while the foursome gathered round him to eagerly milk him of one final load.

“Good point,” With a nod over his shoulder at Laura, Ian proceeded to extract his cock from inside Candi’s mouth. This made the teen produce a very garbled protest that only grew louder when her attempts to clamp down on the business-end of his fucktool with her lips proved too weak to stop him. Another problem for Candi was that when she tried to push her head forward to catch Ian’s schlong as it came sliding out over her lips, she was met with growls from Charles and Robert alike as both cocksmiths flexed their cocks to keep her head fixed in place.

“Fuck you, sis!” Candi spat out as soon as Ian’s cockhead had cleared her mouth, with the pair of fist-sized Yalova Escort cockheads over her eyes preventing her from seeing her sister smiling evilly at her frustration over not getting to deepthroat Ian.

“Don’t be greedy, slut,” Laura replied, her smile becoming unequivocally lustful again as soon as Ian turned ninety degrees and let her see his cock again, her gaze travelling down its brawny length prompting her pussy to flutter before she’d even gotten to admiring its flared head, “You’re not the only one here who’s a complete slut for monstercock.”

“You can say that again,” Deeply gratified by the horny moan that Laura produced when he turned directly towards her, and the even hornier one when he made his cockhead push another inch up into the air, Ian began to walk the short distance back towards where she was standing while aware of but not commenting on how Diamond’s and Sanddy’s eyes were drawn to his dong too and how their mouths came to remain open while they watched him.

As he drew nearer to her, Ian was surprised to see Laura shoot him a sultry smile before talking a step back, then timing another perfectly with his next stride towards her. Continuing to match his pace and still smiling alluringly, Laura backed out from between Diamond and Sanddy and then kept going, veering off to the right and purring out her satisfaction at Ian being so quick on the uptake by instead going left.

Figuring that something spectacular was going to happen between Laura and Ian, Sanddy and Diamond turned round to face them while remaining on their hands and knees, unwittingly doing exactly what Laura had counted on by turning their big, firm ass bombs towards Candi. Since she was directly in front of them, Laura was blocking their view of Ian, but they consoled themselves by admiring her ass – absolutely perfect and looking like it had been created to milk monstercocked studs of their loads – as it glistened thanks to the thick, glossy veneer of Robert’s precum that had been churned out through her anus while he’d been pounding and ended up sticking to her ballooning asscheeks.

“God, Ian,” Reversing back in between the two babes, who produced more horny moans as they now got an unrestricted view of her studly boyfriend, Laura threw a quick glance at her sister over her while shoulder while ducking down onto her haunches, “She looks like a molten statue.”

“She does,” Able to guess roughly what Laura was planning, Ian flexed just the right muscles to make his cock dip forwards and to his right, then hissed out a barely audible “Slut…” before unleashing a single, high-powered jet of precum that cut through the air before smacking into Sanddy’s face.

Fluttering her eyelashes apart after they’d been glued together, Sanddy offered Ian a radiant smile.

“Naughty slut needs a shower…” Laura decided, under her breath but loud enough for Sanddy and Diamond to hear her while Ian’s dong swung to the left. Both teens were much to preoccupied with ogling Ian to really pay attention to her, however, which added to the surprise when she made her move just as he produced a bolt of clear precum that came rushing towards Diamond’s beaming face.

Due to Laura’s hands darting in between the legs of the two young size-queens to find and manipulate their engorged clits with two quick and perfectly concurrent flicks of her wrists, the “SPLAT!” of the surge of precum being plastered onto Diamond’s face was followed first by screams from both her and Sanddy, then by two distinct noises of “POP!” as them both climaxing hard at the same time meant that their backdoors clamped down hard enough on the champagne bottles that remained inserted in their anal tunnels to force the corks to shoot forwards into the air.

While the cork that had been plugging the bottle inserted in Diamond’s ass sailed over Charles’ fuckpiece to land somewhere far behind it, the one that been sent flying like a bullet due to the sudden and dramatic tightening up of Sanddy’s anus as she climaxed messily smacked into the side of Robert’s member just behind its flared and spunk-covered crown. It barely seemed to register, with him not releasing more than a soft growl and his cock continuing its rhythmic throbbing as it and he got ready for another round of hard, take-no-prisoners pounding of first-rate sluts. Due to what else was happening, no one really noticed how a much wider and flatter cork fell down to land in the sand about a foot in front of Robert’s feet, looking like a soft-nosed bullet having been shot into a thick plate of steel armour.

Following a few seconds behind the corks were twin sprays of frothy champagne that cut in arcs through the air whilst bearing down on Candi, who still had no way of seeing what was happening on account of the pair of huge cocks lodged in front of her eyes. She still screamed with excitement however upon being served her first drink since reaching legal drinking age, in the form of the champagne splashing down onto her huge, spherical tits with enough momentum behind Yalova Escort Bayan it to dislodge at least some of the cum glued to them.

“Keep squirting, sluts!” Without looking behind her, Laura kept working Diamond’s and Sanddy’s clits, manipulating them with her slender digits and having the pair of teens trash about around her as more champagne shot out of the bottles being pounded by the walls of their asses and their rhythmically contracting sphincters. Instead, Laura was looking straight at Ian, sending him one of her trademarked looks of downright ferocious arousal while he kept swinging his cock left and right, adding to the two top-heavy teen babes’ excitement by continually blasting them with precum.

Even though Laura managed to coax forth more champagne out of the bottles through her deft turning of her wrists and deft movement of her fingers, most of their content had been spent in the first pair of eruptions, and now a sizeable amount of it was pouring down Candi’s front, beginning at the upward slope of her mountainous jugs and going downwards from there, spilling down the front and along the sides of her tits or pouring through her cleavage, then onto her stomach, the etched muscles of which were made visible again by the stream of fluid even as it was made more viscous by being mixed up with the jizz that it washed away.

“What a fucking mess…” Finally tossing a look over her shoulder, Laura purred at her sister’s knockout body glistening due to the coating of champagne with which it had been equipped and which stretched from just beneath her neck all the way to her pink slit, reinforced here and there by a few thing ropes of cum that had managed to cling on even while gallons of it had been carried into the now messy and wet sand by the downpour of bubbly fluid.

“Really?” Making his cock sweep sideways through the air until it was pointing dead ahead, Ian thumped out another heavy jet of prejizz, one that smacked into the front of Laura’s awe-inspiring, gravity-defying chest, “Someone’s blocking my view…”

“Too fucking bad, stud,” Remaining on her haunches, Laura extracted her hands from between Sanddy’s and Diamond’s legs, instead placing them flat against the sides of her jugs and baring her teeth in a grimace brought on by her efforts to squeeze them closer together, all that firm titflesh forming two perfect spheres requiring quite a bit of arm-strength to really budge.

No longer locked in big, powerful orgasms that saw them spray pussy juices into the few inches of sand covering the floor, Sanddy and Diamond continued to act in unison, this time by looking behind them and moaning lustily as they – unlike Ian – were given an unrestricted view of Candi sitting there, her nude body glistening while her hands had just sought out the pair of cocks laid out across her face, only needing a few pulls of her wrists hard enough to make her huge knockers bounce before making Charles groan and release a shot of precum straight onto Robert’s cockhead.

“Didn’t I just give you a show?” Smiling, Ian made his steel-hard cock jump upwards with enough force to make his balls stir underneath it, and was rewarded with a lustful moan from Laura before her pearly teeth came down on her bottom lip.

“Flex that monstercock for me, baby,” Laura purred after letting go of her lip, the tone of her voice alone being responsible for the truly vast surge of clear fluid that shot out of Ian’s dong and went rushing straight up into the ceiling, while juices were dripping freely from her hairless snatch.

“Get up, slut,” Pausing to hiss at the violence with which he sent his cock swinging to smack against his muscular chest, Ian was practically growling when he picked back up again, “Let me get a good look at you.”

“Wanna drool all over your horny fuckdoll’s body?” Laura’s question was rhetorical due to her already knowing the answer, and that it wasn’t drool that she’d end up covered in, and was delivered with another evocatively filthy smile as she heaved herself up into a standing position.

“What a total fucking whore,” Although Diamond’s comment definitely fit in on Laura, it was uttered in regards to the younger Hart sister, who by now had tilted her head back far enough that she could tease the skin connecting Robert’s foreskin with the crown of his cock with her tongue, making him pump out precum that washed over Charles’ schlong even while she was getting him to return fire through her clockwise petting of the underside of his cockend with her thumb.

“A complete slut,” Sanddy agreed, “Who should totally stop hogging those beautiful monstercocks.”

Diamond looked at Sanddy, who looked at Diamond. Then the two of them got up off their hands and knees.

“Sanddy,” Smiling into the camera when her fellow blonde babe aimed it at her, Diamond spun round and parted her buttocks to reveal the neck of the now empty champagne bottle sticking out between them, “Wanna give me a hand?”

“Sure…” Her eyes narrowing at the sight of what Escort Yalova Diamond was offering, Sanddy quickly stepped in behind her and made her take the camera while her free hand wrapped itself round the bottle just as the one cheek Diamond had been forced to let go of came pushing back to rub tight against her fingers.

Placing her other hand on Diamond’s hip, Sanddy pulled the bottle back, extracting the neck until she could see the body of the bottle start to stretch the porn starlet’s ringpiece wide. In the meantime, Diamond was cooing with delight while she chose to focus on Candi pleasing Robert and Charles, both of whom were continuing to release high-powered sprays of precum that ended up spattered across her already jizz-covered face.

“Big-titted Yank whore!” Diamond really shouldn’t have been surprised when Sanddy released a rather loud and very nasty hiss into her ear at the same time as she plunged the bottle back into her ass, spearing forwards all the way until her clenched fist smacked into Diamond’s buttocks. She should have expected that would happen, and that Sanddy would pull back instantly, only to do the same thing all over again, her hand holding Diamond’s hip being used to push her back to meet the thrusts as they kept on coming fast and hard.

The obscene noises of the makeshift dildo being pounded in and out of Diamond’s ass, her blissful shrieks and Sanddy’s dirty moans didn’t last for very long, as the hard-bodied young American tit-queen could only take a little more than a dozen thrusts before her curvy frame started to quake and a shower of girlcum left her pussy at speed.

“God…” Sanddy was sporting a gleeful smile that reached from ear to ear while she kept pumping her arm back and forth, “You just love having your ass fucked, don’t you?”

“YES!” Diamond shrieked, squirting again as Sanddy filled her up once more and while she was making jerky images of sand appear on the screen due to her increasingly erratic handling of the camera.

While the two buxom teens were going at it at a frantic pace, Laura and Ian were taking things much more slowly. There remained a considerable gap between them as Laura stood watching in relative silence how her boyfriend continued to flex his cock for her, highlighting his muscular physique by pulling back his vein-ridged fuckstick and having its crown smack against his granite-hard chest.

Ian too was pretty much silent as he lowered his cock and made it shift first to the left, then the right, his gaze locked on Laura and the sight of her being the primary reason for the steadily increasing force of the throbs that rolled up the length of his schlong.

Completely naked save for her heels, Laura was very much living up to the beach party theme of her sister’s birthday bash by having her statuesque, top-heavy and absolutely formidable body glisten as if covered in liberal amounts of oil. Only that it wasn’t oil that gave her skin that extra glow and which accentuated the shape of her sleek, feminine but undoubtedly powerful muscles, but rather a mixture of his and Robert’s precum, her own sweat, and Candi’s girlcum.

Although Ian was heavily biased in favour of Laura, he had to admit that it would be very hard for a more neutral observer to determine which of the Hart sisters was the most supreme example of toned, voluptuous and downright supercharged femininity, which of them looked the most like she’d born to take a hard dicking and get blasted with spunk. On a scale of 1 to 10, they both went to 11. And clearly, they had the hots for each other, licking each other’s pussies with wanton whorishness after Laura had first shocked even him by the eagerness with which she’d jumped across the table to tongue her baby sister’s ass.

The prospect of a future filled with sordid threesomes where the sisters would simultaneously act with extreme nastiness towards each and try to achieve the impossible by draining his balls of every last drop of cum then was the reason why the jet of precum that rocketed out through Ian’s piss slit was pretty vast, even by his standards.

‘SMACK!’ Less than a second later, much of Laura’s incredibly stacked and superlatively sexy body was equipped with an even more intense lustre.

“Fucking stud…” Laura purred, after first licking Ian’s precum off her lips, and looked at him with her most devastating set of bedroom eyes while bringing her hands back onto her tits and proceeding to grope them roughly for his benefit.

“My turn!” Forcing herself to break out of Sanddy’s hold right as her climax was winding down, Diamond took a long step forwards while making sure to keep her asshole relaxed enough as to not bring the bottle with her. As soon as its thick base had popped out through her gaping anus, she spun round and went on the attack.

“Fuck!” Sanddy remained gleeful as she looked at the bottle and the crack that ran all the way up its side. When she dropped it due to Diamond grabbing hold of her and twisting her round to face the spot where Candi now had Robert’s cockhead in her mouth and was using the business-end of Charles’ dong to rain down heavy, thwacking blows onto her magnificent jugs, the bottle landed with a gentle thud in the sand and split lengthwise in two.

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