Scenarios 01-10

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Scenario 1:

You and I are cuddling on your futon. You have me wrapped in your arms and we’re making out. As we make out, you begin to undress me. The intensity grows and you move my hand so that it begins to stroke you’re throbbing cock. As you get harder and harder I get wetter. You reposition me so that now I am straddling you, waiting for you to force me down. As I ride you, you are smacking my ass and sucking on my tits. When you get ready to cum I climb off of your dick and suck it deep into my throat where you cum so hard I begin to choke. But as my master you order me to swallow it.

Scenario 2:

We are out running errands and end up at Wal Mart. Throughout the car ride though I have been stroking cock through your jeans. When we get there you drag me towards the automotive department. I ask why, and you tell me to be silent. I see a restroom sign and begin to piece things together. You take me into the bathroom and toss me roughly into the large stall. I try to get up but you force me onto my knees. You tell me that if I like to tease you and make you hard then I should love to have your cock in my throat. I pull out your hardening dick and begin to suck the head. You tell me that isn’t enough and you begin to face fuck me. I beg you to stop when you let me up for air but all you do is order me to stand and take off my jeans. As you had chosen my outfit I am not wearing panties and you simply bend me over and force your way into my ass. As you fuck me you tell me not to make a sound or I will be punished. You finish in me, tell me to put my pants back on and we go back out into the store.

Scenario 3:

You get back to your room from working on a car and I stand and greet you with a deep, long, passionate kiss. When our kiss ends I tell you I’ve soaked through my shorts thinking of what I do next. I tell you how soaking wet I am. How desperately my clit aches to be touched. I tell you how badly I need my master’s cock deep inside me. Pounding away and that gaziantep escort I need my master filling my ass with cum. I begin to strip my clothing off as I tell you this and you take yours off as well. You pull me to you, kissing me again, and pushing me back until I fall onto your bed. My legs open for you and you enter me. Gently at first, but then you get increasingly rougher. I beg my master for his cum. You turn me over and pull my ass into the air. You slide your cock easily into my ass and moments later, erupt.

Scenario 4:

It’s early. I wake up before you and decide to let you sleep, but I am very horny and wet so I decide to play with your dick for a bit. I start stroking it, and then slip it into my mouth. You wake up to see me looking into your eyes, your big cock deep in my throat, and a huge smile on my face. You sit up a little and enjoy. A few moments later I stop. I crawl towards you on the bed and kiss you, having you embrace me. Gently you lay me back on the bed, my hand goes to your cock, and your hand goes to my clit. Lazily we play with each other. As we kiss I beg you to fuck me. You get up and slide yourself into my pussy. I moan in pure ecstasy. I wrap my legs around you and milk your throbbing cock as you push in and pull out of me. We both climax as you cum deep inside me.

Scenario 5:

You come into the house furious and immediately start up the stairs. Telling me to follow. Once we get to your room you throw me inside, and I fall onto the futon. You tell me to stand, and you rip my clothes off. I’m a little afraid, but ever more turned on. Once I am fully naked you throw me onto the bed. You grab each of my arms and legs and tie them down; I have very little movement left. Then you undress and come back to the bed. You have the crop with you and you hit my stomach with it. I wince but do not cry out. You smack me with it a few more times. Then you hit my breasts with it until they are bright red and tears form in my eyes. You move to hit my pussy with it, but I beg you not to. You climb on top of me and enter my ass, and leaning forward you tell me to never ask you to stop. That I am nothing more than your sex toy, and you will do with me as you please. For the next several hours you choke me, fuck my ass and pussy, and hit me with the crop. Never once allowing me an orgasm. You then flip me over and re shackle me. Forcing my ass in the air you begin to spank me, and whip me. You fuck my ass one last time before you completely pass out.

Scenario 6:

You’ve just finished fucking my ass, and as we both come down from our orgasms you tell me to clean you off. I grab a wash cloth that I kept nearby in warm water. I gently begin to clean your still throbbing dick with it. Once I’m sure it’s clean, I take it into my mouth and suck gently until we’re both asleep.

Scenario 7:

We are relaxing in your room watching TV; I’m lying in your arms and have kind of fallen asleep. During a commercial you tilt my head so that my face is towards you. You lean down and kiss me, waking me slightly, and we begin to make out. We move to your bed and continue cuddling and making out. As I start to wake up more you begin to undress us both. You then maneuver me onto my back and start to kiss down my neck. Once you reach my throat you spend a moment there, and continue down to my tits. Taking each one in your mouth you suck the nipples till they are hard as rocks. You kiss down my stomach to my wet pussy. You spread my legs wider and begin to eat me out. I am begging you to let me orgasm but you tell me to wait a while longer. Then you continue to eat and finger my pussy till I am humping your face. You look up at me and smile, your face soaked. You come back up and kiss me. And as we kiss you slide in and out, in and out of my pussy. As you begin to erupt inside me you cause me to cum hard around your dick. You pull out, and pull me tightly next to you and we lay there.

Scenario 8:

We are at a car auction, and you kiss me. You grab my hand and we start to walk around. We both see a secluded spot. Luckily I wore a skirt, and no panties. We rush over and you have me lean against a car. Hiking up my skirt you thrust in and out of me. We both cum and walk back to the auction.

Scenario 9:

We are hanging out in your room. It starts to storm and knowing how horny you get during storms I take advantage. I stand up, and unbutton my top slowly. I slip it off and my pants soon follow. I reach back for my bra clasps and undo them, and then take off my thong. I straddle you and we begin to make out. You grab my ass and pull me closer, mashing my tits into your chest. You tell me to stop for a second and quickly undress. You sit back down on the futon and I kneel before you. I begin to suck your cock, teasing the head, using my tongue on your shaft. When you are good and hard I stand up and straddle you. Plunging down we both moan as you enter my warm wet hole. I begin to ride you, slowly at first but you begin to smack my ass. This makes me ride you faster and we both cum hard. But I keep riding you, and you start moaning again. I get off and turn around. Sliding down you enter into my ass. I ride you faster and faster, and you pull me closer by grabbing my tits and forcing me to you. I begin to cum, and you erupt in my ass.

Scenario 10:

We’re both exhausted from a long day. As we are getting undress you come up behind me and kiss my neck from one side to the other. My knees buckle and you wrap your arms around me and laugh. You help me take off my bra, and slide my panties off me. I start to turn around, but you bend me over instead. I had felt your cock harden and I know what will be coming next. You spread my legs a bit and slide into my pussy. I moan. You only stay in my pussy for a few minutes and then you switch to my ass. You fuck me till you cum and then you slam in one last time, bringing on the orgasm you’ve chosen to let me enjoy. I stand up and turn around. We kiss and fall into bed making out, and you spend the night with your cock buried in my pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32