Save Me!

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For Ciara and Joseph, who combined to put these filthy ideas into my head. Thanks!

The Usual Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy. All characters featured in sexual situations are over 18. The characters in these stories are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons living, dead or undead is purely coincidental. Do not try this at home.

I have avoided writing any daddy/daughter incest stories prior to this one on purpose. I have a teenage daughter, and she is a voracious reader. She is aware that I write stories that are “inappropriate for children.” It has been my fear that one day she will stumble across my stories and think that I have been secretly lusting after my baby girl all these years. Honestly, I just want to be a good dad. This story idea was requested, though, so I hope I have done it justice.

I cannot express strongly enough my gratitude to Pat for his editorial feedback.

* * * * *

All her life, Sabrina wanted to be a lifeguard.

Growing up in southern California, she had practically lived at the beach through her formative years. Her dad had been a lifeguard when he was a young man, and he had taught her to swim while she was still a baby. When she was very young, she would sit on her father’s lap while he watched his favorite show, Baywatch.

Sabrina always felt closer to her father than her mother. Mom used to enjoy putting on a bikini and going to the beach with them, but she almost never got in the water. Sabrina’s dad was a software engineer and he was successful at his job. Her mother was an advertising executive and she often made more money than her husband due to her commissions from landing major clients and accounts.

Sabrina was aware of all this without really understanding what any of it meant. She just knew they had enough money to live comfortably in a nice house. They were not far from two beaches. Sabrina had lots of friends and her first year of high school was far less stressful than most teenage girls experienced.

Then her mother had to go and ruin everything for her.

In what had to be one of the most awkward dinners in history, Sabrina’s mother introduced them to her “friend” Dana. Dana was a woman she worked with, and Sabrina’s mother cleared her throat.

“I have an announcement to make,” she said. Three sets of eyeballs settled on her. “Dana and I are in love, and we’re going to get married.”

Sabrina’s father choked on the bite of food in his mouth. He coughed for a moment and then laughed out loud while shaking his head. The smile faded quickly from his face when his wife and her new lover both glared at him hatefully.

“Oh, my God, you’re serious?” he gasped. “Kathy, what the fu—I mean,” he glanced at Sabrina before returning his gaze to his wife, “when did you start cheating on me?”

Kathy’s face got red, and Dana looked like she wanted to take a swing at him. “It’s not the same thing, Phil,” she said defensively.

“The hell it’s not!” he retorted angrily.

It only got uglier after that. The divorce did not go the way Sabrina’s mom had expected, either. Despite the fact that it was a southern California courtroom, the judge completely sided with Sabrina’s father. Phil was awarded sole custody, which caught Kathy and Dana completely unprepared. Their lawyer was likewise stunned by the decision.

They had expected, in a California court of law, that they would easily win custody of Sabrina. It wasn’t like the judge was some conservative who sided against them, either. Instead, he merely applied the legal precedent and treated the parties involved as if they were all gender-neutral.

That legal decision ignited a media feeding frenzy, and it was the last thing Sabrina needed. School became a nightmare for her, as she was suddenly the focus of all sorts of nasty verbal barbs. Phil could only watch helplessly as his daughter came home in tears day after day. Even at the beach, they drew unwanted attention. The divorce was contested and custody was being appealed, and all sorts of lawyers were piling on both sides of the case. It was threatening to drag on for years.

Phil’s initial lawyer was an old family friend, and it was his advice that they ought to move. They couldn’t even sell the house due to the ongoing legal maneuvering, but Phil was able to rent the place so that he wasn’t on the hook for the entire mortgage payment. Still, their financial situation was far from ideal when they packed up their belongings and moved to a quiet town in the Midwest.

Sabrina had expected to be miserable, but her first day of school changed everything. She had become so accustomed to being harassed that she braced for it before her father dropped her off in front of the building. Her shoulders were tight and set as the first students approached her in the hall.

“You’re new here,” a girl observed. She held out her hand and smiled. “Hi, I’m Jenny. Welcome to our school.”

“Sabrina,” she replied, taking the girl’s hand.

“These are Bostancı Escort my friends, Heather, Diane, and Connie.” All three of those girls murmured “hello” or “hi” as they likewise shook Sabrina’s hand.

“Where are you from, Sabrina?” Connie asked.

“Southern California, near L.A.,” Sabrina replied. She was still bracing for that negative backlash, but instead all four girls just seemed wistful. They had always wanted to visit southern California. They asked if she knew any celebrities. Sabrina had met a few, and they listened spellbound as she described those brief encounters.

Over the course of the day, Sabrina was welcomed by dozens of teenagers. Only two of them were aware of the legal battle swirling around her, and they both seemed entirely sympathetic. Compared to her old school, everyone she met here just seemed more polite and open. Several girls seemed keen to befriend her, and a few guys clearly found her attractive.

Everything was looking up until it snowed at the end of the week.

Phil and Sabrina had nothing suitable to wear. They had to go shopping for winter clothes, and they were doing it when none of that stuff was on sale. Phil cringed when he saw the total, but there was nothing to be done about it. Money was already tight after the expenses of moving, and he wasn’t making nearly as much as he had when he had worked for the firm in L.A. To make up for it, he would have to work longer hours.

Phil didn’t really get overtime, but he could get more billable hours by taking on additional projects. Over the course of the winter, Sabrina saw her father less and less often. She was enjoying school, though. Sabrina made lots of friends and often stayed at their houses for hours after school let out.

Phil looked forward to the time he got to spend with his daughter, and he really made an effort to keep up with all of her friends. When she asked if some of her friends could have a “sleepover” one Friday night, he smiled and readily agreed. Then he was caught off guard when those young women arrived. He only knew two of the five girls. He was also uncomfortably aware that they were young women when he saw their choice of sleepwear.

Phil made himself scarce, retreating to his bedroom and letting the girls have the run of the apartment. After her friends left the next day, Sabrina gave him a big hug.

“Thanks so much, Daddy!” she murmured into his chest.

He just smiled and hugged her. Phil had been aware just how miserable the last semester had been for his daughter before they moved. It made him feel that it was all worth it just to see his little girl this happy for a change.

* * *

Phil did his best to shield his daughter from the harsher realities of life. He was always careful to leave work at the office, and never brought up how hard it was for him. Worse still, he realized with shock one day that he had really let himself get out of shape. He emerged from the shower and stared at his reflection in disbelief.

Where the hell did that gut come from? He stood and turned, his eyes wide in horror. Good God! We’ve only been here for a few months! How have I gotten so out of shape so quickly?

It did not take long for Phil to piece it together. In California, they had gone to the beach almost year-round. All that swimming and surfing had kept him in shape. Even in the waning years of his marriage, he still had an active sex life with his wife that provided a welcome “core workout” every few days. Now he was practically a drone in a cubicle at work. He scarfed down unhealthy meals and snacks at odd hours.

He slapped his gut in disgust and vowed to change his life. For Sabrina’s sake, he needed to get back into shape. She was counting on him.

Phil got a gym membership and started working out. It had been almost two decades since he had lifted weights, so it was a painful process for him to get back into it. On the bright side, the gym was open all hours. He had no trouble getting his workouts in around his hectic schedule. The downside was that the hours spent in the gym took away from the little time he spent with Sabrina.

Father and daughter shared an apartment, but they were becoming strangers.

Sabrina noticed that her father was getting into better shape. She knew he had a gym membership, but she never accompanied him or watched him work out. It was a relief to see his renewed energy levels when he was around; she had been worried about him.

Phil barely noticed that his daughter was getting taller. He was happy for her when she took the Advanced Lifesaving and Water Safety course from the Red Cross, earning her certification. At the same time he was wistful. He had not been involved at all, other than to give her permission. She had caught a ride with her friends to the evening classes at an indoor pool.

Both of them started dating that spring, but neither was aware that the other was doing so. Phil didn’t want to embarrass his daughter by bringing women Kadıköy Escort around the apartment. Also, since the divorce was ongoing he couldn’t commit to a new relationship the way he wanted to. Sabrina was uncomfortable with the guys she dated, though it took her a while to figure out why. It wasn’t like they were bad guys.

By the time she got a job as a lifeguard, they barely saw each other.

Phil occasionally dropped by the pool where his daughter worked, but he merely waved to let her know he was there. He didn’t want to crowd his little girl or embarrass her in front of her friends. Sabrina appreciated what he was doing, but it just felt weird. She and her dad had been so close when she was younger. They had bonded over swimming and surfing together and it had been something they had shared. Those had been some of her fondest memories from her childhood. Now, when she watched her dad swim and occasionally sunbathe it was like watching some familiar stranger.

All too soon, that summer was over and Sabrina returned to school. She became even more popular her junior year—being a lifeguard had definitely earned her more “cool points.” Also, she was finally developing a woman’s body. She had been gangly and thin, but over her junior year of high school her breasts and hips filled out in a hurry. Her father did not notice, but the boys at school certainly did. She got asked out a lot as a result.

Over that same year, Phil really hit his stride at work. All of the extra projects he had taken on began to finally bear fruit and they earned him a lot of money as well as professional respect. They kept him even busier, but he really enjoyed the challenges and rewards those projects provided. He was able to give his daughter a credit card so she could buy new clothes. Her delight made him extremely happy. It was, after all, the reason he pushed himself so hard.

The divorce was finally resolved after nearly three years. As hard as Kathy had fought for custody, she had never bothered to visit the entire time. She was more upset that she had lost the legal battle than she actually missed her daughter. In the end, she begrudgingly agreed to pay a small settlement for child support and alimony.

Phil sold the house and split the profit evenly with his ex-wife. Before making that decision, though, he had sat down with Sabrina to discuss it. Neither of them could imagine moving back to their old house after all this time.

Phil and Kathy never talked directly over that final year and a half before the divorce was finalized. Everything went through the filter of lawyers first. Sabrina’s mother stopped answering her calls as well, since the lawyers had advised her it was a bad idea. By the time the divorce proceedings finally ended, Kathy was already a distant memory to both Sabrina and Phil.

Nobody was happy with the way the divorce unfolded. The judge from the initial case was an elected official, and he was voted out of office by angry women’s groups. The case itself quickly fell from the media spotlight, so the high-profile lawyers who had piled on to both sides of the case did not get the attention they had hoped for. Kathy had lost her bid for custody of her daughter, and her relationship with Dana was not going well.

Meanwhile, half a continent away, Phil and Sabrina were struggling to keep their father-daughter bond from completely dissolving. All the activities they had shared had simply vanished and they barely saw each other. Phil had not been there when his daughter got her driver’s license. She had not been available when he bought her first car for her seventeenth birthday.

Phil had been shocked to find out that he was paying for his daughter’s birth control pills. He only found out through the credit card statements, and he couldn’t even bring himself to discuss it with her. There was that part of him that refused to accept that his little girl was becoming a woman. It would be a stumbling block for them both moving forward as they struggled to reconnect.

* * *

They sat in the dining room after Phil had finished reading the immense packet from the lawyers.

“It’s finally over,” he breathed. He was relieved, but still sad. It wasn’t what he had wanted.

Sabrina reached out and squeezed his hand.

“It’s going to be okay, Dad,” she assured him.

He smiled sadly and squeezed her hand in return. After a moment, his expression changed to a more thoughtful one as he pursed his lips.

“You know,” he said, “we could actually afford to buy a house now.”

Sabrina looked around at the apartment. It had been home for nearly three years. She chewed her lip thoughtfully as she contemplated moving elsewhere.

“Dad, I don’t want to move to a new school,” she finally said. “Besides, it wouldn’t make sense to buy a house now. I’ll be graduating from high school after next year, and then I’ll probably go away to college.” She saw her father’s stricken expression and thought quickly. “Unless Göztepe Escort you’re seeing someone?” she asked. “Are you…” she swallowed before continuing, “Are you thinking about starting a new family with someone else?”

It was tough for her to get that out. One of her friends, Connie, had gone through that the previous year. Her parents had gotten divorced and her father had remarried. It had been tough on Connie. She lived with her mother but her dad still lived in town with his new wife, and seventeen-year-old Connie had a new baby brother. Half-brother, actually, but it was still weird. Sabrina didn’t know how she would deal with that.

Phil shook his head slowly. He had never given the matter much thought. Over the past two years, he had barely dated. The handful of times he had been with a woman had been furtive little affairs. Half of those had been one-night stands. Certainly there was no woman prominently in his life—other than his daughter. Even she was an enigma these days.

He looked at her and struggled to think of something to say. They just didn’t talk often enough, and he desperately wanted to go back to the bond they had shared. Finally, he allowed himself to open up about work.

“You know, I have finally wrapped up half of the projects I had at work. I can afford to take some time off. Would you like to do something fun for Spring Break for once? We could actually go somewhere and do something fun.”

He stopped abruptly—he had been on the verge of suggesting Disneyland. They had enjoyed going there together years ago, but now the young woman sitting at the table with him probably wouldn’t appreciate the suggestion.

“I’ll be working at the pool,” she sighed. “We’ll be open through Spring Break, and I only have two days off that week.”

“Damn,” he muttered, unaware he had even done so. He forced a smile. “Well, at least this year I can spend some time at the pool with you. I’ll try not to embarrass you.”

They both chuckled, but it felt forced.

* * *

Phil had gotten used to spending his free time at the gym. Now that he had more of it, his workouts became far more intense. He was barely cognizant of just how hard he was pushing himself and how much it showed. There were far more guys at his gym than women, and most of those women were married. The few people that he talked to were casual friends that he had been talking to for over a year. The gym staff members complimented him, but he didn’t take it seriously. After all, they had been just as complimentary when he had first started his membership.

Oh, he knew that he was in good shape. He just never realized how much attention he was getting.

Once the pool opened, he enjoyed flirting with some of the women there. Again, he didn’t take it seriously. This was particularly the case when he flirted with some of the young female lifeguards who worked with his daughter. Sabrina certainly took note.

Just as he had the previous year, her father kept a careful distance from Sabrina while she was at work. His mind stubbornly refused to recognize her magnificent breasts or the supple curve of her ass. Phil did his best to ignore the guys who hit on his daughter, but it was tough. Usually he would take the opportunity to go vigorously swim laps when it happened. Sabrina figured out what he was doing right away and would struggle not to laugh. It was obvious to her, even though he wasn’t aware what he was doing.

What became equally obvious to Sabrina was that her dad had developed an amazingly ripped, muscular body over the last year. Not just “really good for his age” either. Her dad looked better than the three guys who were lifeguards at the pool. She honestly had not noticed until she watched him strip off his shirt at the pool. Even then, her attention was only drawn to him by the looks he got from other women.

Jenny was Sabrina’s closest friend, and had been ever since they had arrived from California. She worked with Sabrina at the pool. Jenny was one of the few lifeguards who knew that Phil was Sabrina’s dad. Jenny was apologetic, but she couldn’t help herself.

“Jesus, your dad is hot!” she murmured. The two of them were watching as he emerged, dripping wet, following a dozen laps in the pool.

“Jenny!” Sabrina hissed in protest, but she had to agree. Her eyes roamed around the pool she counted seven other women staring at her father. A few guys were too. The guys seemed more impressed than lustful, though.

The women looked like they wanted to eat him up. Several of them licked their lips as they stared openly. Phil dried his chest and arms and shot her a grin before waving. She smiled and waved back, but was stunned to realize that she felt a shot of arousal. It caught her unprepared—she had never had such a reaction to her own father before.

One advantage the lifeguards enjoyed was that they always wore sunglasses. Sabrina was able to check out the guys who swam at the pool, and was even supposed to be keeping a close eye on everyone. After that moment, her eyes would be drawn to her father every time he emerged from the water. She was surreptitious about it and never got caught looking. By comparison, Jenny was constantly blushing as Sabrina caught her ogling him.

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