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At the time this story happened, I was working as a freelance proofreader for several small publishers in New York. I had come to this particular building on Fifth Avenue to pick up a job. I had always enjoyed coming to this building because it housed one of New York’s biggest modeling agencies, and I almost always shared an elevator with one or two models whenever I was here. Not that I had ever dared speak with any of them. At twenty-eight years old, I was still very shy with women, still a virgin. I had always been very self-conscious about my baby-fat, which I never lost, and about my small penis. But I still enjoyed looking at the beautiful models I encountered in this building.

I had just picked up my job and was in the elevator alone when it stopped on the seventh floor and she stepped in. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen–tall, with long straight red hair, high cheekbones, a turned up nose. She gave me a slight smile as she got on. This alone would have been enough to make my day, but what happened next was unbelievable. The elevator stopped suddenly between floors.

“Oh, shit!” she said. “What’s this?”

“I guess the elevator’s stuck,” I said, trying to fumble for words.

“No kidding,” she said, rolling her eyes. She grabbed the house phone under the number bank and called maintenance. She told them what had happened and then hung up the phone. “Can you believe this? They said it’ll take at least a half-hour to get it running again.”

She took a cell phone out of her bag and dialed a number. “Hi, sweetie,” she said into the phone. “You won’t believe this. I’m stuck inside the elevator at the agency. No, I’m not alone. There’s a real nice looking guy here, but they said this’ll take a half-hour. Yeah, I got the shoot. Three days in the Bahamas, can you believe it? Okay. We’ll celebrate when I get home. Okay doll, I’ll get home as soon as I can. Byeeee.”

She sat down on the floor and said, “You might as well sit down too, it’s going to be awhile. I can’t Anadolu Yakası Escort believe this. I’m supposed to be at home with my boyfriend and instead I’m stuck here. Damn.!” She offered me the cell phone. “Here. If you want to call someone and tell them you’ll be late, go ahead.”

“It’s okay,” I said. “I don’t need to call anyone.”

“No? Why not? Don’t you have a wife or a girlfriend waiting somewhere for you?”


“Aww, too bad. You look like such a sweet guy. I’d think you’d have someone.”

I smile at her and a couple of moments of awkward silence passed between us. It was impossible for me to hide how nervous I was, finding myself in this situation with her.

“You’re kind of shy, aren’t you?” she said.

I felt a little embarrassed. “Yeah, I guess I am.”

“Well, there’s no reason to be shy with me,” she said. “We’re going to be here for awhile, so we might as well get to know each other. I’m Saundra.”

“I’m Jerald.”

“Nice to meet you, Jerald. Now tell me….why are you so shy?”

“I just always have been.” I guessed that she could figure out that I was self-conscious about being chubby, but I didn’t want to tell her about my other little secret.

“Well, you just have to learn to get over that. When was the last time you had a girlfriend?”


“Have you ever had a girlfriend?”

“Not really. I mean, I’ve dated a few times, but I’ve never had a steady girl.”

“Oh, my goodness, Jerald. You’ve got to get out there and start looking.”

A few more awkward moments passed.

“Jerald, can I ask you a really personal question? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

I was pretty sure I knew what was coming, but I didn’t think I could deny her anything.

“Are you a virgin, Jerald?”

“Yeah, I’m afraid so.”

“Wow! How old are you?”


“A twenty-eight-year-old virgin. I didn’t know such a thing existed. I’m twenty-two Pendik Escort and I haven’t been a virgin since I was sixteen. You’ve got some catching up to do.”

“I know. I feel really awkward about it.”

“Oh, don’t. Someday you’ll meet someone and you’ll give your virginity to her and it’ll be really special. It’ll be like a gift.”

I smiled rather awkwardly. I’m sure my face turned beet-red. We sat there in silence for a few seconds. Then she said, “Jerald, would you let me give you a kiss?”

Of course I was dying to kiss her, but I didn’t understand why she wanted to kiss me.


“I just want to. I haven’t kissed a virgin in a long time. And I want you to know what it’s like.”

“Okay,” I said. You can imagine how nervous I was.

She moved over to me. “Just relax,” she said. “Don’t be nervous.” She gave me a long, sweet kiss on the lips. It was more wonderful than anything I had ever fantasized about. “Put your arms around me.” She moved onto my lap and I did what she told me to. She kissed my lips, my neck, my ear. I was more aroused than I had ever been in my entire life. I was afraid I was going to orgasm right then and there. She whispered to me,”How is it? Does it feel good, baby?”

“Yes. It’s wonderful. You’re wonderful.”

She looked me in the eye and let out a sexy giggle. “Jerald?”


“You’re so sweet. I’d love to take you home with me. I’d show you what it’s like to be a man. I’d love to take your virginity from you almost more than anything. But you see, I have this really neat thing going with my boyfreind. And I can’t do anything to mess that up. You understand, don’t you.?”

“Yes. I understand.”

“But I’ll tell you what we can do. I’ll think about you later when I’m with my boyfriend. And you can think about me later when you’re playing with yourself. Okay?”

“Of course I will.”

“You’re a sweet boy.” She gave me another hug.

“Saudra?” I said.

“Yes, Jerald?”

“Thank-you. Kurtköy Escort I’ll never forget this.”

“You’re so welcome. My sweet virgin boy.”

The elevator started moving again and we got up off the floor. The doors opened on the ground floor and we walked out. She flirted a minute with the maintenance guys and then she walked out into the street and hailed a cab. Within seconds, she was gone.

Of course I was so aroused that the first thing I did when I got home was to take off my clothes, lay down on top of my bed and begin masturbating furiously. Her scent, the touch of her hair, her warm breath in my ear still lingered and I knew they would forever.

And then the most incredible thing happened. I saw a clear vision of her. Not just in my mind, but visually, I could see her plain as day. I had never believed in any kind of ESP or anything, but here it was happening. It was almost like I was in the same room with her. I could even read her thoughts. She got home to her apartment and her boyfriend was waiting there for her. They stripped off their clothes immediatly. His body was a perfect counterpart to hers, hard and muscular all over. He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck. She had a big wide grin on her face. She had enjoyed her encounter with the sweet virgin in the elevator, teaching him how to kiss. But now she was getting her reward.

She turned around and tenderly placed her tongue into his mouth. They massaged each other’s tongues for a minute and then laid down across the bed. Her gorgeous red hair hung off the edge of the bed. Seeing the vision of this just made me masturbate harder. He was inside of her, she wrapped her arms and legs around him. Her moans got louder as she moved towards orgasm. I felt myself beginning to come at the same time. She came and her body jerked rapidly several times. At the same time, my tiny penis exploded, shooting warm cum all over my soft belly. We had come together–like lovers. She kissed her boyfriend and they caressed on top of the bed. Then, in my vision, she turned her head and smiled at me. She had been aware of my presence all along. She spent the night in her boyfriend’s strong arms. But she still found a smile for the sweet, shy virgin she met in the elevator.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32