Sarah’s New Family Ch. 03

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Part 1

The alarm rang at 7am but Jill was already awake, thinking of the day ahead, the day when she would finally humiliate her new step-sister and humiliate her in a very special place. She had been building up the tension all week in the classroom and now the classroom would be the scene of Sarah’s ultimate embarrassment.

As she lay between her soft cotton sheets, she became more and more angry at the woman who had replaced her in her own father’s affection and that could never be allowed to continue. Not that Sarah or their father had any idea about how she felt. All week she had been the perfect sister and daughter, going out of her way to make the older woman feel welcome. Well, at home she had; school was a different matter.

As she ran her hands down her younger, fitter body she could feel herself beginning to respond as one hand absently played with her sensitive nipples while the other drifted slowly down, over her flat tummy and down, down, between her legs to rub her hard little clit. Her eager teenage body was soon on the very edge but she pulled herself back and forced herself to go for her shower. There would be plenty of time for that later as she had a big day planned for her and her sister.

After her shower, she returned to her bedroom and began to put on the outfit she would be using to torment her sister/teacher in their last class of the day. Standing naked by her bed, she picked up the tiny pleated skirt and knew that the boys (and girls) at school would love the way her legs looked in it. Stepping into the skirt, she pulled it up her long slim legs and, pulling up the zip at the back, she finally fastened the single button on the waistband. It was well below school regulation length but Jill had already discovered that she had most of the male teachers eating out of her hand when she wore it. The effect it had on her female teachers was even more exciting to the teenage girl.

As she twirled in front of her full length mirror, she saw that the skirt flew up to expose her perfectly smooth pussy and she knew there were going to be more than a few “accidents” today when she bent over to pick up the pen she always seemed to drop when there was a bunch of guys behind her.

Next came her white blouse, again not quite regulation but it was thin cotton and covered her as it was supposed to. The only thing was, however, because it was so thin and because she had no intention of wearing a bra today, her hard pink nipples wee clearly visible through it. She fastened the buttons to the top and put on her school tie but she knew those buttons weren’t going to last long once she left her father’s house. She realised she was really looking forward to school today.

Looking forward to the day was the last thing Sarah was doing. All week Jill had been exposing herself more and more in class. She didn’t know quite what to do about it but she knew that she had to do something. The first day her younger step-sister had flounced into her class, she had behaved fairly well and Sarah had dared to believe that the girl who had massaged her so well a few days previously was not going to cause any problems in class. What a mistake that was.

The very next day the trouble started. Jill’s skirt was sitting an inch shorter than regulation length; obviously rolled up around her waist because it hadn’t been that short when she had left home in the morning. Her blouse too was the regulation white cotton but it seemed to Sarah that it must be a size too small as it stretched across her younger sister’s high breasts, even with two buttons open, which was definitely against the rules.

The first two days, Jill had sat in the front row of the tiered classroom, smiling sweetly at her teacher. On day three, however, she sat at the back. Sarah already knew that if a girl sitting so high up inadvertently opened her legs then she would have to divert her eyes from the white cotton panties on show. There was nothing inadvertent about Jill’s show.

When Sarah looked up from the marking she had been doing at her desk, she saw Jill staring at her. She smiled at her sister, still appearing as innocent as her father thought she was, but Sarah could see a wicked glint in the girl’s eyes. As she pulled her eyes away and looked round the rest of her class, she couldn’t help but return her gaze to the girl in the back row.

Sure enough, Jill’s legs were open but not just slightly. Sarah simply stared, mouth open, as her sister spread her legs even wider. When she did manage to pull her eyes upwards, Jill simply winked at her and then bowed her head to get on with her work as if nothing had happened. Sarah could feel herself blushing but the heat in her face was matched by the heat between her legs and she knew that Jill had flashed her deliberately.

As the bell rang for the end of class, everyone else trooped out, glad that the day was over. Jill simply walked past, talking to her friends, waving nonchalantly to her step-sister, and left the room. Maltepe Escort Sarah, on the other hand, stayed in her seat, sure that someone would be able to hear how wet her panties now were if she walked down the corridor but frightened too that they might even have soaked through. She would have been mortified if any pupil saw a damp spot on the back of her tight skirt.

The Thursday was even worse, even though Jill was back in the front row. Her skirt was even shorter than before but it was her top half that worried Sarah most. There were more buttons opened than closed now and Jill found an excuse on a number of occasions to approach Sarah’s desk. As she bent down, innocently pointing out something to her teacher in her book, Sarah couldn’t help but look down her step-sister’s blouse, mesmerised by the sight of the girl’s naked breasts and long, hard nipples.

Then came Friday. While Sarah was dreading the last class of the day, Jill defiantly walked into the classroom, her skirt rolled up to an almost obscene height, her school blouse open as wide as ever, wearing a very smug grin on her pretty face. Once more she climbed to the back row and, once more, she sat immediately opposite Sarah’s desk so that when the older woman looked up she knew what she was going to see.

Only she didn’t. This time Jill was spreading her legs wide as before but it wasn’t her white panties Sarah was staring at; no, it was her naked pussy and Sarah’s face immediately turned bright red. Shaking her head in disbelief, she forced herself to open her eyes which had shut automatically when her step-sister finally proved what a slut she was. If she thought that was embarrassing enough, however, when she managed to open her eyes once more Jill had taken her teasing to an even higher level. Sarah looked on in horror as her step-sister slipped her hand under the waistband of her short skirt and ran her finger along the length of her obviously wet slit. Staring her teacher straight in the eye, she pulled her hand out of her skirt, raised it to her mouth and licked her finger clean of her own teenage juices.

Her wanton actions caused all sorts of feelings within the pit of Sarah’s stomach but also between her legs. Jill was obviously deliberately provoking her and, even though Sarah was very, very aroused she was even more angry. Something had to be done. Jill smiled at her but her teacher knew her pupil had gone too far this time.

Part 2

The last few minutes of the class seemed to last a lifetime to Sarah. She had not been able to concentrate on what she was saying at all. All she could think about was what she was going to have to say to Jill once the other pupils had gone. She kept running through the words she wanted to use in her head but none of them seemed right. How could she ask her step-sister why she was exposing herself in her class and how could she tell the younger girl to stop licking her pussy juices in her class?

Finally the bell signalling the end of the school day rang and all the pupils rose from their desk, without being asked, and made their way out of the classroom. Jill was once again acting as if nothing untoward had happened and was chatting to her friends as they made their way to the door. Sarah knew she had to intervene.

“Jill, could you wait behind for a moment, please?”

The young schoolgirl simply said goodbye to her mates and walked back to the front of the class, smiling all the time.

“Hi, sis. What’s up?”

“You know very well what’s up, young lady. And it stops today. I will no longer tolerate your behaviour in my class. Is that quite clear?”

“My behaviour? Oh, you mean me forgetting my panties and letting you see my pussy? I thought you liked me exposing myself. You seem to do it often enough.”

“What do you mean?” stammered Sarah, but already there was a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

“Well, you were showing off your pussy when father brought you home and only yesterday you and mother were showing off everything.”

“Both of those occasions were mistakes and I’d be pleased if you never mentioned them again, Jill. Now, are you going to do as I tell you or do I have to involve father in this?”

“Oh, I don’t think you want to do that, sis. Besides if you did, then I’d have to show him the photos I took of you showing off your body. And obviously I’d have to show them to the other kids too, maybe even the other teachers. I’m sure they’d all love to have a look at your naked body.”

Sarah couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She was sure Tony was the one behind the photo that had been left on her pillow but now it turned out it was her step-sister all along. She tried to reason with the schoolgirl.

“I don’t think we need to go down that road, Jill; do we? I only want you to start behaving in class the way you do at home.”

But Jill knew she had her elder sister exactly where she wanted her now. She had noticed how Sarah’s cheeks had turned bright Anadolu Yakası Escort red at the mention of the photos and she was sure she could even see her sister’s eyes starting to get a bit wet. She stepped closer to Sarah’s desk and leaned forward.

“No, sis, we don’t need to go down that road but we are going to go down another one. You’ve made me late for a date by keeping me back; you’ve come into my home, taken the largest bedroom and stolen my own father’s affections. You’re going to have to pay for that.”

“What do you mean?” asked Sarah nervously, no longer feeling like an angry teacher scolding a schoolgirl. Suddenly, she was the one on the defence, she was the one who was worried. Jill knew the moment had finally arrived and actually felt quite nervous as she prepared to put her plan into action. Glancing round to ensure the classroom was empty, she walked back to the door and locked it. Marching back to the front of the class, standing right in front of her step-sister’s desk, she smiled.

“Sarah, you have been nothing but a pain in my butt since you arrived but now it is time you learned just who is in charge. Take a look at these.”

The colour drained from Sarah’s face as her younger step-sister reached into her school bag and withdrew two large photos. The first was of her climbing off her father’s bike, her leg arched high, her skirt around her waist and her pussy clearly visible. The second was no better. It showed her and Liz arriving on their bicycles, naked, and Sarah knew there would be many more to follow. Her mouth hung open in shock and her lower lip began to quiver.

Not wanting to lose the effect the photos were having on her teacher, Jill continued. As Sarah seemed to shrink further into her chair, she produced another photo. This one showed her running up the stairs to their father’s house, Liz alongside her. Both of them naked, both of them displaying their breasts and their pussies for anyone who was lucky enough to be watching. And, of course, exposing themselves to the hidden eye of Jill’s camera.

At first there was nothing from Sarah but a stunned silence. Then her shoulders slumped down as she sank into the back of her chair. All she could say was, “Oh my God, oh my God” over and over again.

“Now, Sarah, I think you know what would happen if I was to publicise these photos. You would certainly lose your job and probably be blacklisted from ever teaching again, even if you were to go home to the UK. You would certainly be shunned by all the decent people of this town you can’t even begin to imagine how disappointed and ashamed father would be. Now you can avoid any one else finding out about these photos quite easily if you will just do one simple thing for me.”

Jill’s words sounded like the sweetest music to her step-sister and Sarah instantly grabbed at the possibility of making this nightmare disappear.

“Anything, Jill; anything at all. What do you want me to do?”

Sarah was going to regret those words and almost hesitated when Jill rewarded her with a triumphant smile. Stepping back from the teacher’s desk, she sat down on the top of one of those in the front row of the class.

“Stand up, Sarah. Come round to the front of your desk.”

Sarah hesitated for just one second but that was enough for her to notice the smile on Jill’s face turn to a frown. She jumped up out of her seat and walked round to face her pupil.

“That’s better. Now the problem with these photos is that they are taken from so far away. What I want from you, sis, is to let me take a closer one, here in your very own classroom.” Sarah almost cried in relief. She actually thought that Jill might have a teenage crush on her and that was why she wanted her photo. Standing before the schoolgirl, she nervously wondered why Jill had not produced a camera.

Jill smiled her smug smile once more and decided it was time for Sarah to find out just what she had agreed to.

“I think you should start by taking off your blouse,” said Jill in a very matter of fact manner, as if she was suggesting her step-sister should sit down.

“What? No, you’re joking. Please, Jill, I can’t do that. Not here. Someone might come in.”

Shaking her head as if she was truly disappointed in her teacher, the schoolgirl simply reasoned that the sooner Sarah did as she was told, the sooner she would be able to have her photograph taken and all the other photos would be in her possession.

It all seemed so reasonable coming from Jill’s seemingly innocent mouth but the very idea of taking off her blouse and revealing her bra, her breasts, to her step-sister left Sarah’s head spinning. She felt as if her whole life had been turned upside down; Jill was now the one in authority, not her. Jill had the power and it seemed she knew just how to use it.

Her face was blushing and her fingers were trembling as she saw the determined look on the younger girl’s face and began undoing the buttons on İstanbul Escort her blouse.

Opening the buttons slowly from top to bottom, torturing herself but prolonging Jill’s pleasure, she pulled her blouse free from her waistband and shrugged it off her smooth shoulders. Placing it on the desk beside her, she quickly brought her hands back in front of her to cover herself. She was wearing a very sexy, white lace bra, which hid her small breasts but could not prevent her erect nipples from protruding through the lace. Standing nervously in front of her younger step-sister, her face burned a deep shade of red as she waited for, and dreaded, Jill’s next instruction.

“Well, what are you waiting for, sis. Take off your skirt too and place it on the desk with your blouse.”

Sarah could feel herself shaking her head in protest but she knew that the longer she took to comply with her pupil’s demands, the more she risked being discovered undressing in her own classroom in front of a pupil — even if that pupil was her step-sister.

This realisation spurred her on and, without further hesitation, she lowered her hands from her breasts, and reaching behind herself, opened the button on the waistband before undoing the zip. Taking a deep breath, she let her linen skirt slide slowly down her toned legs until she was able to step out of it. Bending forward ever so slightly, feeling Jill’s eyes on her breasts, she lifted her skirt and placed it on the desk beside her blouse. Now she had two areas to protect and, as her left arm quickly moved up to cover her bra, her right hand moved down just as quickly to cover her newly exposed panties. Her panties belonged to a matching set and, just like her bra, were a lacy white which barely covered her hidden charms.

She stopped at that point and pleaded with her step-sister not to make her go any further. Shaking her head, however, Jill was in no mood to compromise.

“That wouldn’t be fair, sis. You’re naked in the other photos and I think you should be naked now. After all, I’m sure you will be glad to get rid of that slutty underwear. Is that what older people think is sexy?”

A hurt expression briefly flashed across Sarah’s face and Jill knew her words had hit the mark. Her harsh words were upsetting her teacher and she decided to push home her advantage.

“Ok, Sarah, take off the bra and lay it on the desk.” Once again, Jill’s curt words left no room for debate. But still she had to try.

“Please, Jill, I can’t. You can’t really want me to expose myself in front of you, do you?” She knew she was practically begging now but she didn’t know what else to do.

Jill said nothing, simply staring at her teacher, and Sarah knew her slight resistance was futile. Her whole body seemed to resign itself as she reached back with both hands and unclasped her bra. Almost tantalisingly, the straps slowly slid down her arms before she forced herself to peel the cups from her breasts and placed the white lace on her desk. Her face seemed to be an even darker red than before, if that was possible, and she squeezed her thighs together to stop the inevitable tingling between her legs that always accompanied her enforced exposure. Both hands now moved back to her breasts, trying to protect them from the schoolgirl’s hungry eyes.

“Now, sis, that’s not the way your breasts looked in the photo, is it? You didn’t seem to be bothered covering them up when you were running about the house, naked, with mother. I want you to put your arms straight down by your sides and keep them there. Or you know what the consequences are.”

Sarah knew she had no choice as she lowered her hands slowly to her sides, the weight of Jill’s threat lying heavily upon her. Her step-sister, on the other hand, was very pleased with what she saw and with how well her plan was going. She thought her step-sister had beautiful breasts, especially when she could see them so clearly, especially when the other woman’s nipples were so engorged and especially when Sarah was so embarrassed at standing before her in just her panties. Of course, she wasn’t going to let her step-sister know how gorgeous she thought she was.

Using everything she had ever learned in drama class, she simply shook her head.

“You really don’t have much to hide, sis; do you? Those tits are tiny, just like a little girl’s. You’d better take off your panties too so that I can make sure you look more like a grown woman there.”

Sarah was really hurt by the harsh words of her younger sister, especially since she knew Jill’s breasts were much bigger than her own. She was almost in tears when she reached down to the sides of her panties and slowly began rolling them down over her hips. She had to bend forward in front of her pupil as she lifted one leg after the other and stepped out of her lacy panties. Standing up straight, she placed them on top of the pile of clothes and, without further instruction, returned her hands to her sides. Her head hung low as she was too ashamed to look at her younger step-sister, too ashamed to be standing there naked in front of her and too afraid that someone was going to open her classroom door at any moment. She hadn’t noticed Jill lock it earlier but even that knowledge would have brought little relief.

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