Sarah the Third Adventure

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These stories may be true or just a fragment of my warped mind, that’s entirely up to the reader to decide. The events are pretty much as I remember them adapted into a story to spice them up a little. Happy reading.


Sarah was a married 34-year-old. She had a couple of kids and was of average build for her five feet six frame. She had brown hair that matched her eyes, and she was sexily attractive. She always wore her neck length hair in a ponytail and always clean and tidy even in her work clothes.

That morning was a rare occasion, both me and Ellen were on day off. I’d just got out the shower and had pulled a pair of trousers on when there was a bang on the front door. I opened the door and saw Sarah standing on the doorstep. She had come round for a pre-arranged coffee morning.

I couldn’t help but check her out. She looked so hot in a simple t-shirt and pair of faded jeans. ‘Oh, hi Sarah, come in, Ellen’s in the kitchen. Nice to see you in jeans you look good in them.’ I compliment stepping aside and allowing her in. Sarah in return scans my body as she steps inside the flat, her eyes meet mine and she flicks them with a grin. I eye her body inspecting her arse as she strolls down the hallway.

Ellen greets her work colleague and starts to make drinks while I go to the bedroom and pull on a t-shirt. I join the girls briefly before I start to do some work on the computer while the two women, natter. Ellen urges Sarah into the front room who looks round the room saying how nice the décor is and saying how compact it was.

The room isn’t that big. I am sat at the table opposite the front room door. Next to me is the TV cabinet, the TV itself reasonably big. There’s a two-seat sofa opposite the TV and a single seater and small coffee table all crammed into the small room.

Sarah takes a seat on the two-seater chatting to Ellen who is asking how the kids and her hubby are. Sarah answers giving details of the latest activities. Sarah out the corner of her eye can see that I am eyeing her up, she seems pleased. Ellen looks guilty and apologises and explains she hasn’t been to the bank yet and hasn’t got her money. Ellen had been putting some money away for Sarah or something.

It was perfect timing; at that precise moment, the house phone rings. Ellen excuses herself and strolls out the room to take the call. She answers it and we can hear her in the kitchen. Ellen returns to the front room a few minutes later and takes a seat. ‘Work want me to go in, someone’s locked the keys in the safe, I’m the only other one with a key’. She explains the managers keys ended up in the safe and the door was shut and automatically locks.

Ellen turns to Sarah, ‘Will you be alright waiting Sarah, I can nip into the bank at the same time, shouldn’t be too long. That’s if it’s alright with you of course and Martin?’

I look up answering, ‘Yeah of course if Sarah doesn’t mind. I’ve nearly done here anyway, perhaps watch TV or something.’

Sarah answers with a simple ‘I don’t mind.’

Ellen grabs her bag and coat and departs saying she won’t be long. Ellen shouts out to make Sarah another coffee. She bangs the door loudly as she leaves. I look at Sarah, she looks confused and says, ‘I didn’t think Ellen had a key to the safe.’

I shrug and finish off what I was doing and shut down the computer and make my way into the kitchen and get the kettle re-employed. I return to the front room and offer Sarah a mug with a smile, she takes it from me.

It was then I remembered the bag of DVD’s that had been sent round, ‘Hey Sarah, you want to watch a DVD?’

‘Yes, why not. I don’t mind.’

I grab the plastic bag down the side of the TV cabinet and hand it to Sarah, ‘Not sure what’s on them, a mate sent them round, mostly for kids I think, might be something Uşak Escort we can watch.’

I sit next to Sarah who is looking through the bag and she pulls out twos that look like they’re brand new and still in wrappers. The cases are blank apart from the word pirate film 1 and 2 written on them.

‘Shall we?’ I asked of Sarah who is as curious as I am.

‘yes, why not.’ She answers handing me one of the DVD’s. She sits back taking a sip from her mug while I open the package and turn on the TV. I insert the disc.

The sunlight is on the screen, so I close the curtains to block it. The room is darkened slightly and even more so when I push the front room door shut. I sit next to Sarah and press play on the control.

The film comes to life, but the quality and sound isn’t particularly good, but still it was just about watchable and the quality improved. After a few minutes, the film shows an American car turning onto a garage forecourt and a teenaged blonde filling up with fuel. She walks into the shop to pay and asks for the toilets. The guy behind the counter hands her a key and points to a door that reads ‘Private’.

She goes through the door that leads out into the back yard and heads to the toilet. She unlocks it and goes inside. It is well lit and clean apart from the graffiti on the walls. She sits on the toilet innocently reading a magazine when a cock appears from a hole in the wall.

I’m embarrassed, Sarah also looks embarrassed and neither of us say or do anything, I think it is funny and will have to tell Ellen when she comes back. Sarah hasn’t said anything and we both keep watching as the girl sees the dick and acts shocked and surprised.

Sarah keeps watching as a second dick appears as the girl in the film finally kneels between them and starts sucking one and jerking the other.

I slide my arse forward and lean back into the sofa watching Sarah and the TV. My cock stiffens causing a sizable lump down one trouser leg and I’m sure Sarah can see it as her face appears to be flushing. Her eyes discreetly scan my outlined bulge it is quite big already and getting bigger.

Sarah slides her arse forwards and leans forward pushing one of her hands between her crossed legs. I know she is frigging herself by the way she is moving around and she not doing a good job of trying to act naturally as she continues to rub herself watching the TV.

I’m having thoughts, naughty thoughts. This may end very badly but I’m going to take a risk. She doesn’t resist as I grab her free right hand and pull it across to my lap and force her hand on top of my bulge.

I let her hand go and surprised when she fingers my bulge. She rubs my bulge in a circular movement through my jeans. At the same time, I slid my left-hand across to her lap and try and push my fingers down between her legs.

Sarah leans backwards and Instinctively uncrosses her legs and parts her thighs a little and allows my fingers to push in and prod on her pussy. Her fingers start to squeeze my cock and she feels the length.

We explore each other through our jeans for a few minutes and neither of us say anything. There’s a mutual understanding as Sarah watches me unzip my jeans and pull out my erect cock. She grins admiring the beast as it springs upwards rigid. She keeps her eye on it undoing her own jeans. My cock it is very girthy and nine or ten inches long.

I turn slightly towards her as she widens her thighs giving me full access. I’m keen and slip my right hand down inside her knickers and explore her unshaven pussy as she grabs my erection and starts jerking it. My fingertips explore her pussy lips and finding her clit, I strum nicely as best I could. My left-hand slips under her t-shirt and explore her breasts in turn.

Sarah’s fingers my balls feeling Uşak Escort Bayan how tight they are, she squeezes them playfully before gripping me and pulling it the full length with a slow pace. I push a finger inside her pussy swiftly followed by a second. I flick my fingers back and forth pushing in deeper with circular movements and already she’s wet.

She appears surprised for a moment when I slide of the sofa, she looks puzzled as I pull her jeans and knickers down to her ankles then pull her into a laying position on her side. I grin at her sexily pushing one of her legs up straight up. She makes a small gasp of breath as I tongue her lips.

I tell her that she smells nice putting one of my legs up on the arm of the sofa. Slowly and deliberately, I lap her lips teasing her before opening them with thumbs and immediately suck on her pussy. I grab her hair wrapping a fist around her ponytail and pull her head towards my cock.

She needs no encouragement and grabs my cock and takes what she wants into her mouth and clamping her lips around it bobs down slow. I am licking and sucking her harder and harder. Sarah groans and squirms as her pussy squirts and she is unable to move much as I had a good hold on her. I keep licking and sucking and fingering her while she keeps working on my cock that seems to have got even stiffer.

She is a good sucker, and I am a good licker and bring her on again, I am getting close when at that moment the front door bangs. Fuck, shit I swear and quickly pull out her mouth saying, ‘Ellen.’

Still kneeling I turn and quickly flip the DVD out. I stand putting my cock away as Sarah straightens and panicking pulls her jeans up. She sits on the sofa cross legged and straightening her t-shirt expecting Ellen at any moment. A second bang on the door alerts that someone is knocking on the door.

I laugh as I make my way to the front door. It is a delivery. I spend a few minutes and after what seemed an age, I walk into the front room smiling at Sarah. I stand in front of her just looking at her.

‘Get on the floor if you want to carry on girl?’

Sarah grins standing up and undoing her jeans again says, ‘Yes.’ She pushes her clothing down to her ankles and she lays on her back on the floor. I’m tempted to fuck her but restrain myself and instead kneel at her head and lean over her, she lifts and parts her knees and thighs.

My cock dangles over her sexy face as my tongue laps between her lips again going deeper and deeper. She shakes with excitement as I suck on her clit slowly. My every movement exciting her more and more as my fingers delve into her wet inners.

Sarah has my cock in one hand and balls in the other, she licks and sucks my balls in turn. I can hear her slurp her tongue around the entire length from the base upwards and she jerks slowly. I groan as she kisses the head and swirls her tongue around it as she takes it into her mouth.

I am doing a good job on her pussy; she thrusts on my mouth until she groans and her pussy floods as. I can feel juice gushing from her. She relaxes as I keep going, sucking, licking, and fingering her. I start to push my cock deeper into her mouth. There’s nothing she can do as I thrust and push in more.

I hear Sarah gag and choke as I push my erection down her throat, I increase pace thrusting in and out fast. She clamps hard around my cock and just takes it, choking and gagging for a few minutes more as I continue to eat her out at the same time.

I am boiling and finally stop fucking her mouth and pull out, a second later I feel throbbing as Sarah quickly grabs my cock. A thick stream of cum shoots into her mouth and over her face as she turns her head away. I quickly straighten and grab my cock jerking hard, Sarah eyes me as I jerk more over Escort Uşak her face and neck.

I relax. ‘Fuck that was so fucking hot Sarah.’

‘Yes, it was fantastic and so naughty thank you. I’ve never done anything like that’.

‘No need to thank me, you deserved a treat’. I tell her standing up a finding a towel and handing it to her. I excuse myself and disappear into the toilet. My cock stiffens as I think about what we’d just done. I wished I’d tried fucking her when she was on her back, I wondered if she was expecting me too. My thoughts raced on.

I walk into the front room with another bulge, Sarah is sitting on the edge of the sofa scrolling through the TV channels. I eye her and kneel on the floor in front of her and place my hands on her knees. Our eyes meet, we smile at each other as my hands slide up her thighs pushing them apart.

‘Could I have fucked you?’

Sarah shakes a little and nervously answers, ‘Yes’.

‘You like to be fucked now?’ I ask pushing my thumbs between her legs and nudging her pussy.

‘Yes,’ she excitedly answers, starting to stand and undoing her jeans for a third time.

Feeling excitement, I smile at her undoing my own jeans, ‘You want Condom or bare?’ I ask pulling her around and pushing her onto the edge of sofa on her knees.

‘Bare’ she answers supporting herself on the back of the sofa as I slap her arse telling her what a dirty slut she was.

I stand behind her and spread her arse cheeks. I push the head of mu cock against her moist lips. A moment later I am sliding in, stretching her open and she’s wet enough for me to push a good way in.

I ease back then back in delicately going slightly deeper each time. Sarah grunts at every stroke. ‘Wanted to do you the first time I saw you.’ I told her push my cock all the way in. I grab her hips and start to pound her calling her a dirty slut and hammer her hard. Her pussy is soaking with juice and I can feel my balls banging against her as I give her a good pounding. I stop and pull out pulling her onto her feet.

I sit on the sofa and she gets the idea of what I want her to do. She jumps on me, her knees raised she sits on my laps, her fingers work my cock back inside her and she rides me slowly.

I explore her breasts as she builds up pace, she keeps going until she experiences her climax. She relaxes with a smile and slides off me and takes a moment to recover.

I get her to kneel on the floor and grab her hair pushing my cock straight inside her pussy again. I’m not holding back and hammer her hard all the time talking crudely and calling her dirty names. Sarah seems happy just kneeling there taking a thrusting and gripping me with fist around my tee-shirt.

I twist my hand around her hair and force her face down into the carpet and fuck her hard banging her for all I am worth. I can’t keep up the pace and slow for a moment. I grind into her hard, pull back, then grind down in deep slowly. Then I fuck hard and fast, slowing and grinding down into her.

I’m getting close. She turns her head watching as I pull out and jerk my cock and shoot a stream of cum over her arse, pussy and deliberately drain the remainder into her knickers.

I stand recovering my trousers while Sarah pulls up her knickers. She straightens and about to say something when the front door opens.

Ellen announces her arrival. We have only a few moments to before we get caught. I zip up and collect the coffee mugs and at the same time Sarah makes herself decent and manages to sit on the sofa pulling her hair band out as Ellen walks into the front room. Sarah brushes through her hair looking innocent and trying to act natural.

After another chat and round of coffee, Ellen pays the money she owes, and Sarah makes her excuses and leaves with a worried guilty but satisfied expression on her face.

Ellen left that job sometime later and that meant I couldn’t work there either. It was good while it lasted. Ellen continued with her weekly sexual meetings, but it would be a while before I broke the rules again.

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