Sandy’s Computer Ch. 02

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Ian became so involved with Sandy that every waking minute of the day his mind was filled with constant thoughts of her image. His mind would play out sexual role-playing with things he wanted to experience with Sandy.

Phone sex was suggested, but Sandy was conscious of her husband and their marriage. Sandy loved her husband and was committed to him. To her, a relationship with Ian had become an internet romance, so she clearly drew out her boundaries.

Ian even suggested that they should meet secretly to spend some time together at a defined location where no one else would know them.

Sandy reminded him that they were 500 miles apart, but perhaps she and her husband would be moving into his state where winter climate was warmer, and her husband could work year round. Northern winters were cold to the bone, so a southern climate seemed to both Sandy and her husband a good location for their future.

She refused his requests, and held Ian to her strict ground rules.

Months passed, Ian purchased a new faster computer with a built in webcam. Sandy would occasionally ask to see his face online. She had no desire to see more, because it would only frustrate her.

Ian sent Sandy a few JPG pictures. Sandy looked at his photos imagining what her fingers could stimulate. Sandy imagined Ian as well endowed. She thought he had the most sensual and satisfying cock she had ever seen.

Ian asked Sandy to use her dildo suggesting that she feel him entering and penetrating her vaginal lips. Sandy never shared her personal thoughts of her wild imagination with Ian; else it may be just too much for both of them. Perhaps someday they would meet, and perhaps maybe more, real intimacy.

Together they would come close to simulating their desired sexual acts while on-line. Gradually Ian developed a picture of her open vagina. Ian imagined licking, sucking and entering Sandy.

Ian needed and wanted extended and prolonged foreplay because he enjoyed foreplay responsiveness of his partner, which affirmed him, and left him feeling needed and worthwhile.

Sandy would go to her limits in describing how wet she was, how she tasted on her fingers, how sensitive her clit had become as she imagined him sucking her clit with his tongue.

Ian sat before his screen imagining Sandy, sometimes using internet community system that allowed him to put script upon screen at press of a single key while he felt arousal in response to her replies describing her latest images of perky nippled breasts, her inviting wet vagina, which drove his imagination wild.

Sandy in a similar fashion would think of Ian fingering her vagina, sucking her vaginal lips, lingering on her clit, giving her a series of prolonged ‘G’ Spot orgasms. Sandy wanted a real session with Ian to experience her cumming incessantly, over and over, then once again.

Ian Urfa Escort said; “Sandy. We have to meet very soon.”

Sandy responded; “Ian for now, this is all we can do, we chat letting our feelings take us to our edge, see how far we have developed. We are now feeling pangs of needing to really meet.”

Ian continued on; “We have to be together, even if only for a few hours.”

Sandy stated; “Once we begin Ian we will never stop, let us continue to grow, our time will come to us. We will have an opportunity. Just let it happen naturally.”

Their involvement over internet had reached a point where both had become frustrated with the way things were. Ian wanted to meet, but Sandy refused him point blank, then they would find themselves both locked into a never-ending emotional argument about why they cannot spend time together for real.

Six months gradually passed. They only chatted with each other one on one. Both found it more comfortable to begin or end the day with private thoughts of each other. When online, they became totally inseparable, forsaking all others.

One night Husband woke up from his sleep suddenly. His hard work was now showing some results. It was time to relax more and of course begin to pay some attention to his beautiful wife.

He felt their bed beside him noticing that she was not there. He turned on his bedside lamp, looked around their room, noting radio alarm clock time as 11 AM. He had come home at 8 am, and went to sleep about 9 am. As usual Sandy would lay with him soothing him into deep sleep then rise to begin her day.

“Honey, you OK?” he called out. “Honey, it’s almost eleven in the morning. Where are you?” There was no reply.

Sandy’s husband walked downstairs and half way down he stopped. He could hear sounds of Sandy. She was moaning and crying in ecstasy. He was disturbed by her familiar sound, and then slowly continued until he reached the downstairs bathroom door. It was half open, and then he pushed it open.

Sandy sat on the water closet seat with her legs wide spread apart. Her eyes were closed. She was using her vibrator pushing it in and out of her vagina, while in throes of an escalating orgasm completely endowed by penetration of her vibrating dildo and thoughts of Ian’s erotic recitals echoing in her mind.

Her husband had never seen Sandy masturbate, watching her turned him on, he felt his arousal and wanted to have Sandy suck him off while she masturbated.

Sandy opened her eyes to the sight of her husband’s cock in front of her mouth, whereupon she took his cock in her mouth then sucking while plunging her vibrator in her vagina.

Her husband had little or no resistance to her mouth, as she quickly brought him into complete and total orgasm. He began to spurt. She took his cock shooting his semen all over her breasts, as she followed Urfa Escort Bayan with her orgasm.

Sandy sucked his cock clean, washed both of them off, and then walked up the stairs to put him back to bed. She lay with him for a few minutes holding his arm while he fell back to sleep. She rested for a bit, then got up, showered, and changed into a day dress to go to work.

Throughout her day, thoughts of Ian wandered in her mind, thoughts which began with slow kisses, and progressed to warm licks, and just went on and on. This is what she wanted most. Ian.

Internet Chat Room

They met on the internet in a chat room by accident a miracle they said. This internet night was an exciting night. A night never before experienced by either of them. Ian was from one city Sandy from another. They flirted with each other that first night then kept coming back to one another online finally only into an instant messenger private room.

They talked for long hours, several times, telling each other about their lives, sharing their feelings and experiences. With their chat they discovered they had shared n common. Before they parted they agreed to add each other to their friends list, to easily contact each other again.

In describing his background, Ian had some unusual experiences as a teen which affected how he selected his previous marriage partners. As a young boy of he had masturbated himself almost nightly. By the age of 12 he had a girlfriend of 15 who taught him how to give her ‘G’ Spot orgasms. They never had intercourse having limited their sexual experiences only to mutual masturbation. He remembers how enjoyable it was to feel her cumming, but in later years felt guilty for their young experience.

Suddenly at his age of almost 16 she suddenly stopped seeing him. At 17 he left home to make his way, go to college, and move on in life. As a consequence of his teen years he married women who were ritualistic and formula driven, all were scripted with plain vanilla cold not demonstrative.

Ian had been married twice, his first time lasted 20 years and second time 23 years. Six years ago Ian’s second wife left him to follow her career in California which became a mutually effective separation for them. During past six years she came back a few times for visits, but their intimacy had not returned to either. Both felt comfortable not having sex, both remained friends, which was convenient and easiest for both.

His spouses were ritual and mechanical in love making it was plain vanilla sex, rather than uninhibited frolicking in wilds of unknown adventuresome of mutual exploration.

His spouses would reach orgasm within a few minutes leaving him still unsatisfied emotionally; as he needed and wanted extended foreplay. Almost always after his marital ritual of plain vanilla sex, Ian would wait Escort Urfa for his spouse to fall asleep, then masturbate till satisfied. Certainly something was missing in Ian’s life.

Psychologically it took Ian years to understand, and over time he eventually conquered his understanding. What Ian needed was a woman similar in nature, who understood his need for sensuality and eroticism.

Sandy was married twice before and now married to a man who had shown little interest in her recently. Sandy loved him regardless. Sandy had satisfactory sex with her husband but once a week at most. Her husband was a rare man who was interested in outside sexual exploitation, video porn, and internet chats.

Sandy discovered that he had an affair long ago, when she found out about his affair she closed off their relationship, but after his continued persistence, she took him back. Yet Sandy vividly recalled her painful discovery. Sandy now decided she wanted to experience an affair outside her marriage.

Sex had been good during their initial courtship, but immediately after living together when the ‘I do’s’ were said, it all changed.

She had to practically begged him for sex, but met with one rejection after another. Despite rejection and because of her love, she persisted. He was content with once a week.

Sandy needed and wanted a lot of foreplay. During their six year relationship and marriage, foreplay disappeared and their sex slowly dwindled to plain vanilla, in and out, then asleep.

Sandy began to use a silver bullet vibrator to elicit ‘G’ Spot orgasms, but they took a lot of time to reach, because these were so mechanical, which wore Sandy out in trying.

Sandy moved out of their bedroom into a guest bedroom down the hall. She, too, was lonely, lonely for a man’s touch, lonely for strong arms holding her, lonely for a man’s lips on her lips, lonely for a man to share her passion, and lonely for real lovemaking.

Over time, Ian and Sandy chatted on internet in mornings, then again about 9 PM at night. Over a few weeks then months of chatting on a daily basis, sometimes two times a day, they felt comfortable with continuing to know each other and sharing their thoughts daily.

There was a definite attraction between them even though there was an age difference. Ian was older, but that didn’t matter to Sandy. What mattered to Sandy was their passion. Clicking as one was an indefinable ingredient missing from both of their previous and current marriages. They discovered and hungered for what they felt for each other and being denied to them.

They had both tried many times over the years to rekindle marital sparks of passion that somehow had been lost drifting away over years of marriage. Rekindling was to no avail. Now having met online they turned to each other. After much thought and personal soul searching, both decided to eventually to meet.

One day while chatting on the internet, he asked her if she would meet him. To Ian’s surprise, she agreed. A day, time, and meeting place were agreed upon. As their appointed day approached excitement began to build in each.

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