San Clemente

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He knew he was in “trouble” when they exited the elevator and she was already pulling off her shirt. She had been all over him once they were alone in the elevator headed up to their room. Not that he was complaining, mind you.

She looked back over her shoulder, as she was reaching back for her bra clasp, and said in a lusty voice, “Better hurry and get that door open, or we are going to fuck here in the hallway!”

While stunned and elated at her fervor, he hurried to get the hotel door card. He fumbled and she grabbed him and kissed him fully topless. He finally got the card in the slot as they grappled at the doorway. He pushed the door open as she struggled to get his belt free and get his pants off.

As they kissed, he forced her to the edge of the bed. She moaned and then giggled as she flopped back and bounced on the mattress. She had kicked her shoes off and he reached for her jeans, got them loose and slid them down her body.

“Why am I the only one naked?” she asked, legs spread, Urfa Escort propped on her elbows and with that look in her eyes that was downright feral.

Before he answered, he noticed the open door to their room. The normal self-closing door was being held open by one of her shoes. Beyond that, he could see her top and bra at the edge of the doorway where they grappled in their earlier kiss.

He smiled at her and said, “Beautiful, check the jacuzzi and make sure it’s still warm, while I gather our things.”

“Fuck the door,” she said while spreading her knees to further expose herself, “Come fuck me and we will give them a show,” as her fingers trailed down her inner thigh to run through her wet engorged lips of her lovely and very inflamed pussy.

‘Naughty slut,” he whispered to her and went to clear the doorway.

‘Oh, I am very much your naughty slut tonight. Fucking, horny, wet slut,” she said to him as she walked naked towards the balcony, trailing her fingers in the in-suite Urfa Escort Bayan jacuzzi tub that sat next to the patio doors.

They could both hear the continuation of the party at the adjacent restaurant where they had dinner. A group was having a birthday party and they had joined in for the companionship until she realized their room and balcony overlooked the restaurant.

She got one of her looks, a look of pure lust, then kissed him like only she could and whispered in his ear, “Take me up there and fuck me,” pointing up to their room.

She grabbed his hard cock through his jeans, “I want you to take me on the balcony,” she continued to whisper. “Now!” Not one to argue about his good fortune, he took her hand and they hurried through the crowd and up to the hotel room. As soon as the elevator doors closed, her hand was down his jeans and she was pulling his and her shirts loose.

And here they were, her naked and walking onto the balcony, with him struggling to Escort Urfa quickly get his clothes off without falling on his ass.

He stopped briefly to uncork one of the two bottles of champagne they had iced before dinner and pour two flutes. He walked out onto the balcony to quite the sight of her naked in the moonlight, dancing by herself to the music rising from the party they had just left.

She took the flute, took a sip, wrapping her body around his. He mirrored her enthusiastic passion and pulled her in close. They swayed for a while, kissing, looking into each other’s eyes and sharing their drinks.

They were by the edge of the balcony, when there was a sudden cheer from below. The party goers had finally noted the beautiful apparition by the balcony railing above them. She lost any last reservation when she realized they were looking at her naked beauty. He knew she had exhibitionist tendencies, but he was surprised by how turned on he was by letting others see how naughty she could be.

She just smiled and slyly said, “Let’s give them a real show,” as she placed her elbows on the railing, letting her large breasts hang in the free air towards the bar. She spread her legs and looked over her shoulder.

“Fuck me,” she whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32