Sam’s Sexcapades Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: This is a fictional story and though the main characters are those from a TV show it is in no way affiliated with the actual show or any of the actors.


Sam McCall woke up about 9:30 that morning and walked into the bathroom. She stripped off her pajama’s and turned on the shower, adjusting the water temperature until it was just right. She stepped into the shower and let the warm water cascade over her body as she thought about what she was going to do. It was definetly going to be a fun day. She was going to go surprise her best friend and lover, Maxie Jones, at work. Sam and Maxie’s sexual relationship was an interesting one. Sam was always the dominant and Maxie was the willing submissive. Maxie would do anything to please Sam, no matter what she wanted. Sam loved dominating the blonde bombshell and that was exactly what she intended to do today. Sam turned off the and stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her body. She walked out into her bedroom and grabbed a bag out of the back of her closet. She put it on the bed and then bursa eskort bayan got her clothes out of the closet, getting dressed. Within 20 minutes she was ready to go and was walking out the door, bag in hand.

Once she made it to the Metro Court, she took the elevator up to the floor where Crimson magazine was located. The doors opened up and Sam quietly walked over to Maxie’s desk, leaning against it as she put her bag down on the desk. Maxie walked out of the back room and saw Sam leaning against her desk. This could really only mean one thing, Maxie could already feel herself getting excited. “Hey Sam” She said as she walked on over to where she was.

“Hello lover” Sam smirked. “You ready for a good fucking?”

Maxie put the paperwork she was holding down on her desk as she heard the question. She could feel her pussy starting to dampen already. “Of course I am.” She said, turning to face the dark haired woman.

“Good” That was all Sam said before pushing Maxie back onto the desk. She pushed the blonde’s skirt up bursa otele gelen eskort bayan and yanked her panties down. Sam’s fingers immediately went to Maxie’s shaven pussy, rubbing her slowly for a few moments before she inserted a finger into the blonde’s dampening cunt. Maxie moaned as she felt the finger slide into her, pressing her pussy back against her lover’s hand. Sam wasted no time in inserting a second finger and then a third, pumping them in and out of Maxie’s love canal. “More, Sam, please givem me more…” Maxie moaned out, arching her back slightly.

“Now, now you know perfectly well who’s in charge here.” Sam smirked as she withdrew one of her fingers, going back to only two fingers. Sam took her other hand and began to pinch Maxie’s sensitive clit, illiciting a loud moan out of Maxie. “Oh, you like that, huh?” Sam smirked once more, pinching her clit even harder as she reinserted a third finger into her cunt. She continued to triple finger fuck her and pinch her clit in a nice little bursa eve gelen escort rhythm, listening to her lover moan in pleasure. “That’s right you little slut, moan for me.” Sam said, watching her lover squirm around on her desk. Sam pulled her fingers out of Maxie and with no warning, shoved her entire fist into the blonde’s cunt, causing her to moan even louder. “That’s right, take it. You know you love my fist up your cunt.” Sam said, fisting Maxie as fast and as hard as she could.

The truth was, Maxie did love having Sam’s fist in her pussy. It made her feel amazing full and she liked the feeling of her fist stretching her pussy. All Maxie could do was moan loudly in pleasure as she bucked her hips, humping back against Sam’s fist. She could feel her orgasm building and was gripping the sides of her desk. “Oh god, Sam, I’m almost there!”

Sam began pinching Maxie’s clit once again as she continued to fist her as hard as she could. She knew pinching and playing with her clit would get her off pretty fast, it always did. Maxie’s breaths became faster and her moans became lower, her hips continuing to buck wildly. “Oh, fuck, oh, fuck!” Maxie screamed out, her pussy juices coating Sam’s fist as she came hard.

Maxie’s screams weren’t the only ones the two women heard though. They also heard one short, curt yell from Kate Howard. “MAXIE JONES!”

Story to be continued soon…

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